Hima is like himalaya , In the the farmer’s farm gold germinate , The daughter who came out of the pans stamped the history by winning gold

Hima Das: From rice fields of Assam to World U-20 Athletics Championships

Congratulate Hindustan’s new ”Fairy ”, the daughter of India # Hima Das, who got out of the farm barn and won the gold medal for India.
Hima Das – This name is on the top trending on Twitter since morning. The Hima Das who had no knowledge till yesterday, Hima Das has become the desired daughter of entire India today and the whole country is congratulating Hima Das.
Let us know that Hima Das has emerged as the new Swanaparri of India, who created history in the city of Tampere, Finland, making world records. Hima has won gold medal in the 400 meters race of the IAAF World U-20 Athletics Championship. The glorious achievement of Hima Das has forced the whole country to swing and now the name of the mother of daughter Hima Das tongue of every person. The farmer’s farmer’s daughter came out of the farm barn and gave the country gold. 
Let us tell you that this achievement of Hema Das is historic because it is for the first time that India has got gold medal in the IAAF track competition. Before that, no Indian player, junior or senior, could win gold in the world championship at any level, and even otherwise, Milkha Singh and PT Usha, famously known as Flying Sikhs, were not able to do amazing. This is India’s historic win on the international track. 
Hima completed the race in 51.46 seconds. The tricolor in the hands of Indian athletes and a triumphant smile on the face of an international athletics track was waiting for the picture that every Indian was doing for a long time. The wait was ended on Thursday night at the time when 18 people in the city of Tampere, Finland The year’s Hima Das got the first place in the 400 meters race of IAAF World Under-20 Athletics Championship, by creating history.
Let us tell you that till 35 th of the race, Hema was not even among the top three players, but later he got caught and made history. After the competition, when Hima took the gold medal and the national anthem started playing in front of her eyes tears. The Indian tricolor went to the top of the national anthem and Hima was dressed as a gold, then the Hima could not control her emotions and happily started tears with her eyes.
Hima did what was not done in the history of India till now. In the morning when the countrymen came to know that India has got a new flyover, which has won gold medal in far away country Finland. After this, the entire country was immersed in this achievement of Hima and the people of Bharatmata’s daughter, the new Udanpuri Hima Das, of Hindustan, were greeted by the people on the social media. Hema Das has congratulated the common people from popular celebrities.
Let us tell you that the place where Hima Das is on today is not easy. He has a great role to play with his hard work and courage behind his immense success. Hima is the daughter of an Assamese farmer who cultivates rice. He belongs to a very simple family. After the international success of Hema, who lives in Assam, there is talk from Finland to entire India.
The pride of Hima’s coach, the accomplished slave in Guwahati, can be realized with pride and joy. They laugh and say that I was certain that the Hima will come up with something big in Finland, but she will win the gold, its guess was not even before the race started. Hima took the gold medal in the 400m race with a time of 51.46 seconds, followed by Romania’s Andrea Miklos with 52.07 s second and Taylor Manson of USA finished third with 52.07 s.
In India today many people are discussing Hima but hardly anyone has seen them running live on the track in Finland. But there was a man who was eagerly waiting for Hima’s race.He was his coach accomplished slave. “When the last 100 meters of Hima was in fourth place in the race, I was convinced that she would bring gold this time, I know her technique,” says the accomplished slave when the speed of catching at the last moment of Hima is ” It keeps a little slower and puts its full energy in the last 100 meters, that is its specialty.
“Nipun says,” Hima has a little problem on the curve of the track, it is a very difficult problem, that is the reason that she is always behind in the beginning. But when the track gets straightened, it goes on fast by recovering faster. “Hima came near Nipun Das in January 2017, part of a camp in Guwahati, Hima, resident of Nagaon district of Assam. Had come to pick When the eyes of the accomplished lay on them
The accomplices tell about this visit, “It was January’s month, Hima had come to Guwahati, a capital city to take part in a local camp, the way she was running on the track, I felt that this girl has the ability to go ahead. After this, Nipuna went to meet his parents in Hima’s village and told him to send Hima to Guwahati for better coaching.
Hima’s parents could not afford to live in Guwahati. But daughter wanted to see her moving forward as well. In this difficult situation, the accomplished only took a path. He explains, “I talked to Hima’s parents and told them that I would raise myself for spending the lives of Hima in Guwahati, you just approved her to come out. After this, they got ready to send Hima out. “Initially, Hima had a fondness to play soccer, she would have won 100-200 rupees by playing a small football match around her village or district.
There was a lot of competition in football, due to which the stomina of the Hima stays good, because of which it managed to do even better on the track. Neptune says that when he prepared Hima to come to the athletics with football, he initially prepared 200 meters, but later he realized that he would be more successful in 400 meters.
Nipun Kumar told that Hima is from a joint family. There are 16 members in his house. The economic situation of the house is such that it just arranges for its food and drink. The accomplices say, “The economic condition of Hima’s house is not very good, her father is a farmer, she farms, while the mother handles the house.”
The place where Hima comes from, there is frequent floods, because of this, the family also has to suffer financial losses many times. Experts say, “In Nagaon, the situation of floods often happens, the place is not very developed, when Hima lived in the village, due to the flood, she could not practice for many days, because the farm or He used to prepare for the race in the field, in the flood, he would get confused with the water. That is why I brought him to Guwahati. ‘
After the success of Hima, the whole country is congratulating them. From the Prime Minister to the President, he has greeted them by tweeting for this historic achievement. Hima has also thanked everyone through her Facebook and said that she is very happy to win a gold medal for the country, she will try to win even more medals even further.
The Hema Das who have so far been selected by the numbered people, Hima Das has become the whole of India today and the whole of India is discussing Hima Das today. The nation hopes that the Hima will bring India to gold in the 2020 Olympics, this country’s spectacular display of Hima Ten.