Pakistani Blogger Killed! …… for criticizing ISI ?

An Islamabad-based blogger and social media activist, Muhammad Bilal Khan, was killed on Sunday night.The 22-year-old Khan, who was with his uncle Ehtesham, was attacked, Khan was killed while his uncle was severely injured in the attack and is currently undergoing treatment.

Khan — who has over 16,000 followers on Twitter, over 48,000 on his YouTube channel and over 22,000 followers on Facebook — is known for criticizing ISI and the government.

The suspect used a dagger to murder Khan, said police, adding that the sound of firing was also heard from the area. Funeral prayers for Khan were offered in Abbottabad.

The late blogger’s phone is in police custody where the record is being accessed. Reacting to the incident the locals said that press freedom in pakistan is null and void if it is against the army and the ISI.

Deceased father however talking to media said my son’s “only fault was that he spoke about the the Prophet (PBUH) and his companions”, he added, saying he was proud of his son.

Islamic militants now target Mozambique … 12 dead bodies..

Islamic terrorists, who were massacring across the world in the name of Islamic religious jihad, have now wreaked havoc in Mozambique, where 12 people died in a terrorist attack. According to the news, this Islamic terrorist attack happened in northern Mozambique. It is reported that after this attack thousands of villagers from neighboring areas are going to neighboring Tanzania. Police sources said this Sunday.

According to media sources, a police source in Cabo Delgado province, on condition of anonymity, said that there was an attack in Nangane district on Friday, where there was no security patrol. The assailants killed 12 people, mostly women and children. “The police said that the attack took place only in a few kilometers away from Tanzania in Chikuaia village of Velha.

Thousands of people are forced to cross the border due to the attack due to security. A local journalist said that the assailants had killed the villagers with sharp weapons or their houses by setting fire on them. Let us tell you that this is the third incident in Cabo Delgado since last month, in which 20 people have been killed. Authorities have detained around 200 suspects in connection with the investigation of the case. Since last year, radical Islamists are active in this area, while in Maputo, the government is promoting oil and gas activities in the province.The world’s worst condemnation of this fierce attack in northern Mozambique has been condemned.

In another Islamic country, the war began to be slaughtered in one another. More than 150 dead bodies have fallen in 24 hours..

After all, what is the thinking that slaughtered innocent people on the basis of religion? What is that thinking which ever explodes bomb in religious places and kills the devotees of God, then they become a fidayeen in public places and heapons of corpses? The most surprising thing is that when this thinking does not succeed in killing non-religious people, then in some way, they start their slaughtering after considering their own religious people as non-religious.

All this is happening in Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iraq where Islamic terrorist groups are constantly killing people. These terrorist groups form terrorists in Hindustan and other countries based on terrorists, then in these countries they have the same base, but their scale of measurement is changed and people are taken to know. There is news from another Islamic country like Afghanistan, Syria, where the conflict has started, which has killed more than 150 people in the last 24 hours.

According to the news, these conflicts have occurred in Islamic land Yemen, where between government supporters and rebels, there has been a clash between the last 24 hours, in which at least 150 people have died. The battle between Hutti rebels and supporters of the government or the army is being fought in Hondaiya city of Yemen. Yemen’s military said on Monday that it has killed seven civilians. According to sources, more than 100 Hunti rebels have died in this encounter.

It is being said that Saudi Arabia is also attacking rebels in this fight. Explain that this port city located in the Red Sea is occupied by Hunti rebels since 2014. Hodaida is a major city to enter Yemen with sea routes. Yemen’s government-backed military and Saudi-backed forces have said that it has succeeded in overthrowing several rebels from the Hodadea port.

It is being told that till now 110 rebels have been killed in the entire city, at least 32 other people have died, in which there is a civil and government-backed army. It is being told that the war between the rebels and the government-backed army has been going on since November 1 in Hondaiya city of Yemen, in which about 600 people have died so far. Hondaina is the most populous city in Yemen. According to media sources, Islamic country Saudi Arabia has been receiving violent intervention in Yemen for many years, in which millions have lost their lives.

Saudi has alleged that Yemen is their neighbor, where the Hurriyat rebels get support from Iran. Saudi accusations that Iran is providing weapons to the rebels and that they are using against the Kingdom, while Iran has repeatedly denounced these allegations of Saudi Arabia. At present, tremendous strife and massacre are continuing in Houdeda of Yemen.

Why did sentenced death was not given to a woman ?

In Pakistan, what radicalism dominates is this happening in Pakistan. The whole Pakistan is so boiling at this time and is stirred on the streets that why a Christian woman was not given the death sentence. Tell you that Christian woman Aasia Bibi has been acquitted by a Pakistani court for blasphemy and has forgiven her for her death sentence. After this, there is a tremendous ruckus in Pakistan, and Pakistani fundamentalists want Aasia Bibi to be sentenced to death in any situation.

On the verdict of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to forgive Asiya Bibi, activists of ‘Tehrik-e-Labbak Pakistan’ (TLP) came to the streets on other cities including Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar and Karachi and jammed several roads. There are also reports of clashes with firearms and security forces in many places. According to Pakistani TV Geo, Section 144 was imposed from October 31 to November 10, when the security arrangements in Pakistan, Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan were deteriorating.

When Aseiya Bibi was acquitted in the blasphemy case, Pakistan’s Army Chief Kamar Javed Bajwa is being described as non-Muslim and is being provoked to rebel against the army. Apart from this, threats are being made to kill the Supreme Court judges of Pakistan. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court of Pakistan, in its historic judgment, acquitted the execution of the Christian woman Aishiya Bibi, convicted of blasphemy, and acquitted her, after which the protest began in the country.

In 2010, the mother of four children, Aasia Bibi, was convicted for insulting Islam during a dispute with her neighbors. He always told himself innocent. A three-member bench of the apex court led by Chief Justice of Pakistan, Saquib Nisar, ruled on Wednesday. Nissar said in the verdict, “In view of the evidence presented on behalf of prosecution in the alleged blasphemy case from the petitioner, it is clear that prosecution has failed to prove its case.

He said that if Aasia Bibi is not desired in other cases, he can be immediately released from Shekhupura jail near Lahore. The Pakistani fundamentalists are not able to forgive Aisi Bibi’s release and forgive the death penalty. Whereas the extremists are threatening to kill the judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, on one side, while Pakistan Army Chief Kamar Javed Vajwa is being persuaded to rebel against Pakistani Army Chief by calling Pakistani soldiers as non-Muslims.


“When my jihad against the Abbasid Indian army was martyr, I will do the same.” Shoaib joined the Islamist militant group Hizbul Mujahideen.

He breathed in the air of Hindustan, grew up in the soil of Hindustan, took all the facilities from the Government of India and after taking the resolution of the destruction of Hindustan, he took up arms and joined Islamic militant group Hizbul Mujahideen

Kashmiri young man who joined Hizbul was studying engineering from Uttarakhand’s Dehradun but after that he has decided to fight Hindustan. Terrorist student Shoaib Lone’s father is also terrorists. Lone’s father was killed by the army in the 90’s. The student went on leave from his institute by spoiling his mother’s health and talking about a friend’s marriage, but after leaving, he joined the terrorist organization without reaching home.

After the Shoaib loan terrorists have been formed, with the Central security agencies, Military Intelligence and Army have approached Dehradun. This student had left for Dawn from Kashmir on September 20, after that he is not aware of it. How did Shoaib loaning in Dehradun come in contact with active terrorist organizations in Kashmir? Did the sleeper cell present itself not motivated him to terrorism or linked to terrorism through social sites and other means?

In response to all these questions, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) along with the Military Intelligence investigation has gathered. According to the news, the Kashmiri student’s father was killed in the 90’s after joining the terror organization. Due to his being killed in a terrorist attack, the terrorist organization also gives him a martyr status in his posts. Shoaib Lon’s photographs running on social sites have also been martyred with the name of father Arshad Hussain.

The student of Bumrat (Kulgam) in Jammu and Kashmir, is a student of fifth Samester, BSc (IT) at Alpine Institute, located at the Shaweb Ahmed Lone Nanda’s post. Shoaib returned home in June, after returning to the Institute located in Doon back in September. After staying here for three or four days, on 20th September, after the mother’s health worsened, the friend’s marriage was said and Shoaib went back to Chandigarh from Srinagar’s flight. On leaving on 20th September from Doon, he went directly to Kashmiri militant outfit Hizbul Mujahideen.

After registering the disappearance of Shoaib in Kulgam, it was found to have been linked to terrorist organizations, then the prosecution has also been registered under section 121 (attempting to wage war against the Indian government or to attempt war) on the terrorists. . Dr. SK Chauhan, Director of the Institute informed that all the information about the student and the files related to his admission have been made available to the Army. He said that he can not tell much about Shoaib now because Army and Police are investigating this matter.

Additional Director General of Police Ashok Kumar says that information gathered about Shoaib will be made public soon. Who came to see the loan from Kashmir, whether there was any terrorist face or not, how he came in contact with the terrorists while staying here.

He did not contact abroad via phone or whitsapp. Police and intelligence have also gathered information about its questioning, such as hostel operators, warden, dean of the school, and his fellow students, but the trouble of getting the terrorist connection remained a big problem for the police. The police has started asking questions to the students of his familiarity with Selamukai, along with Kashmir, for his knowledge.

After the Muslims, China now being aggressive against Christians … New order baffles to Europe

In the past, human rights organization Amnesty International had raised concerns about government suppression against Muslims in Shijiang, the western province of China, and said that Uyghar Muslims are being tortured in China’s Xinjiang Province.

Amnesty International had said in the report that atrocities against Muslims in China can be estimated from the fact that Muslims in Xinjiang have been kept in captivity in camps, they are prevented from studying namaz, preventing them from shaving. Used to be. There was a panic in the world after this report, but it did not make any difference to China. The Chinese government had cleared that it would not allow its country to become Syria and Libya. Sexual harassment of a 10 year old girl in Madarsa 52 year old Maulana arrested in police custody

But the news that has come from China is even more prudent. China, with atheist Communist ideology, has now numbered Christians after the Muslims, after which not only the European country but the whole world is astonished. This communist ideology is the ideology which considers religion as a poison and religions obey their enemies. People who believe in this ideology are present throughout the world

And this ideology of China has now started taking action against Christians of Muslims, whose target is not only Christian people, but also churches and pastors. According to the report, the Chinese government, including the capital, Beijing, all the large churches and churches Has ordered to shut down, demolish The situation is that there is no place for prayer in the Roman Catholic community in Henan province.The example can be seen in an official sign board outside the Catholic Church of Central China. In which children have been warned not to join prayer. Also, “illegal” churches are being dropped on a large scale in China. The Chinese government has ordered the removal of cross from the top of the church. Apart from this, the government has confiscated religious materials and sacred items printed from the church, And KG schools run by the church have been closed. Apart from this, it has also been asked to remove religious images from public places

Sexual harassment of a 10 year old girl in Madarsa 52 year old Maulana arrested in police custody .

A sudden flood of sexual offenses arising from innocent girls has come and it has been found in Delhi from Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra to the madarsas. Many clerics, Maulana have been arrested so far in the light of the Havas, in which now a new number is named Abdul Arif’s

Abdul Raouf wants to make a child in that madrassa. The victim of his lust, in which he used to give the world the chance to show it to the innocent children. For the first time, when someone has opened a mouth against that Hovasi Maulana, then there is a hope that further evils will come in front of him.

It is worth noting that an incident of shaming humanity came at a time when an early maulana was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly taking sexual harassment of a 10-year-old girl in a madrasa while taking immediate action in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore district. is. In this district a flood of such crimes has come and this is the fourth such case during the last seven days in which the young girl has reached the police after being sexually abused

An official of the Khajrana police station in Indore said that on the complaint of the victim girl, Maulana Abdul Raouf (52) of a madrasa in Roshan Nagar area was arrested. He told that on Sunday, Raouf took the girl to a corner of Madarsa and allegedly allegedly made obscene remarks against her. The girl told this to her parents. Upon hearing the whole incident, the baby girl’s emotions flew away.

He immediately contacted the officials and after that the officer told that the victim girl, along with her family, reached Khajrana police station, the police asked her to stay there for a while. In the meantime, the police took Rauf and brought him to the police station. The police talked to the girl in front of Maulana, then she made a filthy statement of her teacher.

According to the information received so far, the accused filed a case against the accused under section 354 of the Indian Penal Code (the use of the attack or criminal force for the purpose of dissolving the woman’s shame) and under the Protection of Child Rights Act (Poxo Act) from Sexual Offenses is. Detailed investigation is underway

For the sake of the terrorists, human rights were going on

The so-called human rights activists screamed and were questioning the army.

For the sake of the terrorists, human rights were going on … the soldiers who were killed there came to bury their son Human rights contractor became silent on the killing of the soldier … Recently, a few photographs of the Indian Army dragged the bodies of the terrorists killed during an operation had surfaced, on which the so-called human rights activists screamed and were questioning the army.

On one hand, where human rights were being targeted by the terrorists and targeting the army, the parties like Congress, PDP and NC also criticized the army saying that dragging the body of the terrorists is a violation of human rights. These humanitarians and politicians, who screamed at the death of the terrorists, became silent at the time when militants shot and killed the tribal soldiers in Kulgam district of Jammu and Kashmir. The young man had gone home for his funeral a few days ago after the death of his son in a road accident.

A police official said that the militants of the Territorial Army jawans entered the house of Mukhtar Ahmad Malik in Shurat of Kulgam district and they shot them near nearby. The official said that Malik died on the spot only. He said that Lance Naik Malik was on leave to attend his son’s funeral. Police said that Malik was a rebel before joining the regional army. Suspected terrorists had entered the house as a reporter.

Malik’s relatives said that suspected terrorists came in the form of reporters and said they want to meet Malik. The relative said, ‘They (terrorists) went inside the room, where people were sitting in mourning. They saw him and shot him and then he got out. ‘ While releasing the statement, the army said, “He (Lance Naik Mukhtar Ahmad, who has been killed by terrorists) was on leave in Kulgam on his son’s untimely death a few days ago.

And went to participate in the funeral of his son. We stand by solidarity with the family of martyrs and ensure complete support in this hour of distress and in the future. ‘ According to local residents of Shurat village, Malik’s son had been seriously injured in a road accident in Kulgam a few days ago, whose teenage death had died earlier. The villagers say that Mukhtar, who came to attend his son’s funeral, was shot dead by the terrorists, which led to his death. 

The teen talaaq the father of the victim, abducted from the mosque … … said, “You have committed your daughter” Know the whole case …

The Muslim woman did declare war against the three divorces and the marriage of Halala,

The Muslim woman did declare war against the three divorces and the marriage of Halala, religious fanatics got scared. The situation became such that before issuing a fatwa against that woman, it was rejected by Islam, and after that when he went to read the prayer in his abbu mosque, he did not pray namaz in the mosque and removed him from the mosque.

We are talking about the former daughter-in-law of Bareli’s elder sister, Hazrat Khan and three divorced victims Nida Khan. Islam’s father, Nida Khan’s father, who was dismissed from Islam, did not read prayers and left the mosque outside the mosque. According to the news, Mursar, father of Nida Khan, resident of Baradari area of Bareli, went to Jumaye Namaz in the mosque located at Shahdana Vali Dargah. At 1:55 pm, as soon as they reached the mosque and started listening to Sunni, the Namajis referred to fatwa from Imam.

It has been reported that a Namajee had questioned the Imam whether the person who was rejected from Islam was allowed to pray in the mosque, then the main Namajee refused. The matter got caught and the commotion started. At the same time, the radicals got furious and started sloganeering against Nida Khan’s father and he did not read prayers in the mosque and did it out of the mosque.

Nida’s father told that Imam has provoked Namazis against me. They also tried to attack me. On receiving the information of the incident, Nida reached the spot with her mother, Yasmeen and Gunner. In the meanwhile, a crowd of hundreds of people who arrived at Namajee and Dargah Shahina Vali came together. On receiving the information of the incident, many police stations and cheetahs mobile also reached the spot. The crowd surrounded Nida and her family.

The police took them out of their way. Nida said that in the case SSP has been given Tahrir. Mufti and Masjid who declared fatwas have demanded legal action against Imam. 

The country boiled on the auspicious night of the Islamic Conference …

Police had to stop the public from attacking the conference The world would be vocal against religious fanaticism …

 In the past few years, the way religious extremism has grown in the world, people have been forced to think that if this fanaticism is not stopped in time, then the situation is going to be very frightening.

These fears of increasing transition of religious extremism are not in vain because the whole world is aware of the condition of Syria, Libya, what is the situation there. In view of this, recently the Czech Republic’s Prime Minister Andre Babis had said that to save the civilization of Europe, it would have to stop the Islamic infiltration. The Taj case is from the US, where local people land on the streets after getting the news of the Islamic Conference.

And the opposition to the conference started by saying that this conference is going to promote Sharia law, which they do not accept.

With the presence of the armed Black Panther, the 55th conference of the Islamic Society of America went on a rampage on Saturday. The police had to come forward to defend the middle. The organizers of the conference had news that some local people could create a ruckus outside the organizing venue, George R Brown Convention Center.

After this he informed the police. As soon as the Islamic Conference started, the local people started protesting and tried to enter inside, after which the police arrested three agitators in the fear of peace breach. Let me tell you that the three-day conference began on Saturday, after which around one hundred people from Texas Patriot Network began gathering at the Convention Center from morning. Among them were the people of white extremists too. These people were sloganeering ‘Nazi back home’.

The people of this group said that they want to say only one thing to the Muslim community that those who are in America, they become American citizens one day and they have to abdicate the laws and obey the US laws and regulations. is. Black Panther spokesman Crystal Muhammad has said that according to the first chapter of the American Constitution, all religions have the right to speak their words, on which the agitators say that the constitution of Islamic law will be imposed on Sharia.