Many IAS officers out of Kashmir were believed to be Sanjivani for secularism. But everyone was shocked to hear this statement of top Shah Faisal

Know what is his thinking after going to the top post like IAS?

For the past some time, the fast growing number of Kashmiris in the army and police was declared for the country’s secularism. Sanjivani. With this, the number of Kashmiris in the IAS, which is also known as the most prestigious examination in the country, suddenly grew rapidly. It was the most publicity of the people that Kashmiris have a passion to join the mainstream of the country, due to which they have now come out of the path of terror. On the path of writing the studies

It is to be known that a petition challenging the nature of the country’s integrity, which is known as Article 35A in Jammu and Kashmir, is to be heard in the Supreme Court on Monday. But it was against its hearing just before its hearing. First of all, the Kashmiri separatist organizations raised their voice against it, as well as the National Conference has raised voice in support of the article.

Surprisingly, there is no one else who has given this statement, but has been a topper of the UPSC Civil Services Examination of 2010 batch and is currently in the US to participate in the Mid-career Postgraduate Courses. But everyone was surprised when Shah Rukh Khan, a Kashmiri-based IAS officer who had broken all rules and regulations, has also advocated Article 35A.

In a way, IAS officer Shah Faisal warned that the cancellation of Article 35A of the Constitution will end the relationship of Jammu and Kashmir from the rest of the country. In a tweet, he said, “I will compare paragraph 35A with affirmation. If you end it then the relationship will end. After that nothing will remain for discussion. ‘ He said that the merger of Jammu and Kashmir was done before the implementation of the Constitution of India. They said, ‘Yes, those who say that the merger still persists,

They forget that the merger was like ‘Stopped’ because the Constitution was not implemented at that time. ‘ He said, “If the marriage is terminated then what can be done is to prevent two people.”