Israel himself told that the time when he had killed three hundred in thirty minutes, that 350 Palestinians were in danger for the country.

Because of its strong stance against Islamic terror, Israel has acknowledged that for the first time, Israel has killed 300 Palestinian maniacs in just three minutes to be considered the biggest enemy of the entire Islamic world. Former Israeli Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, proudly acknowledging the massacre of Palestinians, said that he had killed 300 Palestinians in three and a half minutes.

Giving interviews on TV7 broadcast in Ibarani language, he said that if the government is in my hand or I am made a defense minister, then in a few minutes, the Palestinians will sow the weeds in Gaza. He said that when I was the Defense Minister, 300 Palestinians who were “Hamas” activists were killed in about three and a half minutes in Gaza Strip.

The former Israeli Prime Minister sharply criticized the current government and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and said that there is no justification for the differences between the Cabinet and the Cabinet or the Security Committee to be involved in such differences. Ehud Barak accuses that Newton has no strategy to deal with Hamas, and the current Israel government has put arms against Gaza protesters and Hamas.He said that the Israel government should order the army to sleep in the Gaza Strip to kill the enemies of Israel.

The Israeli army told the Israeli court that ordered the demolition of the Palestinian village

Like the Israeli army, the morale of the judges there did not yield to the international pressure

“Brave” Know what this is the whole case in which a militant village taken on target Even though the so-called secular countries and the Gulf Islamic countries of the world are opposing all Israeli decisions from international fora, but the atal has opened its army openly, and the destruction of the entire village, which has become the lunch pad of the terrorists, Order passed by yourself and handed over to your soldiers.

Like the Israeli army, the morale of the judges there did not yield to the international pressure and he gave full exemption to the actions of his troops, giving full exemption against any kind of campaign against the terrorists. In this order, 180 people have been forcibly taken out of the village, which is being opposed by all the Muslim countries. But by their own court did not forget Israel’s soldiers like this, and he thanked his court in his style.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigador Lieberman praised the judges’ decision on Twitter and called it “brave”. Lieberman said “Khan al-Ahmar will be emptied. I congratulate the Supreme Court judges for his brave decision, no one is above the law, no one can stop us from strengthening our sovereignty, “. Not only that, Israeli soldiers have praised those judges with open holes, who made it clear that there will not be any place for anti-Israel accusations of the courts there.

The echo of this decision has gone to the whole world. Many countries consider this collective collaborative work of the army and judiciary as a better example for other countries to learn. United Nations figures show that Israeli officials have sanctioned only 1.5 percent of all permit requests by Palestinians between 2010 and 2014. In early July, Israeli bulldozers destroyed many tents and other structures in Khan al-Ahmar, collision with local residents.There was rocketing in the conflict, which had been crushed by the Israeli soldiers. 

Israel pulled their dead bodies by killing the stonebirds … to get back the dead bodies on the border

Israel has finally started a vicious form and started doing all that the groans rise on so called human rights and intellectual classes.

After being harassed by the day-to-day rocking and separatist terrorists, Israel has finally started a vicious form and started doing all that the groans rise on so called human rights and intellectual classes. Only recently did Israel declare war against Hamas, in which Palestinian territory was devastated by the rocket attack.
In protest against this, there was heavy stone-throwing on Israeli soldiers in the name of Ramallah, whose answer was earlier given by Israel in a moderate manner, but when the waters crossed the limit, Israeli troops lost their patience. It is being told that the Israeli army has rigged stones at many stonebag while taking strong action against the stone-bearer, in which many terrorist supporters and terrorists have been killed in the guise of terrorists.
The Israeli army did not stop there, the Israeli army dragged their dead bodies to calm down the anger that arose in their lives, etc. To get the bodies of their families, the Palestinians on the Israeli border He also protested heavily. With the families of the terrorists and the stonebirds killed, there were also many relatives who had accuse them that not only today but 20 There are many people from 15 who have been killed by Israel for their dead bodies.
They demand that the bodies of their family members be handed over to them so that they can perform their funeral with Islamic customs. At present, there seems to be no difference to Israel on any issue, and it has sent additional security forces to its borders.