She was a nun for a famous church … Now, she is the big porn star whose videos are on all the sites .. Who is that girl ?

He was the nun of a church and preached the message of Jesus to the people, but after that he is now the world’s popular pornstars and is present on countless video porn sites. We are talking about what the world’s popular porn star Colombia resident, did UD Penada go to church to become a nun Going to the church school, studying Christian doctrine for 8 years, completely bitten the Bible, and after that he became the world’s popular pornstar.

Can you think that whose goal is to become a Christian nun, he has studied nuns by going to the religious school of Christian religion for many years, how he became the world’s top porn star, you certainly would have been right But UD Pennada stepped into the world of porn after receiving Christianity education. Let me tell you that this girl named Yudhi Pineda trained in a convent for 8 years to become a nun, but at the age of 22 became a porn star. Pineda said in an interview, “When Nun came to our school.

So I was very impressed with them. I also realized that I want to become a nun. I joined the convent for training to become nun. He took religious training for eight years. “Pineda thought he joined the infant at the age of 10. For the next eight years, he was completely bound in discipline. But what did not happen was that he fell in love with a religious teacher more than his age.

One day he met Juan Bustos, the man who was looking for a model for Adult WebCom. In such a way Pineda felt why not try this career too. She met the Busstos. After casting, he was admitted there. She now says openly, “Whatever she does in Adult films, she likes them all. She says that now I feel that this is the work that I wanted to do. “So a dedicated nun became a porn star in this way.

After the Muslims, China now being aggressive against Christians … New order baffles to Europe

In the past, human rights organization Amnesty International had raised concerns about government suppression against Muslims in Shijiang, the western province of China, and said that Uyghar Muslims are being tortured in China’s Xinjiang Province.

Amnesty International had said in the report that atrocities against Muslims in China can be estimated from the fact that Muslims in Xinjiang have been kept in captivity in camps, they are prevented from studying namaz, preventing them from shaving. Used to be. There was a panic in the world after this report, but it did not make any difference to China. The Chinese government had cleared that it would not allow its country to become Syria and Libya. Sexual harassment of a 10 year old girl in Madarsa 52 year old Maulana arrested in police custody

But the news that has come from China is even more prudent. China, with atheist Communist ideology, has now numbered Christians after the Muslims, after which not only the European country but the whole world is astonished. This communist ideology is the ideology which considers religion as a poison and religions obey their enemies. People who believe in this ideology are present throughout the world

And this ideology of China has now started taking action against Christians of Muslims, whose target is not only Christian people, but also churches and pastors. According to the report, the Chinese government, including the capital, Beijing, all the large churches and churches Has ordered to shut down, demolish The situation is that there is no place for prayer in the Roman Catholic community in Henan province.The example can be seen in an official sign board outside the Catholic Church of Central China. In which children have been warned not to join prayer. Also, “illegal” churches are being dropped on a large scale in China. The Chinese government has ordered the removal of cross from the top of the church. Apart from this, the government has confiscated religious materials and sacred items printed from the church, And KG schools run by the church have been closed. Apart from this, it has also been asked to remove religious images from public places

Atal ji opposed the immersion of the kalash yatra … Atal ji’s bones are being immersed in many rivers of the country ..

Atal ji’s bones are being flown in many rivers across the country.

After the demise of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji, on behalf of Bharatiya Janata Party, Atal ji’s last yatra is being taken out in the country and Atal ji’s bones are being flown in many rivers across the country.

After Atal ji’s funeral, Atal ji’s bones were flown in the river Ganga in Haridwar of Deobandh Uttarakhand, after which it was decided that the Atal ji’s bones from the BJP in the river of every state of the country were flown . But in the meantime a state’s church stood up against Atal Ji’s flow of water in the river and did not allow the bones in the river to flow.

The matter is from the state of the northeast of Nagaland. The BJP had planned to stream the bone in the river Doyang of Wokha district of Nagaland. But Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) did not allow the bones in the river to flow, after which the bones were flown into the river Dhansiri of Dimapur. The church pretended that this would hurt the feelings of the people.

The BJP fluttered the bones in the second river, but the question arises that how many people are feeling hurt due to bone flux in the water of the uninterrupted flowing river?

Neither one was forced to participate in the program, nor was there any local tradition, rituals in this program. No religious place was used in this program, then how did the Church’s feelings hurt?

.The way the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC opposes Atal ji’s bone immersion, he gives a different signal.) NBCC is the same organization which issued its special declaration in the Assembly elections earlier this year. In the manifesto, the voters were urged that ‘I am Christian first, later a voter’.

The Nagaland Baptist Church Council had urged those who believed in Christianity not to surrender Christian principles to money and development in front of those who “want to penetrate the heart of Jesus Christ”. NBCC had made an appeal to those who believed in Christianity to elect an election between Trishul and Cross. 

The pastor of the church spoke to the nun – ‘Take the case back, in return, give land and houses’

Paradise is doing property and land with respect.

To bring these cases to society, some so-called secular voices have to follow the principles of secularism. The main reason for breaking these voices is that it is not related to Hindus, otherwise it is spread out with great publicity. Surely justice should be done with the victim but in that situation, the pain of a rape victim increases when she sees the opinion and religion and raises her voice by seeing the opinion of the rapist. 
One such case has come from Kerala where an audacious event has shocked the society. It is to be known that the value of honor and shame of a woman is imposed by a pastor of the house, the house and the land. Sadly, the priest who sells his own religion was putting the land and house worth only for the honor of a woman. This was the pastor whom he called Father with a non-honor. Father is the word that is considered the most respected word in the world. And instead of being honored and protected, instead of raping her. 
It is a pity that the police and the government themselves have knocked their knees before such people. In front of the police, Nun had accused the Bishop of saying that 13 times he was sexually abused. On the other hand, Bishop also filed a case and said that all these allegations are baseless and have demanded action against Nun. The police said that the Bishop had filed a case before the nun and had alleged that Nun was threatening to implicate him in a sexual abuse case. 
Although Nun said that he had raised this matter in front of the Church Administration but no action was taken. Along with a nun in Kerala, there has been a new disclosure in the case of alleged rap and sexual abuse. The leaking audio of a conversation between a priest and a friend of a nun is revealed, in which the bishop is pressurizing the Nun to compromise on the matter of rape. The police is asking the police to withdraw the complaint against the Bishop. 
While the clergy do not recall the case, they also mention the danger to women. During the conversation, the clergyman says that if they withdraw the matter then the Bishop is ready to help them. In audio, the pastor has been offered land, house and security to the victim. Although the nun was not accepted by the priest’s offer. It is reported that Nun had accused 13-year-old woman sexual harassment between the years of 2014 to 2016 between Bishnoi Franco Mullakal of Jalandhar 

Now after the radical maulanas in protest of women, now the big names of the churches are making rediculous law,Now after the radical maulanas in protest of women, now the big names of the churches are making rediculous law

Churches believe that attempts to interfere in their religion are being tried, which can not be accepted.

Now after the radical maulanas in protest of women, now the big names of the churches are making rediculous law, This is done under the guise of blackmailing women
In the name of three divorces and halala where radical Maulana has stood against the rights of women, there are now big people of the Church have come up against the elimination of a practice of exploitation of women in Christianity. Let us tell you that the National Commission for Women (NCW) has recommended the central government to abolish the tradition of ‘Confession’ in the church. Because it can be blackmailed by women and after that they are exploited. 
Significantly, the tradition of accepting mistakes before the pastor in churches is called Confessions. NCW Chairman Linear Sharma said that there is a need to investigate the rising incidents of rape and sexual assault in the Church of Kerala also by the central agency. He said, ‘The clergy pressurize women to tell confidential things and such a case is in front of us, there will be many such issues and what is before us is a link 
This recommendation has been made in the perspective of a case of rape against four clerics of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. They are accused of sexual harassment of a married woman of her church. Now the National Commission for Women has said that the central government intervenes in this matter. It is important for the safety of women. 
Chairman of the Commission, Linear Sharma said that two such cases have been revealed in the last month. One of them is Malankara of Kerala. Four priests are accused in this, while the second case is from Jalandhar in Punjab. “We have demanded the Central Investigation Agency to investigate the matter. Such cases have increased in Kerala. We want the investigating agency to find out how many such cases are there. After the meeting in this matter, the Women’s Commission has sent a report to the Kerala and Punjab government along with the Union Home Ministry. 
When asked about Raksha Sharma, it is not encroachment on the rights of the church. On this, he said, if the matter is of women security then the National Commission for Women will take every possible step. According to the National Commission for Women, Archbishop Cardinal Beselios Clemis, Archbishop of Cyro Malankara Catholic Church said, “The proposal of the National Commission for Women is unacceptable. It is a direct attack on the rights and freedoms of the Church. 
Churches believe that attempts to interfere in their religion are being tried, which can not be accepted.

Not only madarsas, there are connections of churches too, from the terrorists – Vishwa Hindu Parishad

The madarsas are related to the terrorists and security checks have also been revealed in connection with the terror links of several madarsas of every country

So far, it is said about the madarsas that the madarsas are related to the terrorists and security checks have also been revealed in connection with the terror links of several madarsas of every country. But these nefarious efforts to smash the country, breaking the country, do not end here. It is not only madarsas but also related to the churches, it is from the terrorists, the terrorist organizations. 
Just as the raids on the madarsas have exposed their black truth, if the churches, the Christian missionaries are examined, their black bars will also be seen like the madarsas. This harsh allegation has been made by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad on the madarsas and the churches on which the politics has grown. 
Let us know that the Vishwa Hindu Parishad has imposed these accusations on the churches and madarsas of Assam on Thursday. The council says that these churches and madarsas of the state are involved in illegal activities such as exploitation and trafficking of children. In addition, the Council has appealed to all the Church and madrassas to investigate the matter and have also demanded to ban them if found in any kind of illegal activities. 
This was stated by Joint Secretary General Vishwa Hindu Parishad Surendra Jain during a press meet in Guwahati on Thursday. Speaking to the people, he said that demographic is also a problem in big problem in the state. Which the Assam Government can solve through population policy. He said that illegal Bangladeshi is also a big problem for Assam 
Jain said that the Church openly supports the terrorists in the state, which is the biggest threat in the state. Simultaneously, he said that the Church of Assam was actively involved in child trafficking. Church is illegal in the state, including religious conversion and other illegal activities. Not only this, Jain has alleged that the clergy are exploiting children and many such cases have come to us. He said that children are being exploited not only in the church but in the madarsas too. 
Children are also being smuggled here. He has demanded the state government to investigate the churches and madrasas and demanded a ban on being found guilty in these cases. He said that it has started from Jharkhand and also the churches and madarsas of other states of the country should be checked. 

Teresa’s body came out of the black truth which was aimed at “Mother” ‘s motherhood.

The nation is now watching the black truth that was hidden in the screen.

Teresa’s body came out of the black truth which was aimed at “Mother” ‘s motherhood. The nation is now watching the black truth that was hidden in the screen.
These people were called sisters, that means they were selling their brothers by becoming sister but also becoming sister, the game of conversion was seen by the Tammam people of the world when the villages of the village had been converted into Christianity, but now those who have come forward It is also frightening .. There were those targets which were trapped in their clutches and they used to give place in their mind or house, and after some days their children had become poorly disappeared. This institution was founded by Mother Teresa in 1950, 
It should be known that in the name of the so called secularism, even after the previous regime these pressurized people have been pressurized, but after the change of power, suddenly, those who do illegal activities in Jharkhand have been restrained. In the general public, Chief Minister Raghubar Das is getting compliments about this. It is known that due to the same strictness, the Jharkhand police on Thursday accused the Missionaries of Charity two children for smuggling of children. 
It is said that the child was sold to a couple of Rs 1.2 lakh in Uttar Pradesh. The money was taken from him as a hospital fee. These two accused are accused of selling four children. According to the police, these children working in the orphanage located in Ranchi of ‘Missionaries of Charity’ are connected to interstate child smugglers 
According to reports coming from the media sources, Upanishad Superintendent of Ranchi Shyamand Mandal told the news agency ANI, ‘Both the Nunis had information that they had sold three children Jharkhand and one in Uttar Pradesh. Further investigation is going on in this matter. ‘ According to another news, another woman has also been arrested in this case. In this regard, the child welfare committee has also filed the case on the basis of the FIR lodged by Ranchi. Inquiries are still pending for women. 
In this regard, the current chief of the Missionaries of Charity, Prema, says that he has been shocked by this news. There will be complete care that no such incidents occur again. It is worth mentioning that Sister Prem is the third head of ‘Missionaries of Charity’. The posthumous saint has been given posthumously. 

The Bishop of the church is punished with just punishment for children? Intellectuals and Human Rights Dumb

the bishop of the Roman Catholic Church of Australia on the charge of hiding child sexual abuse,

Do you think so much punishment is enough for anyone to suffer mental and physical injuries and punishments, if there is only so much in some countries, then those countries will definitely get promoted.
The decision that has come to Australia the bishop of the Roman Catholic Church of Australia on the charge of hiding child sexual abuse, leaving a huge question for those who oppose the Western culture and those who oppose the Indian monk Santo. The pastor sentence for the month has been announced. 
Pastor has been sentenced to 12 months in prison by the Australian Court. Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson to New Castle Magistrate Robert Stone for at least 6 months ,After being sentenced to jail, he can go to parole only. 
However, here is the point that Bishop will not be taken into custody immediately. 
Stone will announce its verdict on August 14 whether the bishop can be kept internally in the house. Let me tell you that in May , the bishop was convicted by the local court of New Castle. In fact, with two minor children, Pastor James Fletcher was accused of sexual abuse in 1970, when Wilson was sentenced to two years in prison. 
Only 12 months of punishment, even in payroll and in-house detention facility. The world may be silent on this issue because of a bishop’s case, but it is certain that nothing more than the law’s joke will be said in any situation.