Terrorists of the blast had got tickets to contest

Tariq was the party’s candidate in 2009. Know what party gave the ticket to terrorists?

 In the 2007 Kachari blast case, the Supreme Court has sentenced Terror Tariq Kazmi to life imprisonment. After the decision of the life sentence of Tariq Kazmi, it is also important to know that at one time a political party had given ticket to this terrorist to contest Lok Sabha elections.

Let us tell you that Terrorist Tariq Kazmi was declared a candidate from Azamgarh constituency by National Democratic Party in 2009, but the terrorist Tariq could not enroll because he did not get permission from the court later. Let me tell you that serial bomb blasts were on November 23, 2007 in Varanasi, Faizabad, Lucknow. After this blast, a unmanned car was found in Azamgarh. This was followed by Tariq Kazmi’s arrest from Barabanki.

At that time Ulema Council had not emerged and the National Democratic Party had made a big issue of arrest and said Muslims were being harassed and conspiracy was being hatched against them. At that time, people of Nelopa had accused the STF that Tariq’s arrest checkpost was taken from Azamgarh at that time when he was going to join Usmahma. The party continued to protest against this. This was followed by the arrest of Abu Basar of Beanapara in the year 2008.

Then the butt encounter happened in which two youths of the district were killed. Then, the involvement of people of the area began to be revealed in terrorist incidents, and after the butt encounter, Ulema Council was born. When the Lok Sabha elections were announced in 2009, the Ulema Council decided to jump in the election grounds, saying those involved in the terrorist acts and made Dr. Javed Akhtar, the father of Indian Mujahideen terrorist from Azamgarh.

On the other hand, National President of Nelopa Mohd. Arshad Khan declared the terrorist Tariq as a party candidate in a press conference at the party office located in Lucknow and said that on March 24, the court will get the nomination on March 25, but Tariq’s nomination is not due to absence of a permit from the court. Could The terrorist who tried to make Tariq a lawmaker by saying that Nellopa was innocent, today the same Supreme Court has been jailed for lifetime.