Bangladeshi- The grains being distributed to Rohingyou Kejriwal, who eats 12 thousand stall, 3 children died in hunger and hunger. After reading the postmortem report you will cry

Three sisters, who were found dead under unexplained circumstances in Delhi’s Mandawali area, possibly died of malnutrition or starvation, a postmortem report has said.

This is the case of India’s capital Delhi. Arvind Kejriwal, who once bought a plate of 12 thousand rupees in India, is running it. 3 The father of the laborer was looking for labor for the last one week but wherever he went he saw a supervisor mechanism made in the Kejriwal government and was driven away. The wages here also were given to caste and religion on the basis of priorities, and hence the special category was given to them. 
This painful incident is the Mandawali area of Delhi which is believed to be the stronghold of Manish Sisodia. The people here also had won Kejriwal with a loud noise but after that, if anybody’s work happened, then if any fruit was blown, then he was from a particular opinion or religion. The daughters of these daughters continued to run, but they did not get any wages anywhere, and after three consecutive days, the three daughters, who were delighted to donate food, have died. 
Before the death these girls were screaming from hunger, which did not go to Kano of Delhi’s Shahenshah and slowly the water and blood all over the body were finished. After some time, the daughters said this bye to the world. Kejriwal is still silent on this matter and is taking complete care of the incident of Alwar in Rajasthan, instead of discussing those daughters who are hungry for 3 days. 
This is the Post Mortem Report –