December 7 – Remember the “Armed Forces Flag Day” with all the sacrifices made for the nation, along with their family members.

This is the day when the nation remembers the families of the martyrs who dedicated their lives to protect the country and extend their hands to help them in every moment of suffering… Today is celebrated in the form of “Armed Forces Flag Day” throughout India and assures the unmarried Uniforms deployed in the country’s borders and Emergencies that this nation is behind you and you and your family members are behind you. It is a day of inspiration. It gives inspiration, encourages those millions of warriors to stand up in the battlefield, which are called soldiers of the Indian Armed Forces and their muscles The integrity of the procedure are saved.

Let us know about the greatness of this great day and celebrate it with full devotion and dedication. On the day of Armed flag Day, there is a day of civil unity against the soldiers and their families, so the duty of every citizen is that They will contribute to the respect of soldiers and their welfare on 7th December. Money is collected on this day. This money is collected by giving people a sticker of the flag. The amount of sticker for the dark red and blue flag is determined.

People buy a sticker by giving this amount and put it on the pin with their pins. In this way they show respect for martyrs or casualties. The amount that is collected is deposited in flag day fund. The donation given to Sainik Welfare will be used for the rehabilitation and welfare of the martyrs of the three parts of Indian Army, dependents, handicapped soldiers and ex-servicemen.

This will benefit them. Today, Sudarshan saves the family on this emotional day dedicated to the families of Saaniko. In the battlefield protects the nation from enemies, as well as to all known unknown heroic devotees, and also to their great families who save the integrity of the nation to their uncles. Dedicated to keep .. Jai Hind’s army ..

September 1 – Krishi Kumar Yadav, the warrior who sacrificed the intruders from Kargil only today

The eternal sacrifice of India fought for the last breath and the last bullet Regularly bowing down to India’s heroic sacrifice.

The eternal sacrifice of India fought for the last breath and the last bullet Regularly bowing down to India’s heroic sacrifice. Just 19 years ago, the Indian Army had expelled Pakistani infiltrators of jehadi and religious ideology from Kargil in Kargil, which was celebrated every year as a Victory Day.

In this mission called Operation Vijay, hundreds of heroic heroes of India lost their lives while protecting the border. Today, the country’s warrior soldiers defeated Pakistan and hoisted the tricolor on Kargil. In this war, about 527 young warriors received and 1363 injured in the war! This war was fought in the most inaccessible area of the world in which the enemy was above and the protector was worst minded.

One of the most known unknown sacrifices, Krishna Kumar Yadav, the heroic warrior who received immortality on the very day today These warriors were living in Bhirbhumi in Jhunjhunun district of Rajasthan. Even today, the name of the village being named as Satadiya (Singhana) is still named after them, where even today the name of Krishna Kumar Yadav is the name of the soldier on child’s tongue.

In today’s day, i.e., on September 1, 1999, in the face of a war against Pakistani infiltrators, forever immortalized India land. This Veer Balidani was born on December 1, 1974, who was eager to visit any army in the spirit of patriotism

He had started and started to make many preparations to go to the army to frustrate him. After all his efforts, he finally succeeded on 12th August 1993 and Krishna Kumar Yadav was admitted to the glorious army of India. In the army, he became a member of the 13 Kumao Regiment who has been sacrificing for the country even before Kargil.

Eventually, Ragangala of Kargil, in the sub-sector Hanib, deployed the forces of deployment from the land of India, and this warrior always received Veergati for eternity. The brave warrior who fought against the enemy till his last breath and the ultimate bullet became a source of inspiration. In the family of Balidani, Krishna Kumar’s father Prabhayyal and Mata Chawla Devi perform the work of Krishi Bari in the village and their kalyani Wife Veerangana Santra Devi is living in Jaipur.

This brave warrior has two sons who are doing his studies but the mind of both is to become a military officer and fulfill his father’s incomplete tasks. Today, the Shakti Puja of that valor continues to bow down to Lord Krishna Yadav on his sacrifice day, and he always vows to keep his glory forever immortal. 

29 August – 20 killed Islamic militants, still remained in the pistol.

Major Sudhir Walia finally became immortal The guardian of the country’s unity and integrity is bowing down on the sacrifice day.

Major Sudhir Walia Ashok Chakra Army Medal Bar’s 18th sacrificial day is today on 29th August. Once again, the eyes of the parents of this Veer sacrificial person are humble, whose son receiving Veergati while protecting the country.

His mother Shrimati Rajeshwari and father Shri Rulia Ram Walia will offer floral tributes along with his family. Today, on August 29, 1999, Major Sudhir Walia sacrificed his life while protecting India’s unity, integrity and self respect. Maj Sudhir was a resident of Banuri, Palampur and he also did his primary education in Banuri. After studying in Sainik School, Sujanpur, he joined the army.

At the age of 30, he was martyred while protecting the country. For his sacrifice, he was awarded the Ashok Chakra on 26 January 2000 after Veergati. On August 29, 1999 at 08:30, Major Sudhir Kumar proceeded towards the dense squad of Hafruda forest in Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir with a squad of five soldiers. Soon they heard the voices of terrorists but they were not being seen.

Major Sudhir Kumar crawled along with one of his friends and moved towards a higher position. When they reached the hill, they were seen by two armed terrorists standing at just four meters and at a depth of 15 meters below the terrorists, a large and closed location. The officer immediately fired at the nearby sentry and killed him and then attacked another sentry, but he jumped into his hideout.

And attacked the terrorists’ hideout. Major Sudhir Kumar, who was inside the hideout, was stunned by the action of this and Major Sudhir Kumar, who had escaped from there, ran out without any hesitation in an attempt to escape the firing. The officer alone was a masterpiece with him and fired at him from a distance of 2 kilometers and killed four terrorists

In this operation, many bullets were found in their faces, chest and side and due to excessive bleeding they fell on the entrance to that place. Despite being unable to walk due to injuries caused by bullets of bullets, Major Sudhir Kumar, while contacting all the troop commanders and nearby deployed tactics, approached the radio set and directed them to remain unattended and the remaining terrorists could not escape. Be given

After 35 minutes when the firing stopped from both sides, then they were ready to be removed from there. Despite excessive bleeding, he continued to instruct his forces in the field of contact with the radio set. They got the Veergati when they set up their radio sets. Major Sudhir Kumar thus performed supreme sacrifice in line with the highest traditions of the Indian Army while displaying outstanding bravery, courage and unparalleled courage.

Today, the Sudarshan family repeatedly bow, greet and greet on the sacrifice of that mighty hero. Major Sudhir Walia Amar Rahane .. Army of Jai Hind 

21st August- Birthday Lieutenant Natarajan Parthiban, sacked by bullets, these heroes fired from Islamic terrorists and killed 4

remember the sacrifice probably could not have the freedom contractors.

21st August- Birthday Lieutenant Natarajan Parthiban, sacked by bullets, these heroes fired from Islamic terrorists and killed 4

Another hero who slipped to remember the sacrifice probably could not have the freedom contractors.

No matter how much effort, why not try to keep all sacrifices and sacrifice around yourself and your people around the house.

To do anything else to tell and lie in order to explain that the rest are beyond the fight of independence and unity. But the testimony of truth gives time and the time is still presenting a history when India Late Natarajan Parthiban, another immortal sacrifice that protected the land from the Islamic terror, was born on today 21 August 1983 ..

This Mahavira Lieutenant Natarajan was born on August 21, 1983 in the family of the brave and brave retired Major V. Natarajan and Mrs. Tamilselvi. On August 8, 2005, he joined the “Officer Training Academy Chennai”. After 42 weeks of rigorous training, he emerged as an army officer from this military academy. On March 18, 2006, he joined his unit 5 J & K Light Infantry. He did a course from Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare from the CIJW School. He was posted in the Garware sector on the Line of Control in North Kashmir.

On October 7, 2006 at 6:30 am some misfortune Pakistani terrorists tried to cross the Line of Control. However, this intrusion attempt was successfully failed by Lieutenant Natarajan’s accomplished leadership. In the frustration of infiltration attempts, the terrorists opened fire on Lt Natarajan, from which the officer was seriously injured.

In spite of being injured, Lieutenant Natarajan, in spite of his personal safety, operated an operation against the terrorists, in which four sad terrorists were killed and huge ammunition and ammunition were recovered from the dead. Lieutenant Natarajan Parthiban was a brave soldier who had unmatched devotion towards unparalleled courage, specific bravery, inspirational leadership and duty. Who sacrificed his supreme sacrifice for the country’s On, Baan, Shan, who maintained the tradition of sacrifice of Indian Army.

Lieutenant Natarajan was honored by his Excellency President of India for his heroic action against Terror. The heroic hero of India’s mother, who is offering life on the unity and integrity of India, from the Islamic terror, is today on her birthday. The Sudarshan News family repeatedly praises Mahavira, Naman, and congratulations.

 At the same time, the true heroes of India’s unity and integrity repeats the resolve to honor them by bringing the world forward. Lieutenant Natarajan remains immortal … Jai Hind’s armya 

Independence Day: Addressing the country from the Red Fort, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi said .. “We are not the people who draw the streak on the stone but on the butterfly”

India is celebrating 72nd anniversary of independence.

India is celebrating 72th anniversary of independence today. On the sacred day of Independence Day, there is a raging wave of joy and joy in the country. Shri Narendra Modi, the successful Prime Minister of India, tweeted this morning and greeted the countrymen for the Independence Day.

The Prime Minister tweeted, “Best wishes to all the citizens on the auspicious occasion of Independence Day! Jai Hind! “After this, the Prime Minister went to Rajghat and dedicated his devotion to Mahatma Gandhi, and after that he went to the Red Fort and saluted the Indian National Flag, Tricolor of India. The Prime Minister Modi hoisted the flag on the 5th Var of Red Fort. Addressing the country from the ramparts of the Red Fort, PM Modi said that the country is touching new heights today.

Today’s sunrise has come up with new excitement. Once in our country, the flower of Nilakurinj rises once in 12 years, this year this flower is blooming like the Ashoka Chakra of the Tricolor. PM said that today the daughters of many states of the country crossed the seven ocean and painted them with the tricolor. He said that today we are celebrating the festival of independence at that time when tribal children have hoisted the tricolor on Everest. In his address, the PM mentioned the monsoon session of the House. He said, ‘This session of Sasand has been entrusted to social justice.

Modi said that the sessions of the two Houses of Parliament have just ended, it is our effort that we have done the task of advancing the justice of the social system in the country. OBC Commission has given us the right to equality by giving constitutional status. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that every Indian is proud of this today, today we are the sixth largest economy in the world. Modi said that many great men have given their lives for the freedom of the country, I bow to them all.

During this time the PM greeted all the soldiers of the country and thanked them for serving the country. The Prime Minister said that there are good rains in many places in the country today, but there are flood situations in many places. Wherever there is trouble, the government is supporting. Recalling the freedom fighters, PM Modi said that the country did not get freedom like this. For this, many revolutionaries, youths in Bapu’s leadership, cut their youth in jail.

PM Modi said that 100 years of Jallianwala Bagh Kand are being completed next year, in which we bow down to those martyrs. PM Modi said that in the coming time, India will show a new path to the world. He said that we want to make a powerful Hindustan. He said that we want that the whole world has the credibility and threats of Hindustan. While referring to a poem by Tamil poet Subramanyam Bharati, PM Modi said that he had written that India will not only emerge as a great nation, but also inspire others.

PM Modi said, “He had said that India will show the way to freedom from all forms of the world.” Prime Minister Modi said that in 2014 people have not only made a new government, but they have worked to make the country is. The PM said that today 125 crore Hindus in the country are engaged in creating a new country. They said that we have to see where we walked and where we came from, we have to see.

Modi said if we consider 2013 as the basis and if you look at the pace of the country since 2014, you will be surprised. Modi said that in the last four years, the country has felt the change.He said that today, making the toilets in the country, giving electricity to the village, giving LPG gas connections to the poor, speed of laying optical fibers has been the fastest. He said that if the country runs at the pace of 2013, it will take decades to do so. PM said that the country, the system, the officials, the people are all but today the country is feeling the change.

Today the country is becoming a highway at double speed, while Choguni is making house in the village at the speed. PM Modi said that we have the power to take tough decisions because country is paramount for us. He said that when the people are enthusiastic, if there is a intention to do something for the country, then the law of benami property is also applicable. PM Modi said that before 2014 the world’s distinguished institutions and economists used to say what was meant for our country,

It was also a time that when it was said that the economy of India is full of big risk and today the same people are praising our reform. Today we are working on the common sign dictionary for the elderly brothers and sisters. Today, the army is so strong that it strikes a surgical strike.They said that we have to walk ahead with big goals. The MSP that the farmers got to increase has increased. GST was implemented, even after some difficulties came in the beginning, small traders accepted it.

Our government has made important decisions like Anonymous Property Law and OROP. Today the old world is watching India with the hope of hope. Today, the country has a good ranking in the Isle of Doing business. Today everyone is praising India’s Reform, Performance and Transform policy. Today the world is saying that the sleeping elephant is now alive and ready to run. PM Modi said on this occasion, “Today is my good fortune that on this sacred occasion, I have had the opportunity to give another good news to the country.Year 2022, i.e. in the 75th year of independence and if possible, India is going to the tricolor in space. ‘ 

China’s ambassador to the issue on the issue will tell you the growing power of India around the world.

This is the repercussion of the perseverance of India’s army which has now come to such statements.

In this case, although the opposition has tried to weaken the Indian side by giving all the statements in Parliament, but the statement of the Chinese Ambassador has come forward, it is enough to prove that the world itself What has happened to the image of India in the countries which say great power?

China, now considered to be the frontrunner of the war-torn country, has now recognized its limit. Know that China’s Ambassador in India Luo Jhaui answered in response to a question asked about the bitterness of the relationship between India and China. Is a very resolved and positive statement. The Chinese Ambassador to Holy Golden Temple in Amritsar, Luo said on the occasion, “The page has already been reversed. We have agreed to look forward to the future. I am happy and positive about our bilateral relations. “

After this statement from China’s ambassador, now due to the Dolaam controversy, bitterness seems to be somewhere in the relationship between India and China, behind which the firm motive of the government and firmness of the army is the biggest reason. It was only in April, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi of China and President Xi Jinping met China’s Wuhan. There also talked about the improvement of the relations between the two countries.

In the meeting, emphasis was laid on maintaining peace in the border areas and working together for the restoration of faith. Doklam became an issue that had a military standoff over the last two months of controversy over the dispute between the two countries. However, the Indian forces did not kill themselves within a minute. In the aftermath of this controversy, it was then rendered in a distorted form when the Congress had imposed a charge of misleading

At that time the message was sent to the world that somewhere the Indian government had withdrawn it. But now the Chinese ambassador has paused all those rumors on their own. 

30 th july is a Day of sacrifice – ransacked by bullets, Brave Bablu Singh did not ran towards hospital he ran to killed Islamist terrorists and killed 2 .

The true incidents of heroism and bravery are not told to us

Although we may not hear it, it is true that India’s land has never been empty from the heroes. This is the land where the heroes have taken birth from time to time and whatever happiness is seen in the calm areas, they are the reward of the sacrifice of those who do not wake up day and night but only by sacrificing their lives and protecting us. Keeping the balance of our guns kept India calm. One of the many eternal sacrifices was the great warrior Bablu Singh Ji, whose sacrifice day is today. 
Bablu Singh, who is called the ‘Lion’ of the Jat Regiment of Alfa Company , had stacked the terrorists several times before this time. In his big expedition, he was repeatedly needed … he was in the army since June 2005 Whenever he used to come to his village, he used to talk about making preparations to go to the other young men in the army. They used to say that the sew is widened when the body is uniform. 
sacrificial Bablu was posted in J & K, stricken with Islamic terror from the year 2014. Baliidani was a resident of Jhandipur village of Mathura, who was posted in Kupwara of Kashmir in that time and was protecting the boundaries … talking last time on July 3, 2016, he came out saying that he got mobile deposit Because their campaign is very dangerous and to eliminate the traitors that are going on in their battalion campaign … 
After this, the people of his house used to call him many times but he did not call his phone because he had achieved the goal of extremely inaccessible and terror-affected areas, which he had been doing very efficiently. On July 30, that day today, Jammu and Kashmir This warrior Veergati was found in an encounter with Islamic militants in Naugaam sector of Kupwara district. 
Army officials say that Bablu Singh made war with introduction of indomitable courage and even after the bullets, he continued to keep guns from his guns on the terrorists. Before this climax, this Veer killed two Islamic militants But when he was taken to a nearby medical camp, while protecting Mother Bharati, this sacrifice always had immortality for eternity. 
Sudarshan News repeatedly commemorates and congratulates the image of such image of valor and valor today on his sacrifice day and once every advocate of the army advises to spend some time visiting the sacrifices of the people to get the education of the nation. Bablu Singh Ji will always be immortal whenever there is a matter of bravery, valor and valor. There the army of Jai Hind … Jai Bharat .. Vande Mataram …. 

July 26 – Chint Himalaya was echoed today by the anniversary of “Vande Mataram” … best wishes to the nation and nationalists of “Kargil Vijay Divas”.

Freedom from countless sacrifices and survival of many Veeragti ..

Just 19 years ago, the Indian Army had expelled Pakistani infiltrators of jehadi and religious ideology from Kargil in Kargil, which was celebrated every year as a Victory Day. In this mission called Operation Vijay, hundreds of heroic heroes of India lost their lives while protecting the border. Today, the country’s warrior soldiers defeated Pakistan and hoisted the tricolor on Kargil. In this war, about 527 young warriors received and 1363 injured in the war! 
19 years ago, today, on 26th July, 1999, India won the Kargil war. This day is celebrated every year as Vijay Divas. The Kargil war lasted for nearly two months is an example of the courage and shouting of the Indian Army on which every nation should be proud. Surely such a difficult campaign till now no country has won. In this battle fought in Kargil at an altitude of 18 thousand feet, the country had lost more than 527 brave warriors, and more than 1,300 were injured. 
By the way, Pakistan had started this war on 3 May 1999, when it had infiltrated into the higher hills of Kargil with 5,000 soldiers and captured it. When this information was received by the Indian government, the army launched an operation victory to dispatch the Pak soldiers. The IAF also used MiG-27 and MiG-29 against Pakistan. After this the bomb was dropped wherever Pakistan occupied. Apart from this, with the help of MiG-29, many targets in Pakistan were attacked with R-77 missiles. 
A large number of rockets and bombs were used. During this, about two lakh fifty thousand shells were fired. At the same time, more than 300 mortars, cannons and rockets were used to fire 5,000 bombs. A round fire was fired every minute in every 17 days of the battle. It is said that this was the only war after World War II in which such a large number of bombardments were carried out on enemy army. 
आज उन सभी वीरो को बारंबार नमन करते हुए उनकी यशगाथा को सदा सदा के लिए अमर रखने का संकल्प सुदर्शन परिवार दोहराता है .. उन वीरो को सुदर्शन परिवार का बारम्बार नमन है जो देश की इंच इंच भूमि के लिए अंतिम सांस तक लड़े उस गद्दार मुल्क से जिसे दुनिया मे आतंकवाद का जनक कहा जाता है .. भारत माता की जय .. जय हिंद की सेना ..
This series of sacrifices began with Saurabh Kalia, which ended on many warriors, including Ajay Ahuja, Vikram Batra, Manoj Pandey.
Today, the Sudarshan family repeats the determination of keeping them alive forever, bowing down to all those heroes. Their heroes are repeatedly bowing down to the Sudarshan family, who are fighting for the last breath of the country’s inches inch land. Which is called the father of terrorism in the world .. Bharat Mata Ki Jai .. Jai Hind’s army ..

Failure to enter 4 suspects in Delhi’s Sainik Bhawan failed Security agencies were roaming on high alert, fake colonel and lieutenant, who are they and what their purpose was ?

It is understood that four people have been arrested in the Army Bhawan by entering fake ID card

Attempts to challenge the security of the nation failed once again, for which the military’s cautious eyes would be credited on the checkpost. For a long time, it has been said that in the presence of soldiers or other officials, some polite terrorists can be hidden and anywhere a major attack. Just recently, the security agencies had told Zakir Musa’s plan to attack in many parts of India. 
Now what has happened in Delhi has again been alerted by the security agencies and the police, as well as the public also got a clear message of being alert at the highest level of alertness. It is understood that four people have been arrested in the Army Bhawan by entering fake ID card. The four had kept the fake identities of the army officers and one in which the Colonel and one made the Lieutenant ID cards 
When the Vigilance Prithihari of Sena Bhawan saw his introduction letter questionable, his distinguished investigation and inquiry with deep inquiry opened the whole distinction. After seeing their distinction, they started looking for excuses to get out of there, but by then the Prahario, who was present there, arrested them and took possession of their vehicle. Four NCR areas adjacent to Delhi are being reported to Ghaziabad. There is one among these four who are being adept in creating any type of introduction letter. 
The police arrived at the spot. He has taken all these into custody and along with the police, along with the officers of the army and the officials of the intelligence department, these extensive inquiries are going on. Their terror angle can not be denied, but at the moment, the matter is under scrutiny. Their identities have not been properly exposed. This case once again has conveyed the message of Delhi to be alert at the highest level. 

July 17 – Birthday of Amar Balidani flying officer Nirmaljeet Singh Sekhon who died from the sky on Pakistan

India-Pakistan war remained the hero of 1971 and the flying officer of Pakistan, Nirmaljeet Singh Sekhon, today is the birthdays of 17th July today .. Today on 17th July ie July 1947, Roorka village, Ludhiana, This Paramveer was born in Punjab. He was married just a few months before the war, and in that too Nirmaljit Singh had spent a little time with his wife Manjeet Kaur. 
How many dreams of a new life must have been in their eyes, which fell short in front of the country’s demand. In that critical moment, he just wiped his net plane and the enemy’s F-86 Saber Jet, who had to kill Nirmaljit Singh. On December 14, 1971, six Saabar jets of Pakistan attacked together on Srinagar Airfield. Flying officer Nirmaljit Singh was deployed along with 18 NAT Squadrons while commanding the security unit. 
Enemy F-86 came with Saber jets. At that time, Flying Lieutenant Swimming with Nirmaljeet was also present. There was a lot of haze in the airfield. A warning was received at 8 o’clock in the morning that the enemy was on the offensive. Nirmaljeet Singh and Ghumman immediately prompted their flight and decided to fly north without ten seconds after waiting for the reply. On the 8th and 4th minutes both the Air Force officers were in the sky to face the enemy.
 At that time, the enemy’s first F-86 Saber was preparing to dive on the jet airfield. Before the air field, the ship of Swiman left the run. After that, as soon as Nirmaljeet Singh’s nets blown away, a bomb came and fell right behind him. Swamman was chasing himself a Saber Jet at that time. Sekhon faced two Saber jets coming in the air, one of these ships was the same. 
Who dropped the bomb on the air field. After the bomb fell, the contact with the Combat Air petrol from the air field was broken by sekhons and swords. All airfields were filled with smoke and dust, which was the result of the bomb blast. It was difficult to see because of all this. Then Flight Commander Squadron Leader Pathania found that two airplanes were in the preparation of the encounter. Swamman also tried to find out that he could get there for the help of Nirmaljit Singh, but this could not be possible. 
Only then did the voice of Nirmaljit Singh hear from the radio communication system … “I am behind two sewers of jets. I will not let them go …” A moment later, the voice of Nirmaljeet Singh’s attack on the net sank in the sky And one siber jet appeared to be burning in the fire. Then Nirmaljit Singh Sekhon broadcast his message … 
“I’m on the battle and I’m enjoying. There are two seater jets around me, I am following one and the other is walking with me.” In response to this message, the Squadron Leader Pathania Gave some protection related instructions to Nirmaljit Singh, which he had already completed. After this there was another explosion on his net, with the sound of the destruction of the enemy’s second Saber jet. Nirmaljit Singh had yet to do anything else. 
Their aim was again, and with a big bang, the third Saber jet was too full. After a few days of peace, the message of Flying Officer Nirmaljit Singh Sekhon was heard again. He said, “Maybe my net has come on target … Swamman, now you take the election.” After this he tried to land while keeping his burning fighter net straight, but the plane’s control system suddenly failed and the aircraft went into the hills, in the last minute, the message of Flying Officer Nirmaljit Singh Sekhon was heard again.
He said, “Maybe my net has come on target … Swamman, now you take the election.” After this he tried to land while keeping his burning fighter net straight, but the plane’s control system suddenly failed and the aircraft went into the hills. At the last moment, Flying Officer Nirmaljit Singh Sekho made the last attempt of eject, but till then Late late Tho and Nirmaljit Singh went to the hills including the Fighter Plane. 
This was the last message of Nirmaljit Singh. By completing his work, he attained Veergati for the country’s Anan, Bahan and Shan. Even after all the operations of the Indian Army and the Air Force, the bodies of these immortal sacrifice could not be found from the hills. Which was very tragic for his family members. Due to his loyalty to the amazing power and bravery and duty and the highest gallantry performance in the battlefield, he was awarded posthumously for the country’s highest gallantry honor “Paramvir Chakra”. 
It was also ironic that due to the order being made without the order, the “Court of Inquiry” was also held which was confined to only one cookery. The Pakistani Pilot “Salim Beg Mirza”, who had targeted his plane, subsequently performed a book and brown rice in the battle of Nirmaljit Singh Sekhon in many local articles. He is the only Param Vir Chakra of the Indian Air Force. 
Bharat Sawant of Mother India, who was offering life on the unity and integrity of India, was born today on the occasion of Shat-Shant Naman, Vandan and Abhinandan … Jai Hind’s army !!