“If set free, the MLAs will return to us. 4-5 people each are keeping a watch on them”, Karnataka Congress Leader allegations On B.J.P

Congress leader from Karnataka alleged that the BJP has kidnapped his party MLAs and was keeping them at gunpoint. Congress alleged that BJP is trying to overturn the 13-month-old Congress-Janata Dal (S) government in Karnataka following through  spate of resignations by ruling coalition MLAs

Currently eleven MLAs from the Congress and three MLAs from the JD(S) have resigned in Karnataka reducing the seats up to 102 excluding speaker, on Monday with the support of two independents who resigned from ministry, B.J.P having 107 MLAs in the 224-member House have chances to form it’s government surpassing through surpassing the number 113

“The BJP has kidnapped our MLAs and is keeping them at gunpoint. Their mobile phones have been seized. They’re not even allowed to talk to their family members. If set free, the MLAs will return to us. 4-5 people each are keeping a watch on them,” Ahmad said.

If you want to give a gift in my marriage, then it will be a gift to Modi ji … a passion for Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi .

Whatever the critic of the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi may say, but for the Prime Minister Modi ji in reality, the craze in the youth of the country is not hidden from anyone. That is why Modi’s grim opponents also acknowledge that the Prime Minister among the people has a very good hold of Modi. Modi ji go anywhere, whether it is college or any other program. To see a glimpse of Modi ji, crowd of people has come to listen to Modi ji.

One such demise of Prime Minister Modi has come out, which has printed the picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his wedding card and has requested Modi to vote for gift in the marriage. We are talking about Praveen Someshwar, who is from Karnataka and is a Jatra fan of Prime Minister Modi. Praveen Someshwar is going to marry Hemlata on December 31 To make his wedding card memorable, he has printed the picture of PM Modi.

At the same time, the message of the achievements of the Modi government has also been done in the card. Pravin Someshwar has written on the wedding card that it is a gift for us to vote for PM Modi. This wedding card is becoming very viral on social media these days. Praveen said that this is a small step taken by us to salute and praise PM Modi’s work. Pravin says that our Hindustan is moving forward under Modi’s leadership, so he is with Modiji.

In the Congress-ruled Karnataka, the Hindu society has suffered unbearable pain … after trapping many in the Gauri Lankesh case, now named Bajrang Dal in Cow Smuggling

Karnataka’s land is soaked with the blood of countless Hindus

The land of Karnataka is so strong that innumerable Hindu activists were killed by the heathen only because of the ruthlessness because they were walking on Perth and did not want Karnataka to become the center of jihadi elements. Karnataka’s land is soaked with the blood of countless Hindus who were killed by religious fanatics because they were Hindus and they were proud of religion, they talked about their union, civilization, culture. 
Hindus were endlessly harassed in the Congress government with the leadership of the previous Chief Minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah. Hindus were trapped and tortured in the charge of killing of leftist writer, journalist Gauri Lankesh. Because of this anti-Hindu mindset of the Congress government, the people there had given a mandate against it, but together with the JDS of the Congress, they went against the mandate of the people and took over the power of the state and started again, which had come to this day. 
Kumaraswamy of JDS of SitarMaya sat on the throne of the Chief Minister. The king of the state changed but did not change because the keys of power remained in the hands of the Congress. After torturing the Hindus in the Gauri Lankesh massacre case, once again, Hindus have been targeted in Karnataka, and this time the Rajyaji Government has crossed the boundaries and arrested Bajrang Dal activist on charges of cow smuggling.
According to the news, the Bajrang Dal worker was arrested in connection with the gangrape of South Kannada district of Karnataka. The Bajrang Dal worker who has been arrested is Shashikumar, who was running a campaign against cow slaughter in the area which probably did not like the jihadist elements and state government and arrested Bajrang Dal activist Shashikumar on the charge of cow smuggling took. 

Azam, Bashir, Salman and Akram stopped seeing the children and seeing their parents ran and stabbed a bike rider. Then the public lost patience

What would be the environment at that time, and how difficult it would be to stop an outrageous crowd.

Just imagine that at the moment and when some people are gathering the children together and feeding some of them, suddenly they will run away after seeing the parents of these children. To stop calling them repeatedly, but they do not believe and continue to run away. In addition, when a stranger goes to a home, hit the motorbike and stomach it. 
What would be the environment at that time, and how difficult it would be to stop an outrageous crowd. Know that another alleged mob lingering case has come in Karnataka-ruled Karnataka, where a mob has killed a person by beating him and three others Has badly injured his condition, whose condition is extremely fragile. 
Since the persons killed and injured are from the Muslim community, the JDS and the Congress government have immediately sent 32 prisoners and sent them to jail in this case, showing the urgency and the raids are being carried out in search of the rest. The police have told the incident on the basis of rumor, yet the reasons for the escape of all those persons have not been confirmed. 
सूत्रों से मिली खबर के अनुसार हैदराबाद के रहने वाले मोहम्मद आजम, बशीर, सलमान और अकरम बीदर जिले के मुरकी गांव में आये थे. जब ये यहाँ से लौट रहे थे तब इनमें से एक ने वहां के बच्चों को चॉकलेट बांटी. जब एक चोकलेट बाँट रहे थे तब अचानक ही बच्चो के परिवार वाले वहां आ गये और उन्हें देख कर ये चारों भागने लगे ,
According to reports from sources, Mohammed Azam, residents of Hyderabad, Bashir, Salman and Akram came to Muraki village of Bidar district. When they were returning from here, one of them distributed chocolate to the children there. When a chocolate was distributed, suddenly the children of the children came there and seeing them, they started running around,
They stabbed a bike rider even after running away, after which many people of the village gathered after the Kizis and they attacked the four. They were told to stop but if they ran away, they were followed by bikes and were beaten and beaten. One was killed and 3 others injured in this beating. Police reached the spot and took care of the situation and saved the lives of the rest three. At present, many suspects in the village are absconding for the police. 

The question arises – “Where are you taking the baby?”, Said Khalid – “will not tell” .. Then the crowd was made and told the guilty

This incident is from Belthangadi in the Congress and JDS-ruled southern Kannada district.

Once again, the people tried to convince the people in Karnataka … a crying girl on a rickshaw and with her emotionless Abba Some people ran by listening to his screams. However, the girl was coming even more far away, but before those people who did not pay attention to him, they were considered right, but the people of the country thought that they were unaware They surrounded the conviction that they were held up. 
However, any kind of violence is altogether unfair .. An attempt was made to declare another case as a crime of the crowd, when the person accompanying one-and-a-half-year daughter in Karnataka’s Mangaluru was severely beaten by a crowd as a thief. By reaching the precise and timely location, the police rescued the person from the raging crowd who understood him as a child thief. This incident is from Belthangadi in the Congress and JDS-ruled southern Kannada district. 
In this district, 30-year-old Khalid was going to autorickshaw with his daughter. It is being told that angered Khalid was taking his innocent one-and-a-half-year old child to scolding and kissing, on which the child was constantly crying. The constant crying of the child became the subject of doubt for some people and after seeing the innocent child crying on, two young men followed him. 
After some distance, the youth stopped Khatid’s auto-rickshaw and pulled it down. After which he interrogated Khalid Here also once Khalid looked stern, when he refused to tell anyone anything and got ready to fight them. Not only Khalid, he started threatening those people and threatened to see them. This act of Khalid did not like anyone and he lost his temper.
This action led to the suspicion of childhood over Khalid, after which the youth started to beat him. Some local people came there watching the youth beat them. The youth told Khaled the kid-thief. After that the crowd started to beat him. Seeing Khalid killing, Rikshvale gave the incident to the police station and asked to catch the child thief. The police reached the spot, arrested Khalid.
After the inquiry, it was revealed that Khalid was the father of that girl. Police sources said that Khalid is a resident of Karmadhi. On that day, Khalid had gone out of the house with his daughter after taking a fight with alcohol to his wife. On the night of the incident, Khalid was taken to his house by his brother Police Stationson. At present, many people are tired of telling the crime of the crowd, while some people are calling it Khalid’s insistence and youth awareness.