‘SIKANDAR MAUT KA KAHAR” a message from 34 year old Rapist

On 1st July 2019, the residents of Sastri nagar, Jaipur were outburst upon the streets in anger, humiliation, guilt and pain.The reason was horrific, a man named Sikandar raped a minor 7 year old girl and flew away,  after a long struggle the police were finally able to control the crowd , and immediately  initiate the operation of catching this evil in each and every corner of Rajasthan, after four days of tracking, investigation and interrogation the police caught him, but doesn’t have the slightest  clue what they were gonna hear from him. During the interrogation Sikandar told the police that he had  raped many minor girls and he  is not ashamed upon his doing, he told the police that 8 days before raping that 7 year old girl he had  raped a 4 year girl in the same Sastri nagar, Jaipur.



According to the police investigation it has been found that 12 cases have been filed upon him previously mostly upon the accusation of rape. In 2014 he was sentenced life time imprisonment but somehow got a bail and just after the bail he again tried to rape two minor girls  but some people dare to save those girls and call the police, when the police came to arrest him he attacked them with an Iron rod and flew away.


From his rented apartment the police have founded many children toys with a gun, the 7 year girl admitted that on the point of gun he raped her and after raping left her just outside her home, the same kind of pattern have been recorded by other minor girls who  were unfortunately been attacked by this vicious animal. The police have also founded a copy inside his home in which on the very first page the had written “SIKANDAR MAUTH KA KAHAR” also he have drawn a sketch of himself behind the pages of copy. Currently the condition of the 7 year old girl is stable from outside,but the physiological imprints of the evil would take time to heal.

Imran Khan just expressed his full support for Pakistan’s blasphemy and anti-Ahmadi laws.

The manifesto also talks about judicial reforms to deliver “quality justice” to the people of Pakistan.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan launched the manifesto titled ‘The Road to Naya Pakistan’ with the promise to build a new Pakistan as a “model Islamic welfare state”. The document envisages creation of an independent police force which will operate freely without any interference from politicians. 

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan today unveiled his party’s manifesto for the upcoming general election promising to create 10 million jobs and build 5 million cheap housing units.
Imran Khan was further quoted as saying the PTI, if voted to power, will ensure end of corruption by making the National Accountability Bureau autonomous. According to the legendary cricketer, this move will help NAB take up all corruption cases.
The manifesto also talks about judicial reforms to deliver “quality justice” to the people of Pakistan. Besides, it promises promotion of “politics of understanding” in troubled Balochistan.”We will introduce a non-political model of policing….. And to ensure that Pakistanis get instant and quality justice, we will introduce comprehensive judicial reforms,” he said. 
He said his party on winning the election will introduce educational reforms in schools, religious seminaries and vocational centres. Khan also said the new Pakistan will be greener and his government would plant 10 billion trees to tackle environmental changes.
Pakistan has announced the polls for July 25 and different political parties are coming up with their plans to woo voters. Ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and Pakistan Peoples Party have already announced their manifestoes.
Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will be used to expedite development and deepen ties with China. Khan said there will be zero tolerance in the country for corruption and announced he would make the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) “autonomous” to pursue all cases of corruption. He said economic development will be a major challenge but promised to make Pakistan more business-friendly. He also said the China

These are the judges of the Supreme Court who have lived here. They hoped to raise voice in the interest of the country … but see what they have asked for.

He said that the government can not eliminate the evils

They have lived on the largest site of the judiciary of our country. They will know everything about what the country will do and what will be harming them. They have seen the law at their best, so it was hoped that this will do something which will be in the interest of the country and also the gesture towards such laws. Will those who are not able to give justice to the country somewhere that are expected of the public? 
It is known that recently the Law Commission recommended gambling and betting in sports, so many people criticized it. At the same time, the Supreme Court’s retired Justice N Santosh Hegde lavished prostitution to legalize. On Friday, he said that the government can not eliminate the evils. People involved in prostitution should be licensed.    
Overall, it can be said that the former judge is seeking to make the country as a country like Thailand, in which people from abroad should come to the licencee prostitutes and the image of this country should be made in the same way, To prove this, former Judge Hegde further said, “If a person thinks that law can eliminate evils, then it is like living in happiness. This is a very good recommendation.  
There are certain kinds of evils which can not be controlled by the law and any attempt to control such evils will pave the way for making an illegal system. ” The question arises that if the exemption of everything is the best medium, then tomorrow the killer, the terrorists. Will not the looters demand for licenses like this for themselves?