Necked sand and corpses were laid to Iraq. Nasidul Hamzafar of Kerala … even if caught, he did not even tell that he is an Indian. Imagine the level of hatred

Nasheed al-Hamzar, who lived in Kerala, was killed on the basis of religious belief, killing people and trying to kill him, he fled from Iraq to Iraq and became involved in the worst terrorist Islamic organization ISIS. Now he has been arrested and brought to Kerala. It is learned that in his laptop in 2013, his friend copied some speeches. These were the same speeches that inspired him to join the Islmil State Khorasan Province (ISKP). He was questioned after being arrested, in which he opened many of the Islamic State secrets.

Let us tell you that Hamzafar (26) became the first Indian in September this year to be exiled from Afghanistan. He was admitted here illegally. Here he is associated with ISKP. His friend Shihas is among the 21 men, women and children who went to Afghanistan without leaving Kerala. These people left Kerala in 2016 and went to the place controlled by the IS in Afghanistan.

Hamzafar said that Shihas works in ASKP’s media team and another friend is in charge of Ashfaq Hejra (Migration). A news agency report says that Hamzafar was first taken to Isafahan in Iran after reaching Tehran in October 2017, where he was kept in the expatriation camp by an unknown person. In exchange for this, $ 450 was taken in return. Hamzaffar said- ‘The long line was started in the camp. He told the officials that he is Afghani, so he should be left in Afghanistan.

There he was interviewed and taken biometrics. He was put in the vehicle to Pakistan forcibly to understand Pakistan. After which he said that he was an Afghan, he was taken to Afghan camp. “He told that he was sent to Nimruz of Afghanistan. Where he contacted his friend Ashfaq. After which he sent the unknown person Abu Ali to there. As soon as Ali took it, the Afghan Security Force came and took him into custody.

He lied many times that he is an Afghan but the force knows that he is an Indian. The security personnel showed him pictures of Ashfaq and Shihas, he said that he is his friend.

After this he was sent to Afghan Intelligence Jail, where he remained in custody for 3 months. After this he was sent to the American jail Bagram, where his biometrics were taken and kept in custody for 3 months. After which he was sent to India. He was impressed with Zakir Naik speeches and asked his family not to watch TV.

He also told his mother and sister that he should cover himself completely. After which, his father also reprimanded him. He was taken out of college and in college he met with a quandary. Which was so much of alcohol and ganja. He said that many changes were started in his friend Shihha, he kept on increasing the beard, he began to do religious things. Hamzafar was also involved in the fundid program with his friends by Jaakir Naik.

He said that the program was told about Islam and Christian religion. After which his friend, Basin Vincent, adopted Islam. Vincent and his wife Mary also left for Afghanistan in 2016. He further said that his friend Shihas had created WhatsApp group named Message to Kerala. In which he used to send the message and said that 99 percent of media reports are wrong. All right there. After this she also sent a PDF file of 110 page to her. After which he was attracted to the Islamic State.

The world’s most wanted Islamist Salih Karakaj was killed in Iraq.

America Russia, Israel was all looking for Many major terror attacks included Salih Karakaj Salih Karakaj ..

The horrors of the ISIS Islamic terrorists who operated the terrorist gang from Islamic Iraq were synonymous with panic throughout the world. Salih Karakaj’s not just Iraq, but the US Was looking for Russia and Israel. The reason was clear that Salih Karakaz was the Commander of ISIS and he had executed many Baddi terror cases.

His aim was to establish the Islamic Empire in the world and apply Sharia on the strength of the sword, on the strength of the bomb blast. For this, many innocent people were killed, children, elderly women were massacred. Salih Karakaj, becoming a major threat to the world, was involved in the Hitlist of America, Russia, Israel and many other countries. After all, the day came when Karakaj, who took the life of innocent in the name of religion, was defeated by his own life.

Let me tell you that the terrorist terrorist ISIS militant Salih Karakaj was killed. According to the information, the Iraqi security forces killed a significant local donor of the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) karakaj in the province’s central province Salahuddin on Saturday. Colonel Mohammad al-Baji of the Salahuddin provincial police of Iraq told the news agency Xinhua, “The incident took place in the early hours, when the joint forces of the soldiers and paramilitary tribal fighters were from a group of IS militants

These people were heading towards a rural area in the west of the 280 km north of the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad. Baji said, the joint force killed the leader of the IS group named ‘Navhwaand Battalion’, Salih Karakaj. Baji said the Joint force identified the body of Karakaj. An alert has been issued in Iraq after the death of Salih Karakaj, because after the death of Salih Karakaj, ISIS can carry out terrorist attacks with a sense of exchange. 

Syria is slowly becoming the Shiite country. Fear of the Russian army, the occupation of the Shi’a occupies the lands of Sunni

the Russian-backed ruler of Assad is moving forward to recapture mostly Sunni rebel areas in the north and south-west of Syria

A war that is changing rapidly has shaken social structure with the picture of the whole world and geography. People who see two super powers fighting domination are not surviving because they are either victims of America or Russia’s bullet. The survivors have come to the target of Israel, Iran or Turkey. In total, the country of the corpses is changing rapidly in Syria, social structure. 
In this country, Christians and Shias are gradually being occupied, because in Sunnis, mostly because of being a supporter of ISIS, terrorists are seen. It is worth noting that in this assertion of the United States and Russia, so far five million people have been killed in Syria, mostly Sunni Muslims. Those who survived the demonstration of the power of the US and Russian forces, take refuge in foreign countries. 
The United Nations Refugee Committee itself says that due to this horrible war, so far, 320,000 people have been displaced due to the increase in violence in Southwestern Syria, while 7,50,000 other people are at risk of being victim of violence. Most people in the social structure of Syria are Sunni Arab Muslims. 
At this time, the Russian-backed ruler of Assad is moving forward to recapture mostly Sunni rebel areas in the north and south-west of Syria, they can be further worn. 
Meanwhile, the State of Assad is becoming more communal in the form of Alouit (their sect), Shia and Christian minority have started taking away the property left by Sunni runners. For this, Shi’a Muslim’s patience will also be considered as Sunni Muslims have mostly caught the path of crime and terrorism, which led them to the target of the Syrian government, and has now come to the target of superpower like the US and Russia. ..
Because of this, he had to live a nomadic life and now he has to leave his country and run away. However, wherever he is in asylum and in the country, he is doing exactly what he used to do in Syria. The flood of terrorist incidents has come in Europe. Over 80 percent of Syria’s Muslims, 10 to 20 percent of the Sunni Muslims dominate Shi’a Muslims, and even the higher officials are mostly Shia, because they taught instead of terror and wrote attention to making themselves more so.