“When my jihad against the Abbasid Indian army was martyr, I will do the same.” Shoaib joined the Islamist militant group Hizbul Mujahideen.

He breathed in the air of Hindustan, grew up in the soil of Hindustan, took all the facilities from the Government of India and after taking the resolution of the destruction of Hindustan, he took up arms and joined Islamic militant group Hizbul Mujahideen

Kashmiri young man who joined Hizbul was studying engineering from Uttarakhand’s Dehradun but after that he has decided to fight Hindustan. Terrorist student Shoaib Lone’s father is also terrorists. Lone’s father was killed by the army in the 90’s. The student went on leave from his institute by spoiling his mother’s health and talking about a friend’s marriage, but after leaving, he joined the terrorist organization without reaching home.

After the Shoaib loan terrorists have been formed, with the Central security agencies, Military Intelligence and Army have approached Dehradun. This student had left for Dawn from Kashmir on September 20, after that he is not aware of it. How did Shoaib loaning in Dehradun come in contact with active terrorist organizations in Kashmir? Did the sleeper cell present itself not motivated him to terrorism or linked to terrorism through social sites and other means?

In response to all these questions, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) along with the Military Intelligence investigation has gathered. According to the news, the Kashmiri student’s father was killed in the 90’s after joining the terror organization. Due to his being killed in a terrorist attack, the terrorist organization also gives him a martyr status in his posts. Shoaib Lon’s photographs running on social sites have also been martyred with the name of father Arshad Hussain.

The student of Bumrat (Kulgam) in Jammu and Kashmir, is a student of fifth Samester, BSc (IT) at Alpine Institute, located at the Shaweb Ahmed Lone Nanda’s post. Shoaib returned home in June, after returning to the Institute located in Doon back in September. After staying here for three or four days, on 20th September, after the mother’s health worsened, the friend’s marriage was said and Shoaib went back to Chandigarh from Srinagar’s flight. On leaving on 20th September from Doon, he went directly to Kashmiri militant outfit Hizbul Mujahideen.

After registering the disappearance of Shoaib in Kulgam, it was found to have been linked to terrorist organizations, then the prosecution has also been registered under section 121 (attempting to wage war against the Indian government or to attempt war) on the terrorists. . Dr. SK Chauhan, Director of the Institute informed that all the information about the student and the files related to his admission have been made available to the Army. He said that he can not tell much about Shoaib now because Army and Police are investigating this matter.

Additional Director General of Police Ashok Kumar says that information gathered about Shoaib will be made public soon. Who came to see the loan from Kashmir, whether there was any terrorist face or not, how he came in contact with the terrorists while staying here.

He did not contact abroad via phone or whitsapp. Police and intelligence have also gathered information about its questioning, such as hostel operators, warden, dean of the school, and his fellow students, but the trouble of getting the terrorist connection remained a big problem for the police. The police has started asking questions to the students of his familiarity with Selamukai, along with Kashmir, for his knowledge.

Abhishek Negi Bai was showing the dreams of Indian Idol, Feroz Khan, used to rape.

He used to show Abhishek Nagi dreams of sending the young women to Indian Idol and under his garb, he was robbed of his ashes by being caught up with his own mentality. But when the reality of Abhishek Nagi came out, everyone was stunned.

What was being considered as Abhishek Negi was not anointing but Feroz Khan. The accused used to play women’s life in the name of giving women a chance in Indian Idol. A lady from Dehradun, who had a passion for singing, got trapped in her web. At first, this vicious criminal raped the woman, then raped a woman at places like Delhi, Mussoorie, Dehradun. When the matter came to light on the complaint of the woman, accused Abhishek Negi alias Firoz Khan was arrested.

He filed a case under section 376, 419, 420 and 505 of the IPC against him and sent him to jail. In addition, the police has contacted the people accused by the accused and got involved in the investigation.This business of this vicious criminal has been going on for a long time to give women the chance in the Theater world, under which it used to grab women’s money in the first place and then play with her life after that.

According to information, after calling a young woman living in Dehradun, the accused named herself a member of the Indian Idol group and said she would come to meet him. After this the woman was trapped in her trap and raped her. According to the police, the accused Firoz Khan used to work in artificial jewelery while living in Russia and came to India a few days ago.

Akhilesh wanted to take back the case of the terrorists of the blast? Question-about Akhilesh is surrounded by Supreme Court verdict

In 2007, the case of terrorist attack in Lucknow’s Kachhari, capital of Uttar Pradesh, once again is in the headlines

The reason for this is that Dr Tariq Kazmi of Azamgarh and Mohammad Akhtar of Kashmir were sentenced to life imprisonment by the Supreme Court for two terrorists in the Lucknow Kachari blast case

The two terrorists who have been sentenced to life imprisonment by the Supreme Court, once the Uttarakhand Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav wanted to take back the trial of these terrorists.

After the Supreme Court’s verdict, the Bharatiya Janata Party has become an attacker on Akhilesh Yadav, which has stirred up the stirring state politics. BJP spokesman Shalabh Mani Tripathi said that the terrorists who have been sentenced to life imprisonment by the court,

Akhilesh Yadav tried to bring the same terrorists back from jail and tried them in his government. Due to the court’s refusal, the trial of these terrorists could not be repaired and today the court has convicted these terrorists and sentenced them. Shalabh Mani Tripathi said that after the decision came from the court, it has become clear that in the SP government, how did not only the hooligans, the mafias, but the terrorists also had political protection.

For the politics of appeasement, the Samajwadi Party tried to get rid of the goons, the mafias, the terrorists, from the prison.

By doing so, the SP government worked to increase terrorism and to spoil the atmosphere of the state. The BJP spokesman said that the decision of the government was stunned by the people who had voted for the government for the promotion of the state by voting and in the last assembly elections, the people of the state gave the punishment to the Samajwadi party.

Bharatiya Janata Party spokesman said that former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav should answer that why even after taking oath of protection of the people, why did he commit the help of the dreaded terrorists? Shalabh Mani Tripathi said, “Who does not remember that when the serial blasts in the entire state along with Kachri in 2007, the investigating agencies had arrested terrorists Dr Tariq Kazmi and Mohammed Akhtar with complete evidence after the hardships.

Despite all the evidence and evidence in this case, the Akhilesh Yadav in the SP government tried to withdraw the lawsuit filed against these terrorists and on the instructions of the Chief Secretary Justice, he had written the letter to DM and ordered the trial to be withdrawn. This move of the government was not only a snap of the security agencies but also the morale of militant forces and the atmosphere of peace in the state was born.

In the matter, the court had refused to withdraw the lawsuit against the terrorists, who were shouting at the Akhilesh government’s intention and now on the basis of the evidence, the court has sentenced these terrorists to death. 

In a state where the order came into effect that every school should speak mantra before eating …

The public congratulated these orders and gave thanks to the Chief Minister.

This will be said to fill the foundation with reading. When you wish to remember the Goddess Deities in the child’s mind and motivate them to do a good work, when the children will be born with the children in the mind, then it will definitely be said that society is moving forward towards Ramrajya. 
This discussion is being carried out by Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat, who is moving forward towards the Vedic period which is progressing rapidly towards the Vedic period and a big point is going to be achieved. For the Government schools of Uttarakhand, the state government has made a new announcement! Uttarakhand Education Department is now preparing to chant mantras before eating food in 18000 schools of the state. 
 In 18,000 government schools in the state, 12 lakh children will pronounce the mantra before lunch, this mantra will be in Sanskrit and it will be written on the walls of the kitchen kitchens. In this regard, during the review meeting in the first week of July, Uttarakhand’s Education Minister Arvind Pandey and other officials suggested this and said that before eating food in the school, there should be chant of the food mantra. 
School Education Director RK Kunwar said that during the review meeting, the education minister and all the officials have suggested that the chant of the food mantra should be preceded by noon lunch. We are preparing to send instructions to all the schools in this regard. However, this mantra will be painted on the wall of the school’s kitchen, but it is not mandatory to do so 
It is on the school administration and the children that they want to write spell on the wall or not! Uttarakhand BJP president Ajay Bhatt said that many schools start with Saraswati Vandana, with this initiative, we want to make students aware that their tradition and culture is what? I do not feel anything wrong in this and nothing is objectionable in this! At present, there is considerable enthusiasm in the general public about this decision and with the children, their parents also expressed happiness over this decision.