“You are not just mine but my father also has the same right” … 

For his father-in-law, his daughter-in-law is like a daughter-in-law daughter, but the father-in-law of both of them wanted to erase their lust. The husband of both Muslim sisters also told him that as much as I am entitled to, the same thing is also for Abbu. But when both of them did not accept the sisters, they were given three divorces and after this, the pressure of halala with father-in-law was made. After this, both the sisters demanded action against the police for lodging the complaint.

The matter is from the village of Bulandshahr Kotwali country in Uttar Pradesh. The father of the victims told in Tahtir in Kotwali country that their two daughters had been married with two brothers and sisters living in the Dhamada haunted area. The allegation is that after the marriage, the father-in-law started keeping a false proposition on both the daughters. Along with tampering, he also tried to misbehave with both the daughters. On the protest of daughters, they beat them with their wives and sons and got them out of the house.

It is alleged that on October 20, two sons-in-law came to her house and divorced both the daughters. The accused also beat up both the women and went away threatening. He said that in the past, both the son-in-law returned home and pressurized him to make hilal with his father, telling him to marry again. Both daughters refused to laugh with father-in-law.

On the evening of November 19, an accused son-in-law entered the house and attempted forcibly physical relations with his daughter. On denial, the accused attacked his daughter and escaped with a child from the house. After leaving the boy, the accused son-in-law returned home and beat his daughter with obscenity. The victim filed a report from the countryside and demanded action against the accused.

A 28-year-old girl was shocked. She said, “This is mine, I will not give divorce”

In the name of Teen Talaaq and halala, what is the suffering of Muslim women who have to undergo the endless harassment, the example of this is exposed by Khatima of Uttarakhand, where a woman has given her husband the first three divorces, then a 65 year old elderly Stirred up But what the hauler did after this was a surprise. The mauler refused to divorize the woman after the halala that she has started seeking women and will always keep her with him.

According to the news, Khan’s daughter Juhi, Khatima resident of Uttarakhand, was married to Mohammad Khade of Khatima in 2010. After three years of marriage, when Mian-Biwi became immersed, Shauher divorced in an angry manner. They have two sons. Both of them took one child. In the year 2016, both of them regretting and wishing to be one for the sake of their children, but after the divorce, Halala’s ritual came back. On this 28-year-old woman got married to Khatima’s 65-years-old man.

The condition was that after Halala, she will divorce immediately, but now the elderly person is not prepared for it. After the marriage, the elderly refused to divorce the woman. The loser says that the woman is feeling good, so she will not divorce her now. This couples, separated from divorces and halas, added this Saturday to the Chief of the Haq Foundation, Farhat Naqvi and told the full story.When Farhat Naqvi talked to the elderly who said to the elderly, he said that I will not divorce. Farhat Naqvi says that he will solve this matter in any situation.

After getting three divorces from the husband, the father-in-law did not get pregnant then the boy again turned back.

Victims is suffering and moving road to road to get justice

In the name of three divorces and halala, another Muslim woman has already lost her hatred by her father-in-law, but even after this time, this lady is forced to eat every 2 stumble. This shameful case has come to the fore from Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh where a Muslim woman becomes a mother after her father’s father-in-law.

The same gentleman who forced the lady for the light, refused to adopt him. Actually, Shaukhar is suspicious that the person who was born from a wife is his father. According to all the media reports, the Muslim woman was married on September 30, 2015, with a transporter living in Sambhal. A few days after the marriage, the woman started harassing her for her dowry. In the meantime, she gave three divorce on the phone to the woman.

Then again, to reconnect, with that father-in-law, he started laughing. After this, the husband was forced to marry again on December 24, 2016, with a father-in-law. The bride of the father-in-law remained all night long.

The father-in-law gave divorce to the woman the next morning in the morning. After this, she started fulfilling the tenure of three months ten days for marriage. But during the time of his stipend, his adolescent forced forcibly relations. She became pregnant. After Eidat, on April 5, 2017, there was a marriage with the first husband.

After this, the real problem of the woman started when her husband came to know that she is pregnant. The victim’s husband brought contraceptive pills to get an abortion. When the woman refused to abortion, the boy beat him. The woman said that ‘My husband had said that this baby would be infamous due to birth.’ Because two people had relations with me at the time of Halala and Idith. In such a situation, who is the eldest of whom is this doubt, remained in the shawl of the poet. The woman alleged that she was not allowed to drink food even after being imprisoned in the house.

The woman says that after the birth of her son, her husband is no longer keeping her together. After this, the lady has met Farhat Naqvi, the president of my rights foundation, and sought justice for herself. 

“If you consider him as Abba, what will you do?” Or else, be ready to die. “Such an incident of Halala may be quite new

Irrespective of the relationship between father’s daughter, irony

Such incidents could hardly have come before the society. This is an incident that you might not even have heard. It may not have been said earlier, because there are many cases like Lokalaj Adi that many women force them to take everything and not to open mouth. Be aware that even though the Central Government is sensitive in matters like polygamy and marriage, with the Supreme Court 
But in the days of the day, some fundamentalist people are also doing such cases which can be considered directly to the Supreme Court with the power and constitution. There is a threat of killing. This time, the name of the victim is 27-year-old Farzana, who is threatening to kill anyone, but she is giving her the strength of herself. 
The reason behind this threat is that his adversary is bent on forcefully forcing his Bibi to a person who has always believed in the form of his mouth, Abba. 
This incident is happening in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr, where 27-year-old Farjana, 27, resident of Bulandshahr in a press conference held at the Indian Women’s Press Club, said that on July 24 her husband’s call came, during which her husband had spoken to her from her father Suggesting to make halal, he asked to come back home. 
According to the media report, Farzana says that when she refused to Halala, her husband threatened to kill him and throw it in the river and throw it in the river. According to Farjana, he told this to his lawyer, who advised him to complain in the police. Advocate Farjana’s lawyer and advocate on record development in the Supreme Court, Narayan Sharma said that Farjana has filed a petition seeking a unconstitutional marriage of multi-marriage and marriage-seeking, which was heard on July 23. 

Everybody will do the job that Modi can not win this time – Rahul Gandhi .. while the country is fighting against Naxalism, casteism, extremism, terrorism

What do you want to do to lose Rahul Gandhi Modi?

This statement has come at a time when the country is already naxalism, terrorism Is struggling with problems like racism, linguistics. Right now, the government is exploring the root cause of Mob Launching, but suddenly a statement from Rahul Gandhi has come to the country which is like another alarm bell. Now, what is going to happen in the country ahead of the people is embarrassed, Rahul Gandhi has already announced. 
It may be known that Congress President Rahul Gandhi has shown any form in the Parliament, but suddenly he has made a statement that can be said like a headache of the people of the country. For the next Prime Minister of India, even if the President has given his chairmanship to Rahul Gandhi as the claimant for the Lok Sabha elections, but if someone else becomes the contender for this post, then the leader of the Congress allies will not be left behind to make the Prime Minister. 
In his open statement, Rahul Gandhi has made it clear that Congress will make every possible effort to prevent the formation of a government of the Bharatiya Janata Party and the National Self-Service Association. According to the information received, Rahul Gandhi said this in an informal meeting with a large group of women journalists in Delhi on Tuesday, where they were asked such questions. After this he was also asked that after the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, he will become the Prime Minister of the anti-BJP coalition government. 
He replied that he has had a political experience of 15 years or more and not only did he also say that he can now understand any issue of the country better. 

Before leaving it, he handed over 4 more people to make excuses.

Women’s Looted Women’s RespectThe Central Government and the State Governments are making all claims and claims of women’s protection, women’s self-respect, but then what is the kind of thinking that does not bother about the performance of their good deeds against women? 
After all, what is the thinking that the woman is just a toy, with whom she can play whenever she likes? The person who is born from the womb of a woman eventually wires a woman’s respect for the welfare of the woman, thinking that the head bowed down with shame. The victim of such a debatable thinking has been a woman from Rampur district of Uttar Pradesh, whose husband has given three divorces and then served him in front of 4 other people so that he can quench his lust with him, play dirty with him. 
The victim filed a case against 9 accused and raped her and charged them with rape. The woman said that after marrying her husband, after three months she was married to another person but after two months she married another. The victim has alleged that four people raped her in the name of Nodoh Halala. At present, the police has registered a case against the accused on Tahrir of the victim.. 
Let me tell you that, on March 25, 2012, the victim married Abdul Qadir. After one year of marriage, the victim came to know about her husband’s second marriage, after which the relationship between both of them started to sour. Within a few days of getting married, Abdul gave three divorce to the victim. Then again, for the marriage, 4 people have been flushed. But after Halala, she did not get married to him but married another girl. 

A close relative of Akhilesh Yadav and the leader of the Samajwadi Party, what did it say for the three divorced victims. Directly in the statement of death threat

All Political Parties Politicians, religious leaders and religious leaders have expressed their views on issues like three divorces and halala, in which some have told it right, and many have called it wrong. Though the right-handers have not been able to give any concrete reason till now, some have taken care of the votebank, some followed so-called secularism, and some cited religious books. 
It is known that in the current balance, there are three opposition bills being passed in India. Especially the Muslim society does not want this bill to be passed in Parliament. Muslim organizations have urged all opposition parties against this Bill to not support it. Samajwadi Party leader Riaz Ahmed advocating “Triple Divorce” and said that according to Shari’a ‘Triple Divorce’ is completed in three stages. Although it’s like an option. 
For example, if a person sees his wife in an abusive situation with another man, what will he do? Either he will kill him or divorce him. Even after talking extremely objectionable things like divorce or murder, even so far the Samajwadi Party has not been officially dissolved, and in this case Akhilesh Yadav is avoiding speaking anything. 

In the case of Halala, the whole family was sued. After the father, son was also ready for the halala

t Sabina had told that no child was born till two years of her marriage

After three divorces, now the practice of Muslim women aware of them has gone a long way. In this practice, if the wife, who was separated from her husband, would have to live with her husband again, she had to go through a tradition like Halali with a third person. The first three divorces and now Muslim women have started against this halala, the effect of mobilization has now started to appear. 
On July 8, a social activist and Nida, daughter of the eldest son of Hazrat Khand, had put the pain of Halala and three divorced women in front of the world through a press conference. After that Sabina had told that no child was born till two years of her marriage. Because of this, the in-laws used to harass him. Her husband gave her 3 divorce because of this reason. It is worth mentioning that after the husband’s divorce, Sabina’s father-in-law forced her forcibly. 
The pain of that sufferer did not end. After some time, her husband married her again and then divorced and started asking him to laugh with Dewar. At this time, SP City Abhinandan Singh said in the case that the case of Sabina’s father-in-law, raping husband, unnatural relationship with husband, Dewar, Nand and mother-in-law on dowry harassment has been registered. They say the accused will be arrested soon. 

Muslim law board endorses nikah halala, says it is quranic practice and cannot be challenged

Halaala will definitely be, see what will do Modi – Zafaryab Jilani

The manner in which three divorce cases were on the horizon for some time now, it is in the same discussion that is the most recent case for which the Muslim Personal Law Board has played the most. Zafaryab Jilani is the leader of this organization and he is now the leader of the movement. But not only from the court but beyond the Modi government, it has opened its point in which Allea has been announced to not withdraw from the inch.
It is understood that after challenging the society and the law in the name of Sharia court, now the Muslim Personal Law Board has said that they are not accepting any kind of interference or change in Shariat and speaking directly on the pending matter in the court. If there is some tampering in it, its results will not be okay. On the issue of all these matters, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has held a meeting in Delhi on this issue. 
ed soon. After the meeting, the board was told that after the meeting, AIMPLB secretary and senior lawyer Zafaryab Jilani told us that we have received proposals for establishing Darl Qaza in 10 places. 
Speaking on this important issue, Zafaryab Jilani denying the idea of setting up Darul Kaja in every district, saying that we never talked about its formation in every district of the country. In particular, while referring to the case of Halala, Zailab, while addressing the media, recently supported the discussion of the Holocaust, and nothing can be changed now. He clearly said that women will have to accept it. 
After this statement, along with all those Muslim women fighting in the court against the practice, there has also been a shock to all those people who were seeking their freedom from this practice as soon as possible. However, along with many Muslim women, All the people were also shocked, who was seeking their freedom from this practice as soon as possible. However, many Muslim women have still spoken of continuing their struggle on this matter. 

Seeking a woman from Bareilly… after three divorce law

Due to the involvement of opposition parties, three divorce bills have not been passed from Rajya Sabha.

One of the three miscreants who have ruined the lives of women in Islam has already been divested by the Supreme Court, after which the Modi government passed the law against the three divorces and passed the speech from the Lok Sabha. However, due to the involvement of opposition parties, three divorce bills have not been passed from Rajya Sabha. 
Even after this, the Modi government is committed to completely blocking the three divorces.Now the voice has been raised between the central government’s commitment to preventing three divorces; Against another Islamic myth, this voice has raised the voice of Islam, Nida Khan, the daughter-in-law of the daughter of Bareilly of Hazrat Dargah, who himself has become a victim of this malady. 
Nida Khan, daughter-in-law of Hazrat Khandan, a dargah in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh has raised the demand of banning the second marriage from Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Nida Khan has also sent a letter to the Chief Minister demanding immediate passage of three divorce laws. 
Nida Khan said that Shaheed has given three divorces in this case, he has also been booked for embryonic killing, on which the police has imposed a charge sheet but even after the charge sheet, Shiran Raza Khan has not been arrested. 
Nida Khan told that the demand for a ban on marrying the Chief Minister has also been raised. There should be a strict law on the marriage of a second wife while the first wife is married. This has been demanded from the Chief Minister. 3 Divorce laws have been implemented as early as possible and demand has been given to women. 
Nida Khan says that if there are three divorces, there should be polygamy or be molested. All this is to ruin the lives of women, so she requests the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ji that the law to ban polygamous law Planted.