Intelligence agencies look at those who attended the meeting, called ‘Darshe-E-Quran’ … after what is being taught there?

In order to spread panic in the name of religion, Islamic fundamentalists are adopting new methods in order to create slaughter. By doing regular meetings, by giving coaching in a way, terrorism is spreading religious fanaticism. The Darsh-e-Qur’an and Al-Ehidid, a banned outfit, organized a series of meetings to blast Hindustan. The information about the involvement of the youth in them has led to the sleeping of intelligence agencies.

In the meetings of Indore, Madhya Pradesh, 35 Muslim youth have participated in their meetings. The country’s security agency is conducting confidential monitoring of each of its strides. The technology has been used for scribbling. Scanning of every foot print is being done. There are such youths on radar who are doing technical studies and have attended three meetings of Dar-e-Quran. Prior to this, people trained from the meetings of Dar-e-Quran are associated with Islamic militant groups and have tried to create a catastrophe in India.

Founder of Indian Mujahideen (IM) Abu Faizal was a medical student in Indore. Due to attending the meeting of the Dar-e-Qur’an, Abu Faisal was arrested as a SIMI terrorist. After getting bail, Abu created the Terror Group IM. It looted the bank with bomb blasts in Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Orissa, UP and MP. The meetings of al-‘A-hadid’s meetings in Ratlam followed and Imran set up the Terror group of ISS along with Al-Sufah. Hindu leaders murdered leaders of organizations

The Delhi IB team made Imran’s confidential statement and detained members of the Terror group. Ehateam Siddi of Mumbai set up a SIMI network in Malwa. Meetings took place in Indore, Ujjain, Khandwa and made a train blast in Mumbai. Now once again the religious fanatics are holding these meetings, then the ears of the security agencies have stood.


A student of Aligarh Muslim University was beaten up after being stabbed by Jamia University’s scholar who was in fact a traitor of  country .

In the past, a Kashmiri student doing PhD from AMU was linked to a terrorist organization who was betrayed by Mannan Wani Watan and was stacked by the Indian Army. After the Manna Wani was stacked by the army, there was a lot of politics, but now Indian Army has sent the traitor terrorist student Sabhar Ahmed Sophie, a traitor terrorist student of Delhi’s Jamia University after the AMU, to the Hail.

Let us tell you that two terrorists of Hizbul Mujahideen were killed in an encounter with the security forces in the Naugam area of ​​Jammu and Kashmir capital Srinagar. Among them was a terrorist research student.

Police said that both the terrorists were identified as Sabhar Ahmed Sophie (33) and Asif Mohammad. Sophie was doing a Ph.D. in Botany from New Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia. After the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani in July, 2016, he became a terrorist.

He is the third highly educated person this year to be killed in an encounter with the security forces by joining terrorism. He also has MSc and B.Ed degrees. In the same month, the research student of Aligarh Muslim University, Mannan Bashir, was killed in an encounter with security forces in Kupwara, North Kashmir. Prior to this, Rafi Bhat, assistant professor of Kashmiri University, was killed in an encounter in Shopian, two days after being terrorized in May this year.57

A police official said that on the basis of the presence of some terrorists in Suthu Kothair area of ​​Naugam, security forces started a siege and search operation. He said that during this time the militants fired on the security forces, after which two terrorists were killed in a shootout. The official said that other materials including weapons and ammunition have been recovered from the encounter site.He said that the clash between the protesters and the security forces started soon after the encounter ended. Officers carefully closed the mobile internet service in the city and the educational institutions also had to close.

Not only the Haryana, the connection of many mosques came from terrorists … transition spread across India.

After the disclosure of the matter of making a mosque in Palwal of Haryana with the money of the Islamic terrorist group Lashkar, the ears of security agencies have stood. Security agencies are suspecting that in many parts of the country, the local network is being used on this pattern by using money from terrorist organizations. After disclosing the money received from Hafiz Saeed in Palwal Masjid, the NIA is considering increasing the scope of its investigation.

According to NIA sources, the matter of making a mosque from a terrorist fund is not limited to Palwal of Haryana. Some districts of western Uttar Pradesh have now come under the purview of the agency’s investigation, as arrests have already been done in respect of terrorist funding. The Salman links to the people of western Uttar Pradesh, accused of constructing a mosque from Terrorist Fund in Palwal.

Officials of the NIA feared that besides the western Uttar Pradesh, the contact of terrorists can be done in Bihar, Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir as well as arrests have already taken place at these places. Indeed, intrusion has become difficult due to strict surveillance on the border. Therefore, terrorist organizations have brought out a new way to create a tire module in the country. Now they are in the midst of money to set up a terror network inside the country.

For this, money is being brought in the country through hawala and it is building stately buildings. For the past few years, many parts of the country have suddenly seen large large mosque buildings or madarsas standing up. It is not necessary that every such building belongs to the terrorist organizations, but suddenly the abundance of such buildings creates suspicion, so the intelligence department has gathered in the investigation of funding deposited for such buildings.

Apart from this, another sensational news is also that efforts are being made to spread fanaticism through social media so that ground cadres of terror organizations can be prepared. For this, funding is being done through hawala.

The Israeli army told the Israeli court that ordered the demolition of the Palestinian village

Like the Israeli army, the morale of the judges there did not yield to the international pressure

“Brave” Know what this is the whole case in which a militant village taken on target Even though the so-called secular countries and the Gulf Islamic countries of the world are opposing all Israeli decisions from international fora, but the atal has opened its army openly, and the destruction of the entire village, which has become the lunch pad of the terrorists, Order passed by yourself and handed over to your soldiers.

Like the Israeli army, the morale of the judges there did not yield to the international pressure and he gave full exemption to the actions of his troops, giving full exemption against any kind of campaign against the terrorists. In this order, 180 people have been forcibly taken out of the village, which is being opposed by all the Muslim countries. But by their own court did not forget Israel’s soldiers like this, and he thanked his court in his style.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigador Lieberman praised the judges’ decision on Twitter and called it “brave”. Lieberman said “Khan al-Ahmar will be emptied. I congratulate the Supreme Court judges for his brave decision, no one is above the law, no one can stop us from strengthening our sovereignty, “. Not only that, Israeli soldiers have praised those judges with open holes, who made it clear that there will not be any place for anti-Israel accusations of the courts there.

The echo of this decision has gone to the whole world. Many countries consider this collective collaborative work of the army and judiciary as a better example for other countries to learn. United Nations figures show that Israeli officials have sanctioned only 1.5 percent of all permit requests by Palestinians between 2010 and 2014. In early July, Israeli bulldozers destroyed many tents and other structures in Khan al-Ahmar, collision with local residents.There was rocketing in the conflict, which had been crushed by the Israeli soldiers. 

Indian army retaliated by martyrdom of junk soldiers … 4 killed and Islamic terrorists

The sacrifices were made yesterday 4 soldiers and 4 terrorists were killed

On 7th August, after the martyrdom of 4 Indian soldiers, including Major in Kashmir’s Gurej Sector, the Indian Army has been torn apart by Islamic terrorists, and today, the revenge of the martyrdom of their soldiers has killed 4 Islamic militants.

And today, once again the Indian Army took the form of a rowdy form and sent four terrorists to hell. According to the news, on Wednesday, in the Baramulla district of North Kashmir, they launched a siege and search operation and during the operation, the security forces killed four terrorists. A soldier’s army was also injured in the firing by militants in the encounter.

Official sources said that on receiving information of the presence of terrorists, special operations squad of Jammu and Kashmir Police and Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) conducted joint search operations in Rafiabad, Sopore and Baramulla.

Sources said that sealed the whole area of Rafiabad and started extensive search operation. When the security forces were moving towards dense forests, the hideous terrorists started firing on them. During this, a young man was injured in the firing which was later taken to Base Hospital.Sources said that the firing continued between the security forces and the terrorists till late evening and at least 4 more terrorists were feared to be hidden in the area. 

The terrorists of the LeT have been caught by the Delhi airport … Many wanted to kill Habib … The leaders again said – “There is no religion of terror”

Terrorist attack on Independence Day

In view of the Independence Day of the country’s security agencies, the alert of the terror attack in the capital of the country was issued in Delhi. In the meantime, security agencies in the country’s capital Delhi have taken a great hit. The security agencies are being named as Habibur Rahman alias Habib, the terror suspect arrested on the day of New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, a terrorist from Lashkar-e-Taiba.

Significantly, security agencies have tightened security arrangements in view of the possibility of terrorist attacks in view of Independence Day. In such a way, security agencies are on alert to prevent any untoward incidents across the country. According to the received information, the captured terrorist was also plotting a major attack on August 15. It is being told that terrorists are linked to Lashkar-e-Taiba, let them know that Lashkar-e-Taiba is a terrorist organization operated from Pakistan.

It is learned that Habib was originally from Kendrapara of Odisha and was currently living in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and the LeT had sent him to Delhi Shrine. It is important that before this, the police also foiled a big conspiracy of terrorists in Jammu. is. Jammu-Kashmir Police arrested an al-Qaeda militant from Jammu on going to New Delhi on Sunday night.

Police also recovered 8 hand grenades from the suspect arrested from Jammu. Police said that after the arrest, high alert has been issued in Jammu too. The terrorist is being questioned about his plans and his contacts outside the city and the city. 

Another traitor Kashmiri Muslim has taken the gun and has taken the oath to banish the zenith of Bharatmata .

.Yet there is no religion of terror …

He breathed in the air of Hindustan, consumed the food of India and took all the facilities from the same constitution of India which he had got but deceived it with that nation, against the Bharatmata who gave him all these facilities

He used to take every facility from India but he also took the training in destroying Hindustan inside and then he got caught one day, the way he was taught in the training. He took the weapon against India and shot the gunman and in the lap of the Bharatmata, he had vowed to abduct that Bharatmata. Let us tell you that another Kashmiri Muslim youth has betrayed India and joined the terrorist organization.

Arif Ahmed Mir is the name of the new terrorist who is betrayed by India. According to the news, Arif Ahmed Mir has now become terrorist from Pahalgam, the tourist spot of Anantnag district in south Kashmir. After joining militant ranks, his picture on the social media with the AK-47 rifle has become viral. According to the photograph, the identity of terrorist militant Kashmiri Muslim has been identified as Arif Ahmed Mir’s son Abdul Rahman Mir as Pahalgam.

Local people said that Arif had been missing from the house for more than a week. The family searched everywhere, but today his picture on the social media has become viral, in which he has announced the involvement of terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba. It is being told that this terrorist, after furthering his fanatic religious feelings, took the oath of war with India and his army till the last breath.

Well, the time will tell only that how many shades will this traitor deliver to India, but Hindustan forces are definitely ready to bring the traitor to hell. 

30 th july is a Day of sacrifice – ransacked by bullets, Brave Bablu Singh did not ran towards hospital he ran to killed Islamist terrorists and killed 2 .

The true incidents of heroism and bravery are not told to us

Although we may not hear it, it is true that India’s land has never been empty from the heroes. This is the land where the heroes have taken birth from time to time and whatever happiness is seen in the calm areas, they are the reward of the sacrifice of those who do not wake up day and night but only by sacrificing their lives and protecting us. Keeping the balance of our guns kept India calm. One of the many eternal sacrifices was the great warrior Bablu Singh Ji, whose sacrifice day is today. 
Bablu Singh, who is called the ‘Lion’ of the Jat Regiment of Alfa Company , had stacked the terrorists several times before this time. In his big expedition, he was repeatedly needed … he was in the army since June 2005 Whenever he used to come to his village, he used to talk about making preparations to go to the other young men in the army. They used to say that the sew is widened when the body is uniform. 
sacrificial Bablu was posted in J & K, stricken with Islamic terror from the year 2014. Baliidani was a resident of Jhandipur village of Mathura, who was posted in Kupwara of Kashmir in that time and was protecting the boundaries … talking last time on July 3, 2016, he came out saying that he got mobile deposit Because their campaign is very dangerous and to eliminate the traitors that are going on in their battalion campaign … 
After this, the people of his house used to call him many times but he did not call his phone because he had achieved the goal of extremely inaccessible and terror-affected areas, which he had been doing very efficiently. On July 30, that day today, Jammu and Kashmir This warrior Veergati was found in an encounter with Islamic militants in Naugaam sector of Kupwara district. 
Army officials say that Bablu Singh made war with introduction of indomitable courage and even after the bullets, he continued to keep guns from his guns on the terrorists. Before this climax, this Veer killed two Islamic militants But when he was taken to a nearby medical camp, while protecting Mother Bharati, this sacrifice always had immortality for eternity. 
Sudarshan News repeatedly commemorates and congratulates the image of such image of valor and valor today on his sacrifice day and once every advocate of the army advises to spend some time visiting the sacrifices of the people to get the education of the nation. Bablu Singh Ji will always be immortal whenever there is a matter of bravery, valor and valor. There the army of Jai Hind … Jai Bharat .. Vande Mataram …. 

World is shining with the blessings of 2 Biggest Power fight against Islamic terrorism

An auspicious sign is that it is for the world infected with terror.

The two biggest powers of the world, who are fighting Islamic terrorism, which are infecting the world with their own strength, both of them used to have their mindset. The advantage of their mutual differences was that they would pick up the unfortunate terrorist groups play Holi with Blood. 
Their mutual rivalry caused problems for the civilized class of the world and was a cause for happiness for the terrorists .. But US President Donald Trump did his job during his tenure, which could hardly have been thinking of doing anything else. After ending the dispute with North Korea, negotiating relations with Russia is such an accomplishment of Donald Trump, which has hardly been able to do any more. 
It is known that meeting with US President Donald Trump’s Russian and President Vladimir Putin is a topic of discussion in the world today. After the meeting, both have come together in a collective statement in which they have said that there is no problem or problem between the US and Russia now, and both of them together will fight with all the other problems of the world, in which global terrorism is the main priority of Islamic is terrorism. 
After this meeting, it is now believed that both the countries in Iraq and Syria will be able to eliminate the terrorists. Simultaneously, the two great sages talked about strengthening mutual cooperation and mutual relations. The third country in Helsinki was the sight of the world on the visit of these two great sages who finally reached a meaningful result. 
Both of these countries talked about China. Donald Trump, tugging the old leaders of his own country, said that the relationship with Russia was not wrong, it was mistaken and stupid. After this meeting, Putin also pledged to throw both the nations together and bend terror .. 

Taliban dropped 20 dead bodies in Pakistan .. – “Now there was a trailer, the picture is still there”

The Taliban issued a warning and said that the Peshawar attack is a trailer only

The terrorists whom Pakistan had brought to India to create a catastrophe, today the terrorists themselves are becoming a canker for Pakistan and are blaming Pakistan only. 
This time, the target of Islamic terrorists, the Peshawar city of Pakistan, which suddenly emerged from the bomb blasts and after that there were corpses of 20 Pakistanis killed there. Following the bombing of 20 Pakistanis, the Islamic militant group responsible for the attack, the Taliban issued a warning and said that the Peshawar attack is a trailer only, the entire picture is ahead of it. Pakhiya Awami National Party (ANP ) Election Rally 
Let us know that this attack happened in the election rally of the Awami National Party (ANP) of Pakistan. In Pakistan’s Awami National Party’s election rally, more than 60 people have also been badly injured in this terrible suicide attack. Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has taken responsibility for this attack. In Pakistan, the Sakriya Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan terrorist organization, taking responsibility for Peshawar suicide attack, said that this is a beginning, there is still a lot left. 
In this attack, Awami National Party leader Haroon Bilour was also killed, who was going to contest from PK-78 parliamentary constituency of Peshawar. With them, 13 other ANP supporters have died in this attack. A total of 20 people have died in the attack.The statement that before 2012, the son of ANP leader Bashir Ahmed Bilour was also killed in terrorist attacks. 
After the Peshawar attack, a Pakistani reporter tweeted that the TTP spokesman took the responsibility of Peshawar Suicide Attack.
TTP said that he had taken revenge of the previous government ANP. Mujahid Abdul Karim is being named as the terrorist who is involved in suicide attack. On the other hand, the Election Commission of Pakistan has postponed the date for the elections in PK-78 parliamentary constituency of Peshawar. Election Commission said that the new date will be announced soon for the PK-78 voting.