Priyanka Chopra’s marriage to fireworks in “Diwali crackers do not fire”

How many rules have been made for the Hindu law, the Constitution and the judiciary have also been formed by the executive. They also have no personal law, even many of their opponents stand by their names and caste etc.. . Whether it is the holy festival Diwali or the topic of Lord Shriram Janmabhoomi.

People of some Hindu people feel proud to shoot the carchers, on the auspicious occasions of Deepawali, the video may have been seen by everyone, just before the Deepavali, considered to be the holiest festival of the Hindus, the role of so-called Star and many others is being played by Priyanka Chopra. If you are not able to see that video message at the moment, then we write and tell you the words that Priyanka Chopra said at that time –

“I urge you all to not burst crackers in any situation, save the society from being polluted, and make the Diwali free of pollution free, eat laddus and make fun of it”. In his message, there was no such thing about the exclusion of Chinese goods. But as soon as the matter came to itself, he forgot all the knowledge Priyanka Chopra, which for some time has been for Syria and Rohingy refugees for some time now. Mr. garnered brand ambassador of a kind.

Even though he has not forgotten a single Kashmiri Hindu who has become a refugee for 30 years in his country. It is known that recently, Priyanka Chopra and her life partner Nick Jones got married against Priyanka Chopra’s speech and made rules. .. At the wedding of the Catholic Christian tradition, there was fierce fireworks at the wedding venue of Rajasthan .. There was a lot of noise and pollution to the skies, with a lot of pollution, near the marriage site. People had just faced one of noise pollution, but air pollution

On this occasion, Priyanka Chopra and her husband and family have only begun to laugh, and they are not worried about the local residents who are facing pollution once. On this occasion, only one thing is missing – Your ” ..

Films like PK on Hindu beliefs climbed to the extent of objection to Wasim Rizvi’s film “Ramjanmabhoomi”

Aamir Khan starrer film PK must have seen everyone, in which Hindu fanatics, Hindu  were ridiculed for a lot of fun. The name of entertainment insulted Sananat religion, attacked the Hindu faiths. But now a movie is coming out “Ramjanmabhoomi” whose protest has started. Those who saw the poke pak film on the Hindu faith, have grown up in protest against the movie “Ramjanmabhoomi”. Let us tell you that the Ramjanmabhoomi film was created by Wasim Rizvi, chairman of Shia Waqf Board.

Devanand, the center of Islamic training in opposing Ramjanmabhoomi, is being made on the Ayodhya issue by Waseem Rizvi, Chairman of Shia Central Waqf Board. Deobandi Ulma says that by making films on sensitive issue like Babri Masjid-Ramjanmabhoomi, Rizvi wants to spoil the country’s atmosphere by targeting Hindu-Muslims.

Majlis Ittehad-e-Milit’s State President Mufti Ahmed Gaur, while expressing his heartfelt condolences on the film ‘Ramjanmabhoomi’ of Wasim Rizvi, said that any such film should not get sanction from the censor board which creates disputes in the society by spreading social feelings. The issue of Babri Masjid-Ramjanmabhoomi in Ayodhya is very intriguing. Making films on such sensitive issues is an attempt to malign the atmosphere of the country by targeting Hindus and Muslims.

Due to such people, there is spread of panic, fatigue and frustration in the country. Do such people not promote terrorism? Mufti Ahmed Gaur said that the issue of Ramjanmabhoomi is still in the hearing in the Supreme Court. Making such fictitious films on such issues is not appropriate, while the 2019 election is also close. In such a situation if there is confusion in the atmosphere of the country, then it seems a conspiracy to weaken the country’s democracy with a political and constitutional vision.Such things should be stopped by the government, judiciary and executive board all these constitutional institutions. In order to maintain peace in the country and maintain awareness about the security of the people.

This time is the target of Bollywood’s Sikh religion? Sikhs Protest on the streets against Shahrukh’s film

Through the many films, the joke of Hindu civilization and culture has made Bollywood a target of Sikh religion. Let me tell you that Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan’s forthcoming film “Zero” has been caught in controversy. The Sikh community has expressed objection to Shahrukh Khan’s Zero film and said that the religious sentiments of the Sikhs have been hurt in one scene of the film. Kanwaljit Singh of Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh said that in one scene of the film, Shahrukh Khan has been shown wearing a saber which is not proper.

He warned the filmmakers and said that if this scene is not removed from the film, then the whole Sikh community would strongly oppose it. Ajit Singh, Jaswant Singh and Paramjit Singh of the renowned Gurudwara Bano Sahab Committee of Kanpur said that the posters of the film, in which Shahrukh is seen wearing a saber, is objectionable. Kanwaljeet Singh Patshak Khalsa Dal said that in Zero, Shahrukh Khan has been shown wearing a saber. It is against the Sikh community.

Kanwaljeet said that Saber can wear only that which is . In this film, Shahrukh has been shown wearing bare head saber, which is hurting our religious sentiments. He said that our demand from the producers of the film is that this scene should be removed from the film or else the Sikh community will be bound to take legal action and performance against it.

Let me tell you that Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Zero’ has been released and the longtime trailer has been released. It is now to see if the disputed scene will be removed from the film after getting a warning from the Sikh community. The film has so far come only in the trailer, where Shahrukh Khan has been shown wearing saber in the objectionable scene. Since watching the trailer, the Sikh community is opposing it.


Tanushree Datta is a boy from inside, she raped me … Bollywood actress’s statement.

After being accused of sexually assaulting actor Nana Patekar by Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta, now she herself is accused of raping Tanushree Dutta herself. Let us tell you that Tanuishree Datta is a lesbian who raped my daughter Rakhi Sawant, who is known for her famous and controversial statements known as Drama Queen and she raped me.

Rakhi Sawant, while holding a press conference accusing Tanu Shree Dutta of defaming Bollywood, said Tanushree is promoting #METoo by taking money while she herself has raped herself. During the press conference, Rakhi Sawant said – I want to run #SheToo movement now. Rakhi Sawant said – In front of the world, I am going to tell the truth that I kept hidden for 12 years. Tanushree Dutta repeatedly raped me. Now you guys might be thinking how a girl can do this with another girl.

Let me tell you that she is a lesbian. He used to take me to the Rev Party. Drugs used to take things themselves, and many times cigarettes were taken out of tobacco by mixing something in it. He threw me all this forcibly. Rakhi Sawant further said – ‘She was my best friend 12 years ago. Rakhi Sawant said that I was a Nadan and I did not know all the things. Rakhi Sawant said that only girls do not do misdeeds, girls also do.

He said that even if Tanushree Datta is a woman to appear from outside, she is a man inside and Tanushree repeatedly raped me. Rakhi Sawant said that she did not want to do all this, but Tanushree has started it. “She started doing Me, I am doing SheToo. With this, Rakhi said – ‘When Tanushree tells him lower class, he will make a case of defamation of Rs 50 crore on him.

The religious fanatic Ejaz Khan used to show a pistol, but he forgot that the law was at the top.He had given threats to the Hindus.

He used to whip a pistol in a YouTube video, and if he decides to become a Muslim, then he would have threatened to find anyone anywhere and kill him. Because of his class being special, people of all the media used to play silently with their self-taught secularism and remained silent. The intellectual class also started to understand that due to this he himself waas increasing the lion by himself.

But, finally, he realized that the biggest country is the law and nothing more than that.It is known that after the complete failure of his acting in the film world, discussion for his antics and frenzied religious conversations Ejaz Khan, living in the end, has finally realized his status. There will be a lot of bravery that will be given to Aishwarya Choubey, who has sent it away by pushing all the threats of this madness to its real place, where it had already reached it.

It is known that Big Boss 8 has been arrested as a contender for watching TV actor Ejaz Khan, who is seen as a drug addict. Mumbai Police’s Anti Narcotics Cell arrested Ejaz Khan on Tuesday. At present, Ijaz is being questioned in this case, after which he will be presented in court. Eight banned drugs have been found from Ejaz Khan. Anti Narcotics Cell arrested Ejaz Khan in a state of intoxication .

Ejaz got 8 Extasy Tablets, which is priced at around 2.2 lakhs in the international market. According to the news, Ejaz was arrested after raiding the Rev Party in a hotel. Model Aishwarya Choubey, on Ejaz Khan, had also accused of sending unsolicited messages and scandals and sending it. Aishwarya lodged a complaint against Ejaz in Versova police station.

Swami Ramdev’s big statement on Bollywood’s #MeToo Campaign, said, “Bollywood is the biggest hub of misconduct”

Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta has been accused of sexually assaulting actor Nana Patekar, not only in Bollywood but also in politics. Following Tanushree Dutta’s allegation, the women are running Me Too Campaign, under which they are making public the sexual exploitation of theirs, and in this many  people have been came like Alok Nath, Vikas Bahl, Abhijit and journalist to the Union Minister MJ Akbar.

Yog Guru Swamy Ramdev has termed Bollywood as the biggest conspiracy of misconduct while speaking a big attack on the Indian film industry. On the issue of Tanushree Datta and Nana Patekar controversy, Baba Ramdev told a TV channel that for this, he does not consider one person responsible. He said that from home to family, all the society and the country will have to build a National Career with collective responsibility. Baba Ramdev said that the whole world has learned from us (from India).

But somewhere in the film and serial, we have to have the criteria of ethics on the ground. Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev says that Bollywood is the biggest hub of misconduct. For this, a person is not responsible, so the entire society and country need to build up National Cadet with collective responsibility.

Yog Guru Swami Ramdev said, “Who knows who is the truth in this case, it will be known when the time comes through investigation.” But everything is not going well. The misconduct has spread legs around. Whether every area of ​​society is religious place, politics or Bollywood everywhere He further said that Bollywood is the biggest hub of this misconduct.

Priya Prakash, as opposed to Islam, was known by many religious people, police station and sought punishment, now comes the judgment of the Supreme Court

Supreme court new decision on Priya Prakash case

Famous Malayalam actress Priya Prakash had suddenly faced the resentment of all religious people, due to which she had suffered a mental anguish for some time, in a very short time, she became very famous with her eyes’ movements.

A large section of the Muslim community had started taking the court against them from the court to the police station and in no case was demanding punishment for declaring them as anti-Islam. It is known that the Supreme Court’s decision is not less than a boon for the newly-turned actress Priya Prakash, because after the Supreme Court’s decision, the FIR registered in Telangana and Maharashtra against Kerala Actress Priya Prakash Warrier has been canceled.

Priya Prakash, who reached the court under heavy pressure of Muslim organizations, got immediate relief only when the Supreme Court had banned the FIR on February 21 last.

After this, the famous actress Priya Prakash filed a petition in the Supreme Court and demanded the repeal of the cases against her, which was decided in her favor. In this matter, the Bench headed by Chief Justice Chief Justice Deepak Mishra said in one of his orders that the songs of Oru Ovar Love do not hurt the feelings of the Muslim community.

The most relieved thing is that the Supreme Court has ordered that no FIR will be lodged against Priya Prakash in future even with this song. In his petition Priya Prakash had said that some people have filed cases after making false translations of Oru Ovar Love’s song. In his petition, he feared that such cases could be registered in other non-Malayali speaking states too

FIR was lodged against Priya Prakash Warrier in Telangana and Maharashtra. FIIs were accused of hurting feelings of a religious community on filmmakers 

Akshay Kumar is the face of all nationalists. But this form of his wife Twinkle Khanna is not coming to many Know what this time Twinkle Khanna said?

Twinkle Khanna, has given some statements in such a way that at least some of Akshay Kumar’s works A little bit does not match.

Akshay Kumar is the face of all nationalists. But this form of his wife Twinkle Khanna is not coming to many Know what this time Twinkle Khanna said?

On one hand, Akshay Kumar has achieved a respectable status in the general public with the work of his country interest, on the other hand his wife, Twinkle Khanna, has given some statements in such a way that at least some of Akshay Kumar’s works A little bit does not match.

Akshay Kumar is the face of all nationalists. But this form of his wife Twinkle Khanna is not coming to many Know what this time Twinkle Khanna said? On one hand, Akshay Kumar has achieved a respectable status in the general public with the work of his country interest, on the other hand his wife, Twinkle Khanna, has given some statements in such a way that at least some of Akshay Kumar’s works A little bit does not match.

In connection with the investigations into the Bhima-Koregaon violence case and the alleged conspiracy to kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi, police and security agencies had arrested some such miscreants who were hiding among the public by wearing a thief of human rights activists and intellectuals. Whereas Akshay Kumar has been known for his work after the CRPF has been sacrificed for his family, his wife has come to the lobbying of the Naxalites who killed those soldiers.

On these arrests, Twinkle Khanna has made a tweet on his official Twitter handle on Wednesday, which seems to be in opposition to these arrests. Twinkle wrote in his tweet, “Freedom does not end in a bar. It ends in a number of times.

This tweet has been done in opposition to these arrests only. It is important that the police arrested Sudha Bhardwaj, Gautam Navlalka, Varvara Rao, lecturer Vernon Gonzalevis and lawyer and Arun Ferreira on Tuesday in this case 

The lawsuit filed against Prakash Raj, proving himself more against the villain Hindus than the film villain Learn what the case is registered in this case.

How to play the joke of Hindus, they know better. These things have not been spoken in any film dialects but in real life.

If you only know villain in film life, then you have to think once again and you have to know about them better because their statements have been coming only against the Hindu and Hindutva only for some time now.

How to play the joke of Hindus, they know better. These things have not been spoken in any film dialects but in real life. The fame of fame, when not completed with the film, he had chosen a very shortcut path and took aim at Hindutva. He joined the same team of Bollywood, in which many people already got boiled when it comes to Hindu and Hindutva.

They were involved in the same team who made tremendous attack in the Kathua case but avoided speaking a single word on the rape in Ghaziabad’s madrasa. The prosecutor Kiran N., who has filed a lawsuit against him, says that Rajapakra Raj had made jokes about cow and cow urine somewhere else, he was about to hurt Hindus.

In his complaint, the lawyer has said that in one program, Raj compared cow and cow urine to washing agents. This was done deliberately and its purpose was to hurt the Hindus.

Now the problems started for those villains. It is known that a case has been registered against the film Vilen Prakash Raj for hurting religious religious sentiments of Hindus. An advocate from Bangalore has lodged criminal cases against Raj. It has been said in the complaint that the comments of Prakash Raj’s cow and cow urine have affected the sentiments of those who believe in Hindu religion. A complaint has been lodged against Prakash Raj in a local court in Bangalore.

The complainant, Kiran N., says that on May 8, he had lodged a complaint with Hanumantanagar police station but the FIR was not registered, after which he came to the court for lodging the case. 

Pakistani actors, the biggest supporters of Indian Bollywood actors’ film in Pakistan

Pakistan made a clear message that there is no place in the country where so-called secularism ..

This phenomenon has proved that all the so-called theories and indispensable rules of secularism continue to thrive as soon as they go beyond India’s boundaries. These were the artists who were strong supporter of bringing Pakistani artists to India and showing their films etc.

But after all, he had to bear the orders of Pakistan, even after which he hopes that he will not change his thoughts at all. Pakistan has banned the country’s film starring Rishi Kapoor and Tapasi Pannu. This was considered to be one of the greatest avatars of India in this year of 2018, due to the ban in Pakistan, so-called Bollywood’s so-called stars are quite sad.

Although Pakistan is trying to give a message after this ban, it seems that there is nothing more than Islam and Pakistan here. No sports nor any kind of entertainment … although it has been widely publicized and circulated by the secular lobby in India, in which sometimes films become bigger than the country’s prestige.

This movie has been banned one day before the release of Pakistan’s Federal Censor Board. It is worth mentioning that the movie is being released today.After film banning, Deepak Mukut, the producer of the film, expressed his displeasure and said that this is a very disappointing decision, our film tells the story of favoritism among the people. In an appeal to the Pakistani censor board, he has said that “I appeal to the Pakistani censor board to reconsider its decision.”

They will realize that bias should be avoided for human civilization throughout the world. It is worth mentioning that Anubhav Sinha’s much-awaited film ‘Mulq’ is the story of a person who is accused of sedition because he is a Muslim.