November 16 – sacrifice day, Krantiveer Kartar Singh Sarabha. The part was of that great group, which was fighting on the chest of enemies, i.e. on their soil

Even if one lakh sing songs without slopes, no one can take the contract of independence from the road to the Parliament, but their screams and fake documents can not be forgotten by the sacrifices of those valiant sacrifices in any condition. He went on writing one breath of his name in the name of this world without any selfishness and future plan.

There is no blame anywhere in their name. They always dreamed of getting Bharat Mata free from chains for which they directly challenged the British whose court often saw some of the freedom fighter contractors appear. Kartar Singh was born in Ludhiana The village of Sarabha was held on 24th May 1896 in the Gawwal family. Father Sardar Mangal Singh died in his childhood. Baba followed him only. After getting the initial training in the village, he studied further in Khalsa College of Ludhiana.

After passing High School, he decided to go to America for a high resolution. On January 1, 1896, reaching the US, he worked as a farmer in Yuba City and deposited a few dollars for 12 hours working every day for three months. After this, the University admitted you to Californian Berkeley. During his three-month hard work’s wages, he was fully aware of how Indian people were spending their lives in America. Those days, Indians living in the United States were about 90% of the Sikh migrants.

The reason for the grim abusive situation was that a small country was ruled by England on its own. Just like other Indians, in Kartar Singh, the spirit of liberating India has started to become balaavati. This was the time when Kartar Singh Sarabha met Lala Hardayal. In December 1912, Lala Hardayal, Professor of Philosophy at ‘Stamford University’, came to address students of Berkeley University.

Lala ji challenged the youngsters to become a veteran, brave revolutionary instead of becoming an engineer, doctor or officer. He said that by sticking to the jug of English rule, it would be better to survive, to embrace death for the freedom of the forest. Kartar Singh and seven other students accepted this challenging challenge of Lala Hardayal. All these together laid the foundation of the Nalanda hostel in ‘Berkeley University’.

Kartar Singh Sarabha made tremendous visits to the factories and field operations to organize Indian workers. The ‘Hindi Association of Pacific Coast’ was established, which later became a ‘Gadar Party’. America’s San Francisco became the headquarters of the era of the Ashram. Nowadays, ‘Gadar Memorial’ has been made. Kartar Singh was one of the founding members of the Gadar Party. When the Urdu Urdu newspaper ‘Ghadar’ was released on November 1, 1913, Saradar Sarabha had tormented himself in his work.

When the Punjabi version of ‘Gadar’ newspaper was released on January 8, 1914, the responsibility of Kartar Singh was even greater. At the age of 16, Kartar Singh Sarabha was one of the leading captains of the Gadar Party. He was editor, writer and compositor of Ghadar Party’s newspapers, as well as he himself used to run the press. When the ‘Kamagatamaru’ ship reached the bank of Vancouver’s Canadian city, the Canadian government did not allow those Indian immigrants to land there.

For a month, this vessel’s vessel was caught on the shore and tortured by all kinds of torture. Eventually this ship had to be forced to return to India with its inexhaustible passengers. Kartar Singh Sarabha met with Baba Gurdeep Singh, leader of the passengers of the ship and Kartar Singh Sarabha met in Kobe Nagar of Japan and talked about arms related to him.

The first almighty jung had started and the Gadar Party leadership and Indians living in the US had a very good chance of reviving this situation against the British rule. The revolutionaries of the Ghadar Party, inspired Indian troops to form a plan to conduct freedom struggle against the British rule. Kartar Singh Sarabha went to India to complete this plan.

Listening to the challenge of the Gadar Party, nine thousand of the 10,000 Indian settlers in the US were ready to come to India. Most of these were then arrested on ports. Many Indians were shot by the English police. Kartar Singh Sarabha reached Punjab via Sri Lanka along with his sixty associates. He found the environment of Punjab very unfavorable. Over three lakh Punjabi youth were joining the British army and supporting the British in the Alameh Jung.

Mahatma Gandhi and his Congress were co-operating with the British in the hope of getting independence after the war. The Sikh officers of the Sikh gurdwaras have given the misguided misconceptions of the Gadar Party clerks. It seemed that India was not really ready for the freedom struggle of the Gadar Party. Kartar Singh Sarabha was not ready to accept defeat..

Together with the revolutionaries like Maratha Vishnu Ganesh Pingle, Raswahari Bose of Bengal and Shachindranath Sanyal, he got involved in organizing farmers, laborers and soldiers. They went to the cantonment camp and started meeting with the troops and encouraged them to revolt. Attempted to manage arms by visiting Kolkata. The date for commencement of the 21 February 1915 rebellion was decided by the Gadar Party.

Vishnu Ganesh Pingale and Kartar Singh Sarab went to the cantonments of Meerut, Agra, Kanpur, Lahore, Allahabad etc. to exchange ideas with Hindustani troops. During this time, he came to know that some of his colleagues have become traitors and have told the British all about the plans for the rebellion of the Gadar Party. Kartar Singh Sarab asked the leader of the Ghadar Party to decide on the date of the revolt on February 19, Rasbihari Bose.

According to the plan, Kartar Singh had got to know the plan before the people of Agra to meet with his companions in Ferozpur Cantonment to advance the revolt. As a result, army colleagues of Kartar Singh Sarabha were arrested. Kartar Singh escaped from there in some way and returned to Lahore after being upset. It was not in his nature to sit down accepting defeat.

After a few days, again to go to Sargodha Cantt to discuss the plans of revolt with the troops, a police informer arrested him there. Arrested Kartar Singh Sarabha was brought to Lahore Along with the sixty-six colleagues, he was found guilty of plotting and executing plans for treason against the British government. Although the youngest of the accused was 18 years old, the Anglican government declared them the most dangerous.

The English judge had written in his judgment that there was no such aspect of his American trip and the Ghadar Party’s rebellious plan in India in which Kartar Singh has not played Sarabha or has not played a significant role in it. During the trial of sedition, when the time for the statement of Kartar Singh Sarabha came, he never used to exploit this opportunity to save himself, but he did it only to spread the propaganda of his revolutionary ideas.

He accepted all the things he had given by himself and accepted his expansion. Kartar Singh Sarabha, while laughing at the British court, declared that he is ready to repeat death for the sake of the independence of the country. The British judge heard the death sentence of Kartar Singh Sarabha. On November 16, 1916, Kartar Singh Sarabha was hanged in Lahore jail. The war of independence of India was a very important role in the Gadar movement.

Kartar Singh Sarabha was one of the leading revolutionaries of the Gadar Party. Sardar Bhagat Singh, who gave Kartar Singh Sarabha the status of his guru, said that ‘Kranti Kartar Singh was very rude in Sarab’s rag.’ In fact, Kartar Singh survived for Sarabha Kranti’s life and got sacrificed for revolution. Kartar Singh Sarabha was one of the rare personality in which the innate simplicity of rural life was present, as well as a very sharp critical mind.

He was also an extraordinary worker and also a fantastic skier. With the ease with which he could talk to the farmer laborers, he could argue with the philosophical thinkers like Lala Hardayal, with the singularity. According to Bhagat Singh ji, he was also a singular thinker while he was a brave warrior commander of the freedom struggle. The grave sacrifice of Kartar Singh Sarabha has always been present in the frozen freedoms.

As long as the slogan of ‘Inklab Zindabad’ will resonate throughout India, then the name of Kartar Singh Sarabha will also be echoed because Bhagat Singh, his ultimate follower, gave us a great Kaljoyi slogan of Inqlab Zindabad. Today, on the sacred day of the immortal Veer sacrificial sacrifice, Sudarshan family repeatedly bowing down to Kartar Singh Sarabha and urging people to reconsider the song without shadows without shadows.

The party who advocated for the assassination of the soldiers, the country’s opponents, and the honorable authorities of the Pakistan-destroying terrorists had never even given the death of Nathuram Godse to his family.

Of course, you may have seen or seen videos of terrorists on YouTube on some patriotic TV channels, YouTube or on Facebook etc. There will also be some frenzied people supporting Pakistan against India’s policeman and against the police and the army, against India.

But at the same time, on TV, only a large number of prominent leaders of the party would have seen not only defend those anti-India slogans but also saw some parties lobbying for honoring the body of the dead terrorists, Explains the fundamental principle of India’s secularism.

Although not in any country fighting terror, there is no such way in the way that the great powers of Russia and the US leave the fighter aircraft in the terrorized areas of Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, without worrying that there are those evil terrorists and the enemies of humanity. Whether the funeral will be done properly or not?

But the politics of India is a little different .. but not for everyone .. There is no concession with Nathuram Godse. Today, the party sitting in the opposition, which was full of noise at the time of power.

Nathuram Godse was hanged on November 15, 1949 with another Narayan Apte. Nathuram Godse’s body was not given to the family by the government. While the same parties whose governments were still there, they lobbying not only openly the dead bodies of Kashmir’s destroyers, but also give them their respect to the people, but they believe in implementing it, whereas only the anti-India slogans and the army But stone pelting  is done.

But perhaps for those parties, secular India means just this and that’s enough, the people have been careful and understanding. The interesting thing about this case is that there is no address for the three accused walked. These were Gangadhar Dandavate, Gangadhar Jadav and Surya Dev Sharma. They were absconding and till date no one knows what happened to them.

It can be remembered today that for the alleged student of Najib, the efforts made by the same party, who were once asking the CBI and the Delhi Police for constant insistence, find out where Najib is. But at that time, where these three important people of the trial went away, whether life survived or not, no one knows nor was anyone allowed to know.

Regardless, even the Indian court also punished the PAC personnel in the Hashimpura case more than 31 years old, but the government’s cry continued to cry for no proof of any other case, and some people continued to be deprived of justice. It was on January 30, 1948. Godse and Apte were sentenced to death in the murder case. Savarkar was .

After the appeal in the High Court, the sentence of two accused Paruchar and Kishtiah was waived while the rest of the sentence was upheld. Godse and Apte were scheduled to hang on November 15, 1949. After this the option of the Supreme Court would have survived. But there was no Supreme Court in the country. In those days, after appealing to the High Court, the case went to the Privy Council located in England. But Nathuram Godse did not want any Englishman to determine his life. He did not want his life to be decided from foreign soil.

Nathuram told Devdas Gandhi, I am Nathuram Vinayak Godse. Today you have lost your father. I am sorry for you because of you. I have great grief over the misery that has caused you and your family. Please believe me, I have not done this work due to personal rivalry, neither do I have any malice to you nor any bad price.

Nathuram had said in his last speech that ‘My first obligation is for Hindutva and Hindus, being a patriot and a world citizen. Freedom of 30 crore Hindus and protection of interests will be the defense of the whole of India, where every fifth person in the world lives. This thinking made me close to the ideology and program of the Hindu organization. In my view this ideology can give independence to India and keep it up.Nathu said that he was inspired by Gandhi but he played an important role in the partition of the country and supported the Muslims and in return, he did not know how many Hindu gift climbed.




November 13 – Sher -E- Punjab “Maharaja Ranjit Singh” Birthday, who was victorious in Lahore and Peshawar by killing abuser Hashmat Khan at the age of 13.

In India’s history there are very few people who are engaged in the sycophancy of only one class, hardly know the details of the daring warrior. Fake artisans who tell India’s false history of shield and without sword are hardly aware of this heroic sacrifice About how bloody the story of India’s sacred history . The golden chapters of India’s same holy history are the glory of India born today  Ranjit Singh ..

Maharaja Ranjeet Singh’s name has been written in the golden letters of Indian history. This Mahavir of Punjab won many fierce battles on his own courage and bravery. Ranjit Singh’s father was the head of Succarkia Missal. In his childhood, Ranjeet Singh had become afflicted with smallpox, that is why his left eye became visually blind. But he never allowed this to become weak. Ranjit Singh, who came face to face with challenges from Kishoreva, was only 12 years old when his father died (year 1792).

At the age of playing, Ranjeet Singh was made the ruler of Missal, and he performed that responsibility well. Maharaja Ranjit Singh was a very simple person by nature. Even after receiving Maharaja’s title, Ranjit Singh used to sit on the ground with his courtiers. He was famous for his generous nature, high sense of fairness. He always used to work on removing his people’s sorrows and troubles.

The economic prosperity of their subjects and their preservation as if they were to protect them was their religion. Maharaja Ranjit Singh ruled for almost 40 years. He made his kingdom strong and prosperous in such a way that his victory did not have the courage of an attacking army to lift his eyesight and his empire.Mahajan Singh and son of Raj Kaur, Ranjit Singh has been trained in horse riding, fencing and other war skills since the age of ten. At the young age, Ranjeet Singh was going to different soldiers with his father Maha Singh.

Ranjit Singh, who gave dust to his opponents with his might, had a deadly assault on 13-year-old man. Kshatriya Ranjit Singh himself killed the assailant, Hashmat Khan, who slept on his own. In childhood, the pain of smallpox, an eyeball, the suffering of the death of the father at the earliest, the burden of sudden workload, the attempt to murder himself, all these difficult cases changed Ranjit Singh into some strong steel.§ Maharaja Ranjit Singh was married to Mahtaba Kaur at the age of 16. His mother-in-law’s name was Sada Kaur. Regarding the advice and encouragement of Sada Kaur, Ranjit Singh attacked Ramgadia, but he could not achieve the success in that war.

There was no death penalty for any criminal in any of their states. Ranjit Singh was a very liberal king, but by conquering a kingdom, he used to give his enemy some money in exchange for his life so that he could live his life. He was the Maharaja of Ranjit Singh who had renovated the Golden Temple ie Harmandir Sahib.

Today, the Sudarshan family takes the vows of valor and self-respect to keep Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji on his birthday, and to keep his successes forever immortal…

Another Indian soldier was hanged with Mangal Pandey, whose name was not shown to anyone till now. Know who was he was the second sacrifice – “Birthday special issue”

A history that you have not even thought of because it has been hidden from you.

In the annals of the Revolution of 1857, where Mangal Pandey had totally shaken the British power, at the same time another sacrifice was awarded the death penalty after him who was watching the whole case standing with him. The laughing left and the zodiacist historians did not mention them. In the whole case of the annihilation of the British, the Sepoy Ishwari Prasad Pandey also gave Mangal Pandey’s support from somewhere, which later was treated as a companion of Mangal Pandey and was sentenced to death. 
The injured Englishman Husson and Vog injured in the attack by Mangal Pandey, Ishwari Prasad, who was lying on the ground, was shouting for help from Pandey, but God did not help himself or allow anyone else to do it. Like Mangal Pandey and Ishwari Prasad Pandeyji’s words will always be immortalized forever. In this case, some are the only traitors of the country who later made the cause of the hanging of Mangal Pandey and Ishwari Prasad Pandey because they testified against these two warriors. 
Not only this, when Mangal Pandey was slaughtering both, some miscreants should not only help the British to catch the girdle of Mangal Pandey but also attack Mangal Pandey himself. But two English officers The attackers, Mangal Pandey and Ishwari Pandey, who were the sole killers, also attacked these traitors in which a panic had happened in those traitors and later to give a witness. 
Recalling all the Indians of that proclamation of Independence today, repeatedly Greetings and praise .Mangal Pandey and his associate Ishwari Prasad Pandey, who killed two English officers, It is a matter of regret that Ishwari Prasad Pandey’s name was not written in any book from anywhere, which shows some of the spaniards of India showing hatred towards the revolutionaries of historians and counterfeit artists who have painted books with such killers as foreign Vladimir Lenin