August 3 -Emansipation Day, Swami Chinmayanand Saraswati, who came out of Kerala, Flag of Religion flooded the whole world Sudarshan News bow down on his Nirvana day to Swami Chinmayanand, who sacrificed life for religion.

Emansipation Day of Swami Chinmayanand Sarswati ji

August 3 -Emansipation Day, Swami Chinmayanand Saraswati, who came out of Kerala, Flag of Religion flooded the whole world

Sudarshan News bow down on his Nirvana day to Swami Chinmayanand, who sacrificed life for religion.

Swami Chinmayanand Saraswati, who spread the message of Hindutva, was born on May 8, 1916, in Ernakulam Kerala. Swami Ji was a famous spiritual thinker of India and a world famous scholar of Vedanta philosophy. Their original name was ‘Balkrishna Menon’. He traveled all over India and saw many misconceptions about religion in the country. To get rid of them, Swami Chinmayanand ji started the ‘Gita Jnan-Yagna’ and established ‘Chinmaya Mission’ in 1953.

The discourses of Swami Chinmayanand were very rational and inspirational. A lot of people gathered to listen to them. Swamiji trained hundreds of gentlemen and Brahmachari, established thousands of Swadhyayas Mandals, and also started many social service initiatives. He wrote explanations on more than 35 books of Upanishad, Geeta and Adi Shankaracharya. His commentary on ‘Geeta’ is considered best.

Birth and education

Swami Chinmayanand Saraswati was born on May 8, 1916 in Ernakulam, Kerala. His childhood name was ‘Balkrishna Menon’. His Father was a judge in the Justice Department. Balkrishna’s early education took place at the local school ‘Shriram Verma Byas School’ at the age of five. His main language was English. Balkrishna’s intellect was intense and he was smart at reading. They were counted among the ideal students. For further education, Valkrishna Menon took admission in ‘Maharaja College’.

He was a science student in college. Biology, botany and chemistry were his subjects. After passing the interval from here, his father transferred to Trichur. Here he left the science subject and took the subject of art. Later, for higher education, he took admission in ‘Lucknow University’ in 1940. Here he studied law and English literature. Balakrishna Menon, with diverse interests, was also involved in studies at the university level as well as in other activities.

In 1942 he joined the National Movement of Independence and he had to stay in prison several months. After receiving a bachelor’s degree, he got a job as a journalist in the National Herald of New Delhi and started writing on various subjects. Regardless of the commercial performance, Menon was dissatisfied with his immediate life and was surrounded by eternal questions about the real meaning of life and death and spirituality.

Philosophy studies

In order to find answers to your questions, Balakrishna Menon started an in-depth study of both Indian and European philosophies. Impressed by Swami Shivananda’s writing, Menon abandoned worldly life and joined Shivanand’s ashram in 1949. There he was named “Swami Chinmayanand Saraswati”, which means “a person full of joy of full consciousness

During the next eight years, he spent time studying ancient philosophical literature and records in the director of Vedanta Guru Swami Tapovan. During this time Chinmayananda realized that the purpose of his life was to spread the message of Vedanta and bring spiritual renaissance to India.


Starting from Pune, Chinmayanand Saraswati started to offer knowledge-sacrifice in all the major cities. Initially the priestly class opposed the free spread of the holy knowledge of the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita, because at that time this knowledge was safe for the Brahmins. Every person had access to Chinmayanand. They meet men and women in satsangs (religious meetings) and give them spiritual guidance.

He emphasized that the purpose of Vedanta is to make it more happier and satisfying in the daily life of a person, which instructs the person from within to self-spiritual awareness. With the help of examples of daily life, he used to explain the esoteric philosophy in a general and rational way.

Establishment of Chinmay Mission

Swami Chinmayanand Saraswati founded the ‘Chinmay Mission’, which is engaged in spreading the knowledge of Vedanta all over the world. In addition, this institution also oversees the activities of many cultural, educational and social work. Chinmayanand Saraswati represented Hinduism in the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1993. A century ago Swami Vivekananda received this honor.


Today, on 3 rd August 1993, due to a heart attack in San Diego in California, Swami Chinmayanand Saraswati received the Mahasamadhi and became free from worldly life.

Today, on this day of his Nirvana, Sudarshan News repeatedly welcomed and congratulated the great Vivegnant who worked for Vedic religion.