‘SIKANDAR MAUT KA KAHAR” a message from 34 year old Rapist

On 1st July 2019, the residents of Sastri nagar, Jaipur were outburst upon the streets in anger, humiliation, guilt and pain.The reason was horrific, a man named Sikandar raped a minor 7 year old girl and flew away,  after a long struggle the police were finally able to control the crowd , and immediately  initiate the operation of catching this evil in each and every corner of Rajasthan, after four days of tracking, investigation and interrogation the police caught him, but doesn’t have the slightest  clue what they were gonna hear from him. During the interrogation Sikandar told the police that he had  raped many minor girls and he  is not ashamed upon his doing, he told the police that 8 days before raping that 7 year old girl he had  raped a 4 year girl in the same Sastri nagar, Jaipur.



According to the police investigation it has been found that 12 cases have been filed upon him previously mostly upon the accusation of rape. In 2014 he was sentenced life time imprisonment but somehow got a bail and just after the bail he again tried to rape two minor girls  but some people dare to save those girls and call the police, when the police came to arrest him he attacked them with an Iron rod and flew away.


From his rented apartment the police have founded many children toys with a gun, the 7 year girl admitted that on the point of gun he raped her and after raping left her just outside her home, the same kind of pattern have been recorded by other minor girls who  were unfortunately been attacked by this vicious animal. The police have also founded a copy inside his home in which on the very first page the had written “SIKANDAR MAUTH KA KAHAR” also he have drawn a sketch of himself behind the pages of copy. Currently the condition of the 7 year old girl is stable from outside,but the physiological imprints of the evil would take time to heal.

In the case of France and Britain, the weapon of death made by the vehicle in Delhi was then made. Earlier, Nuruddin had crushed the bus with 2 innocent people..

In the case of France and Britain, the weapon of death made by the vehicle in Delhi was then made. Earlier, Nuruddin had crushed the bus with 2 innocent people, now Ashfaq, the Delhi police’s robber who ran against the truck. Amar Hassi ASI Jitendra Singh .

Whether the bloody game of France and Britain has started in India too. Now, there are also police personnel who have been protecting the society in uniform with the citizens on the target. Will India also see all those who are watching the people of Britain and France or the whole of Europe? The first ones to find all these questions first may be the name of the first person in the masses as one such incident is happening after one, Otherwise, the compulsion to think would be to make common sense.

In the meantime, you will have seen and heard in many foreign news agencies that in France and Britain, terrorists have killed people by crushing trains in all European cities. It will not be wrong to say that many humans have started using vehicles as a weapon.

In the very same way, before the first bus driver Nuruddin in Vivek Vihar in Delhi’s capital Delhi, many vehicles and people were crushed, in which two innocent people died, many questions arose before that but India’s intellectual class and power silenced doing . Now it has happened once again, in the same way, another case which has come to the notice of a conscientious police officer who was on duty in Delhi Police.

Surprisingly, the attack on Lucknow’s incident was such that when the name of the deceased Jitendra and the dumb founded truck driver came out of Ashfaq, the Chief Minister of Delhi, his whole team and all the people who were attacked against the police at that time. No one is trying to figure out whether it is a terrorist attack like the countries of Europe, which can be executed after one by one.

The questions are standing on their own, as if in the new style like France and Britain, now want to blast Hindustan? In the matter of crushing many vehicles standing on Vivek Vihara’s red light, the police had arrested the accused bus driver from Delhi-UP border and identified as Ali No. 5, Hamdard Nagar, Aligarh resident Nooruddin (33) Has happened in the form of. Satish Kumar and Rupinder Kumar, two employees working in the DTC subordinated to Delhi government, died while four others were injured in the accident.

50-year-old Satish Kumar and 38-year-old Rupendra Kumar died while Poonam, Gautam, Narendra and Vinod were injured. At that time, Sudarshan News had also questioned the Delhi Police that even after such a big incident, Nuruddin, who was driving the vehicle after getting hurt, was booked under Section 304 and Unreasonable and 279, and how and when the police arrested him on the surveillance Was found. .

Now, a violent cunning Ashfaq, driving a truck in Delhi’s declared No Entry Zone, in the same series, was brutally crushed by the Delhi Police’s junk and the distinguished officer ASI Jitendra Singh in his no entry zone near Dhaula Kuwa of Delhi, who had his duty When trying to stop him, Ashfaq, instead of hauling the truck, let him ride on the truck, due to which the ASI was killed.

Although the police immediately got active and Ashfaq also ran away after taking the truck, but Ashfaq was arrested last night after police followed the truck for nearly five kilometers. The accused driver has neither the license nor the necessary documents attached to the vehicle. According to information, the accused truck driver is Ashfaq, 22, who resides in Jamalpur village of Mewat. Here the incidents of the disappearance of Hindus along with the cases of terrorist funding of mosques and the incidents of theft and cow slaughter of animals are common.

At the same time, the ASI, who was sacrificed in this accident, was living in Baghpat of UP. His family has two daughters and one son besides his wife. His family lives in Palam. The accused driver’s name is Ashfaq, when he was in No Entry Zone, he was running the lone truck and there was no helper with him. According to the police, ASI Jitendra Singh was deployed to keep a watch on Dholakkunwa trains going to Mahipalpur-Gurgaon on Tuesday morning.

The incident happened when Jitendra Singh along with Sipahi Pawan Singh, Sandeep and Vijaypal were also stationed. At about 7.41 am, a truck started to enter the no entry zone with speed, only then Jitendra Singh tried to stop it, but the truck driver increased it instead of reducing the speed of the car and jitendra Singh was hit.

After the accident, Jitendra Singh was taken to Vasant Kunj Hospital where he died during treatment. Jitendra Singh was the only earning member in the family. Jitendra was looking for the boy for Jituendra’s eldest daughter. Two years ago, Jitendra Singh was promoted to ASI’s post. Although the final confirmation of this news is yet to be confirmed but the question arises that even though cases such as France and Britain have not started in Delhi, which is being considered as a curtain



The Aslam itself was driven by the bike itself by showing humanity to the devout police who had reached the hospital. But a stunned charge on the same police..

There is a continuation of baseless allegations on the police of Uttar Pradesh who are famous for their fairness and dutiful and judicial image in the present time. Sometimes the allegation of Bijnor’s soldier Kamal Shukla is found to be false, sometimes Chadausi’s Chauki Incharge Harpal Singh is baseless allegations. Sometimes the allegations of Jaunpur’s Shanti Mithalesh Kumar are baseless allegations, and Bareily Police is sometimes set up in a frenetic courtroom.

But in the midst of it, if the police of some of the targets are on target, it is the police of Aligarh who refused to bow down under any pressure from any criminal in any form. Aligarh Police’s fair working style did not come to the attention of many, and they never wanted to do unnecessary politburo, but they wanted to backfire them with false reports or allegations. But the people knew all the truth and the Aligarh police continued to do their work.

It is known that Aligarh police, who have given fear to the society by killing the sadhu’s assassins directly in the encounter, has repeatedly shown the human nature and after seeing the police during the checking, a person running away after being unbalanced, all the work He took him to the hospital and immediately made the medical arrangements. But Aslam had been ill for a long time and the police and the doctors had to face Aslam even after all the efforts. Less addressed could not be.

The condition of Aslam was informed by the police at the time of the incident and after the postmortem, the body of Aslam was handed over to him. Even till all things were going well and the common man was the leniency of the Civil Lines Police Station in Aligarh. Humanity was appreciating .. But controversy arose due to a conspiracy conspiracy in this case suddenly. Some people began to make allegations that the police slapped Aslam, causing her to die.

It is a ridiculous charge to slap the life of that Aslam which was running a bike and was passing many shocks and pits on the way. It is not enough to slap the police, remove anyone, abuse others etc. There are no proofs. The verbal accusers are almost the same people who were invading some time ago against the team that killed the killers of Saint.

But here is the character of praise, the functioning of Aligarh Police is still on the jurisdiction even after so many baseless allegations and many attempts are being made for the crime free Aligarh. At present, those accused or those who are attacking, have no solid evidence of any kind that confirms a little bit of allegations against the Civil Lines Police, But protecting the society is awake by night and making such allegations against the police force fighting with terror also can not be considered suitable for the construction of a healthy society somewhere.

Seeing the police, the cow slaughtered the women ahead of the house, but finally the justice came. Everyone said- “Well Done ” Ayodhya Police”

This is the same pain, problem and condition that is being fought in Kashmir, our commander’s Brave Army. Even there the terrorists’ supporters of terrorists and terrorists sometimes come in prostitution, they sometimes make women ahead when they face defeat in front of them.

Criminals who do not dare to fight directly with the security forces of India, soldiers and police, have made women before this, their shield of hide, but they deserve to be applauded by our police and army personnel who are also in these odd circumstances. The new case has come to the faces of the traitors and their supporters facing this. In Uttar Pradesh’s earlier Faizabad and present Ayodhya district, where there is a maniac As soon as the police raided, they made the women forward and ran away with their own ropes …

But the police also followed the law with patience and fulfilled the ban on cow katan by arresting three women’s butchers. It is mentioned that Inspector Ranjan Manoj Kumar, on the information of cow smuggling in Bada Bhawan  Kasai Tola of Ayodhya district, Led by the police, the police raided.

The cabs kept the house locked from inside to confront the police, to confront the women. Even then the police remained firmly deployed and dispute between the police, the angry Soha Rohnah, neither Manoj Kumar Singh and Satichora Chaki Incharge Ram Naresh Verma called the women police and arrested three women, Rajia Khana and the officer, and Sabeha, for the dissolution of peace and sent to jail. And all the men were successful in the butcher’s escape.

The police say that the runaway casuines will be taken as soon as possible and full compliance with the law will be done in the area. This work of the Police is also highly appreciated in the local public. But this incident underlines all the opposite instances in which our young men and policemen protect the society.

Rakesh was running away from the plight of 50 thousand criminals, but before he died

Rakesh did what the police could not even do for many years

Rakesh was running away from the plight of 50 thousand criminals, but before he died, Rakesh did what the police could not even do for many years.

The sound of bullets pouted in the streets of Varanasi

Whenever Rakesh used to talk of Rakesh’s words then the nobles could not have thought of hitting him like that, but when Rakesh chose the right path and brought himself into the business area, then Rais took advantage of his freedom and he reached it. It was Rakesh’s killing.

Although Rakesh has been killed by the noble bullet but before he dies, Rakesh has done that which was not enough for Varanasi and the districts of nearby districts too. It is known that due to criminal charges, Mahadev Shiva’s city has also become synonymous with terror. The 50,000 infamous rogue, Rais Banarasi, was killed in a gangway on Friday. He along with his partner had gone to kill former historiographer and current businessman Rakesh Agrawari, living in Pataleeshwar street in Dashashmandh police station area,

Rakesh Agrahari was running away from the lakki shot by the injured Rakesh, he shot the bullets on him and after falling away, he fell down near a mosque, due to which his life also flew to Pakkharu. Before his death, Rakesh killed his killer. This incident is at 5.25 pm. Rakesh, a resident of Pataleeshwar, was talking to someone on the street in the street near his house. During this, two miscreants reached the foot. The faces of both were covered with cloth. The miscreants shot three to Rakesh

Rakesh got a bullet on the right and a stomach near the chest. Rakesh Agarhari also gave a cross-firing to the discussions. The fury of the bullets led to a ruckus in the street. In the meantime, the miscreants escaped through the streets. Rakesh’s life came out and the police got information that someone was shot to the lame Hafiz mosque. When he came to Kabir Chowra Hospital with the blood, he had also died.

It was later found out that he was a victim of rowdy rape banarasi who was injured by Rakesh’s bullet, for which Varanasi police had been searching for a long time. 

Supreme Court now decides on section 377 Celebrating at the homosexual after the Supreme Court verdict

Earlier the government passed the SC / ST act

Earlier the government passed the SC / ST act. Supreme Court now decides on section 377 Celebrating at the homosexual after the Supreme Court verdict Just a few days before the Supreme Court’s decision by the Central Government, the SC ST Act was not enough to have passed the law and passed that another case suddenly changed India’s old culture

Where the Congress Party had already cleared its stand in this matter, Arun Jaitley, who was counted among the most cautious ministers of the Bharatiya Janata Party ruled some time ago, had also indirectly agreed to it in one of his statements. After all, the Supreme Court’s Supreme Decision came on the issue after which the gay people have jumped. It is known that in the much anticipated case, finally the Supreme Court Court has said that homosexuality is no longer a crime

This is a big win for the LGBTQ community. These laws, which have been implemented for almost 150 years, are now over. Whether there is a gay sex crime or not, the case was heard in court in July. After the 4-day hearing between July 10-17, the court had reserved the decision. The Supreme Court’s Constitution Bench comprises Chief Justice Deepak Mishra, Justice Rohinton Nariman, Justice Chandrachud, Justice Khanwilkar and Justice Indu Malhotra. All these have given an unanimous verdict.

Supreme Court has declared a historic decision today, that the agreement on consensus will not be a crime now. The Constitutional Bench of the Supreme Court on the validity of section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which confirms homosexuality, has been ruled by the court, that it was demanded by the court that the sexual intercourse between mutual consent between two adults was not considered as crime. Go.

Hindu Dharmacharya had strongly opposed this demand but it is believed that satisfactory arguments could not be presented on this issue by the Central Government and finally the gay ideology was won. 

The horror of terror now in Philippines .. 25 dead in a blast

The Philippines from the Terrorist Wing After each other, a new country is coming under the grip of terrorist acts and attacks, which are still untouched by the transition that is taking place in its grip.

The horror of terror now in Philippines .. 25 dead in a blast . The Philippines from the Terrorist Wing After each other, a new country is coming under the grip of terrorist acts and attacks, which are still untouched by the transition that is taking place in its grip. The world gradually transmits all the parts of the world. Terror Zeros have now taken a beating in the Philippines. The terrorists of Islamic State in the Philippines have been involved in the massacre even before this. This time their target has been a celebration.

It should be known that while opening a new front, the terrorists again took the lives of many innocents In a bomb blast in Philippines, one person died and 35 people were injured. The police and the army gave this information. During a festival celebrated in the Philippines on Tuesday, a motorcycle in Sultan Kudrat province of Southern Philippines caught the explosion from a country bomb hidden in which one person died and 35 others were injured.

The explosion occurred in front of a hotel on the highway in Isulan. According to the police and the army, terrorism in this area is likely to spread. Police have said that the initial investigation is going on. So far, no terrorist organization has taken responsibility for this blast but it is being said that active religious religious fanatics and frenzied activists have done this incident since last few days. 

By showing the world, Gauri was shedding for Lankesh and Kumburgi tears but behind the back were preparing for the killing of Modi

Know who are the fake human rights who were plotting to kill the prime minister.

These are the same people who had created a climate with great tears on the death of Kumburgi, Gauri Lankesh and Dabholkar and gave the country a new word intolerance which became a national issue rather than a national issue.

No one thought that their face was only for show and inside it was going on in any such big plan which not only the country but shook the whole world .. On the target were the world’s top popular leaders One of the Prime Ministers of India, Shri Narendra Modi … their conspiracy had been successful so long, even if there was a lot of relaxation in the security arrangements .. the most ego thing is that The Maoists used to call themselves human rights activists but were focused on only one task

These works included open support of Naxalites and legal action against the soldiers of the country etc. Now the same has come in the clutches of the law, along with the whole evidence. Maharashtra Police has accused Maoist ideologue Varvar Rao of allegedly involved in the conspiracy to kill PM Narendra Modi. Varwar Rao’s family members gave this information.

Pune police had recovered a letter mentioning the conspiracy of killing Modi in a house of five people allegedly allegedly involved in five people in June. These five people were arrested in the case related to Bhima Koregaon violence. To mention the need for eight crore rupees to buy an M-4 rifle and four lakh cycle cartridges to execute the plot. It is being said that Varwar Rao’s name is included in this letter. It is mentioned in the letter that the Maoists are planning a ‘another Rajiv Gandhi assassination’.

Although he accepted acceptance of the identity of Surendra Gadlingling and Wilson. “Rao had said while cleansing,” I do not deny being identified by those who have been arrested by Pune Police. ” Other arrests have been done by Gautam Navlakha, who has been working as a consultant editor in English magazine Economic and Political Weekly (EPW) I saw cases of mud fluttering often.

He has also been deeply involved with Kashmir and Navlakha has also worked as Secretary of the PUDR and also has worked as the Convenor of the International People’s Tribunal on Human Rights and Justice in Kashmir. In their work, most of the soldiers were called bad and the criminals were lobbying with the terrorists and Naxalites.

Apart from this, Sudha Bhardwaj, who called herself a human rights activist, was detained from Faridabad

The team of the Maharashtra Police presented him in a permanent court. The court also approved transit remand for the police as Sudhardh Bhardwaj was taken to Maharashtra. The raid was carried out at Sudhar Bhardwaj’s house in Badarpur. Her daughter Anur Bhardwaj has also been detained. Naxal love can also be seen in these words. In this case Arun Ferreira has also been arrested from Pune.

Another so-called activist Vernon Gonzalvis has also been arrested from Mumbai. At the same time, the Steen Swagami has been arrested from Ranchi. In Goa, activist Anand Telutumbattade’s house was also raided, but his arrest has not yet taken place. Being told that Anand is not currently in Goa. 

Kashmir’s most notorious terrorist Aasia was even more dangerous than the Andrabi,

The most wanted Bashiran arrested in Delhi

Kashmir’s most notorious terrorist Aasia was even more dangerous than the Andrabi, the most wanted Bashiran arrested in Delhi 

Know who was this criminal

Although no one might have heard it before, but it was a sad criminal who had done so many crimes which also backtracked Asea Andrabi, who operated a terrorist group named Khaktaran A Milit in Kashmir.

Do not know that a special class of media, which tells the culprit of any crime without any crime, was not taking a name from Bashiran even once. After all, he was arrested. It is to be known that in the cases of hundreds of crimes committed and in 113 cases of crime, Wanted Lady Gangster was finally arrested by Delhi Police after a prolonged attempts on Saturday. The accused was one of five dreaded female criminals in Delhi. The 62-year-old Basiran, who was arrested by the police, was called by the name of his gang ‘Mummy’.

Not only that, his fear was so much that he was capable of carrying out any crime in any area of Delhi. With him there was a whole army of people of his opinion and ideology, who had illegal weapons, which could carry out any crime. Originally Rajasthan, Basirin came to South Delhi 45 years ago and used to sell illegal liquor in slums. He got the benefit of being named Bashiran and the officials who put his hand on him were disturbed by calling him anti-minority.

Initially he started with small crimes and soon became famous in the world of crime. Deputy police commissioner Rumi Baniya told that on the basis of secret information, Basiran was arrested when he came here to meet his family. He was absconding in a matter of last eight months. He was declared a notorious criminal by the court on 25th May and was legally attached to his residential properties.

The police officer said that this lady had some possession of the government borbels in Sangam Vihar and she also used to deal with her two sons in an illegal business of water mafia. One of them was arrested under MCOCA (Maharashtra Organized Crime Control Act 1999). 

India was calling upon the sick Pakistanis to have a visa but when an Indian businessman’s health was spoiled, it was Pakistan’s reply in Lahore.

India’s tolerance is once again a radical answer.

Recently, the Indian Foreign Minister, Smt. Sushma Swaraj, did not have the visa to allow many Pakistani patients to be treated in India and, as far as possible, could be helped. Any one of them should come to India after treatment had done

The secular society of India and all the human rights of the world have favored Sushma Swaraj’s declaration of this step as a great and secular step. Due to this kindness, Sushma Swaraj had made a better image of the world, especially in the Islamic world. But suddenly, his tolerance was met with a radical response when India’s Vipin’s health deteriorated in a plane and the plane had to land an emergency landing at the airport of Lahore.

Seeing the condition of Vipin, it seemed as if he could not get medical treatment as soon as possible, then nothing was possible. The help sought from the Pakistani authorities also failed. Forgetting all the favors of India at that time, Pakistanis once again acted as a disgrace to humanity. He refused to give treatment to an Indian patient Vipan here.

Indeed, the health of the Indian youth traveling on a Turkish Airlines plane suddenly got worse.

As a result, the flight had to land emergency landing at Lahore Airport. According to the news, Pakistan refused to provide treatment to him and admitted to the hospital. About seven hours later, when the plane reached Delhi, the youth could get treatment. The co-traveler has tweeted the complaint to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Foreign Minister. Indeed, this young man named Vipin, who fell ill in this aircraft of Turkish Airlines, works in a guru’s insurance company. He is a Selsie manager.

His company sent 70-80 workers to Turkey on a three-day tourism tour. In this, Vipin and his companion Pankaj Mehta also went.