‘SIKANDAR MAUT KA KAHAR” a message from 34 year old Rapist

On 1st July 2019, the residents of Sastri nagar, Jaipur were outburst upon the streets in anger, humiliation, guilt and pain.The reason was horrific, a man named Sikandar raped a minor 7 year old girl and flew away,  after a long struggle the police were finally able to control the crowd , and immediately  initiate the operation of catching this evil in each and every corner of Rajasthan, after four days of tracking, investigation and interrogation the police caught him, but doesn’t have the slightest  clue what they were gonna hear from him. During the interrogation Sikandar told the police that he had  raped many minor girls and he  is not ashamed upon his doing, he told the police that 8 days before raping that 7 year old girl he had  raped a 4 year girl in the same Sastri nagar, Jaipur.



According to the police investigation it has been found that 12 cases have been filed upon him previously mostly upon the accusation of rape. In 2014 he was sentenced life time imprisonment but somehow got a bail and just after the bail he again tried to rape two minor girls  but some people dare to save those girls and call the police, when the police came to arrest him he attacked them with an Iron rod and flew away.


From his rented apartment the police have founded many children toys with a gun, the 7 year girl admitted that on the point of gun he raped her and after raping left her just outside her home, the same kind of pattern have been recorded by other minor girls who  were unfortunately been attacked by this vicious animal. The police have also founded a copy inside his home in which on the very first page the had written “SIKANDAR MAUTH KA KAHAR” also he have drawn a sketch of himself behind the pages of copy. Currently the condition of the 7 year old girl is stable from outside,but the physiological imprints of the evil would take time to heal.

Rajasthan’s “Pink City” recognised as world Heritage site by UNESCO

In the 43rd UNESCO meeting at Azerbaijan’s capital Baku a committee consisting of 21 members have declared the wall city of Jaipur,as  World Heritage Site, its a proud as well as economical movement for India as  getting a tag from the UNESCO will attract the tourist world wide. The make the moment even more prestigious Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot express their happiness on twitter. In 2018 when the former cultural minister Mahesh Sharma was asked in the Lok sabha about the monuments in India that generate revenue, he presented a report, according to which Taj Mahal, Agara Fort, Qutub Minar , Red Fort and Humayaun’s tomb were claimed to generate most of the revenues by attracting the Tourist.


According to the reports of WTTC, India is the world’s 7th largest Tourism economy in terms of GDP, despite in it’s minimal potential. NITI Aayog reports says that only 1.18% international tourists visit India which has been aimed to increase up to 3% in the coming 5 years by focusing on tourism friendly environment, women safety and recognising more cultural heritages upon UNESCO platform. The UNESCO meeting is yet continue till 10th July 2019, so there is still some hope that some more monuments of India can be recognised as World Heritage Sites. The UNESCO also tagged Germany’s 800 year old water management system of  Augsburg, Iran’s Hyrican Forest , China’s Migratory Bird sanctuaries and many other sites as World Heritage Site. China has the most number of World Heritage site up to 55 while India have only 38 that is expected to grow in the 5 coming years. we leave you with an interesting fact upon how the city Jaipur also got a second name The Pink City, In the year 1876 Prince of wales and Queen Victoria visited India, for the sake of hospitality  the Maharaja Ram Singh coloured the whole city Pink, after which being astonished by the colour, pink almost all over the city Lord Albert for the first time coined the second name of Jaipur as “THE PINK CITY”

Priyanka Chopra’s marriage to fireworks in “Diwali crackers do not fire”

How many rules have been made for the Hindu law, the Constitution and the judiciary have also been formed by the executive. They also have no personal law, even many of their opponents stand by their names and caste etc.. . Whether it is the holy festival Diwali or the topic of Lord Shriram Janmabhoomi.

People of some Hindu people feel proud to shoot the carchers, on the auspicious occasions of Deepawali, the video may have been seen by everyone, just before the Deepavali, considered to be the holiest festival of the Hindus, the role of so-called Star and many others is being played by Priyanka Chopra. If you are not able to see that video message at the moment, then we write and tell you the words that Priyanka Chopra said at that time –

“I urge you all to not burst crackers in any situation, save the society from being polluted, and make the Diwali free of pollution free, eat laddus and make fun of it”. In his message, there was no such thing about the exclusion of Chinese goods. But as soon as the matter came to itself, he forgot all the knowledge Priyanka Chopra, which for some time has been for Syria and Rohingy refugees for some time now. Mr. garnered brand ambassador of a kind.

Even though he has not forgotten a single Kashmiri Hindu who has become a refugee for 30 years in his country. It is known that recently, Priyanka Chopra and her life partner Nick Jones got married against Priyanka Chopra’s speech and made rules. .. At the wedding of the Catholic Christian tradition, there was fierce fireworks at the wedding venue of Rajasthan .. There was a lot of noise and pollution to the skies, with a lot of pollution, near the marriage site. People had just faced one of noise pollution, but air pollution

On this occasion, Priyanka Chopra and her husband and family have only begun to laugh, and they are not worried about the local residents who are facing pollution once. On this occasion, only one thing is missing – Your ” ..

PM Modi said: “The work of the BJP government is not in vain, nor does it wander …

Regarding the advent of PM Narendra Modi, a strong security arrangement by the state government has been there…

Addressing the  Rally, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Rajasthan sits on us. Contextualization is gained in statehood. Rajasthan is working at a fast pace. Meanwhile, PM Modi also targeted predecessor governments.
The main things spoken by PM … I got an opportunity to lay the foundation of 2100 plans, Rajasthan is going on the path of development. -Rajasthan gets respect, recognition is seen in people’s eyes, brightness and looks .- Rajasthan are working with double strength.
There is an agenda of the BJP government … development, development, development.-The elderly are getting the benefit of the pilgrim scheme. I bow to the earth of women.-What was the condition of four years ago, you can guess. Only stones were planted in the name of the leaders. 
-The refinery is working on a fast pace-many years after crop bumpers were produced.-The government has increased the MSP to Rs.150.-5 crore people are freed from poverty.-Our work practices are appreciated. It is an effort to double the income of farmers.
There are more than two and a half million accounts open in the state- 80 lakh toilets have been constructed under the unfriendly Bharat Abhiyan.-There is no scheme in the state of Rajasthan. 
Up to 15 August, the people of Rajasthan will be benefited from the people.-40 percent of the state’s population will get clean drinking water. – Water conservation work is going on.- Smyert City facility will be available in 100 cities of the country.I fully believe that with the participation of all, the Government will get success.
Nowadays people have started talking to the Congress. The bullock cart is not the car, because many leaders of the Congress veterans and many veterans are on bail nowadays, I congratulate Rajasthan on the scheme which started today and end my address with this. 
Five million people have been released from the poor. PM recently came in a report. The BJP has taken a new path from the earlier way to fight poverty. The BJP has begun the new path. Not the bullock cart.Many leaders are on bail, therefore, many Congress leaders and many former ministers are on bail- The work that was being done today could have happened before. It is our inevitable decision to take the defense of the country and self-respect to the summit.