India’s Tariff Hike Unacceptable, India must withdraw it immediately !

Trump looking forward to meet Narendra Modi in G20 summit, will discuss on tariffs hikes.

American President Donald Trump in a tweet said,“I look forward to speaking with Prime Minister Modi about the fact that India, for years having put very high Tariffs against the United States, just recently increased the Tariffs even further. This is unacceptable and the Tariffs must be withdrawn!”.

This tweet has come just a day before the G20 Summit in Japan, where Mr. Trump and Mr. Modi are due to meet. US President also said he looks forward to speaking with Modi about the recent increase in tariffs against the United States.

US is demanding  India a greater market access through a cut in import duties for its agriculture goods, dairy products, medical devices, IT and communication items. While India resented and said that it would be difficult for them to cut duties on IT products.

While India also imposed retaliatory tariffs on the US after withdrawal of key trade privileges. The increased tariffs will lead to an increase in the prices of almonds, walnuts and apples among other products from US.

Trump’s pressure on trade may force China to act faster on reforms, analysts say

Donald Trump says the prices of prescription drugs made by Pfizer, Novartis and other pharmaceutical companies are “too high”

U.S. trade pressure on China could push Beijing to speed up efforts to restructure its economy, some local analysts say.

President Donald Trump has threatened tariffs on more than $200 billion worth of Chinese goods. After already implementing duties on $34 billion worth of imports, his trade office is planning to impose tariffs on an additional $16 billion in Chinese goods on Aug. 23. China’s Ministry of Commerce has responded in kind by announcing two phases of tariffs on the same amount of U.S. goods, with the latest salvo hitting Wednesday night local time.

But as Beijing faces a slowing economy, high debt levels and a slumping stock market, the pressure is on to maintain stable, and healthy growth.In response to Trump’s tough trade stance, the Chinese government will likely need to move more quickly than planned on structural reforms in areas such as state-owned enterprises, taxation, and income and wealth distribution, according to Hong Liang, chief economist at Beijing-based investment bank China International Capital Corporation.

Some of the latest official announcements indicate officials are still intent on pushing forward with changes in those areas.The State Council, China’s top administrative authority, announced last month that Vice Premier Liu He — who is also a key negotiator for trade talks — will head a group leading state-owned enterprise improvements. Ongoing reforms include an effort to allow some private investment into state-owned firms and a plan first announced last year to transfer 10 percent of state-owned shares into pension funds.

State-owned enterprises hold a large portion of Chinese assets, but tend to be inefficient, debt-ridden and heavily concentrated in the manufacturing industries on which Beijing is trying to reduce economic reliance.China will also reduce the tax burden on businesses, according to a July 23 statement following a State Council meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang. That followed his announcement in March for corporate and individual tax reductions of more than 800 billion yuan in 2018, according to a report from the state-run news agency Xinhua.

Pressure from Trump on trade could result in substantial progress on reducing the tax burden, while also increasing the pace of China’s opening up, according to Lu Zhang, Beijing-based economist at investment research firm CEBM.

The nation’s top leaders did not directly acknowledge the trade tensions in a statement released last week following a meeting of the Politburo, a top decision-making body. They emphasized, however, the need to maintain stable economic development through fiscal policy, while still reducing reliance on debt.

The Shanghai composite hit bear market territory in June on worries about regulatory tightening that may slow growth, and Trump’s tariffs. But stocks have steadied this week amid hopes of government stimulus. The index traded more than 1.5 percent higher Thursday, down just 15.7 percent for the year so far.

Despite the predictions of a renewed focus on reform, it’s unclear whether Beijing will be able to speed up its economic policy changes, which can often take years.The government will likely focus on fiscal spending to maintain growth, while the ongoing timetable for structural reform won’t be affected, said Arthur Kroeber, head of research at China-focused economic research firm Gavekal Dragonomics.

The bigger concern for Beijing is whether Trump will forge ahead with 25 percent tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods. That could hit China’s GDP by one percentage point or more, Kroeber said. 

India has got such a gift on Friendship Day which is being glimmers all over the world …

India’s influence is growing in the world under Modi’s leadership …

After becoming the Prime Minister of Shri Narendra Modi, the importance of India has increased and the world is also accepting this fact. But on 5th of August, Friendship Day of India has got a gift that the world is surprised to see, and in the world under the leadership of Modi ji, India’s growing strength and diplomacy are considered to be the iron of diplomacy.

Let us tell you yesterday the Friendship Day Opportunity, the world’s most powerful nation, America has congratulated India with the song “Sholay” in a different manner and the Prime Minister Modi and President Trump as Jai and Veeru. Indeed, on the Friendship Day, the US has expressed a friendship with India in a special way. America has mentioned the film Sholay’s song ‘Ye Dosti’. Plus, the photo share of PM Narendra Modi and Donald Trump, which is being discussed on social media.

In the case of friendship, the example of film Sholay  Jai-Viru, a memorable film of Indian cinema, is often given. The song’s song ‘Ye Dosti Hum Nahin Break’ will remain on the lips of people even today. But hardly anyone could say that the example of Jay-Viru for the friendship of India and America will be given. On the Friendship Day celebrated on the first Sunday of August, a tweet on the friendship of India and US on behalf of the American Embassy. In the tweet Hindi was written, ‘These friendships will not break’.

Further tweets have been said to strengthen the relationship between India and the US in 2018 and said that we are consistently strong India congratulates the Friendship Day for India between US relations. Apart from this, another tweet has been tweeted by President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Be aware that continuous defense trade is growing between India and the US. Given China’s growing challenge in Asia, the US understands the importance of India very well.

At the same time, India is giving important space to the US in foreign policy, looking at future strategies. This is the reason why the growing friendship between India and America is not hidden from anyone. Recently, the US has given place to America in the Strategic Trade Authorization, which has so far only in Japan and South Korea in Asia. After this, it will be even easier for India to increase proximity to many other areas, including defense from the US. Earlier, the US has given India the status of a strategic partner. 

India’s first country in South Asia, which has got NATO equivalent status, India stands in the line of Australia, Japan

Modi is growing internationally in Rajya …

How Modi’s power is growing internationally in the state of Gujarat and how much importance the world is giving to India is seen when the US has given India the status of NATO equivalent countries. In South Asia, Hindustan is the first country to be given the status of a nation equivalent to NATO. The United States has decided that India will be relaxed in terms of export regulations on the sale of high-tech products. India has welcomed this decision of the United States

India has said that this will encourage mutual cooperation between the two countries and many other areas. On July 30 the Trump Administration had announced that India would be given the status of strategic business partner-i.e. STA-1. America has given this status to India only in South Asia. Apart from India, this status is only available to NATO member countries like South Korea, Australia and Japan.

Ministry of External Affairs Ravi Shankar appreciated Washington’s decision He said that Washington’s decision is the logical culmination of becoming America’s big defense partner.

With this decision, the US has stamped the responsibility of being a responsible member of India’s multilateral export control period and keeping a clean record.

With India getting STA-1 status, it will help the US to achieve the esoteric technology of defense and other sectors. Ravi Kumar said, “We welcome the announcement made by US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross in the Indo-Pacific Business Forum on July 30. He announced to keep India in Tier-1 of the Department of Commerce Strategic Trade Authorization. This will facilitate India’s business of strategic content. “

He said that this would help in enhancing trade and technical cooperation between India and US in defense and high-tech areas. We were expecting this decision before the American side.

It is worth mentioning that in June 2016, the US had given India status as a senior defense ally. This has increased the share of defense trade and technical cooperation between the two countries. Let us know that the US has given India the same importance which it gives to its close partners and partners. There is a change.

While announcing the STA-1 status for India, Ross had said on Monday, “This is a major significant change in the export control for India. By the way, let us now say that there are 36 countries in the STA-1 list. So far, India was kept in STA-2 category countries.In addition to India, seven other countries were also placed in this list, Ross said that due to the status of STA-1, India should be protected and other high- Get product

It is believed to be the big success of the Modi government’s bilateral policy and it is proven that Hindustan is emerging as the world’s emerging super power. 

World is shining with the blessings of 2 Biggest Power fight against Islamic terrorism

An auspicious sign is that it is for the world infected with terror.

The two biggest powers of the world, who are fighting Islamic terrorism, which are infecting the world with their own strength, both of them used to have their mindset. The advantage of their mutual differences was that they would pick up the unfortunate terrorist groups play Holi with Blood. 
Their mutual rivalry caused problems for the civilized class of the world and was a cause for happiness for the terrorists .. But US President Donald Trump did his job during his tenure, which could hardly have been thinking of doing anything else. After ending the dispute with North Korea, negotiating relations with Russia is such an accomplishment of Donald Trump, which has hardly been able to do any more. 
It is known that meeting with US President Donald Trump’s Russian and President Vladimir Putin is a topic of discussion in the world today. After the meeting, both have come together in a collective statement in which they have said that there is no problem or problem between the US and Russia now, and both of them together will fight with all the other problems of the world, in which global terrorism is the main priority of Islamic is terrorism. 
After this meeting, it is now believed that both the countries in Iraq and Syria will be able to eliminate the terrorists. Simultaneously, the two great sages talked about strengthening mutual cooperation and mutual relations. The third country in Helsinki was the sight of the world on the visit of these two great sages who finally reached a meaningful result. 
Both of these countries talked about China. Donald Trump, tugging the old leaders of his own country, said that the relationship with Russia was not wrong, it was mistaken and stupid. After this meeting, Putin also pledged to throw both the nations together and bend terror ..