Meerut’s  Cow murderer ‘s Connection from  China … Now after getting Pakistan linking Chinese links India.

Even after the tough state of Uttar Pradesh government and police against cow slaughter, religious fanatics are not even aware of their nefarious activities and are executing Gokshi. More than that, the connection of the traitors of the country till now came to Pakistan, but now they have reached China as well. Yes, the Chinese connection of the Meerut singers of Uttar Pradesh has surfaced, after which not only the local people but also the police are stunned.

According to the news, SP City has raided Meat’s illegal warehouse in the Meerut district of UP, near the checkpoint. Eight accused, including godown owner, were arrested. 50-55 quintals of cow meat have been recovered from the spot. Meets were going abroad also with illegal sale in the city. The police has sealed the warehouse. SP City informed that the informant had informed that the cemeteries of the cattle are being deducted in the closed godown in the Aasana colony. The shopkeepers Irrfan, Akbar, Imran, Danish, Sajid, Sharif and Shahzad have been arrested by raid the spot.

The shopkeepers Irrfan, Akbar, Imran, Danish, Sajid, Sharif and Shahzad have been arrested by raiding the spot. Tahir, Wasim son of Rashidnagar has also been nominated in this case and he is being searched for. Veterinarians have collected samples of meat, which were sent for investigation. The police got the recovered meat from the warehouse staff in the trains and dumped it in the soil from JCB. At the same time, the accused Imran told SP City that he was running the warehouse for several months. There are about 15 workers involved in this.

Meets were brought here from other places than dead animals, and after packing it was being sent to the hotel in the city and to the dhabas at Lisadi Gate. According to CO Dinesh Shukla, the accused said that whenever whenever the meat was collected 50 to 60 quintals and was not supplied in the city, the meat was sent from abroad after packing. According to the CO, the accused have told the export of meat China. They have not find an export license.

“No matter how terrifying me, but in my eyes, no less than Bhagat Singh who killed the cow slayer”

Gautaskar Rakbar Khan was killed in Alwar in Rajasthan .

“No matter how terrifying me, but in my eyes, no less than Bhagat Singh who killed the cow slayer” … who is this? Gautaskar Rakbar Khan was killed in Alwar in Rajasthan … Gautaskar Rakbar Khan massacre of Alwar in Rajasthan came to the headlines at that time when compared with the martyr Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev compared to the murderers made in the murder of Rakbir Khan. It is said that those people who are locked in Alwar’s jail in connection with the killing of cow slaughter racket are our heroes,

For us, he is today Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev. Now you will definitely want to know that after all, who compared Rakbar Khan’s killings to Amar Shahidas? Who is it that Bhagat Singh is telling the murderers of the Rakabar and screaming and saying that no matter what anyone says but I believe that those who are locked in Alwar are our Bhagat Singh? Let us tell you that the charge sheet of Gorakkad Navlikishor Sharma is being investigated in the charge sheet prepared by the police in Rakbar Khan assassination.

Gaurdar Naval Kishore Sharma has accused the police of being implicated by the innocent people. He compared the accused in jail to the martyrs. He has said that if Hindus are not united, then all of them will have to suffer. In the case of the murder of Gotaskar Rakbar in Ramgarh, Chief Witness Naval Mishra compared the three accused who have been killed in the murder of Gotaskar Rakabar with martyrs.

He said that today our three Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru are locked in the jail in Alwar district of Rajasthan and we are witnessing their death. I was right there during the racket. The case is being lodged against me. But I’m not afraid. The Rajasthan government is blocking the people who are doing religious work under the guise of the law and are locking them in jails and the Gothskar is openly open. It is worth mentioning that a Hindu Dharm Sabha was organized in Govindgarh town under the auspices of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal

Women also came along with men in the Dharm Sabha. Women accused the police and the government of entrapping innocent people and talked about the movement for the release of innocent people. All the speakers who attended the meeting raised the issue of the release of closed-door guards in the murder of Gotaskar Rakbar in Ramgarh and the arrest of the remaining 65 accused in Goksidhi case. Many speakers expressed concern about growing love jihad in Alwar district.

People said that there is a donation in Alwar district but besides this love jihad is also spreading fast and if we still do not wake up, then the time to come is going to be very dangerous for all of us. 

Dust licked the same bullet in the same bullet,cow smuggler Shamshad .. the area was lifted from the slogans of “Wah Meerut Police

croresCow are the center point of faith of Hindus and one of the priorities of the present Chief Yogi Adityanath.

Meerut police arrested 25 thousand cow smuggler prize money The security and peace that the society was hoping for is now running on Uttar Pradesh Police’s expectations. croresCow  are the center point of faith of Hindus and one of the priorities of the present Chief Yogi Adityanath.

Keeping that in mind, the Meerut Police has carried out a major campaign against cow slaughterhouses and cow slaughterers in which a big success in the time, when the sad sadhu cow smugglerShamshad was arrested after an encounter. It is a commendable work done by Meerut Police while campaigning against the Gauch smuggling and Gokshi. A fierce encounter between the police and the goose smashers has happened in the police station and cow slaughter area in Meerut district.

In the encounter till late in the evening, a prize-hit smuggler was injured by the police’s bullet and the others were absconding, whose search is on. According to Meerut District Police spokesman, this incident is on Monday, when the morning the Kharkhoda Police got information that eight to ten people are gocasi on the edge of the dirty drain in the Aligarh forest. On receiving this very important information, the Kharkhand Police of Meerut did not lose a moment and did something immediately to the spot. As soon as the police reached the Alipu route,

Police spokesman said that on the spot residue of cattle, cutting tools – ax, knife, a bike and a car were recovered. District Police spokesperson said that as soon as the information was received, the police of several police stations started siege and search for the gangsters. During this a rogue appeared in sugarcane field, which started running while shooting at the police side. He said that the shoot was shot at the foot of infamy and he was arrested. The arrested crook has been identified as Harra resident Shamshad, who is a vicious gangster.

Goksi has dozens of cases registered against him. Jani and Kharkhoda were looking for the police for a long time. A reward of Rs 25,000 was announced on that. The praise of the police is not only appreciated by the free people of this adventure, but also all social organizations have thanked the police for such commendable work. According to the police spokesman, the arrested Shamshad has told the names of his other colleagues who have been talking to the police, whose police forces are being arrested for his arrest. 

Abbas announced his intentions by attacking the spectators cow smugglers fame is growing steadily

When someone will be supported, instead of being punished for his wrong actions, he will be presented as a victim

When someone will be supported, instead of being punished for his wrong actions, he will be presented as a victim and he will definitely increase his fame and will lead his wrong intentions to the conclusion of this.

For the last few days, the excuse of mobs lining, all the political parties and well-intelligent intellectuals defended the cowards, supported the cow, it was only due to the rise of the singers, and the consequences of this would also be visible, and so far the beef-starved cowards Now the blood of the viewers is becoming thirsty. It was noticed at Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh when Gautaskar Abbas and his colleagues attacked a beggar who attempted to stop Gautakkari

Will try to stop, it will be hijacked too. The matter came out in the Maharajpur police station area of Kanpur. It is being told that Friday was going on from Abbas Govansh and Bhans, resident of Hathipur village from Fatehpur to a mini truck. In the meantime, the assailants stopped him at National Highway 2 and started checking the truck. By doing this, Abbas stopped the viewers and started debating and commotion and ran away from there.

When the observers followed Abbas, he somehow called his colleagues from nearby village. After this, Abbas and his colleagues attacked the observers in a frenzied manner. The frenzied people started beating the beggars and beat them, forcibly took them to the police station and handed them over to the police. The police spoke to both sides in the police station and on Saturday, the police arrested 4-4 people from both sides and filed the case. 

The cow took the pills themselves and saved the lives of the survivors but could not survive themselves. Then the frenetic form of cow slaughtering

This is the reason why the news of cow smuggling is constantly coming from different parts of the country.

The manner in which cow smuggler are being increasingly growing steadily, under the guise of mob lingering indirectly being supported by cow smuggler, indirectly by all the politicians of the country and so called intellectuals and trying to convict the reckless. This is the reason why the news of cow smuggling is constantly coming from different parts of the country.

The growing fasts of Gautakars can be judged from the fact that they are doing Gotaskari and also are attacking the killers as well as killing them. The incident occurred in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, when the Gautakars fired heavily on the villagers who tried to stop them. According to the report, many cow was taken in a pick-up van in Bharatpur in Rajasthan

When locals protested the smugglers, they started firing. In which many people survived childhood The incident is from the Cama town of Bharatpur district. It has been told that some cows were sitting near the Vimal Kund in the morning on Tuesday morning. At that time, Gokhsar came there with a pickup car and started filling the forced cows in the cart. As soon as the people got this information, the locals gathered there and started protesting against the Goswami.

In the meantime, the Gosta smugglers started firing on the villagers, which caused a panic in the people. Gothsarkar continued firing on the villagers and the smugglers managed to carry about half a dozen cattle in the stampedes. When Gotaskar was firing on the villagers. Only then did a cow stand in front of the villagers, causing the cow to be shot from the Gotaskar gun fire.

In the firing, the lives of the villagers were saved but the cow’s death. Locals protested at the scene after the incident of cow smuggling. Even after persistent explanation of the police, the villagers’ resentment did not subside, and they alleged that the police were not being fully vigilant against Gotkasari. After this the police said that he would undertake intensive campaign against cow slaughter and police also demanded cooperation from the villagers. 

Here is the national consensus: After the UP massacre of the sadhus in Haryana

The Supreme Court asked the Rajasthan Government – “What has been done in the case of rakbar”?

Here is the national consensus: After the UP massacre of the sadhus in Haryana, the Supreme Court asked the Rajasthan Government – “What has been done in the case of rakbar”?

This is the time when the country is troubled to know who is he who is cutting his tongue by killing one and doing a sadhu. Who has become such a victim of frenzy, who is going to kill the sadhu in the saffron cloth several kilometers away and after that it is far from the grip of police and administration. Who is the problem, who is more from the temples of Hindus, who does not want to be worshiped in Hindu temples.

But at the same time, the Supreme Court has expressed its concern that in the case of Rakbar, The rakbar who was beaten to death in Alwar and the charges were placed on the guards. However, it is not clear now that there was no ruckus in the smuggler. It is to be known that the Supreme Court has asked the Rajasthan government for a reply in the murder case of Rakabhar Khan, allegedly by the alleged gorkhicks in Alwar, Rajasthan.

The bench of three judges, headed by CJI Deepak Mishra, on hearing the contempt petition filed against Rajasthan government, has asked the principal secretary of Rajasthan to file an affidavit within a week to explain the action taken in this case.

Last month, the Supreme Court had issued instructions to the central and state governments in this case. The court had said about the killings in the name of Mob Lynching and Gaurakshi that no citizen can take law in their own hands. The state government will work in a state of a state in a state of crisis and chaos. The next hearing of the case will be on August 30. On the other hand, the Supreme Court has asked all the states to file a compliance report for mobs lynching. 

3 invasions, 7 days, 7 murders. Hindu saints on target. Guhaitre, who is facing the worst terrorists

The way the political parties and the so-called intellectuals supported the cowardly by resorting to mobs lining

The way the political parties and the so-called intellectuals supported the cowardly by resorting to mobs lining, and the reverse gurabhakar and Hindu society were erected in the dockyard, its worst adverse consequences had to come.

Let us tell you that in the last 7 days, the cow slaughterers have been murdered and those who have been murdered are all Hindu saints, they are the priests of the temple. The killing of Hindu saints starts from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, where on August 12, a priest and priest of a Shiva temple is beaten to death at the time of sleeping. The surprising fact is that months or months after the mob lynching, the leaders or the TV channels who march on the silence are silent on this incident.

Two sadhus are killed after entering the temple, but there is no debate about it, and no march does not come out. If a Gautakkar is killed then the country is intolerant, but when the sadhus are murdered, secularism starts smiling. The panic of the guards did not stop there, but on Wednesday after the killing of three sadhus in a temporal Taliban style in a temple in Auraiya, Uttar Pradesh.

The biggest thing here was that this monk was carrying out intensive campaign against cow slaughter and due to which the guavas were unable to reach the consequences of nefarious moods, and then on Wednesday, all the three sadhus, who were sleeping in the horrible Nath Temple of Bhiwuna in Auraiya Was murdered and his limb was dissolved. Police have arrested 5 people in this case.

And when the names of the murderers’ murderers came out, there was a silence in political corridors. Police have arrested Salman, Nadeem, Shahbaz, Majnu alias Nazim and Gabbar in connection with the murder of the sadhus of Auraiya. The ghosts who were indirectly supported by the so-called intellectual classes of the country and all the politicians were not the only ones to stop here. After the Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh and Auraiya, the Ubmanas made the next target of Karnal of Haryana, Karnal of Haryana.

Earlier, two sadhus were killed in the temple of Aligarh, and after the killing of three sadhus in the temple of Auraiya, on Sunday, 19th August, two monks were murdered in a temple of Karnal in exactly the same way as in Auraiya Had gone Their tongue was slaughtered in Karnal, where the sadhus were killed like Auraiya. Apart from this, three servants of the temple were also targeted, they were beaten and thrown away and left the frenzied leaving the situation of unconsciousness.

The way in which 7 sadhus have been killed within the last 7 days, there is a clear indication of the fact that the jihadis have declared war against Hindu Saints, war against Hindu social reformers, and so far the beef-starved cowards Hindus are becoming thirsty for the blood of saints. 

Junkers with sacrificed uniforms while chasing Guo smugglers Bye Vipin, Bye Sumer

This misery of the Gauch smugglers happened in Hardoi district.

He considered his duty to be the basis of his life and achieved the fulfillment of the uniform on his body, making meaningful meaning, immortality for eternity forever. This uniform has honored him.

All the heroes who have gone by giving police messages to the society by giving these messages that you live in peace in the house. We are here to fight the chaos. We got the information that there was a truck loaded with cow mother and she went out on the same side. Be aware that in pursuance of cattle smugglers fleeing the Gau Dynasty near Jahani Kharda on Hardoi National Highway 24 in Uttar Pradesh, the Dyal 100 bikes have been received by the policeman and the watchman Veergati ..

After the execution of this miserable act, the Gauch smugglers have escaped with the truck and the police are searching for them with full power. In the first incident, the injured watchman got Veergati and later the badly injured policeman also got immortality, which was admitted to the district hospital, after the incident, the police filed a lawsuit against unknown driver and started looking for the truck.

According to the information, the Daula 100 policeman posted on the Jahan Khaina Chowki, which was being used in the local police station area of National Highway 24 of Hardoi Police station, was patrolling the bike with a watchman of 100. Even the constable saw a truck. It was found that the song is loaded in this truck. On this information, the policemen started chasing the truck. As soon as the truck came closer, he hit the policeman’s bike very strongly.

As soon as the collision, the soldier and the janitor jumped on the bike fell to the ground. In which the watchman died on the spot of Souker. While the soldier, Vipin Kumar, was admitted to the district hospital in Shahjahanpur in critical condition, where the soldier Vipin Kumar died during the treatment. Sudarshan News swoats down those heroes who have received Veergati and demands the guilty to be punished with maximum punishment. 

800 cattle skins have been recovered in a slaughterhouse in Amrohaa … The name of this business owner of meat and blood is Shakeel

The law of stringent punishment has not been established against cows death,

There has been a demand for stringent law against Gaute for a long time in the country, but so far, the law of stringent punishment has not been established against cows death,

This is the reason that the cow smugglers are going to be growing steadily and the incidents of cow killings are coming out. However, in many states, there has been a ban on cow-slaughter by the State Governments, but even after this, the goose smugglers are still standing and the meat and blood business continues unabated. But the reason for this is that cow smugglers knows this fact that all the country’s politicians and so-called intellectuals can stand in their support when needed.

Similar case came up in Amroha district of Uttar Pradesh. According to the news, the police recovered eight hundred cattle kills that were illegally cut, after registering it on Tuesday night in the Naugava Sadat area of Amroha district of Uttar Pradesh. Police sources said on Wednesday that they got secret information on Tuesday night. On the basis of this secret information, raid was carried out when a large number of illegal animals were kept in a house locked in the hands of Naugavan Sadat.

He informed that as soon as the police reached the spot for the raids, cow smugglers escaped from there but police found that eight hundred pieces of illegally cut cattle were recovered there. The information that has been found in the skins is found in which most of the cow’s skins are found. Police said that the police is searching for five people, including meat businessman Shakeel Quraishi, Shannu Qureshi and Noor Mohammed, and are searching for them. 

The statement of the BJP legislator, echoed in the ears of the suspected cow smuggler massacre … told how the dead rakabar

Legislator Singhal says that nobody was killed by the blood, but he commited suicide having poison

In the recent past, Alwar, BJP legislator Banwari Lal Singhal from Alwar city, has made a statement about the death of suspected Gautr Rakbar Khan in Alwar, which has once again been politically motivated. Legislator Singhal says that nobody was killed by the blood, but he commited suicide having poison

MLA Banwari Lal Singhal said that Rakabar was a go-goer and when he was caught, he feared to open his own pole. Because of which he ate poison. The BJP MLA further said that there is no evidence to beat the police in the racket so there is no allegation of torture and negligence on the police. The racket was completely brought to the police station in Hosho-Hav, where his condition worsened. The police should wait and wait for any kind of investigation and action before the Visra report.

BJP legislator Singhal from Alwar city said that he believes that those who are involved in such crimes do not get busted, so they end up themselves. It seems completely that the rabbit has eaten poison because the foam was coming out from his mouth. The MLA said that after drinking milk, milk will be milk and water will be water.

While confronting the action taken by the Rajasthan government in this case, Singhal said that before the investigation, the police were punished in a hurry and three go -ons were jailed. The District Magistrate Lal Singhal said that the cow protector He has been arrested, meeting his family, he will be given all possible help.

While lobbying the police, MLA Singhal said that the police never beat them publicly. Therefore no action should be taken against the policemen. These people (policemen) put their lives in jeopardy with cow smuggler, so the police should not be targeted but should praise the police who protect us by playing on their own lives.