The murderer of the witness giving the rape of Nun was charged. On the big bishops of the Christians .. The silent media and the so-called intellectual classes

Christian Father Kuriyakos, who has died, has died. The body of Christian Father Kuriyakos, who gave statements against the rapist Bishop Franco Mulkkal, was recovered in Dasuwa of Hoshiarpur under suspicious circumstances. He was living in the school premises for the last fifteen days. Here he took over as the Father of the St Paul Convent School in Dasuhah.

The statement of the Kuriyakoshi, who opened the polling bishop’s pole, came out on the bail of the Bishop and stood up for question in the questionable circumstances of Kuriyakos. It is surprising that after the death of the rapist bishop, the so-called contractor and intellectuals of women’s self-esteem have become silent on this. The families of Kuriyakos have demanded a probe by declaring death as suspicious and in this regard, the complaint has been lodged with the police.

On the other hand, the brother of the victim, victim Nadhan, who has accused Bishop Franco Mulkkal, has termed it as a planned murder.Christian Front state president Laurence Chaudhary said that Father Kuriyakos were completely healthy. They did not have any kind of disease. They were key witnesses in the case of non-rape. Bishop Franco Mulkkal of the case recently got bail. From then on Father Kuriyakos were in tension. This may also be the reason behind their death. The victim’s brother, victim’s brother, accused the Bishop Franco Mulkkal of saying that this is a planned killing.

Father Curricos had said that his life was in danger. His death should be investigated, as well as police protection should be given to all the witnesses. It has also been revealed that Kuriyakos was constantly receiving threats after the Nun’s case and his car was attacked recently. Due to this reason death is believed to be suspicious.


Bollywood Superstars and Intelligentsia seems to be silent after as the #MeToo aligation come out in the Clergy 

Following the accusations of sexually assaulting actor Nana Patekar by Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta, the fire of the #MeToo Campaign has reached the prestigious people of the fields other than the film industry. Two Christian pastors have also come here in this JD for me to campaign, on which a Christian woman has accused for sexually exploiting for years. These accusations are based on two priests of the Catholic Church in Meghalaya. The aforementioned woman posted her post on Facebook on Friday and told how the clerics sexually exploited her

In this post, the woman has accused Muscus of Francis Gayle and Don Bosco Group of Christian Brothers. The woman has said that she has attempted suicide three times, but after counseling, she has been rid of this trend three years ago. He told that when he was five years old, Francis Gayle started sexually exploiting her. When he told his family about this, he beat them only. The series continued till the age of 12

After that he stopped attending Francis Gayle somehow by fear and becoming fearful of pregnancy. Francis now lives in West Bengal. About another other rapist cleric mascot, the woman has written that on the pretext of giving sweets and toffee, she used to call her behind her big desk and after that she used to have sexual abuse. She did not say anything about it, because at the same time she was facing bigger sexual abuse than Francis Gayle.

The woman said that she did not talk to anyone about the mischief done by Muscat because she was frocing Francis Gayle. The woman has said in her Facebook post that after the Meteu Campaign, she has hoped that she will get justice. The woman currently lives in West Bengal. The same muscat is the pastor of the Don Bosco group and is stationed in Shillong.

The roots of religion change being uprooted throughout the state

After lifting the feet of Christian converters in Jaunpur, now the Yogi police in Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh has fallen prey to conversionists

The roots of religion change being uprooted throughout the state… after Jaunpur, now in custody in Azamgarh Converts being done on the pretext of prayer meeting … Against the conversion machines, Uttar Pradesh’s Yogi Adityanath ji’s government is seen in an aggressive turning point. After lifting the feet of Christian converters in Jaunpur, now the Yogi police in Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh has fallen prey to conversionists and two people were arrested and sent to jail while failing their conspiracy.

It is to be known that five people who converted from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh have been arrested. Tell them that the game of change of religion by appearing in the Christian prayer meeting by attracting people to Christianity Used to be. In order to organize a prayer meeting in Baatan village of Roanapar police station area of Azamgarh on Sunday, there was a plan to make a change. The police arrived at the notice before

After taking custody of two prominent people, they came to police station and took custody of the victim. After getting the information, SP Rural has handed over investigation of the matter to the CEO Sabhdi. According to SO Ranapar Girijesh Singh Raghuvanshi, a prayer meeting was held on Sunday at the door of Ramchandra Sahni, a resident of Batan village. In addition to Bathan, more than 50 women and men of the village were gathered in Khairighat, Chilbili, Banwe, Bazar, Gosai, Siddhuli, Belkund etc.

Before accepting Christianity here, prayer was to be done. All the people were preparing for prayer. According to SO, the people who had converted to religion had been presenting these people for a long time and showing all kinds of miracles. These people have given these rupees to them in the name of help so that more and more people come in their misdeeds and join their religion.

On dialing the news on Sunday, the dial 100 police reached the immediate spot. The other people were seen slipping around the police. In the spot, two prominent people were detained and police station went to the police station. SP Rural Narendra Singh told that the entire matter was handed over to the CEO Sabdhi. On the report of the investigation, strong action will be taken against the culprits. 

Deadly Florence trudges inland in Carolinas with ‘epic’ rain, flooding; 5 dead

Deadly Florence trudges inland in Carolinas with ‘epic’ rain, flooding; 5 dead

 Tropical Storm Florence trudged inland on Saturday, flooding rivers and towns, toppling trees and cutting power to nearly a million homes and businesses as it dumped huge amounts of rain on North and South Carolina, causing five deaths.

“This system is unloading epic amounts of rainfall, in some places measured in feet and not inches,” North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper told a news briefing about a storm that forecasters said was 300 miles (480 km) wide.

Florence diminished from hurricane strength as it came ashore on Friday, but the large storm`s slow progress across the two states could leave much of the region under water in the coming days, according to forecasters. Along coastal communities, people trapped in homes by relentless floodwaters awaited rescue, and tens of thousands hunkered down in shelters after fleeing their homes as the storm approached.

In India there was a class where rape being taught to children

Know where is this school?

Every guardian sends his children to school with the thought that their child will go to school and read, get good education, and move forward. For this, the children’s parents read as much as possible, expensive to expensive schools, with the hope that there will be no shortage of development of their child.

Our country is, however, a country that believes in tradition where the teacher is considered more than the parent. The teacher has been considered as the creator of children’s future but just think that in the expensive schools where the parents send expensive children to their children, the children should be taught to rape instead of human values, what will they be called?

The incident is in Jabalpur of Madhya Pradesh, where a missionary school was being taught to children how to do sex, how should the girl be celebrated for physical relations. According to the news, a Christian missionary in Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh was arrested on the charge of giving sex education to children and looting of children by Librarian Police. She is accused of teaching her class five things like “how to do, how to rape, and how to do sexism”.

When the children informed the family about this, the parents of the children collectively complained to the police station after which the arrest took place.

According to the information received, two children in class 5 of the missionary school told you that their librarian was teaching them all these things and told them to not tell anyone about this. After this, the parents of the children complained of abusive behavior of the librarian in Clapas from the management of the school

When the school’s principal got information, they asked the librarian. When asked, he confessed the mistake The librarian was dismissed immediately from the school. After this the parents of the parents arrested the complainant Dedeker Librarian in the police. 

FIR lodged against 271 Christian Matevalambio who had been campaigning against Hindutva

The Yogi Sarkar on demolition of conversion This is the first time on such a large scale operation

The people of religious conversions in Uttar Pradesh are constantly facing public anger and after one and the other place, they are collectively responding to public and law-abiding people who have been victimized by malicious greed against the Hindus. Or have been involved in forcible conversions

In this case recently, a Christian opinion campaigner was arrested in Faizabad district this week, after which there has also been a major action in Jaunpur. It is to be known that following the strict instructions of a court in Jaunpur, Jaunpur Police on Wednesday registered an FIR against 271 people for promoting misgivings about Hinduism and to convince people to embrace Christianity.

This stern stand of the court and this activism of the police has created a scam in all the missionaries who make people Christian and they have started making excuses for their survival. All the alleged priests of the district, only three people have been identified – Durga Prasad Yadav, Kirir Rai and Jitendra Ram. The rest were described as their colleagues. An FIR has been lodged at Chandwak police station. The order on petition filed by Hindu Jagaran Manch (HJM) worker was ordered.

Complainant’s counsel, Brijesh Singh, who said that he was an HJM activist, had alleged that the accused had gone to visit a church in Baldev village and people in Jaunpur, Azamgarh, Varanasi and Ghazipur districts for the past few years and to participate in prayer Had to be drawn. 

All those girls were fired from the school, whose hands were covered in the hands of Mehndi .. This region is not Kashmir or Bengal

Hey you have set a heena on your hands..Yes madam! Rakshabandhan was installed. Then he should clean the henna and come to school. Hey, you have tied up with Rakhi too. You do not know that this is Christian school and here only Christian tradition is played.

After this, the school administration cut Rakhi tied in the hands of the students and removed the girls from Mehandi in the school. Please tell us whether this matter is not of Kissee Christian country or of Kashmir or Bengal of India but of the Christian school of Ahmedabad, which is considered to be Hindu Bahule. After the removal of Rakhi of Hindu students and taking away Mehndi girl students from school, parents have described this decision of school administration as an insult to Indian culture.

ABVP and parents open a front against the school after the incident of rakhi being laid on Rakshabandhan in Ahmedabad’s Christian School in Mount Carmel School, by the hands of Hindu students and by applying a henna on their hands. And the administration has demanded strict action against the people of the school. Parents have labeled the attitude of school administration about Rakhi and Mehandi as insulting and insulting to Indian culture.

Let us tell you that when students and students reached Rakhi after mounting security at the Mount Carmel School in Gandhinagar, the school administration cut the rakhi built on the hands of the students. Some of the girls who reached Mehndi in the hands of the school administration also removed. On Wednesday, the matter was caught suddenly and the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad activists started performing outside the school and started performing.

Activists of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad are now firmly in touching the teachers of Mount Carmel school to make them aware of Indian culture and civilization. 

The pastor of the church spoke to the nun – ‘Take the case back, in return, give land and houses’

Paradise is doing property and land with respect.

To bring these cases to society, some so-called secular voices have to follow the principles of secularism. The main reason for breaking these voices is that it is not related to Hindus, otherwise it is spread out with great publicity. Surely justice should be done with the victim but in that situation, the pain of a rape victim increases when she sees the opinion and religion and raises her voice by seeing the opinion of the rapist. 
One such case has come from Kerala where an audacious event has shocked the society. It is to be known that the value of honor and shame of a woman is imposed by a pastor of the house, the house and the land. Sadly, the priest who sells his own religion was putting the land and house worth only for the honor of a woman. This was the pastor whom he called Father with a non-honor. Father is the word that is considered the most respected word in the world. And instead of being honored and protected, instead of raping her. 
It is a pity that the police and the government themselves have knocked their knees before such people. In front of the police, Nun had accused the Bishop of saying that 13 times he was sexually abused. On the other hand, Bishop also filed a case and said that all these allegations are baseless and have demanded action against Nun. The police said that the Bishop had filed a case before the nun and had alleged that Nun was threatening to implicate him in a sexual abuse case. 
Although Nun said that he had raised this matter in front of the Church Administration but no action was taken. Along with a nun in Kerala, there has been a new disclosure in the case of alleged rap and sexual abuse. The leaking audio of a conversation between a priest and a friend of a nun is revealed, in which the bishop is pressurizing the Nun to compromise on the matter of rape. The police is asking the police to withdraw the complaint against the Bishop. 
While the clergy do not recall the case, they also mention the danger to women. During the conversation, the clergyman says that if they withdraw the matter then the Bishop is ready to help them. In audio, the pastor has been offered land, house and security to the victim. Although the nun was not accepted by the priest’s offer. It is reported that Nun had accused 13-year-old woman sexual harassment between the years of 2014 to 2016 between Bishnoi Franco Mullakal of Jalandhar 

Now after the radical maulanas in protest of women, now the big names of the churches are making rediculous law,Now after the radical maulanas in protest of women, now the big names of the churches are making rediculous law

Churches believe that attempts to interfere in their religion are being tried, which can not be accepted.

Now after the radical maulanas in protest of women, now the big names of the churches are making rediculous law, This is done under the guise of blackmailing women
In the name of three divorces and halala where radical Maulana has stood against the rights of women, there are now big people of the Church have come up against the elimination of a practice of exploitation of women in Christianity. Let us tell you that the National Commission for Women (NCW) has recommended the central government to abolish the tradition of ‘Confession’ in the church. Because it can be blackmailed by women and after that they are exploited. 
Significantly, the tradition of accepting mistakes before the pastor in churches is called Confessions. NCW Chairman Linear Sharma said that there is a need to investigate the rising incidents of rape and sexual assault in the Church of Kerala also by the central agency. He said, ‘The clergy pressurize women to tell confidential things and such a case is in front of us, there will be many such issues and what is before us is a link 
This recommendation has been made in the perspective of a case of rape against four clerics of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. They are accused of sexual harassment of a married woman of her church. Now the National Commission for Women has said that the central government intervenes in this matter. It is important for the safety of women. 
Chairman of the Commission, Linear Sharma said that two such cases have been revealed in the last month. One of them is Malankara of Kerala. Four priests are accused in this, while the second case is from Jalandhar in Punjab. “We have demanded the Central Investigation Agency to investigate the matter. Such cases have increased in Kerala. We want the investigating agency to find out how many such cases are there. After the meeting in this matter, the Women’s Commission has sent a report to the Kerala and Punjab government along with the Union Home Ministry. 
When asked about Raksha Sharma, it is not encroachment on the rights of the church. On this, he said, if the matter is of women security then the National Commission for Women will take every possible step. According to the National Commission for Women, Archbishop Cardinal Beselios Clemis, Archbishop of Cyro Malankara Catholic Church said, “The proposal of the National Commission for Women is unacceptable. It is a direct attack on the rights and freedoms of the Church. 
Churches believe that attempts to interfere in their religion are being tried, which can not be accepted.

The lawsuit has been registered against Radhey Shyam. Police say that the accused will be arrested soon.

the Christian missionary institution charged with smuggling of children is the organization of Teresa (Mother).

After the children’s smuggling of children on the Charity of Missionaries who have been charged with bogus charges and these allegations have been proven, after this the full opposition of the whole has come to the support of the organization which smuggled children in the guise of humanity. Tell you that the Christian missionary institution charged with smuggling of children is the organization of Teresa (Mother). 
When Teresa’s Charity of the Charities of the Missionaries, as soon as there was legal scandal, there was a stir in Indian politics too. Political parties have condemned the action taken on the missionary institution. With all the opposition leaders, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has planted a hatchery of the missionary institution on BJP. Mamta Banerjee says that the BJP is working under the Hindu-backed agenda. After Mamta Banerjee, the Left has also come in support of the Christian missionary institution. 
CPI (M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury has said that the action taken on the missionary institution has been done with the Sangh ideology. Sitaram Yechury said that Missionaries of Charity is a respected and prestigious institution. The CPI (M) has a long and well-established connection with them. Recently, serious allegations have been made to the said institute. If there are serious facts about the allegations, then they should be investigated, otherwise it is not right to harass such a prestigious institution.