The deepest conspiracy of the fundamentalists to bring down the image of India in the world. The French connection of the French terrorist attack, the French police arrived in the southern province of Kerala ruled in Jail in connection with Haza Moidin..

While on one hand India has been trying to improve its image abroad and increase its credentials with all its diplomacy, at the same time, some fundamentalist elements of India are becoming a stigma against India. For some time, with the intention of joining ISIS, some religious fanatics who had fled abroad had done India’s roles around the world and were killed in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan.

But now the connection of terrorist attacks to Europe has begun to connect with India, including the attacks in France that have fought terror, which shook the world and forced such individuals as Donald Trump to speak in this matter.It is worth noting that after all the efforts of the Government of India, India’s relations with France were not only normal but also mellow; the efforts to squeeze into it were politically done through the Rafael Deal, but now more serious A connection has come from Kerala to the terrorist attack in Paris, France’s capital.

According to the news agency, a team of French investigators has reached Kochi in Kerala where he will interrogate two terrorists close to Jail, Jasim and Haza Moeedeen, whom they can get some important clues in the Paris terror attack. This team of French investigators has come to India from a special aircraft where they will submit evidence of Paris’s ISIS attacker investigating the connections of both the terrorists locked in the same ideology of India. In the Paris terror attack in the year 2015, 130 are absolved People were killed

Both of these terrorists were arrested by the NIA in India while their triple connections were found by the terrorists Osman Ghani, a terrorist from the Lashkar-e-Toiba. These terrorists were also operating a terrorist camp in Kanakmal, Kerala, ruled by the Left, There was no news about the administration. Not only that, some of the locals were also opposed to the arrest of their jawans, whereas on one side in Kerala, a Hindu leader A. had been killed Kkin is scheduled Viur both inquiries Kerala in prison ..court  has also given permission for interrogation of these two questions which will be done in the presence of NIA. Right now, for this very important question, permission has been given for 3 days. Currently, in this case, leftists and intellectuals have kept quiet silence.


Due to the burden of the Syrian and Iraqi intruders, on the brink of the French Civil War … the masked on the streets are burning on the police that are attacking.

Some time ago this country was known for its chic bread and richness with the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. Whether there is a war in Afghanistan against the Taliban or against ISIS in Iraq. The threat of this country’s talk at international level It was very important .. But now the same French has come to this level where people have fallen on the streets due to poverty and inflation, people have got confused with their own police and security forces.

This is the same French that has struggled with one after another terrorist attacks. The attack was not only on the people of France but also on the economy which used to be mainly tourism. Terror attacks have broken the backbone of the same tourism business, and now the same French is moving forward towards the civil war. According to some groups of protesters carrying arms on Central Paris streets. These people have handed over many vehicles and buildings to the fire.

It is believed to be the most dangerous riot of the last decade. There are fears of the involvement of all the intruders in the riots that Iraq had entered while seeking mercy in France during the war in Syria. According to sources, the buildings are giving the same to the looting. In France The situation of the worst fierce home unrest in the last decade has remained.

Not only this, the failed French government, after every effort, is contemplating to impose an emergency in this extremely difficult situation. This information was given by French government spokesman Benjamin Greaves, France’s government. In a conversation with Europe 1 Radio, a spokesman of the government said, “We have to take such action so that such actions should not happen again.” This performance has also been named ‘Yellow West’. Performers are performing yellow-colored West wear.

288 people, who were performing in France’s capital Paris, were arrested, while about 100 people were injured. On this issue, the President of France, Macroon, will be meeting with the Prime Minister and Interior Minister on Sunday evening. In this meeting, discussing the way to tackle the rioters will be discussed. The problem is that these protesters have no face, so the government can talk. All of them are in the mask in the same way as ISIS militants are in the mask

In the case of France and Britain, the weapon of death made by the vehicle in Delhi was then made. Earlier, Nuruddin had crushed the bus with 2 innocent people..

In the case of France and Britain, the weapon of death made by the vehicle in Delhi was then made. Earlier, Nuruddin had crushed the bus with 2 innocent people, now Ashfaq, the Delhi police’s robber who ran against the truck. Amar Hassi ASI Jitendra Singh .

Whether the bloody game of France and Britain has started in India too. Now, there are also police personnel who have been protecting the society in uniform with the citizens on the target. Will India also see all those who are watching the people of Britain and France or the whole of Europe? The first ones to find all these questions first may be the name of the first person in the masses as one such incident is happening after one, Otherwise, the compulsion to think would be to make common sense.

In the meantime, you will have seen and heard in many foreign news agencies that in France and Britain, terrorists have killed people by crushing trains in all European cities. It will not be wrong to say that many humans have started using vehicles as a weapon.

In the very same way, before the first bus driver Nuruddin in Vivek Vihar in Delhi’s capital Delhi, many vehicles and people were crushed, in which two innocent people died, many questions arose before that but India’s intellectual class and power silenced doing . Now it has happened once again, in the same way, another case which has come to the notice of a conscientious police officer who was on duty in Delhi Police.

Surprisingly, the attack on Lucknow’s incident was such that when the name of the deceased Jitendra and the dumb founded truck driver came out of Ashfaq, the Chief Minister of Delhi, his whole team and all the people who were attacked against the police at that time. No one is trying to figure out whether it is a terrorist attack like the countries of Europe, which can be executed after one by one.

The questions are standing on their own, as if in the new style like France and Britain, now want to blast Hindustan? In the matter of crushing many vehicles standing on Vivek Vihara’s red light, the police had arrested the accused bus driver from Delhi-UP border and identified as Ali No. 5, Hamdard Nagar, Aligarh resident Nooruddin (33) Has happened in the form of. Satish Kumar and Rupinder Kumar, two employees working in the DTC subordinated to Delhi government, died while four others were injured in the accident.

50-year-old Satish Kumar and 38-year-old Rupendra Kumar died while Poonam, Gautam, Narendra and Vinod were injured. At that time, Sudarshan News had also questioned the Delhi Police that even after such a big incident, Nuruddin, who was driving the vehicle after getting hurt, was booked under Section 304 and Unreasonable and 279, and how and when the police arrested him on the surveillance Was found. .

Now, a violent cunning Ashfaq, driving a truck in Delhi’s declared No Entry Zone, in the same series, was brutally crushed by the Delhi Police’s junk and the distinguished officer ASI Jitendra Singh in his no entry zone near Dhaula Kuwa of Delhi, who had his duty When trying to stop him, Ashfaq, instead of hauling the truck, let him ride on the truck, due to which the ASI was killed.

Although the police immediately got active and Ashfaq also ran away after taking the truck, but Ashfaq was arrested last night after police followed the truck for nearly five kilometers. The accused driver has neither the license nor the necessary documents attached to the vehicle. According to information, the accused truck driver is Ashfaq, 22, who resides in Jamalpur village of Mewat. Here the incidents of the disappearance of Hindus along with the cases of terrorist funding of mosques and the incidents of theft and cow slaughter of animals are common.

At the same time, the ASI, who was sacrificed in this accident, was living in Baghpat of UP. His family has two daughters and one son besides his wife. His family lives in Palam. The accused driver’s name is Ashfaq, when he was in No Entry Zone, he was running the lone truck and there was no helper with him. According to the police, ASI Jitendra Singh was deployed to keep a watch on Dholakkunwa trains going to Mahipalpur-Gurgaon on Tuesday morning.

The incident happened when Jitendra Singh along with Sipahi Pawan Singh, Sandeep and Vijaypal were also stationed. At about 7.41 am, a truck started to enter the no entry zone with speed, only then Jitendra Singh tried to stop it, but the truck driver increased it instead of reducing the speed of the car and jitendra Singh was hit.

After the accident, Jitendra Singh was taken to Vasant Kunj Hospital where he died during treatment. Jitendra Singh was the only earning member in the family. Jitendra was looking for the boy for Jituendra’s eldest daughter. Two years ago, Jitendra Singh was promoted to ASI’s post. Although the final confirmation of this news is yet to be confirmed but the question arises that even though cases such as France and Britain have not started in Delhi, which is being considered as a curtain



The United States, Russia, Israel after France now opened its hands

Most Wanted Destroyed Islamic terrorist Mohammed Ag Alamouner For the end of the world’s united Islamic terrorism.

The United States, Russia, Israel after France now opened its hands … Most Wanted Destroyed Islamic terrorist Mohammed Ag Alamouner For the end of the world’s united Islamic terrorism.

By showing mercy and compassion in your country, giving refuge to many Syrian and Iraqite people, repeatedly looting their soldiers and civilians in their own attack, France has now made an aggressive attack against Islamic terrorism and all of them To destroy one and the other, they were coming away to hide their country from far away. In the same sequence, the number is now marked by a notorious terrorist of the Zihar group, which was not only the most wanted for France, but also on radar countries like Russia and America.

It was also considered to be a bridge between ISIS and Europe, which was broken by France. Be aware that the fighter fighters on the exact notice of the hideout of the infamous terrorist immediately fluttered and fiercely bombarded the locus. Although there were some people living there who were not terrorists, but the first priority for France was to kill those evil terrorists and give them the complete execution from France.

After the end of this militant Europe has taken a long breath of peace. A top Jihadi leader of the Greater Sahara group, one of his colleagues and two civilian civilians have been killed in the air strikes carried out by France in the North East Mali. The military command center in Paris gave the above information. In a statement issued by the military command, Menaka has been told about an air strike Sunday.

According to the statement, “Commandos deployed on the ground after the airstrike has confirmed the death of Mohammed Ag Alamouner and one of his bodyguards.” According to the statement, another member of the jihadi group and two other civilians were also injured in the attacks, according to the statement. In his statement, the command has expressed his sorrow over civilian casualties. The command is investigating how it has finally come to the heart of civilian civilian attacks. 

hen blood-fed France Knock the knife to mother and daughter The British media claim

“The attacker had shouted ‘Alla Hu Akbar’. ISIS said- “Our man was”

Then blood-fed France Knock the knife to mother and daughter The British media claim – “The attacker had shouted ‘Alla Hu Akbar’. ISIS said- “Our man was”

Once again it has spread throughout France.

France, which is once regarded as one of the world’s finest beauties and tourists by constant terrorist attacks, is now slowly becoming a dangerous place.

Where ever the truck attack, sometimes a bomb blast, and sometimes a knife, the general public, the foreign tourists who are coming away, are beginning to live in fear. Overall, it would not be wrong to say that France has begun to lose its image for which he was famous all over the world. This is the same French that had once opened up its borders due to the war in Syria and Iraq, so many people took shelter in it, and many of them later showed their very ugly form.

It is known that once again the sensation was spread in France when its bloody capital Paris. It is known that the French capital Paris is the news of the Knife Attack. According to the New Agency AFP and Guardian News, another person, along with mother daughter, has also died in this attack and two other people have been badly injured.

According to information provided by French TV channel BFM-TV, an individual with weapons, attacked the people passing through the knife. This event has happened in Traps of Western Paris. This channel has been told that the police has killed the attacker. The activism of the police is also worthy of praise here because according to the transparency, the intent of the attacker was to kill many people

After this attack, ISIS has claimed that the attacker was his only man, whose inquiries etc. did not give any information about the attack on the side of the police in the beginning. The police had just tweeted that an operation was being run on the side of the police in the security of Trapses. According to information provided by the TV channel, the attacker took shelter in a house before attacking people.

Assuming the claim of British media and some of the protesters, the attacker attacked Alamah-Hu-Akbar with the people crying. He was in a corridor and was shouting that if people tried to enter here, then he would blow everyone down in the blast. After this attack, high alert has been issued throughout Europe and so many people are sympathetic.