The first statement came from the famous lawyer Farah Faiz after coming to the asylum of Satya Sanatan

Know what is said by Farah Faiz

Farhad Faiz has finally accepted Satya Sanan as the Supreme Court advocate against the Supreme Court’s advocate and the three divorces, who have been badly beaten by Maulana in front of the live camera and now the path of Hindutva has gone. After answering the Maulana in his language, Farah Faiz, who came to the national level, has now become a Hindu and the new name has become Lakshmi.

After coming back to his house, there are many more such cases which are likely to come up because he himself called the former Kshatriyya, which can become inspiration for many others. It is known that Farah Faiz, which has become a new symbol of women power, has now begun to fight against Laxmi and Deobandi ulama. Farah Faiz At present, Lakshmi, along with Islamic scholars, maulanas and clerics, is said to be the fatwas to issue the fatwa to the Deobandi scholars.

Shortly after this, the Deobandi Ulemas took a stand against Farah and demanded action against the government with Lakhmai’s apology. This grandfather of Deobandi Ulemao could not suppress Farah in any situation, and after this, Farah has also openly opted against the Ulemas. He made sharp comments about ulema and Darul Uloom Deoband

According to media reports, taking objection to the name of the Shariyat court, it is difficult not to work, but to name it. Darulkja’s name has been advised to be a Midiensation Center. Darulkja is a social organization and no social organization has the right to establish a court in front of the organization’s name. According to Farah alias Lakshmi, Muslim society is ready to accept the law being made by the government. Society has no objection,

But the contractor and fundamentalists of society do not want the Muslim community to be free from their clutches. The thinking of the Muslims should not be developed so that they can work in the development of the country.