The challenge of religious fanatics to the goddess devotees in Yogi power … gruesome stones and fire in Kashmiri style

After the end of Navaratri, the holy festival of Mother Adashakti, during the immersion of Mother’s statue, Yogi Adityanath ruled Uttar Pradesh got the horror of religious fanatics. On many occasions across the state, the frenzied attacked the devotees of Mata Durga during the immersion, arson, violence and assault.

Even in Sultanpur, a case of arson and stone pelting occurred in the fire that took place in Durga statue immersion, where frenzy ransacked in many trains and looted itself in many shops of arson. The case belongs to the Kurorhad police station of the district. People from Nevari village, Dhodhwa and Chak Mardani villages were going out of Dewagram to immerse them with the Navy intersection. Meanwhile, the people of Nevari village asked for a way to overcome Dhodhava people, but the potters stopped the way.

When the devotees of the mother demanded to open the path, the frenzy of the Nevari village was fierce. After this people of Chak Mardani village also came to support the people of Nevari village and attacked the devotees of the mother, started stoneing in the Kashmiri style and the matter got furious. Some of the cars were destroyed by frenzied where many houses were handed over to the fire.

It was told that chaos increased to such an extent that lots of shops were looted. Due to the police’s absence, lots of people were injured and dozen people were injured. When the police and officers of several police stations reached the spot, the situation was over and control was over. Officials started immersion of the statue. Given the tension, heavy police force had to be deployed in the area.

Deadly assault of frenzy on devotees going to immerse the statue of Mother … 1 death, in Jharkhand

Palamu of Jharkhand was struck by the horrors of religious frenzied when the devotees going to immerse the idol of Mother after a Navaratri attacked a devotee in a gruesome attack, in which a devotee was killed. Inmates of this time nine vehicles were also blown up, including a tractor trolley, five tempo, two motorcycles and one Bolero.

At the same time, three shops and two houses were also handed over to the fire. At the same time, many villagers (Kunjal Singh, Shiv Sau, Mukesh Kumar Singh, Arjun Sav, Gulteena Ram, Shiv Prasad and others), including three policemen Aniruddh Prasad (Daraoda), Ajit Kumar Singh and Pintu Paswan (Rescu) were injured in the clash and stone pelting. After this, the mania was not attacked and tractor driver Lallu Singh, who was carrying a statue of Mother to immersion, was attacked. By which the tractor became unchecked.

A youth named Satyanarayan Singh was seriously injured when he was hit by this. During his treatment, he died in Sadar Hospital. On the other hand, seeing his grandson Arvind injured in the incident, a woman named Meghani Kunwar was killed in a shock. Fierce rocketing, arson and assaulted with ropes The panic of mania can be judged from the fact that the police team was attacked, in which Durga site three policemen were injured.

It has been told that on Friday evening, two statues in the moon were going together for that immersion. The crowd of devotees was moving forward singing hymns of Mother. Meanwhile, people of Muslim community stopped the road. When an attempt was made to talk to them, the pious people started indecency and during this time, dirty water was being thrown on the immersion procession. When the devotees protested against it, they started pelting stones and used arson. After which the communal tension arose. Apart from Palamu, extra force was imposed from Ranchi, Pagti, Lohardaga and Latehar to control the situation.


After the death of the victim girl of Meerut Love Jihad … being attacked by police after attacking several houses

Khalid was poisoned by poison To deny the arrival of Love Jihadi Khalid in Jhansi village of Auranganagar in Sardhana of Meerut of Uttar Pradesh,

 It became heavy for the Tanu and Khalid forcibly forced Tanu from whom Tanu died. However, when Khalid was surrounded by the family of Tanu, Khalid had also become frightened and Khalid ate the poison and later he died.

But by the way Khalid poisoned Tanu and took his life, the tension is still spreading in the area and the police force is deployed on the rocks of the village. Even though the police force was deployed in the area but after the death of Tanu, the people’s anger was on the verge, and the angry crowd shouted slogans in the streets of the village and pelted stones at a religious place and demolished the clinics and the house. The police officers and the people in the queue held things in some way. Additional police forces and PAC have to be deployed due to the stressful situation.

People angry with Tanu’s death were shouting People of dignitaries and people of the four quarters were trying to figure out the situation and take the situation. Many times, incidents of stone pelting and sabotage occurred. Some people in the crowd alleged that Kamal, the private physician of the village, had sent the youth of his community to the hospital for treatment. While deliberately refusing to tell a teen student to the family that he did not eat poison. When the condition deteriorated, the family reached the hospital after the teenager, the teenager died on the way.

The crowd came to the sloganeering after being accused of not treating the doctor. People say that the doctor was deliberately negligent because he was related to love jihadi Khalid. Till the night, at around nine o’clock, SP countrymen reached the village with the force of Rajesh Kumar, the people of the rage tried to fire many times before that. The crowd pelted stones at a religious place. In addition to Dr Kamal’s clinic, Shamshad’s house was demolished.

On the information of communal tension, SSP Akhilesh Kumar reached the village with police force and PAC and in control of the situation. Late night Vinod Manager Radhana, the department coordinator of Bajrang Dal reached Milan Som village and barely calm the crowd. Till the late night there was an atmosphere of tension in the village. In addition to Daula, Jani, Sarpurpur, Kharkhoda, Bhavnpur, Phalavada, besides police of several police stations in the district, PAC was posted in the village. 

Goddess was insulted by insulting people

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Whitspace, social media has become an integral part of today’s human life.

But the more profitable the social media is proving to be harmful, because the so-called frenzied people are misusing social media and are spreading the distinction of creating social instruments by posting bitter and communal postings

Another recent case between communal harmony and the deteriorating social media has emerged from Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh, where some religious fanatics have made Facebook a place of insults of Hindu Goddess Deities and Hindu society Films were being posted to insult Hindu Goddesses while playing with their beliefs to flare.

After the insulting post of the Hindu Goddess Gods became viral, the local Hindu society got upset, and Hindu organizations condemned the situation and demanded his arrest besides taking action against the accused. The case is from village Amatara in Pachdevra police station area of Hardoi. According to the news, a youth of Amtara village Firoz Khan runs an electric shop in the village of Ilaias. Firoz is accused of using social media openly against other religions this day.

According to the villagers, Feroz had on August 30 shared a humiliating porn commentary against Hindu Goddess Goddess Dasar on his Facebook wall, an idol named Shohar Tiwari. This post became viral once Firoz’s post was shared. As this post became viral, there was resentment among the people of the majority society in Bharkhani and Anangpur area. After this, Hindu organizations also got their assertions, they even condemned this post and people of the angry Hindu society came to the streets.

As the atmosphere got hot, Firoz deleted this post from his Facebook wall and putting another post on Facebook, asked the people to apologize about the post put in the context of Hindu Goddess Deities. Firoz said that he had posted this post unknowingly and apologized for it.