why there are need of hide Bismillah khan, Rajendra Lohri , Raushan Singh ,etc capital punishment ,who was the responsible for capital punishment of Tasdduq Hussain and Mohammad Raja

This is that of histoty in which no body had told to anyone ,there was a fault of that pen

Not only that, he did not give the country knowing that the true sacrifice was given to him and who gave it a trick to torment the country for eternity. The Kakori episode which has revolutionized the country’s independence Was massacred and massacred to the revolutionaries. The name of the person who was more than the British who was guilty in that pen was concealed.

Kakori Kand, who gave immortality to the heroes like Ram Prasad Bismil, Rajendra Lahiri and Roshan Singh, shook the roots of the country. It was the echo that Delhi had not come as an earthquake like London itself. The challenge was that the British had withdrawn the power from some heroes and withdrew them from their own treasures which they had looted to the poor people of India. At that time many young people were ready to come forward on the path of revolution and every tongue was discussed. The revolutionaries like Ram Prasad Bismil and Chandrashekhar Azad ..

But at the same time there were some such traitors who were paying salt to the nation by betraying them. One of the two major traitors was Tasadduk Hussein and the second Mohammed Raza. On August 8, 1925 at the house of Ram Prasad ‘Bismil’ In an emergency meeting, an explosive plan of Indians to loot the looted English treasure was made. On 9th August, 1925, Rajendranath Lahiri, a prominent member of the party, stopped the ‘Eight Down Saharanpur-Lucknow Passenger Train’ from the Kakori railway station in Lucknow district by dragging t

Ashfaq Ulla Khan, Chandrasekhar Azad and 6 other colleagues under the leadership of revolutionary Ram Prasad Bismil took away the official treasure of the British who were robbed by the British in the entire train while being run on the entire train .. Many Hindus who were working here in the British time Government officials were unable to catch these revolutionaries of Kakori Kand in this case but then came to Tasduk Hussain Jus The British government was a strong desire to get a medal, etc. and the position at the time that CID Inspector ..

He took Scotland’s fastest police team along with him to please the British and kept the matter open. He was an Indian because many local people gave him the information which these British revolutionaries Certainly it would not be wrong to say that the biggest hand in capturing Kakori’s heroic sacrifice was the same Tasduk Hussein who had given his Took advantage of the HE Indian indians characters British soldiers was not willing to help

After giving all information through Tasduk Hussain, the British Police knew that on 9th August 1925, who were out of the city from Ram Prasad ‘Bismil’ from Shahjahpur, and when did they return? When this intelligence was provided by Tasduk Hussain, it was fully convinced that Ram Prasad was the leader of the Hindustan Prasvantra Sangh (HRA), who was the leader of the Hindustan Prasvantra Sangh (HRA) on that day, on the night of 26 September 1925 40 people were arrested from India along with Bismil.

For this work, the English officers of Tasduk Hussein praised and flaunted their work and made a great deal of understanding. Then the judge of this judge who was standing in the court of his name was Muhammad Raza, who was the judge of the British Judge Was appointed to decide with the shirt. In order to lobby these revolutionaries, a government lawyer named Laxmishankar Mishra who was arguably not suitable for this case, due to which he was convicted, Ram Prasad Bismil had decided to do his own lobby.

It is believed that before giving such counsel to the mind, the blame for the execution of these revolutionaries and not finding a suitable lawyer is definitely required by Mohammad Raza, who was sitting on the judge’s bench at that time. He knew that By giving death to the heroes, many big names sitting in London will be happy and, finally, what Mohammad Raza thought was that too.

After all, these heroes were executed and some people like Tasadduk Hussein and Mohammad Raza, the flame of the revolution of the country’s revolution, mingled together, whose side effects will remain for a long time and they will never be able to . 

9th August – The revolutionaries had been looted today. The train at Kakori station, which had stirred the roots of British power, became angry but some so-called non-violent Hindus

Many warriors on the hanging of Kakori’s train looted

It was the time when these clothes of some so-called contractors used to wash away abroad, while the revolutionaries of India did not have the money till they started eating tea. They had no money, but they were fighting against him. Although the spanien colleagues forgot them and painted the books, by praising them, who indirectly destroyed the country. Today the discrepancy in the country’s religious, caste, linguistic form, etc. can be regarded as the responsibility of the so-called freedom firms. .

Kakori Kand was a historic event to loot the treasury of the British government for the purchase of arms from the dangerous intention of a fierce battle against the British Raj by the revolutionaries of the Indian freedom struggle, which took place on 9 August 1925. Four Mauser pistols made by Germany in this train robbery were brought to work. The specialty of these pistols was that they could be used as a rifle by placing another piece of wood made of wood behind the butt.

Only ten members of the Hindustan Republican Association carried out this whole incident. This was a revolutionary whose name was taken as equal by the sellers. During the meeting in Shahjahanpur in view of the urgent need of funds for speeding up the movement of independence run by revolutionaries, Ram Prasad Bismil The plan was to rob the treasure.

As a result, Rajendranath Lahiri, a prominent member of the party, stopped the “eight down Saharanpur-Lucknow Passenger train” from Kakori railway station in Lucknow district on 9th August, 1925, and stopped the Ashfaq Ulla Khan under the leadership of revolutionary Ram Prasad Bismil. With the help of Chandrashekhar Azad and 6 other colleagues, looted the government treasure while chasing the entire train. Although the echo of his work went abroad, it was reported from the British to all the countries preparing for a world war.

Those who considered these heroes as iron were considered by some of the so-called non-violent non-Hindus as being wrong, and because of their mischief, none of these heroes had helped later.

Later, the British government sued the total 40 revolutionaries of the Hindustan Republican Association for waging armed wars against the emperor, robbing public exchequer and killing innocent people, including Rajendranath Lahiri, Pandit Ram Prasad Bismil, Ashfaq Ulla Khan and Thakur Roshan Singh. Was sentenced to death (punishment for hanging).

In this case, 16 other revolutionaries were punished from the punishment of at least 4 years to maximum black water (lifelong imprisonment). Some revolutionaries have been named after some patriotic historians but many have remained anonymous. Today, on that valiant day, the Sudarshan family takes the resolution to keep their respect and immortal glory forever. ..