The use of fundamentalists in Haryana also started … Rohtak agressive on cow cutting

Continual increasing religious fanatic in the country …

How are the fervent fanatics growing up across the country, its attitudes were seen in Rohtak, Haryana, when on the day of Bakrid, the henchmen completely cut off the worshiped Gautama of Hindus

After getting information about the brutal killing of the cow in village Titolili under Rohtak Sadar police station, the Hindu society was provoked and the guerrillas stormed the house, causing a tension in the village. On receiving the information of the incident, the police reached the spot and tried to control the situation. According to the news, on Wednesday morning villagers saw a cow dead in suspicious circumstances outside the village. In the meantime, the villagers came to know that a young man of the Muslim community beat up the cow and beat him.

The news of the assassination of the cow spread rapidly in the village and gathered on a large number of rural occasions. On seeing, the people of the Hindu community of the village reached the house of the cowherd and started ransacking there, causing a panic in the village. The villagers surrounded the house of the cowherd, but at that time the cowherd and his family were not at home. When the incident was reported, the police reached the spot.

The police tried to explain the villagers, but the villagers were stuck on the demand of arrest of the accused. Given the situation, additional forces were called on the spot.

The villagers had said that on the occasion of cowboy, after the assassination of Cow, there was a plan to take it for cutting. On receiving the information, the veterinarian also reached the spot and the body of the cow was done on the post-mortem. After much explanation of the police, the villagers thought that the body of the cow would be buried in the cemetery itself.

Later, the Reform Correctional Committee gave the villagers in writing that they can bury the graveyard cow.In the case of murder of cow in village Titauli under Sadar police station, the police has registered a case of murder of cow against Yameen on the statement of Sarpanch Suresh of the village. Due to the complaint of Sarpanch having lodged the complaint, Yameen murdered him with the determination of cutting a cow. It is being told that the police has detained three people in this case late evening and they are being questioned.