Prior to making her a prostitute, the brothers handed over .. The city lifted up with the screams of a woman

She also respected her husband’s brother-in-law and his darves too and was very happy to come into that family.

Prior to making her a prostitute, the brothers handed over .. The city lifted up with the screams of a woman … Know where is this incident? He loved his affectionate Afroz and said that he is very lucky that he got affection like Afros . She also respected her husband’s brother-in-law and his darves too and was very happy to come into that family.

But perhaps he did not know what is going to happen to him and what is the reality of that family. Then she was what she did not even imagine. Today, the whole city is shouting with his screams and it starts shivering when it comes to that event. The case is from Amroha in Uttar Pradesh. In Dedauli Kotwali area of Amroha, married woman has been accused of pushing the body into the trade of her husband and for gang-rape.

According to marital status, the police gave Tahrir the police, but the police did not report the report. After this, the marital court has registered and on the order of the court, a report has been filed against the husband, including five. According to the report lodged on the order of the court, the marriage has alleged that she used to laugh at her in-laws’ house but she did not know that her husband makes business of business. Married said that his affectionate Afroz wanted to do this abominable job even after he refused to deny.

Marriage is alleged that her husband has done rape with the help of her brothers and said that you have sold Delhi for two lakh rupees, the broker will come. After getting the opportunity, he came to his mother’s side and took the relatives along with the police station to reach the police station. The police gave Tahrir but the police did not register the case, then resorted to the court.

On the court’s order, the prosecution has registered a complaint against husband Afroz and Deor Mehrooz, Sahroj, Imran, Sarfaraz and for doing gang rape and flesh trade. Kotwali in-charge Rishiram Katheria told that the report has been registered, investigations will be done and investigation will be done. The victim says that her husband and children are severely punished. 

7 years ago he had fled from Bengal, along with Shahabuddin in the affair of love …

Fire extinguished the lust of not only the whole family but also the friend Humanity was also crushed with relationships …

A sensational incident has emerged among the incidents of rape in the country that has not only humiliated but also humorous people. He left Bengal, ran away with Shahbuddin and came to Rewadi as soon as he got married, but what happened after that was very frightening.

Not only with the women, Shahabuddin’s family members have forcibly formed a relationship but handed them over to Sahabuddin’s friends and Shahabuddin has put a finger in his grandchildren and blamed him. The case belongs to Haryana’s Rewari. According to the information, a woman from Bengal origin in Rewari complained to the Rewari City Police, alleging serious allegations against her husband, Shahabuddin, son of Kinori, that she had married nearly seven years ago. He had three children during this time.

On the complaint of the woman, the Rewari police filed the case under different sections and after passing the medical treatment of the woman, the case was sent to the police. The woman told the police that Karib was sexually assaulted by her Jeth alim three years ago. When the woman told her husband the incident, she tried to bite her wife only. The woman saved her life by going to the house of Sarpanch Mahmud’s brother.

A few days later when he was not at home and after some time came, his innocent daughter was bleeding badly with the genitalia. She saw her husband, sister-in-law, running away from home at that time. The woman asked her because of her innocence, she said that her father had only committed dirty with her and she made a bad move with him. The woman has alleged that she did not file a complaint in the police at that time due to fear. A few days later, due to her husband’s earning, Gurujram took the world in a glazed world. Together with a friend in Gurujram, husband did wrong work with his wife.

Both of them made the toy to make money for the woman. The woman says that her fence, she invited her father from Bengal and went to Bengal Maida. A few days later, the husband went to Bengal and brought the wife away from the seduction. After coming from Bengal, both of them lived in Dungarpur village. Then the husband and wife went to Rewari. In Rewari, you sold the wife to another friend. Husband came to his village Caracas. A few days later a man took him to the car, where four people were already present in a room

All the women’s fate looted According to the woman, eight people on that day made her a victim of her lust. After the rape, the husband’s friend asked for rape of four thousand rupees and the friend also raped him. When the woman opposed it, the answer was found that your husband was bought by giving money. According to the victim, her husband and her friend have done wrong business with him.

Rewari police took it seriously as soon as it received the complaint and filed a case in the city police station under the threat of threatening to kill the FIR FIR gang, Poxo act, life, but ASI Sushila also made the victim medical. Due to the matter being connected to Mewat, SP Rewari has sent the case to the police for investigation. It is surprising that since the woman complained to the police, the victim was missing, who is trying to find the police.

Nandh police, to register a gangrap victim, went on to the village only after registering the case, but the police did not get the woman. Nongh police returned the baron. SHO Anil Kumar said that the police will soon register the statement of the woman and arrest the accused

Kaiser and Nasir rape the innocent of 9 till they died

There is a more horrific case than the Kathua, in front where not only an innocent ruthlessly rape has been done but it has also been put to death

Kaiser and Nasir rape the innocent of 9 till they died.Incident of India where the candle gang is silent In this case, many big names are silenced so far. Once again, the valley of Kashmir is shocked by an innocent shriek. There is a more horrific case than the Kathua, in front where not only an innocent ruthlessly rape has been done but it has also been put to death.

In the Kathua case, the hyperactive whole team has suddenly become silent on this issue and the children of the child are wandering in the rate of getting justice. Kashmir is once again revived. It is known that this time the matter is from Baramulla district of Kashmir, where an event that shames shame also has shaken the whole country. This time, five miscreants have been arrested in the Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir for a nine-year-old innocent girl, till she was brutally tortured till her death.

In this case a woman is also involved in the hatred towards that innocent person and she made such a horrible story of the death of that girl. On September 2, the body of the missing girl was recovered from a house one kilometer away in the rugged state. The child’s stepmother has also been arrested in this horrendous crime arising from Ishya. According to the statement of the police spokesman in this disastrous case, a woman and four youths have been arrested in connection with gangrape and murder of the girl.

The body of the girl was recovered from the forest two days ago in Uri Tehsil.

Regarding the crime, she said that the girl’s father had lodged a complaint of her daughter’s disappearance and she feared that her daughter was abducted. During the investigation, the police found that the girl’s father has two wives and the daughter is the daughter of the woman of Jharkhand.

Police officials said that the investigation revealed that Fahmida had long hated her husband’s non-Kashmiri aroma and her daughter for a long time because she felt that her husband loved her more than his second wife.

Fahmida planned to kill his step-daughter after coming to God He said, “He took him to the forest and committed crime with four others, including his 14-year-old son, his friend Kaiser Ahmed (19), Nasir Ahmed (28) and another 14-year-old boy.

In this case, so far silenced people carrying candle march have been observed in honor of the alleged contractor and daughter of humanity. 

Swati Maliwal’s welcome voice for the oppressed innocent men, on every side … the voice of many people

Swati maliwal great statement for males

These voices were of crores of people who were being tortured in the name of gender discrimination only. This voice was raised from many platforms which has been stressed by the Delhi Women’s Commission President Swati Maliwal

Just a few days ago, Sudarshan News, speaking on the same issue, demanded the men’s commission for those men who were being harassed in any case inadvertently. The same matter was raised by a senior MP from the Bharatiya Janata Party in the Lok Sabha. Now this voice arising from Swati Maliwal is getting the support of millions of people and this is being appreciated for the voice.

It is known that there are cases of rape in India that appear to be false after all the investigations or judicial process. But entangled in this process, how many men lose personal, social and professional life. .. Since all these cases are sensitive to the highest level which are directly connected to the prestige of women directly, due to which the movement in the society is also fast And so many innocent people have to suffer the punishment.

Once again, this fact was proved by the Faridabad Rape Case of 2001. In which the Supreme Court has released two brothers who are serving the sentence in this case. Now on this whole issue, the Delhi Women’s Commission President Swati Maliwal has expressed strong opposition. He has said in a tweet that due to a false rape case, two brothers had to be punished for 7 years. Swati Maliwal has said that he got relief from the highest court, but who will complete the torture and pain she has passed in the past

Swati Maliwal has demanded strict action against all the women and girls who register false rape cases. In the same case, the girl who has filed a false case has demanded a 10-year sentence. 

The court imposed the seal on the demand of nationalists.

Mandsaur’s innocent rapist Asif and Irfan will swing till death on hanging

The court imposed the seal on the demand of nationalists.Mandsaur’s innocent rapist Asif and Irfan will swing till death on hanging

Every nationalist had raised the demand for justice in this rape.

This voice was raised by Sudarshan News at that time when the so-called secular society was silent and in the case some names were seen as culprits,, who, according to them, did not fit in the rules of secularism fabricated by their own.

But ultimately the voice of the public went up to the court and all the evidence and witnesses were also seen which are necessary according to the law. After all, the decision came in which everyone was waiting. It is known that the most shocking of the Indian who shook India was Mandsaur In the case of gang rape of a seven-year-old girl, the court has convicted both the accused under the Rap and Poxo Act. After this, as soon as the court gave death to both of them, a wave of happiness spread among the people and everyone said that this was what they wanted

At the moment, the two have been sentenced to death by the court. In the court of Judge Nisha Gupta, both the accused were presented. Since this incident of rape, the anger of the people had broken in the country and people protested at the place of place and had also pleaded for justice. In this case, the Madhya Pradesh Police is also eligible to be appreciated, who submitted all the evidence which was necessary for the execution of these mischief.

Both the accused were penalized in the Mandsaur Rape Scandal, along with life imprisonment and other services. After kidnapping a seven-year-old girl from Malsar School in Mandsaur, the youths named Asif and Irfan had executed the girl child rape. At the same time, after death, the child was fighting in the hospital for many days from life and death.

After the whole incident came to light, the anger of the people was fierce. Districts of Malwa including Nimach, Mandsaur were closed. The police had arrested the accused within two days of the incident and introduced the challan only after the child’s statement was made. 

For two consecutive years, the rape of two sisters was said to be crying: ‘What is the cry of the family of the family?’

Know where the heart is disintegrating?

Moshiam Ansari and Bulge Ansari, along with two minor sisters, have been raping the knife for a year. When both sisters used to cry, they were threatened if they did not stop crying or told anyone, then the family would cry on the body. This case came up when a minor from both of them gave birth to a child. After this the victim informed about the entire incident with her.

The victim who has given birth to the child is 16 years old and the younger sister is 15 years old. At the same time her younger sister is also pregnant. After the matter came to light, the people of the area were frustrated. The case belongs to a village in Ratnagiri police station area of Jharkhand capital of Jharkhand. Where two villagers have been accused of rape for one year. The case was exposed when a 16-year-old girl gave birth to a child at Kanke Community Hospital. After the matter came to light, the police has arrested one of the accused and is also talking about proper legal action.

It is being told that two youths belonging to Dabang family have targeted two sister sisters of their own village in Ratu. The 16-year-old victim has told that about a year ago, Bulz Ansari, who lived in the Raatu station area, caught hold of the school in order to return home and took a lonely place behind the school and raped her and said that I will marry you. After this, he abused many times by threatening to kill his family members. Similarly, Moshiam Ansari raped a younger sister

Both Bulge and Moiseam are familiar with each other. According to the victim, after the incident, with the entire family reached Raatu station in April this year. On this, the police had sent the Ramu police to settle the matter. The victim and her father had reached the Sadar of Victory. Sadar, while cooperating with the accused, made a leap. With this he kept wandering. The victim said that due to poverty, the people from the police station to the Panchayat were ignored. After this both the victims reached the Nirmal Hridaya.

Both of them were sent to the Sadar Hospital to get abortion. The nurses of the hospital refused to abort and sent a clean heart. Uncle’s heart was not kept after the children’s sale episode was revealed. After this, he reached Nari Niketan, located in Kanke. The child was born there. It is being told that after the birth of the child, two youths had come to buy him in the hospital but the hospital personnel had escaped them.

After reaching the police, the accused people reached the victim’s house in Ratu’s village. After this, the elder sister of the victim was assaulted and threatened after finding her alone in the house. After getting the information, the police arrived. Before that all had run away The younger sister’s police has not taken the statement. She is also admitted to Kanke’s Nari Niketan. She is pregnant. According to the father of the victim, Kanke has made an appeal to the police to get justice by filing case in case of younger sister

The father of the victim says that he is quite poor. He went to the panchayat on the matter but did not get justice, but he could surely get hit with dabongas. At the same time, to prevent defamation, both the girls were admitted to the pure heart, but from there the girls were shifted to Namku and now there is a child in the lap of a child. Meanwhile, taking the incident seriously, the police has arrested an accused while lodging a victim’s statement in the case, while the police is taking the statement of the second victim from Nari Niketan.

Given the seriousness of the matter, the rural SP said that proper legal action will be taken in the matter and the second accused will be arrested soon.

On the hanging of Assam, Moinul Haq hangs hanging, who drunk the body of a 58-year-old teacher and killed him by defeating the executionersWelcome to the court decision of Assam

Seeing the severe punishment of the rapists, the nation jumped at the time when the court saw a dilemma of Assam as a miracle of death. At that time, shadow dread was giving a message to the criminal on the face of that criminal, and the message was that the victory of justice was relaxed and the body of the teacher whose body was screwed badly, Salimuddin and Moinul Haq had Assam. This cardiovascular event …

It was known that the common people had come out of the time that justice was won when a court in Assam had executed one person in the case of rape and murder and sentenced to life imprisonment for the other person. Both of them had murdered a school teacher after raping last year. District and Sessions Court of Hoshii District awarded death sentence to Moinul Haque and Salimuddin was sentenced to life imprisonment for non-bailable.

The court convicted both of them on May 31, 2017 for the incident in Jamunamukh area of the district. Advocate Amarjyoti Saikia, the advocate of the victim’s teacher, said, “The court considered this case as the case of the rare case and sentenced to death.” When the 58-year-old teacher was going to school, both of them had done their rituals only. After this they killed him and threw his dead body into Kopili river. The body of the teacher of the deceased was recovered from the river.

In this matter, along with social media, Sudarshan News contributed a lot in raising the voice of justice while other major news agencies played the self-taught theory of secularism. 

“You are doing Hindu-Muslim in modern city like its a shame talk , Delhi. Today is Javed’s birthday, I will definitely go …” and she went away But maybe now he will never go ..

Dear friend ! Do not you have any other work than this Hindu-Muslim people? In the modern city of Delhi like the capital of Delhi, in metro city, you people are Hindus and Muslims, you should be ashamed. I believe in Hinduism not humanity. Today my friend is Javed’s birthday, he has called me and will definitely go in, I do not want any knowledge of anybody. ” 
That is what the young woman said when she was told about the conspiracy of love jihad or religious fanatics to those Hindu organizations. But he did not agree and Javed’s birthday went to the party. But then what happened to him there was so frightening that tears were flowing with his eyes and he remembered one thing about the workers of the Hindu organization. In Javed’s Birthday party, Javed himself and his friend Faiyaz had been honored by his welfare, he had been gang-raped. 
The matter is of the Mandawali area of the country’s capital Delhi, where a girl was called home in the name of Birthday and gangraped with him. The victim has filed a nomination report against two youths Javed and Fayaz in this regard. The police have taken action in this matter and arrested the two accused. According to the news, two youths of Mandawali, Javed and Faiyaz are good friends among themselves. 
At the same time in Mandawali, Javed’s friendship came from a girl. The meeting of both of them started happening. According to the victim, one day Javed invited him to his house in the name of Birthday. Javed told him that there will be many people in the party. According to the time the girl reached Javed’s house. When the girl reached there, only Javed and his friend Fayaz were in the house. The girl went to see them both alone. Accordingly, Javed stopped his way forcibly. After this Javed and Fayaz rapped with him. 
After this the victim came to his house like a family and the relatives accompanied the police station and filed a case. The victim told the police that she had threatened Javed and Faiyaz that if she told someone about the rape she would not be right for her. Police filed suit against Tahrir of the girl. A police team went to the hospital with the victim. Where he was made medical After the rape has been confirmed in the Medical, the police immediately arrested Javed and Faiyaz after arresting him. Both were presented in court, from where they were sent to jail. 

Justice for the first time in the world and for a goat being sought in the world .First time victim came to top on Twitter #JusticeForGoat

The voice of justice raised against a rapist.

This is not only India, but also the first example of the world when the general public has decided to give justice to a goat and has also played a trendsetter for him who has been on top of Twitter at this time. A pregnant goat, hunted by a harpoon named Haroon, was raped until Ve died. In this case when the so-called secular society adopted the rules of secularism, while maintaining silence as Haroon’s name came, then the general public took charge and initiated the trend called #JusticeForGoat, which is currently at the top.   
Many people who roamed on the incidents of mobs lynching etc. have also gone from Dubai. Even though the society is disturbed by this misdeed, but the rape of the arrested rapists There is no wrinkle on the face even in the face, and everyone looks very happy even in the custody of the police and shamelessly flirted.
Among those who demand justice for the rape victim goat, many celebrities are also included. The film actor Koina Mitra has warned them by putting photographs of goats and keeping them alert. 

Everybody will do the job that Modi can not win this time – Rahul Gandhi .. while the country is fighting against Naxalism, casteism, extremism, terrorism

What do you want to do to lose Rahul Gandhi Modi?

This statement has come at a time when the country is already naxalism, terrorism Is struggling with problems like racism, linguistics. Right now, the government is exploring the root cause of Mob Launching, but suddenly a statement from Rahul Gandhi has come to the country which is like another alarm bell. Now, what is going to happen in the country ahead of the people is embarrassed, Rahul Gandhi has already announced. 
It may be known that Congress President Rahul Gandhi has shown any form in the Parliament, but suddenly he has made a statement that can be said like a headache of the people of the country. For the next Prime Minister of India, even if the President has given his chairmanship to Rahul Gandhi as the claimant for the Lok Sabha elections, but if someone else becomes the contender for this post, then the leader of the Congress allies will not be left behind to make the Prime Minister. 
In his open statement, Rahul Gandhi has made it clear that Congress will make every possible effort to prevent the formation of a government of the Bharatiya Janata Party and the National Self-Service Association. According to the information received, Rahul Gandhi said this in an informal meeting with a large group of women journalists in Delhi on Tuesday, where they were asked such questions. After this he was also asked that after the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, he will become the Prime Minister of the anti-BJP coalition government. 
He replied that he has had a political experience of 15 years or more and not only did he also say that he can now understand any issue of the country better.