When a 13-year-old pregnant was found, her mother screamed. The girl said, “The maulvi whom you think is very good …”

The 13-year-old girl on the pretext of giving headache medication.

When that year’s innocent innocent girl became worse, her mother took her to the doctor. After the checkup of the child, the doctor told what she told her to scream. The doctor told that the child is pregnant. What the child said on tailing was frightening and frightening. The girl said that the mum who you think is very good, she has done all this. 
The matter is from Jharkhand’s Hazaribagh. According to the news, Maulvi Fashion Bukhani has been physically abused for the last 6 months with the 13-year-old girl on the pretext of giving headache medication. When the victim becomes malaria and typhoid, then he is taken to the doctor for treatment. Minor pregnant was detected for the family’s ultrasound A case has been registered against the Maulvi in the Women’s Police Station. 
A 13-year-old girl went to Maulana, living near nearby one of January 2018 after headache. He gave some medicine in the name of medicine. Whereby he became unconscious After this, the maulvi took physical abuse. In the name of taking medication, he used to call innocents 3 to 4 times every month, and the maulana gave medication to foster the baby unconscious. Then he works wrong with her. The victim did not even know the physical abuse due to unconsciousness.
The victim said that in the last week of the month of June, the innocent started vomiting. Anjuman Hospital went to Ranchi with her mother for treatment The pregnant was found to have the ultrasound on the doctor’s advice. After this, on the initiative of the Child Protection Commission in Ranchi, the female police station’s monica Tudu was told the whole incident. On the basis of which a case was registered against Maulvi. Maulana was said to be a resident of Mahuatand in Hazaribagh district. Who works as a maulvi for many years and is married.