The terrible mobs lynching in Gujarat … the horrific attack of religious fanatic surrounded by the Muslim girl’s family of Hindu lover .The so-called secular are silent.

According to the news, protesting against fleeing from a Hindu-Muslim couple’s house in Dahod district of Gujarat

The debate over the mobs lining across the country after the Alwar Kand has been tremendous and the target is on the Hindu society of the country. Everybody is attacking the unhappy Hindu society on the pretext of the Alwar Kand and trying to prove Hindujan is a frenzy. Speaking of big things on mobs lining stopped when the case of horrific lob linking came to light in Gujarat where families of Hindu boys were attacked due to love of a Muslim girl, 
Looted in shops and houses in Hindus’ homes The case belongs to Dahod district of Gujarat. According to the news, protesting against fleeing from a Hindu-Muslim couple’s house in Dahod district of Gujarat, religious fanatic mob attacked the house of the beloved Hindu youth. On the attack, people present in the crowd have arrested four people in connection with firing vehicles and stealing jewelery from a house. 
According to the police, a Hindu and a Muslim girl used to love each other but the relatives of the Muslim woman were against this relationship. 
After which the boyfriend of the Hindu youth and the Muslim woman fled the house a few days ago. After this, on Saturday, the relatives of the woman and her community attacked the person’s house in the village of Sangli in the district.
Sangali police sub-inspector SN Bariya said that the person’s father, Prakash Bhoi, lodged a complaint against the crowd of about 200 people. Baria said that the complaint has been alleged that the mob equipped with batons and sharp weapons handed over one of their vehicles and a neighbor’s two-wheeler to the fire. 
Police officials said that information has been received that the mob destroyed the house and robbed ornaments. He told that the family of the family had also organized a hunger strike on July 22 outside the Sangli police station. 
Dahod’s SP Hetesh Josier told that the area is being monitored and efforts are being made to locate the couple. Joycear said, “We took action promptly to maintain peace in the area. Our campaign is in progress to catch the remaining accused.