Palestinian stone responds to Israeli bullet again .. Silence for eternity, 6 stone sheds and soldiers who silenced them National soldiers

The Israeli army gunning against the religious extremism has always been needed against the Palestinian maniacs once again. The Israeli army has turned 6 Palestinian stone slabs into stone, stoning Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip. After this incident, tension has increased between the two. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said that he was returning home after passing the visit of Paris in the middle.

He went to Paris to attend a program organized on the completion of the hundred years of World War I. Israeli army confirmed that one of his soldiers died and others injured during the conflict. Israeli army said in a statement, “There was a firing from both sides during the campaign in Gaza Strip. In this incident, one of the officials of the IDF died and an additional officer was injured in a minor manner. Palestinian security sources said that the encounter took place in the eastern area of ​​Khan Unis in southern Gaza Strip.

Gaza’s health ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra told that six Palestinians have been killed. A local hospital said that among the dead, there was also a local commander of Hamad’s armed wing ‘Azzedin al-Kashem Brigade’. After the conflict, there was a notification of playing siren in southern Israel, indicating a possible rocket attack from the Gaza Strip. Israeli military spokesman Jonathan Conrichus said that all Israeli soldiers involved in the campaign have returned to Israel.

Hamas spokesman Fazzy Barham, who runs the Islamic movement in the Gaza Strip, condemned the “horrific Israeli invasion”, while Israel says that the Israeli army will do the same against the enemies of the country.

Did the knee stroke ahead of Israel? The Israeli minister, who had disobeyed Azaan, remained his guest..

Is there a fall in front of Israel, which is called the biggest enemy of Arab Islamic countries? Most of the Islamic countries are thinking this from a decision taken by the United Arab Emirates. However, the UAE has rejected all these conclusions and said that it gives importance to its strategic partnership. It is known that Israel’s image is of a country which adopts an aggressive approach against religious extremism, and for this reason most Islamic countries consider Israel as their enemy.

Let the US government invite a minister to the Israel government by inviting his country. After this decision, Muslims from all over the world expressed anger against the UAE because the Israeli minister whom the UAE has called, had defied Ajan. After the gold medal by the Israeli players in Judo Grand Slam match in Abu Dhabi for the first time, the song of the overwhelming zanyi rule was played on the land of a Muslim country for the first time. According to many newspapers, reggae had a great dislike of the first of the Islamic prayers.

It was said that listening to Azan’s voice in the mosque sounds as if the dog is begging. Israel’s Sports and Culture Minister Miri Reggaev, on the invitation of an official representative of the United Arab Emirates, last Sunday, Sheikh Zaid Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi Visited. Let us tell you the UAE does not have diplomatic relations with Israel; Regge Abu Dhabi joined the delegation with the Israeli team participating in the judo grand slam.In his Facebook post, Regge explained that he had an official invitation to go to the mosque.

Then showcasing India’s growing power in the world … Iran bent ahead of India on Iran issue

India’s growing power in the world once again seen the world when the US on the Iran dispute bent in front of India. The US has given exemption from India with all the restrictions imposed on Iran. The United States announced on Tuesday that the restrictions imposed on eight countries including India have been temporarily removed, in which India is the chief. The US says that it has given India this exemplary strategic visionary Chabahar port and the construction of a railway line connecting it to Afghanistan.

Let us state that these restrictions were imposed on the trade of Iran with Iran. The restrictions imposed on the banking and petroleum sectors of the US government have been implemented since the beginning of November. The United States has said about this decision, that the decision has been taken to reduce oil prices and save the falling market, but there is another reason for this, and it is Chabahar port. This port is a major project to strengthen Afghanistan’s economic condition and to protect the public from terrorism and violence.

At the same time, this port is also required in the Afghan policy of the US and long-term strategic need in Asia. A US State Department spokesman said, “Exemptions in sanctions have been given so that Chabahar port can be developed. The railways could also be constructed, allowing the goods to be delivered to Afghanistan. Import of Iranian petroleum products from Afghanistan was also being freed from sanctions’. .

This trump administration verdict shows that America recognizes the role of India in this port being developed in the Gulf of Oman. It can be understood in such a way that the Trump Administration is one of the most stringent Banned and then granted a discount to India. It is extremely important in strategic terms for Afghanistan’s development of port warfare.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman said that after deep consideration, the External Affairs Minister has made a provision for exemption from some restrictions imposed under the 2012 Iran Freedom and Prohibition Act, which is the development of Chabahar port, construction of a railway line connected with it and The use of Afghanistan through the port is related to the shipping of goods kept separately from the ban. At the same time, it is also associated with the continuous import of Iran’s petroleum products.

The US official said, “In view of the close relations between our two countries, this pressure has been left in the policy. This decision has also been taken so that the unstable policies of the Iranian rule can be changed.” Without the help of Pakistan, with the help of Pakistan directly connecting with Afghanistan and with the view of maritime security, the Chabahar port project is very important for India diplomatically.

Due to US sanctions, India had a shock from Iran in this project and Iran’s friendship with China was increasing. China also does not want the Chabahar project to take advantage of India. Since China has rejected the US ban on Iran and it is Iran’s largest oil importer country. In such a situation, China could shock India through the Chabahar project, but now it can not happen.

Bridges in a very small country but challenging the entire Arab world, with the Israelis standing … embassy also transferred.

The world has started to stand in support of Israel, which is called the biggest enemy of the Islamic world. Israel has now received support from the world’s smallest Brazil, which has challenged the entire Arab world and has declared that it is with Israel’s unity and integrity and that it has transferred its embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Will do In the recent elections in Brazil, newly elected President Jere Boulosonaro confirmed this.

Brazil will be the first country to move its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem after the Second and South American continent. According to the News Agency, the former Captain of the Brazilian army has announced to take his embassy to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem. Brazil’s new President Boulosnaro has not delayed implementing his conservative agenda after winning the election on Sunday.

Bolognaaro tweeted on Thursday, “As previously stated in our campaign, we are about to move the Brazilian embassy to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem. Israel is a sovereign country and we all should respect it. ” Talking about diplomacy, Bolesonaro’s move will increase their proximity to US President Donald Trump.

While Israel considers all Jerusalem as its capital, Palestinian people see East Jerusalem as their capital in the future. Following this announcement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement: “I congratulate my friend Brazilian newly elected President Jere Bolesonaro on the intention to move the Embassy of Brazil to Jerusalem. This is a historic, right and encouraging move. ”

It is worth noting that, on May 14 this year, by changing the US-based policy, the Trump Administration decided to move its Israeli embassy to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem. After establishing an embassy in the US by the US, it was quite furry. After that a large number of Palestinian mania were killed in the Israeli military firing.



Israelis replying to 1 stone-killers two bullets … 4 stone Palestinians and dead..

What kind of action should be taken against the enemies of the country, the language of unity and integrity of the country should speak in which language of rabbis, India or any country should learn from this country of Israel. Israel, which is considered to be the enemy of the entire Islamic world for aggressive action against Islamic terrorists, has once again adopted the same stand against Palestinian maniacs which he has always adopted.

Tell you that the Israeli army has given the answer to the stones of Palestinian stoneblocks and shot four stone slabs. According to the report of the Palestinian Infamous Center, the soldiers of the Za’ni regime once again fired on the fateful March that four Palestinian people have so far died and dozens injured. This week’s return was slogan “Gaza is Datta and not bending.”

According to the news, on the return March, Israeli soldiers fired wildly and fired tear gas shells and 4 Palestinians were killed in the firing of Israeli soldiers. It is known that in the Palestinians rally in the name of the withdrawal March beginning March 30, more than 200 Palestinians have been killed in the firing of Zaoyoni soldiers, while more than 22 thousand have been injured. This rally is taken every Friday on the border of Gaza and Israel.

Israel himself told that the time when he had killed three hundred in thirty minutes, that 350 Palestinians were in danger for the country.

Because of its strong stance against Islamic terror, Israel has acknowledged that for the first time, Israel has killed 300 Palestinian maniacs in just three minutes to be considered the biggest enemy of the entire Islamic world. Former Israeli Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, proudly acknowledging the massacre of Palestinians, said that he had killed 300 Palestinians in three and a half minutes.

Giving interviews on TV7 broadcast in Ibarani language, he said that if the government is in my hand or I am made a defense minister, then in a few minutes, the Palestinians will sow the weeds in Gaza. He said that when I was the Defense Minister, 300 Palestinians who were “Hamas” activists were killed in about three and a half minutes in Gaza Strip.

The former Israeli Prime Minister sharply criticized the current government and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and said that there is no justification for the differences between the Cabinet and the Cabinet or the Security Committee to be involved in such differences. Ehud Barak accuses that Newton has no strategy to deal with Hamas, and the current Israel government has put arms against Gaza protesters and Hamas.He said that the Israel government should order the army to sleep in the Gaza Strip to kill the enemies of Israel.

You will be honored but will also be praised and the greatest power will be bowed before your strength.

You will be honored but will also be praised and the greatest power will be bowed before your strength. This proverb holds a tiny but powerful country of the world exactly right on Israel.

To say, Israel is a small country and surrounded by its enemy nations, but after all, not even looking at Israel with eyeballs, because Israel depends on Bhujbal and its use for the protection of the country. It also does and the world tends to be in front of those other parts of Israel. Israel’s power of iron is now considered by Australians who will open its embassy in Jerusalem.

Australia is also considering moving the Israel-based embassy on the lines of the US to relocate to Jerusalem. Australia’s PM Scotte Morrison gave this information in a media conference with Foreign Minister Maris Peyen. Morrison said that he is thinking with an open mind that the Embassy should bring Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. According to Morrison, he is also thinking of doing this on the lines of giving recognition to this holy city of Donald Trump.

It is believed that Morrison could announce his decision to grant Jerusalem as Israeli capital in the next few days. Morrison told the media that Ostre took, committed to resolving the problem of the two countries issued between Israel and Palestine. Under the policy change from Astralia, the embassy is being considered to bring Jerusalem. Tell that Jerusalem considers Jerusalem as its share, but Israel has declared Jerusalem its capital.

Let us tell you that America, Guatemala and Paraguay have recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Now Australia has been following in their footsteps.

10 Israeli forces once again turned their mouths towards Palestinian maniacs and turned three Palestinian maniacs into zombies.

Three Palestinians died and 376 wounded in the conflict in East Gaza Strip between thousands of Palestinian maniacs and the Israeli army in Israel.

According to the report of Xinhua, Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qedra told reporters that three Palestinians were killed in the Israeli army attack in East Gaza City. He said that 192 people injured in the attack have been hospitalized, out of which 126 people were targeted by Israeli army with their bullets. Ashraf said that the conflict started on March 30 and was named after the ‘Grateful Mar of Returns’.

The Israeli army killed 197 Palestinian civilians and injured more than 21 thousand people. The conflict began on Friday when thousands of Palestinians were involved in the incident. Demonstrators gathered near eastern Gaza Strip and Israeli border and fired the flags after firing tires. Not only this, protesters threw stones at the stations of the Israeli army on the border with the Gaza Strip.

Security officials and the Israeli army issued a statement saying that Palestinian demonstrators attacked parts of the wire on the border and attacked the army with indigenous hand grenades and attacked them with two missiles. Islamic Jihad leader Khalid al-Bashat told reporters, “Until we get success

And if we do not reach our goal, the Palestinians will continue their performance on the Gaza Strip, while Israel says that their forces will take every step to protect Israel’s unity and integrity.

The Israeli army told the Israeli court that ordered the demolition of the Palestinian village

Like the Israeli army, the morale of the judges there did not yield to the international pressure

“Brave” Know what this is the whole case in which a militant village taken on target Even though the so-called secular countries and the Gulf Islamic countries of the world are opposing all Israeli decisions from international fora, but the atal has opened its army openly, and the destruction of the entire village, which has become the lunch pad of the terrorists, Order passed by yourself and handed over to your soldiers.

Like the Israeli army, the morale of the judges there did not yield to the international pressure and he gave full exemption to the actions of his troops, giving full exemption against any kind of campaign against the terrorists. In this order, 180 people have been forcibly taken out of the village, which is being opposed by all the Muslim countries. But by their own court did not forget Israel’s soldiers like this, and he thanked his court in his style.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigador Lieberman praised the judges’ decision on Twitter and called it “brave”. Lieberman said “Khan al-Ahmar will be emptied. I congratulate the Supreme Court judges for his brave decision, no one is above the law, no one can stop us from strengthening our sovereignty, “. Not only that, Israeli soldiers have praised those judges with open holes, who made it clear that there will not be any place for anti-Israel accusations of the courts there.

The echo of this decision has gone to the whole world. Many countries consider this collective collaborative work of the army and judiciary as a better example for other countries to learn. United Nations figures show that Israeli officials have sanctioned only 1.5 percent of all permit requests by Palestinians between 2010 and 2014. In early July, Israeli bulldozers destroyed many tents and other structures in Khan al-Ahmar, collision with local residents.There was rocketing in the conflict, which had been crushed by the Israeli soldiers. 

America became aggressive Pauses one penny going to the Palestinians Eyes were seen, so many countries backwards hand .

The Donald Trump Administration, standing open with Israel The anti-terror campaign has not only started on the wider scale of India, but the world is now raging against it.

The world’s largest superpower, while strengthening its relations with Israel, banned international aid given to Palestine, famous for rocketing and terrorist incidents, the rest of the country is not able to venture to protest. Be aware that after becoming Israel’s capital city of Jerusalem, the US has now taken the place to protect it from stones and terrorist incidents. Another major step.

United Nations Relief and Work Agency confirmed on Wednesday for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) that the United States will not pay any money to the Palestinian refugee agency UNWWA.

Some funding agencies are being replaced by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Russia and Turkey. On Tuesday, the media citing sources said that the administration of US President Donald Trump had decided to end his financial support for the UNWWA

The agency’s $ 1.2 billion annual budget was $ 350 million per year. UNRWA spokeswoman Christopher Gunnes said, “We have been given to understand that for this year, we should not expect any US funding for this year and we will have zero US finance in our plan assumptions for the next year. Nutrition has been created. “

He said that with the closure of US financing 5.4 million hunger and education has been denied in the Middle East, the US State Department announced that this year has been reduced from $ 125 million planned for the UNWWA to 65 million dollars. Trump said that the Palestinians had felt the lack of desire to negotiate with Israel and despite the financial assistance the United States had no respect.