The funding of the terrorists was made in India, the mosque …

NIA discloses From time to time, not only are these voices rising, but there is evidence that terrorism is being promoted under the guise of mosque and madarsas. It is said that mosques and madarsas are made for training, they are made for worship but nothing happens that the mosque and the madarsas come under the scope of doubt.

The suspicion is that terrorist organizations have some hands behind some madarsas and mosques. The allegation is that the money belonging to the terror organizations of these terror organizations is being constructed in the construction of madarsas and mosques, and the country is being pushed into a fire of destruction. Why do not they go from there to terrorists like Mannan when he taught around Lesson of Jankir Terror

The allegations of promoting terror from the mosque proved right when National Investigation Agency (NIA) caught a mosque in the country that was made from money from terrorists. This mosque is being constructed in the Palwal district of Haryana. A mosque named Merkaj is being constructed from the terrorist fund in Utahabad village in Palwal of Haryana. To whom the village named Utah, a youth named Utah, has been arrested by a team of Indian Intelligence Agency (NIA). The original residence of the arrested youth is Utwad village of Mewati area of ​​Palwal district.

The accused accused Marakj Masjid comes to Utwad every Friday. NIA officials are interrogating about the amount of crores of rupees in the construction of the mosque. Two other people have been arrested in this case. Who is mounting #Tausif and #AbdulNaeem for whom #NIA has wandered? And yes any of the terror …. According to NIA sources, Salman was arrested from his residence in Delhi.

Salman was brought to the mosque being built in the village, where information about the money was being deposited in the mosque. It is being said that the money coming from abroad has been spent in the construction of the mosque, that money came from the Arab countries, which is a violation of the rules of the government. The NIA has arrested two other people along with Salman and is associated with their Terror Funding and one is also involved in the involvement of Pakistani nationals.


Lalu’s party’s MLA’s house recovered the arms of illegal weapons

Seized up to the carbine. Suspicions of Naxalites Honorable people of the country are going to increase this ideology.

In the meantime, Rabshi also had a lot of problems with the action taken against the government’s Naxalites. They have misjudged him and have not left any chance to tell Modi a dictator. But there was no such thing behind all these things which is coming out now.

Suddenly, in another action that has come out, it is enough to make anyone’s hair grow. This is a sensational issue in Bihar’s Gaya district. Once again, a coalition of politics and crime came out of the public, when a case of purchase and sale of illegal weapons was found in the house of RJD legislator Kunti Devi in Bihar’s Gaya.

In this case, Bihar Police and STF have also arrested a smuggler including two Desi carbines, 9 mm pistol and 6 live cartridges, during the joint operation. While two accused escaped from the spot. In the initial investigation of the police, in the vicinity of Gaya District, there is a possibility of selling more than 150 weapons so far.

According to the information from unconfirmed sources, it is being told that the racquets can be linked to the Naxalites and this network of weapons can be found connected there. At present, the police and security agencies of entire India are engaged in anti-Naxal operations and taking any matter related to it are taking immediate cognition.

Police and STF have raided the information about the purchase and sale of weapons at the residence of AP Dilli in Kunti Devi, RJD legislator of the Atari assembly constituency of Bihar’s Naxal affected district. In the raid, the police arrested Jackie Kumar, a smuggler with illegal weapons from the legislator’s house. Salam of the MLA’s son Pankaj Yadav and W. Yadav were successful in the escape.

In connection with the arrest of the arrested Jackie Yadav, it was revealed that he was working with Pankaj Yadav, the son of the MLA’s son, for the last one year, he was buying and selling arms. On the involvement of the MLA, GSP’s SSP Rajiv Mishra said that legal action will be taken against the facts which are being investigated. An FIR has been lodged in this case in Rampur police station.

Although in this case the Naxalites are concerned or with criminal gang it will be confirmed after the full investigation of the police, but whatever has come out, has become a big question for itself to be active on Twitter.