December 7 – Remember the “Armed Forces Flag Day” with all the sacrifices made for the nation, along with their family members.

This is the day when the nation remembers the families of the martyrs who dedicated their lives to protect the country and extend their hands to help them in every moment of suffering… Today is celebrated in the form of “Armed Forces Flag Day” throughout India and assures the unmarried Uniforms deployed in the country’s borders and Emergencies that this nation is behind you and you and your family members are behind you. It is a day of inspiration. It gives inspiration, encourages those millions of warriors to stand up in the battlefield, which are called soldiers of the Indian Armed Forces and their muscles The integrity of the procedure are saved.

Let us know about the greatness of this great day and celebrate it with full devotion and dedication. On the day of Armed flag Day, there is a day of civil unity against the soldiers and their families, so the duty of every citizen is that They will contribute to the respect of soldiers and their welfare on 7th December. Money is collected on this day. This money is collected by giving people a sticker of the flag. The amount of sticker for the dark red and blue flag is determined.

People buy a sticker by giving this amount and put it on the pin with their pins. In this way they show respect for martyrs or casualties. The amount that is collected is deposited in flag day fund. The donation given to Sainik Welfare will be used for the rehabilitation and welfare of the martyrs of the three parts of Indian Army, dependents, handicapped soldiers and ex-servicemen.

This will benefit them. Today, Sudarshan saves the family on this emotional day dedicated to the families of Saaniko. In the battlefield protects the nation from enemies, as well as to all known unknown heroic devotees, and also to their great families who save the integrity of the nation to their uncles. Dedicated to keep .. Jai Hind’s army ..

December 1st – Salute the conscious leaders of India’s borders today on the BSF Foundation Day, which are standing in the sand of Rajasthan, in the winter of Himalayas and protecting the inhabitants of Assam.

Imagine the place where the sun is shining from above and sandal like sand belt, there is a desert storm coming in between. Going to such a place would not want to think of anything away, but there is also 24 hours of uninterrupted blinking deployment. Our nation’s watchful guard. Let’s think of those peaks of the Himalayan footsteps of thousands of feet where there is a coolness to tear the nerves, Sun Darwaja’s vision is not equal to, bullets from the front, mortar running and sometimes rocking from behind.

But there will also be standing in such places our nation’s protector. Then think in the last place where intruders across the border stand in the direction of entering the country in the night. Also, blinking in the eyes means that the boundaries of the nation I entered another illegal intruder, heavy rain from above, but there also the nation’s protectors will see you standing right there, yes, there are numerous sacrifices for India BSF team of Ajhon which limits called security forces, the foundation day ie December 1 today ..

The nation which has saluted the nation on the boundaries of the Vatan border, has received immortality for all eternity. BSF is the largest Border Security Force in the world. It came into existence on December 1, 1965. . This is a paramilitary force, which was established in the year 1965 during the times of peace to protect the borders and to prevent international crime. This force comes under the control of the central government’s ‘Home Ministry’.

Not only that, the important role of ‘Border Security Force’ in the independence of Bangladesh is beyond words. In the year 2018 BSF is celebrating its 53rd Raising Day. BSF jawans are equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance and fire fighting equipment to protect the country. The BSF uses thermal imaging equipment, hi-tech radars and night vision cameras to monitor the boundary. BSF jawans are posted for security of the country on a number of posts on the border about 165 km in Jammu and Kashmir.

High tech weapons are used by the BSF jawans to deal with infiltration or any unpleasant situation or attack on the border. These weapons include the armament of many new technologies including hi-tech mortar launchers and automatic machine guns. Border Security Force (BSF) will set up 50 new surveillance posts to further strengthen the boundaries of the Gurdaspur sector, which is from Pakistan. Due to the large number of land in this area being landless, it is very important in terms of security.

B S f. According to sources, this work will be completed within 1 year. Apart from this, there is also a plan to set up additional surveillance posts in other areas. These posts will be made with modular aluminum panels, which will be different in height, with BSF The activities of crossing the border will be fully monitored by the jawans.Today, the Sudarshan family repeatedly commemorate the group of the first responders of any impersonal act of the enemy country, repeatedly bow down to the departed all the sacrifices and their vows always vows to sing for eternity. Once again the BSF Repeat and warm greetings to all the presidents of the Foundation Day.

Better start of day for nation. Army of Hizbul’s two  terrorists Adil and Adnan got a heap.

Until the country woke up from the morning till morning, the Junk Force of India had prepared a great news for the countrymen. The Indian army has again killed under the continuous cleansing campaign in Kashmir, two infamous terrorists of Hizbul Mujahideen Those who have been created for a long time have been the enemies of Kashmir and the enemies of India’s integrity. They had consumed the country and had been betrayed by the country, the enemies of India were sitting.

He sold not only his life but his neighbors and terror masters till his life and finally all his nepak Arman was buried today, who would have been seeing arms raising his weapon against India. Be aware that the operation in Kashmir The clean thrust has caught and in this order again the army has killed two more Kashmiri and Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists Adil and Adnan. The two terrorists killed Were local residents of Mir and the encounter occurred in Pmpor area.

These encounters lasted overnight in which the army had surrounded both, and both of them were successfully killed in the morning. The encounter site was the Shawli area of ​​Pampore which falls in the South Kashmir area. In this area, the army, CRPF and Kashmir Special Police Force were conducting search operations in which the militants started firing after the encounter which ended with the death of both the terrorists. According to military sources, these two terrorists The local resident Waheed Ahmed had kept his house hidden, which was surrounded.

The militant was Adil Ahmed Malangpura of Pulwama and the second Adnan Ahmad was the resident of the Brobandan area of ​​Pulwama. Large amounts of ammunition have been recovered from both of them. After this encounter, the hijab’s waist has broken, and the army’s appalling fear has rattled the terrorists.

In the war of May 27, 1948, fighting the religious manmasters and sending weapons and ammunition to the soldiers of the Hindus, today the sacrifices were made. 4 volunteers of the Sangh are called “Sacrifice of Kotli.

Often, some so-called fake fake patriotic colors are heard from the people that what the Sangh has done for the country. They are asked about Veer Savarkar ji. But after listening to all of the Sangh’s silence, Shrimad Bhagavat Gita’s theory “Karmanayavadhyavacha, Maa Faleshu Kadakna” means going on the rules like fruitfulness without fruitfulness, and not only with religious thinking but also in the war with China, its sacrifice and sacrifice Votebank’s politics for the country of prime importance, though in India, was more talked about in foreign countries.

This is the reason why the RSS has always been the target of the people who have been teasing with the culture of India and imposing foreign culture. Pakistan has taken hans, Pakistan to fight for the sake of ‘India’, newly launched Pakistan attacked Kashmir only in 1947 Gave. The volunteers of the enraged union of the country’s defense have strongly resisted them. He informed the Indian Army, Government and Jammu and Kashmir’s King Harisinh at the time of these conspiracy. An immortal chapter of this saga was written in Kotli on November 27, 1948, which is currently in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

At the time of the war, some boxes of ammunition thrown by the Indian airplanes went to the enemy army. There was a lot of risk in bringing them up. The commanders appointed there did not want to lose their soldiers, so they contacted the association office. In those days Mr. Chandra Prakash, manager of the local Punjab National Bank was the city councilor in Kotli. He asked the commander how many young people should be? The commander said – work will be done from eight. Chandra Prakash ji said – I am one, I am coming in half an hour with the other seven.

When Chandra Prakash ji told this to the volunteers, then not one or two, 30 youths were presented for it. Nobody wanted to lose this privilege of sacrifice for the country. Chandra Prakash ji trimmed seven with great difficulty; But the rest were stubborn. Therefore, they were returned by giving ‘the command’. All of them left their eight companions from the enlightened eyes. The military commander explained the whole thing to those eight There was a stream between the Indian and the enemy army, against which the stomachs were lying. It was evening.

In spite of the winter, volunteers crossed the drain and tied boxes on their backs. After that he started moving towards his area; But in the water bustle and noise, the enemy soldiers became aware and started firing. Volunteers continued to move forward between this shootout. Meanwhile, Shri Chandra Prakash and Shri Ved Prakash were shot. Without paying attention to it, the remaining six volunteers of the Nala Parkar Sakulal came into their borders and handed over the chest to the Commander.

Now, to bring back their injured colleagues, they crossed the river and reached the enemy border. Until the arrival of them, the lives of both the valiant volunteers were flying. The volunteers tied their dead body on their back and returned. Seeing this, the enemies sharpened the shoot. This led to a volunteer and killed. His body was also tied on the back. By then another bullet gave a damn to the monument of the fourth volunteer. That too the protection of the motherland was sacrificed.

The scene to return to this group was a big leap. Four sacrificial volunteers were tied on the backs of their four injured companions. When they were kept on the pyre, the sky was lifted from the lion of ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’. The inhabitants of the rain of rain The sacrifice of these volunteers brought color. The enthusiasm of the soldiers increased from the contents of those boxes. Like a hungry lion, he broke down on the enemy. In a very short time the enemies’ feet were crushed and even before the chit of ashes became cold, they started hoisting the tricolor on the hill.

With the army, the morning sun also poured its first ray on the chita and paid tribute to those volunteers. Today, sacrifice sacrifices of the sacrifices of the Coptina are only a small part of the Sangh’s union. All of these have been sacrificed so many. The Sangh has not only sold but the pen and the blunt intellect only brightened one class. Had a habit of taking …, with the sacrifice of the soldiers of Hind, fighting with them for protection of the Nation, those four sacrificed souls who have become immortal forever and forever, commemorate Sudarshan’s family repeatedly on their sacrifice day, repeating the promise of eternal life for their successes.

Hizb Commanders Among 6 Terrorists Killed in Shopian Encounter; Mobile Internet Suspended

After the destructive form of the army against the cowardly criminals killing innocent people, now they are starting to get rid of terrorists and they are getting reasonable answers. The blurts of Kashmir were once again. In the showpiece, the garibs of the army have become silent for eternity, and 6 sadhak terrorists who had remained hostile to the peace and goodwill of India. .. not just Kashmir but has been running wave of joy after the encounter in the country ..

It is known that once again, the army has killed 6 infamous terrorists by attacking the terror bosses. The encounter was a face to face, which was not ready to put arms even after the army’s all-out efforts. All the terrorists were surrounded in the Baghund area of ​​Shopian district of south Kashmir. In this encounter, the army was not only the army but also the CRPF, and the Kashmir Police. Kashmir’s Special Police Force SOG also participated in this Mahabhaion with 34 National Rifles.

At present, the search operation in the area is still going on. The encounter is over. According to information from sources, so far the corpses of 4 militants have been recovered. The remaining 2 bodies are likely to be recovered soon. All the terrorists killed are Hizbul The Mujahideen group, which is currently notorious for flouting the innocent in Kashmir. All these terrorists include Mushtaq, the district commander of Hizb. The army had suffered a slight resistance in the operation but the operation was successful.

In this encounter, a protector of the nation has also been injured, who has been taken to the hospital for treatment. The bravery of the army is being praised on every side. The names of the terrorists killed are Mushtaq Mir, Abbas, Wasim, Umar Majid, Khalid Farooq is being reported while another is likely to be Pakistani.

Those who say “National Disaster” to the chilli powder have declared the rocks on the soldiers as “Mischief like children’s “

Once again, in the discussion, politics of India .. If the attack of a chilli powder first activated the Delhi government, then after this, trying to capture the neck of the central government through this medium .. According to the leader ji The attack was deadly and the twitching took place and it was decided to defer the guilty policemen, who has lost the time without taking the person into custody and started questioning questions.

The questions are also standing on how to reach a safe place at a highly secured site, while the attacks on the Parliament of this country and the blasts of Mumbai’s stock market were adopted to screw up the politics bets. Politics more red than hot and chillies reminded the soldiers of the country’s defense by protecting the integrity of the country..The warriors who are in the number of 2 or 4 and they have 4 thousand Area gives surround much of the crowd began to pierce the stones.

At that time, there was a determination to protect Bharat Mata’s Anan Mann Shan. The warrior is fighting on two fronts. Chests on the chest and stones on the back .. But more than two dozes of pain and suffering, the same young man and the pain Looking at the pill or the back is more painful than the stones. The third pain is that the young man’s ears were in the ears of the leaders in which the anti-India, Pakistan slogan Children and innocent words are used for crowded people who are born to life.

Not only this, by self-defense, if there is any injury to that frenzied crowd in the hands of those soldiers, then the so-called leaders sitting in Delhi are able to prove that heroic enemy of the country whose uniform is a symbol of self respect for India. Most of these white collars are those who have come to Dubai, but Kupwara, Shopian, Kishtwar are in what direction they will not know properly.

At present, hope is expected from all the intellectuals in politics, even if Delhi’s chillies declare themselves as a national calamity but do not blame the morale of the nation’s survival warriors. Do not address them with words like ‘Thula’ Instead of the Batla terrorists, remembering the sacrifice of Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma, shed tears. Instead of going to Dubai, instead of going to Dubai, Anantnag, Naushera, Kargil Go to not close look legitimate position at which they are issued a statement from Delhi ..

November 21 – Birthday hero Yadunath Singh .. 9 Marches with Indian Sinho, 250 Pakistanis, and finally became immortal .. Himalayas are still witness to that greatness.

You will hear a lot of noise nowadays like Tipu Sultan etc. You have also seen attempts to forcibly tear apart all the baseless facts. But the heroism which is still echoing today, he has hardly heard of the Himalaya’s discussion in the Himalayas. Imagine the 9 warriors who knew that the number of enemies in front is around 250, even then they have not decided to skip the inch and kill all and get immortality.

But instead of trying to forcibly glorify a pestilence rather than his true and lively history, it would be considered to hurt the soul of these heroes by the so-called politicians, fake artisans and false historians. If someone says that even a bit of history If there is no tampering, then Yudhunath Singh can bear testimony of the memory of today, which means that on 21st November there is a birthday but hardly this glorious day Od rest are missing someone.

Param Vir Chakra’s hero Jadunath Singh was born on 21 November 1916 in village Khajuri of Shahjahanpur (Uttar Pradesh) district. His father’s name was Veerbal Singh Rathore and mother’s name was Jamana Kanwar. You received education only till class 4 I was deprived of further education due to poverty. On November 21, 1916, Nayak was admitted to Rajput Regiment Fatehgarh in the year 1941 on the day of November 21, Ut joined the regiment’s 1st Btalian .

On 6th February 1948, hundreds of soldiers of the Pakistan army attacked at 6:40 am. At this place, the leader of the picket of 9 soldiers were doing Jodunath Singh. In encounter, four Pickett soldiers were badly injured. The hero wounded The soldiers took the brain gun and began to take a fight with the survivors of 5 survivors. First, the injured gunner’s brain gun again used a bulk of his stan gun and the enemy Not barred from proceeding .

When the other platoon of the Indian army reached the front for help, the Nayak’s 2 bullets had been taken against him, but his nephew was engaged in a fight against the enemy with his stain gun. This super hero had limited number of 9 soldiers in Pickett and limited bullets and grenades Thanks to that, in the injured state of Nausera sector of Jammu Kashmir, hundreds of enemies have done extraordinary work to kill and on the retreat of the enemies .

Before this, only Major Somnath Sharma had got this medal. Today, the Sudarshan family takes a pledge that the hero of the heroes, who repeatedly bow down on his birth anniversary, will always remain immortal for his success.

Whenever the Indian army takes any action against stone makers, the so-called secular elements

Whenever the Indian army takes any action against stone makers, the so-called secular elements and humanists of the country stand in the face of stone-bearers that they are strayed young men. And these young men attacked the Indian army’s jawans Rajendra Singh and took his life. Tell us that in the Anantnag of Jammu and Kashmir, Rajendra Singh was injured in stone-pelting on Thursday and died on Friday during treatment.

. Rajendra Singh, a resident of Pithoragarh in Uttarakhand, was part of the team that works to protect the Border Road Organization. On Thursday, on the team Anantnag bypass was attacked by rockers. In the attack, a stone was placed in the head of Rajendra Singh. After this he was admitted to the hospital for treatment. But he died on Friday.

According to the army, at 8 pm on Thursday, when the army was passing on an NH-44 in Anantnag, stones were rained down by stones. In this attack, a stone was straight on the head of Rajendra Singh. Army informed that the young Rajendra Singh was immediately admitted to the hospital for first aid. But due to serious injury, their condition has not improved. He died on Friday evening. Rajendra Singh was a resident of Badena village in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand.

He joined the army in 2016. Army Chief General Vipin Rawat has reacted strongly after the death of Army jawan in the attack of stonebags. The Army Chief said that after the incident, how differentiating between terrorists and stonebags should be considered and why not even with stone-bearers, it is like terrorists. The army chief said, “The person who died in stonebath was engaged in the security of the Border Road Team which is building roads. Some people ask us after that do not behave like stone fighters with terrorists.

A student of Aligarh Muslim University was beaten up after being stabbed by Jamia University’s scholar who was in fact a traitor of  country .

In the past, a Kashmiri student doing PhD from AMU was linked to a terrorist organization who was betrayed by Mannan Wani Watan and was stacked by the Indian Army. After the Manna Wani was stacked by the army, there was a lot of politics, but now Indian Army has sent the traitor terrorist student Sabhar Ahmed Sophie, a traitor terrorist student of Delhi’s Jamia University after the AMU, to the Hail.

Let us tell you that two terrorists of Hizbul Mujahideen were killed in an encounter with the security forces in the Naugam area of ​​Jammu and Kashmir capital Srinagar. Among them was a terrorist research student.

Police said that both the terrorists were identified as Sabhar Ahmed Sophie (33) and Asif Mohammad. Sophie was doing a Ph.D. in Botany from New Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia. After the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani in July, 2016, he became a terrorist.

He is the third highly educated person this year to be killed in an encounter with the security forces by joining terrorism. He also has MSc and B.Ed degrees. In the same month, the research student of Aligarh Muslim University, Mannan Bashir, was killed in an encounter with security forces in Kupwara, North Kashmir. Prior to this, Rafi Bhat, assistant professor of Kashmiri University, was killed in an encounter in Shopian, two days after being terrorized in May this year.57

A police official said that on the basis of the presence of some terrorists in Suthu Kothair area of ​​Naugam, security forces started a siege and search operation. He said that during this time the militants fired on the security forces, after which two terrorists were killed in a shootout. The official said that other materials including weapons and ammunition have been recovered from the encounter site.He said that the clash between the protesters and the security forces started soon after the encounter ended. Officers carefully closed the mobile internet service in the city and the educational institutions also had to close.

For the sake of the terrorists, human rights were going on

The so-called human rights activists screamed and were questioning the army.

For the sake of the terrorists, human rights were going on … the soldiers who were killed there came to bury their son Human rights contractor became silent on the killing of the soldier … Recently, a few photographs of the Indian Army dragged the bodies of the terrorists killed during an operation had surfaced, on which the so-called human rights activists screamed and were questioning the army.

On one hand, where human rights were being targeted by the terrorists and targeting the army, the parties like Congress, PDP and NC also criticized the army saying that dragging the body of the terrorists is a violation of human rights. These humanitarians and politicians, who screamed at the death of the terrorists, became silent at the time when militants shot and killed the tribal soldiers in Kulgam district of Jammu and Kashmir. The young man had gone home for his funeral a few days ago after the death of his son in a road accident.

A police official said that the militants of the Territorial Army jawans entered the house of Mukhtar Ahmad Malik in Shurat of Kulgam district and they shot them near nearby. The official said that Malik died on the spot only. He said that Lance Naik Malik was on leave to attend his son’s funeral. Police said that Malik was a rebel before joining the regional army. Suspected terrorists had entered the house as a reporter.

Malik’s relatives said that suspected terrorists came in the form of reporters and said they want to meet Malik. The relative said, ‘They (terrorists) went inside the room, where people were sitting in mourning. They saw him and shot him and then he got out. ‘ While releasing the statement, the army said, “He (Lance Naik Mukhtar Ahmad, who has been killed by terrorists) was on leave in Kulgam on his son’s untimely death a few days ago.

And went to participate in the funeral of his son. We stand by solidarity with the family of martyrs and ensure complete support in this hour of distress and in the future. ‘ According to local residents of Shurat village, Malik’s son had been seriously injured in a road accident in Kulgam a few days ago, whose teenage death had died earlier. The villagers say that Mukhtar, who came to attend his son’s funeral, was shot dead by the terrorists, which led to his death.