“Why do not the police who are present for 24 hours and 365 days to protect us?” .

The same Shna has come on the target of Deoband The brother spoke girl made him guilty of touching a men.

What is to be said about this is not to the extent of radicalism. Those police men who stand for 24 hours to defend the society. Those who reach immediately at the free toll free number, to protect anybody, if any rakhi is tied to those policemen, then they have to face those religious teachings that often appear to accuse the police only. Are there.

But when someone shows up for their policemen, then they have to bear it, the form which is enough to make anyone’s hair grow. Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh is witness to such a case. In this district, a Muslim woman has brought the superintendent of dusty dust to many miscreants who have been dumped by Rakhi on her target, on the target of religious contractors.

This woman is being made to be a Muslim, the subject of controversy, which has made the SSP rakhi with its utmost purity and sentimentality. He did not know that he would come from this sacred feeling only on the target of many. This is the whole case. On August 26, when the country was not celebrated only the Rakhi festival was celebrated all over the world.

At this festival of Raksha Bandhan, a conscious Muslim girl named Shana reached New Mandi police station Kotwali and made Rakhi to police officers, after which Shana was made Sanaa, Anant Dev Tiwari, in charge, in charge of a day in the new Mandi Kotwali. Now by opening a front against Shana on this matter, Deoband’s authors have once again started a new debate. This matter has now become the subject of new religious discussion

Speaking on the protest of Shana’s Rakhi by the Deoband’s Ollamas, Shana himself, giving a statement to the media, said that the displeasure which he has expressed to some extent is fine and if I have made Rakhi to the police, they will save our lives for 365 days. They do this to see whether they are Hindus or Muslims

If I go and wear them Rakhi, then there is no such disguise in it nor has there been any such thing that they are saying, we went to the burqa, without having been without curtains like this, they said that He has touched, said the non-men, that we have considered him as a brother and he has regarded us as our sister

And he has considered us as a sister sincerely and when the sister’s brother got married then it is said that he is our brother, we have his rakhi bandhi, brother’s sister relationship, I want to say this about this, whatever he did right And what I did was fine, I did not make any mistake in my doing.