Poor Performance? Modi Government may retire you!

The Modi government seems to be in full mood against those who are poor at their work and in its order it has compulsorily retired 15 more officers from Indian Revenue Service.

Among them is the Chief of IRS officers A K Srivastava, the center has invoked Rule 56,J of the fundamental rules which gives it the power to terminate the service of those officers who are over 50 years of age and have  serious charges against them.

All the 15 officers belong to the ranks of Assistant commissioners, Principal Commissioners or Commissioners — are to be paid a sum equivalent to the amount of pay and allowances for a period of three months at the same rate at which they would have received immediately before their retirement.

No GST on Petroleum Products for now.

The center has ruled out the inclusion of petroleum products in GST for now, it was being reported by many news channels that the petroleum products can be included in GST but now the Government has dismissed any possibility at least for now.

The Aviation Sector has been asking for petroleum products to be included in GST so that a uniform price for aviation fuel can be achieved but after the government rejecting the proposal the aviation sector is not happy over the decision.

When GST was introduced, the states and the center had decided to pool their powers. Now GST council holds the power for implementation and review of decisions regarding GST.

The panel headed by the Union finance minister now decides the rates and the indirect tax regime, leaving only a few items with the state FM.

If petroleum products are included in GST, the move will only benefit the companies not the general public and that may be the reason the government is not keen on the inclusion, as government believes that the taxes on ATF are passed on the public.

Arun Jaitley attends Parliament first time after kidney Transplantation

Arun Jaitley, the leader of the Rajya Sabha, participated in the vote for the post of Deputy Chairman of the house.

NEW DELHI: Union minister Arun Jaitley arrived in parliament this morning for his first appearance in the monsoon session.

Mr Jaitley, the leader of the Rajya Sabha, participated in the vote for the post of Deputy Chairman of the house. Every vote counts in a contest that has gone down to the wire, with the government and the opposition both fielding candidates.

The minister returns after a three-month hiatus.Mr Jaitley, 65, stopped attending office in April for a renal transplant operation on May 14.On that day, the charge of his finance ministry was handed to Railways Minister Piyush Goyal.

Mr Jaitley had a bariatric surgery soon after the BJP-led coalition came to power in 2014. The surgery was to treat weight gain that he suffered because of a long-standing diabetic condition, according to the Press Trust of India.

A Rajya Sabha member since 2000, Mr Jaitley was re-elected to the house from Uttar Pradesh in March.Mr Jaitley has been active on social media for the last few weeks, from taking on opposition parties to writing on issues including cuts to the goods and services tax rates.

Yesterday, in a Facebook post, he hit out at his former colleagues Yashwant Sinha and Arun Shourie for raising allegations in connection with the Rafale fighter deal. He called the allegations “unsubstantiated” and “reprocessed lies” and said these are being levelled by forces which are increasingly desperate to prove their relevance.

“There is not a grain of truth in the wild allegations repeated today nor anything substantiating in the purported facts and voluminous documents marshalled to corroborate the baseless accusations,” Mr Jaitley said in his post titled ‘The Rafale Falsehood Repeated’.He is expected to start work in the Finance Ministry from August 16.