The bus driver screamed at the face of the woman screaming … “These people are very dangerous”

A debate once again that there is no religion of terror or does not exist.

A theory has always been repeated in India and it is still repeated today that there is no religion of terrorism. But a sensational case has emerged from the UK, which can cause a debate once again that there is no religion of terror or does not exist.

According to the news, a similar case has emerged in the UK capital London. A bus driver with a woman here behaved just like the terrorists because he had covered his half face with the mask. According to the news, the driver from a bus climbed a child and asked the driver to take out the mask after showing safety and show the face. The driver suspected that a woman has not brought any bombs hidden.

According to the BBC report, a 20-year-old woman said about the incident with her, ‘She was looking at me in a strange way. Like I did something wrong. The driver was saying that this “world is very dangerous” He asked me to show my face. ‘ The woman was boarding the first bus from Ashton to Bristol. The woman said, ‘I had climbed the bus for two months in a lap. The driver reacted weirdly to me. He said that I am scary and dangerous. He was saying that I can keep a bomb in the bus.

How is this possible, when there is a child with me? ‘ The woman said, “The driver continued to insult me and he made me a terrorist. He kept saying that everyone should see each other’s face. ‘ The woman said, ‘I was publicly humiliated. From which I am very hurt.

He said that this year is 2018. We should avoid frying on such old patterns. ‘ The woman said that as soon as I got into the bus, the driver screamed and said that these masks are very dangerous and talked to show me the face, after that I can be a terrorist and can explode.