Tears will disappear from the eyes of the minor in Mandsaur’s statement. Those who like wolves, Irfan

” After doing dirty activities, Uncle cut my throat with a knife, then after that I did not know what happened.

Uncle took me with a talk of sweets. Her husband, Uncle, started doing dirty work with me, screaming in, screaming, but not being unknowable and doing dirty work with me. 
I used to rotatari repeatedly told Uncle, “Uncle, do not do that, my pain is happening but do not believe in unknowing and beat me and make dirty.” After doing dirty activities, Uncle cut my throat with a knife, then after that I did not know what happened. These words are the last days of the innocent child of Irfan and Asif, who had been victimized in Mansadour in Madhya Pradesh. 
 When the innocent victim told the officials who took this statement, the eyes of the officers who came in to take statements in the language of innocents were heard by both the mischief she had heard from him. The victim told how incessantly, Darfi, Irfan and Asif nailed him like wolves, listening to him, tears of water flowed with everyone’s eyes. 
Let us tell you that in the case of girl gangrape victim, on Tuesday, the statement of girl child has been included in the 350 page invoice introduced by the police. According to the sources, the girl has not made her initial statement due to her mental health condition, which has almost one to one and a half pages. In this, when the girl took her away from the school, till her unconscious, the painful misfortune has been told in her innocent words. 
After the child’s unconsciousness due to an acute pain, the two accused had fled after leaving them as dead. In the case of girl gangrape of gangrape, the police presented the challan of around 350 pages to the Special Court of Poxo Act on Tuesday, 14 days after the incident, before Judge Nisha Gupta. There are 92 witnesses in it. About 100 evidence has also been included. 
Due to the resentment of the people, the video of the accused was done through video conferencing. From the morning on Tuesday, the police was talking about inviting the challan in the court. On July 5, the court sent both the accused to judicial custody till July 16. In this sense, their muscles were to be held on July 16. On this, the police asked for permission to present the challan on Tuesday morning by presenting an application to the court. 
After getting permission, at 4 pm, Deputy Superintendent Prosecutor BS Thakur, SIT incharge CSP Rakesh Mohan Shukla, Inspector Pushpa Chauhan and other policemen arrived in the Special Court of Poxo Act to present an invoice. Here DVR and other items of CCTV cameras seized in a box were kept. 
In the list of witnesses, the police officer associated with SIT, the first person to see the girl child, people present during the seizure, medical practitioners including Mandsaur and Indore doctors, besides some of the girls of the girl’s school were also included. has gone. Officials say that they want that the two accused who have been innocent with the innocent, get the punishment from the court which becomes a mishal and for this they are doing whatever is possible by their side. 

The Congress which did the Mandsaur rape victim now, has gripped her with humanity

In the candle march, slogans were raised against BJP and Shivraj.

At this time, the whole nation is sad and angry with Mussum in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, 7 years old. The whole country is demanding hanging of the pirates who stare at the child with a child
And in severe circumstances, the Admit-suffering hospital in the hospital is praying for early health benefits, but in the meantime, what has been done by the Congress party in Mandsaur’s gangrape has never been done till today, and this shameful act of Congress Party The whole nation is indignant and the Congress is being criticized
Let me tell you that Congress leaders of Shajapur district gathered together to face the murder of the local BJP leaders, to demoralize the leaders of the local BJP leaders and to give death sentence to the accused in the Mandsaur gangrape, Did it raise humanity to groan Congress leaders made the photo of seven years of innocent victims public by fighting life and death in the hospital.
Let me tell you that the Supreme Court has prohibited publicizing the identity of women and their families of victims of sexual violence. Those who do this can be arrested. The case of contempt of the Supreme Court can be played against them. They can be sent to jail. In protest against the heinous rap in Mandsaur, Shujalpur Youth Congress took out candle march and protested.
In the candle march, slogans were raised against BJP and Shivraj. Youth Congress leaders put a photo of the victim on the intersection and burned the candle in front of him. Not only this, politicians have also made the photo viral on social media. The Collector Nishant Varwad directed the FIR against the police under the IT Act, expressing strong objection to this. Under the IT Act, there is a provision of punishment upto 7 years.
The Congress, which has been totally denied by the people of the country, has been so disturbed that she is not able to do politics even on heinous crimes such as rape. Whereas innocent victims are fighting a war between life and death in the hospital but the Congress party here is doing politics on the brutality with the girl. 
Even knowing that not only the rape victim but also the identity of his family can not be made public, even then the Congress party leaders put the photograph of the victim not only on the crossroads but also viral on social media which is a crime is. Now the administration should take action against the Congress leaders who make the photo of the girl child public.

The music and singing field first made the question from Bollywood … Why so silent on Mandsaur?

Malini Awasthi believes that those who were attacking the Kathua Kand, they have made a silence on this incident.

When there was a painful incident with a innocent survivor in Kathua, then there was an earthquake all over the country. When the whole country was demanding the execution of the real culprits of the Kathua case, the case was suddenly given religious status. 

The case was made Hindu versus Muslim instead of rape A large number of Bollywood actors played a big role in it, who conducted campaigns with large large playcards in hand and tried to convict the entire Hindu community to be rapists and to denounce the temple of Hindus as a place of rape.
But now even a similarly painful incident has happened in Mandsaur of Madhya Pradesh, then the silence on the Kathua issue is silent on this incident.
The so-called intellectuals are saying something, and Bollywood is as if the snake has smelled. Malini Awasthi, a famous personality of music and singing area, has raised questions about the silence of Bollywood on the Mandsaur issue.
On the silence of the Mandsaur case and Bollywood artists, Malini Awasthi asked, why is the religious discrimination being done in case of atrocities against girls? The people who wrote the article about the Kathua scandal and wrote articles in foreign media have finally become silent on the incident of Mandsaur. 
Targeting Bollywood, Malini Awasthi tweeted, “Shame on Kathua and locks on Juban at Mandsaur! Discrimination in Resentment! There was no plaque in Bollywood anymore, nor did any foreign newspapers and media write articles defaming India. No hours moaning anchors are now distressed!
Even in girls, the double standards of discrimination can only be secular. ‘
He said that only one girl’s girl gets cross over the incident of tampering. The mind was full of resentment over the incident of Mandsaur incident, but I felt that I am a lone artist, who tweeted on this matter.
I said that it is a strange thing to think about how one thing becomes so big for some people that it becomes wider to the international level and there is no talk on the second incident. Malini Awasthi believes that those who were attacking the Kathua Kand, they have made a silence on this incident.
Such people are also seeing the incident of rape with the spectacles of religion. Malini Awasthi speaking directly to Bollywood actors said, “I want to ask that there are so many actors in Bollywood, they were embarrassed about the Kathua incident, but why did not shame come on Mandsaur’s incident? 
When he was questioned whether you are watching Rape with the glasses of religion, he said, ‘I am not seeing the incident of Mandsaur with the glasses of religion
So he said, ‘I am not seeing the incident of Mandsaur with the spectacles of religion.
I have not taken up the name of religion and I am surprised that atrocities against the daughters are being linked to religion, as seen in the Kathua case and silence on Mandsaur has convinced it. ‘

Sanjhiram was then convicted in the Kathua, then the Congress had said that it should not have a CBI probe. Now the accused in Mandsaur is Irfan and Asif what is it that Congress called?

The Congress party opposed the CBI inquiry into the Kathua issue.

In the Kathua case, when the entire country was demanding CBI probe, at that time the Congress party had stood against it and had said that they have complete faith in the Jammu and Kashmir Police and they do not want CBI probe.
Perhaps the name of the accused was to be Sanjhiram because the Congress party opposed the CBI inquiry into the Kathua issue.
But now when two innocent people, Irfan and Asidaf, crossed the limits of ignorance with a innocent in Mandsaur in Madhya Pradesh, and after the arrest, the accused have confessed their crime, at that time the statement from the Congress Party came The whole nation has remained numb from him.
In Mandsaur, the victim of seven years of ill-treatment is still stable and she is undergoing treatment at Maharaja Yashwantrao Hospital, Indore. On the other hand, the second accused Asif has been sent to police remand till July 5.
And the whole nation, including Madhya Pradesh, is provoked to bring justice to innocent victims and is being displayed everywhere in the country and the demand for hanging of the accused is being done, at that time the Congress Party has demanded a CBI probe into the matter.
Former Union Minister of State and Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia has alleged that the investigation of the police is not moving forward in the right direction, so the incident should be a CBI probe.
Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia has said that the CBI probe is going on, as the investigation of the three days police investigation is not progressing forward in the right direction.
When this question was raised with respect to the Mandsaur case and the accused were shouting for the CBI probe and the Narco Test,
At that time the Congress had opposed all these investigations because then the accused was Sanjiram but now when both the accused have confessed their crime in the Mandsaur case, how they have done this painful incident, then demand a CBI inquiry at that time. Because this time the accused is Irfan and Asif.