The temple was opened for prayers in Kerala

In Jharkhand, the cow was sold and sold by Maulana Mahamadullah Qaazi.

The temple was opened for prayers in Kerala. In Jharkhand, the cow was sold and sold by Maulana Mahamadullah Qazi. 80 skins of Gau Dynasty recovered This is the perverted face which the people are rejecting even after seeing some .. The only country in which two separate votes and 2 separate states

One Kerala and the other Jharkhand .. When the water entered the mosque in Kerala, the Hindus opened the doors of the temples. Their intention was that the prayers of Muslims would be better without It has become a barrier and it has happened. During this period, Hindus also made all the arrangements for Namaz etc.

But at the same time there was a maulana running in Madarsa in Jharkhand, so much bigger was the one who was going to stand for someone. A case which was not only challenged but also the law, but the faith of millions of Hindus. It is known that a Maulana has crossed the Jharkhand state in the entire extent of poverty. In the village of Nadiha in Chandanakariyari block, the villagers took a smuggler along with beef on Thursday.

The villagers here also saved themselves from being infamated because the so-called secular society and self-proclaimed intellectuals associated them with any kind of controversy, making them so infamous that they make many sins of cow slayers hidden and buried. At present, this beef was being taken from auto to West Bengal. The villagers handed over the accused to the police along with the auto.

On Thursday, the police recovered large amounts of beef and skins from the old market located in Danakari block headquarters and nearby Naudih village. In this connection, the police has arrested four people. These included Maulana Mahamadullah Qazi, Tajmool Kazi and two auto drivers Abdul Rahim and Sheikh Sagir of Madarsa. 80 acne cows of two cows closed in 15 boats from two auto recovered have been recovered. Since the incident, there is tension in the market and the villages of Nodihah. The event is Thursday afternoon at one and a half. ChandanKayari was going to auto auto in the old market.

The villagers were suspected by the odor coming from auto and they prompted auto stop. But, the drivers started running fast and speeding up the auto. The villagers ran and caught both the auto and the drivers were furiously smashed. The cow’s skins were filled with bows filled in auto. The villagers gave it to the Chandankariyari police. The police reached the spot and arrested Abdul Rahim and Sheikh Sagir, both the drivers and seized the auto and took the station.

The two drivers, who were caught in the intensive inquiry, acknowledged that cow’s skins were in auto, they said that from the madarsa located in Kaji Basti of Daudih in Chandanakaryari, they were carrying piths under the thick police station in West Bengal. After giving information by the villagers, the administration team first reached Madarsa located in Daudih. But before the arrival of the police, the entire seminary was vacant.

After leaving Madarsa, the SDO and DSP started a search of each house in the village along with the police force. During this period, beef and skins were recovered in large quantities. In front of the house of Maulana Mahmudullah Qazi in the madarsa, he found the remains of the banned animal bite, along with evidence. After this Maulana Mahmudullah Qazi and Tajmool Kazi were arrested. In this way, no intellectual or secular and biological lover has raised voice in this manner.