After all India bowed down to China.. After a long time, such a statement made on POK made Pakistan.

India’s neighboring country China has often been supporting Pakistan’s father of terror in Pakistan. China, which appears on most occasions against India, and always gives importance to India as much importance to Pakistan, and in every case, Pakistan is supported, that China is finally bending in front of India. China has made a statement about Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (POK), which is being considered as a major diplomatic victory of India, with China’s move, Pakistan has now become completely conscious.

According to the news, for the first time, China has shown Pakistan-occupied Kashmir as an actual map of India’s Jammu and Kashmir. China’s official television channel CGTN was showing a report of terrorist attack on China Consulate in Pakistan on Friday. During this time, he showed this map. Let the government of China never show a report against power.

After China’s decision, where the wave of happiness is being seen in India, experts believe that China is compelled to accept that it can not do good by going against India. At the same time, Pakistan’s stand on China’s move has been stark. Let us say that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Chinging may meet this week during the G-20 summit. It will be Modi’s fourth meeting from Chinping this year.After the POK has been shown to India by China, it is expected that Modi and Jinging will meet in a very pleasant atmosphere and mutual goodwill between the two countries will grow.

Better start of day for nation. Army of Hizbul’s two  terrorists Adil and Adnan got a heap.

Until the country woke up from the morning till morning, the Junk Force of India had prepared a great news for the countrymen. The Indian army has again killed under the continuous cleansing campaign in Kashmir, two infamous terrorists of Hizbul Mujahideen Those who have been created for a long time have been the enemies of Kashmir and the enemies of India’s integrity. They had consumed the country and had been betrayed by the country, the enemies of India were sitting.

He sold not only his life but his neighbors and terror masters till his life and finally all his nepak Arman was buried today, who would have been seeing arms raising his weapon against India. Be aware that the operation in Kashmir The clean thrust has caught and in this order again the army has killed two more Kashmiri and Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists Adil and Adnan. The two terrorists killed Were local residents of Mir and the encounter occurred in Pmpor area.

These encounters lasted overnight in which the army had surrounded both, and both of them were successfully killed in the morning. The encounter site was the Shawli area of ​​Pampore which falls in the South Kashmir area. In this area, the army, CRPF and Kashmir Special Police Force were conducting search operations in which the militants started firing after the encounter which ended with the death of both the terrorists. According to military sources, these two terrorists The local resident Waheed Ahmed had kept his house hidden, which was surrounded.

The militant was Adil Ahmed Malangpura of Pulwama and the second Adnan Ahmad was the resident of the Brobandan area of ​​Pulwama. Large amounts of ammunition have been recovered from both of them. After this encounter, the hijab’s waist has broken, and the army’s appalling fear has rattled the terrorists.

Hizb Commanders Among 6 Terrorists Killed in Shopian Encounter; Mobile Internet Suspended

After the destructive form of the army against the cowardly criminals killing innocent people, now they are starting to get rid of terrorists and they are getting reasonable answers. The blurts of Kashmir were once again. In the showpiece, the garibs of the army have become silent for eternity, and 6 sadhak terrorists who had remained hostile to the peace and goodwill of India. .. not just Kashmir but has been running wave of joy after the encounter in the country ..

It is known that once again, the army has killed 6 infamous terrorists by attacking the terror bosses. The encounter was a face to face, which was not ready to put arms even after the army’s all-out efforts. All the terrorists were surrounded in the Baghund area of ​​Shopian district of south Kashmir. In this encounter, the army was not only the army but also the CRPF, and the Kashmir Police. Kashmir’s Special Police Force SOG also participated in this Mahabhaion with 34 National Rifles.

At present, the search operation in the area is still going on. The encounter is over. According to information from sources, so far the corpses of 4 militants have been recovered. The remaining 2 bodies are likely to be recovered soon. All the terrorists killed are Hizbul The Mujahideen group, which is currently notorious for flouting the innocent in Kashmir. All these terrorists include Mushtaq, the district commander of Hizb. The army had suffered a slight resistance in the operation but the operation was successful.

In this encounter, a protector of the nation has also been injured, who has been taken to the hospital for treatment. The bravery of the army is being praised on every side. The names of the terrorists killed are Mushtaq Mir, Abbas, Wasim, Umar Majid, Khalid Farooq is being reported while another is likely to be Pakistani.

Those who say “National Disaster” to the chilli powder have declared the rocks on the soldiers as “Mischief like children’s “

Once again, in the discussion, politics of India .. If the attack of a chilli powder first activated the Delhi government, then after this, trying to capture the neck of the central government through this medium .. According to the leader ji The attack was deadly and the twitching took place and it was decided to defer the guilty policemen, who has lost the time without taking the person into custody and started questioning questions.

The questions are also standing on how to reach a safe place at a highly secured site, while the attacks on the Parliament of this country and the blasts of Mumbai’s stock market were adopted to screw up the politics bets. Politics more red than hot and chillies reminded the soldiers of the country’s defense by protecting the integrity of the country..The warriors who are in the number of 2 or 4 and they have 4 thousand Area gives surround much of the crowd began to pierce the stones.

At that time, there was a determination to protect Bharat Mata’s Anan Mann Shan. The warrior is fighting on two fronts. Chests on the chest and stones on the back .. But more than two dozes of pain and suffering, the same young man and the pain Looking at the pill or the back is more painful than the stones. The third pain is that the young man’s ears were in the ears of the leaders in which the anti-India, Pakistan slogan Children and innocent words are used for crowded people who are born to life.

Not only this, by self-defense, if there is any injury to that frenzied crowd in the hands of those soldiers, then the so-called leaders sitting in Delhi are able to prove that heroic enemy of the country whose uniform is a symbol of self respect for India. Most of these white collars are those who have come to Dubai, but Kupwara, Shopian, Kishtwar are in what direction they will not know properly.

At present, hope is expected from all the intellectuals in politics, even if Delhi’s chillies declare themselves as a national calamity but do not blame the morale of the nation’s survival warriors. Do not address them with words like ‘Thula’ Instead of the Batla terrorists, remembering the sacrifice of Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma, shed tears. Instead of going to Dubai, instead of going to Dubai, Anantnag, Naushera, Kargil Go to not close look legitimate position at which they are issued a statement from Delhi ..

Chhattisgarh’s voters can learn a lot from the patriot people of the voters who kill the soldiers at the behest of some fundamentalists.

Even though in some places it is considered to be so big by raising anti-traitors and anti-social elements, but the people of Chhattisgarh who are capable of praising the power of India by taking foreign forces and gestures and weapons of mercenaries. Responding to the stereo candidates, the constitutional process was chosen and by encouraging the security forces, they have taught the traitors who are in the illusion of some frenzy. Do not come to kill stones at the security forces and chanting slogans in the funeral of the dead nefarious traitors.

Chhattisgarh assembly election: Ballet’s bullet on the bullet Voting ends in all the 18 seats in the first phase of assembly elections in Chhattisgarh at five o’clock in the evening. There are 12.5 seats of Naxal-affected Bastar division and 56.58 percent in Rajnandgaon’s 6 constituencies. Election Officer Subrata Sahu told that the elections remained peaceful.

In Chhattisgarh, 56.58% of the votes were registered in the first phase. In Kondagaon – 61.47%, in Kishakal – 63.51%, in Kanker – 62%, in Bastar – 58%, in Dantewada – 49%, Khairagarh – 60.5%, in Dorangarh – 64% and Khuji – 65.5% of voting records. has gone. Chief Election Officer Subrata Sahu said that till now the voting has been peaceful. There have been more than 60 percent voting till now except for some exorbitant incidents. At some places there has been more voting in this area. No disturbances have happened so far. In some places the machines were damaged, which has been improved.


November 13 – Sher -E- Punjab “Maharaja Ranjit Singh” Birthday, who was victorious in Lahore and Peshawar by killing abuser Hashmat Khan at the age of 13.

In India’s history there are very few people who are engaged in the sycophancy of only one class, hardly know the details of the daring warrior. Fake artisans who tell India’s false history of shield and without sword are hardly aware of this heroic sacrifice About how bloody the story of India’s sacred history . The golden chapters of India’s same holy history are the glory of India born today  Ranjit Singh ..

Maharaja Ranjeet Singh’s name has been written in the golden letters of Indian history. This Mahavir of Punjab won many fierce battles on his own courage and bravery. Ranjit Singh’s father was the head of Succarkia Missal. In his childhood, Ranjeet Singh had become afflicted with smallpox, that is why his left eye became visually blind. But he never allowed this to become weak. Ranjit Singh, who came face to face with challenges from Kishoreva, was only 12 years old when his father died (year 1792).

At the age of playing, Ranjeet Singh was made the ruler of Missal, and he performed that responsibility well. Maharaja Ranjit Singh was a very simple person by nature. Even after receiving Maharaja’s title, Ranjit Singh used to sit on the ground with his courtiers. He was famous for his generous nature, high sense of fairness. He always used to work on removing his people’s sorrows and troubles.

The economic prosperity of their subjects and their preservation as if they were to protect them was their religion. Maharaja Ranjit Singh ruled for almost 40 years. He made his kingdom strong and prosperous in such a way that his victory did not have the courage of an attacking army to lift his eyesight and his empire.Mahajan Singh and son of Raj Kaur, Ranjit Singh has been trained in horse riding, fencing and other war skills since the age of ten. At the young age, Ranjeet Singh was going to different soldiers with his father Maha Singh.

Ranjit Singh, who gave dust to his opponents with his might, had a deadly assault on 13-year-old man. Kshatriya Ranjit Singh himself killed the assailant, Hashmat Khan, who slept on his own. In childhood, the pain of smallpox, an eyeball, the suffering of the death of the father at the earliest, the burden of sudden workload, the attempt to murder himself, all these difficult cases changed Ranjit Singh into some strong steel.§ Maharaja Ranjit Singh was married to Mahtaba Kaur at the age of 16. His mother-in-law’s name was Sada Kaur. Regarding the advice and encouragement of Sada Kaur, Ranjit Singh attacked Ramgadia, but he could not achieve the success in that war.

There was no death penalty for any criminal in any of their states. Ranjit Singh was a very liberal king, but by conquering a kingdom, he used to give his enemy some money in exchange for his life so that he could live his life. He was the Maharaja of Ranjit Singh who had renovated the Golden Temple ie Harmandir Sahib.

Today, the Sudarshan family takes the vows of valor and self-respect to keep Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji on his birthday, and to keep his successes forever immortal…

India’s first place where there was no single vote .. These are those who say that they do not doubt their patriotism.

India is a democratic country where its representative chooses the people of the country from their own vote, but what is the thinking for which voting is considered to be a violation of their rights? What is the thinking that they believe that if they voted for Hindustan then would it be a crime ?

Who are those people who promote this poisonous thinking and want to bring their politics to the country to break through its clutches? It is surprising that even after this, these people say that their patriotism should not be doubted? The matter is for the assembly elections of Jammu Kashmir, where no single vote has been cast after the verdict of religious fanatics in one place. Let us tell you that in the second phase of the election, only 2.3 per cent of the votes in the Valley are cast.

In the Chhattal Ward of Srinagar, there was no single vote during the second phase of voting on Wednesday. Apart from this, eight eight voters arrived in Tunkpora, Syed Ali Akbar Ward. For 19 wards, less than 100 seats in nine wards and less than 150 votes in four wards. At the same time, there was a long queue in Livapora and Jainakota. 4.5 percent voting was held in Mujagund and in Solina it was 6.3 percent. Although low voting took place in the second phase of polling in the assembly elections, but there was a big difference.

After the threat of terrorists and the boycott of separatists, people responded to them. In 19 wards (where voted on Wednesday), all of the impact of separatists in Srinagar came out of the voters’ houses. Male voters in Burqa arrived to vote for the most affected South-East of Anantnag in Terrorism. Fierce votes are cast in Bandipora of North Kashmir. There was a queue of voters on the booths in this Shiite-dominated area, which is located on the outskirts of Srinagar.

For the sake of the terrorists, human rights were going on

The so-called human rights activists screamed and were questioning the army.

For the sake of the terrorists, human rights were going on … the soldiers who were killed there came to bury their son Human rights contractor became silent on the killing of the soldier … Recently, a few photographs of the Indian Army dragged the bodies of the terrorists killed during an operation had surfaced, on which the so-called human rights activists screamed and were questioning the army.

On one hand, where human rights were being targeted by the terrorists and targeting the army, the parties like Congress, PDP and NC also criticized the army saying that dragging the body of the terrorists is a violation of human rights. These humanitarians and politicians, who screamed at the death of the terrorists, became silent at the time when militants shot and killed the tribal soldiers in Kulgam district of Jammu and Kashmir. The young man had gone home for his funeral a few days ago after the death of his son in a road accident.

A police official said that the militants of the Territorial Army jawans entered the house of Mukhtar Ahmad Malik in Shurat of Kulgam district and they shot them near nearby. The official said that Malik died on the spot only. He said that Lance Naik Malik was on leave to attend his son’s funeral. Police said that Malik was a rebel before joining the regional army. Suspected terrorists had entered the house as a reporter.

Malik’s relatives said that suspected terrorists came in the form of reporters and said they want to meet Malik. The relative said, ‘They (terrorists) went inside the room, where people were sitting in mourning. They saw him and shot him and then he got out. ‘ While releasing the statement, the army said, “He (Lance Naik Mukhtar Ahmad, who has been killed by terrorists) was on leave in Kulgam on his son’s untimely death a few days ago.

And went to participate in the funeral of his son. We stand by solidarity with the family of martyrs and ensure complete support in this hour of distress and in the future. ‘ According to local residents of Shurat village, Malik’s son had been seriously injured in a road accident in Kulgam a few days ago, whose teenage death had died earlier. The villagers say that Mukhtar, who came to attend his son’s funeral, was shot dead by the terrorists, which led to his death. 

Kaiser and Nasir rape the innocent of 9 till they died

There is a more horrific case than the Kathua, in front where not only an innocent ruthlessly rape has been done but it has also been put to death

Kaiser and Nasir rape the innocent of 9 till they died.Incident of India where the candle gang is silent In this case, many big names are silenced so far. Once again, the valley of Kashmir is shocked by an innocent shriek. There is a more horrific case than the Kathua, in front where not only an innocent ruthlessly rape has been done but it has also been put to death.

In the Kathua case, the hyperactive whole team has suddenly become silent on this issue and the children of the child are wandering in the rate of getting justice. Kashmir is once again revived. It is known that this time the matter is from Baramulla district of Kashmir, where an event that shames shame also has shaken the whole country. This time, five miscreants have been arrested in the Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir for a nine-year-old innocent girl, till she was brutally tortured till her death.

In this case a woman is also involved in the hatred towards that innocent person and she made such a horrible story of the death of that girl. On September 2, the body of the missing girl was recovered from a house one kilometer away in the rugged state. The child’s stepmother has also been arrested in this horrendous crime arising from Ishya. According to the statement of the police spokesman in this disastrous case, a woman and four youths have been arrested in connection with gangrape and murder of the girl.

The body of the girl was recovered from the forest two days ago in Uri Tehsil.

Regarding the crime, she said that the girl’s father had lodged a complaint of her daughter’s disappearance and she feared that her daughter was abducted. During the investigation, the police found that the girl’s father has two wives and the daughter is the daughter of the woman of Jharkhand.

Police officials said that the investigation revealed that Fahmida had long hated her husband’s non-Kashmiri aroma and her daughter for a long time because she felt that her husband loved her more than his second wife.

Fahmida planned to kill his step-daughter after coming to God He said, “He took him to the forest and committed crime with four others, including his 14-year-old son, his friend Kaiser Ahmed (19), Nasir Ahmed (28) and another 14-year-old boy.

In this case, so far silenced people carrying candle march have been observed in honor of the alleged contractor and daughter of humanity. 

All those who were looking for started Nationalist After breaking the back of the Maoists hidden in the country .

The son of Hizb militant Salahuddin was arrested in Kashmir.

Living inside the country, the country was doing only hollow. Right now, the police of Maharashtra has broken the back of the Maoists, and suddenly, the NIA has shown its own radar form and has conquered the son of the worst terrorist Kashmiri Syed Salahuddin.

After this arrest, the central government has expressed its intention and made it clear that there is something going on in the last phase of the government that can be counted as the last war on the bosses of terrorists.

After destroying the Maoist network spread across the country to plot the murder of Prime Minister Mr. Modi, it has been pointed out that India’s biggest offender is Syed Salahuddin.

The terrorist, who used to sit in a foreign country, was running his terrorist network comfortably, and was carrying out his activities by moving his son forward but suddenly he came in the curve of the government. The NIA has arrested Syed Shakeel Ahmed, the second son of militant Syed Salahuddin of Hizb-ul-Mujahideen, on Thursday morning, from his house in Srinagar’s Rambagh area. Shakeel Ahmed is the second son of Salahuddin who has been arrested in this case.

After this arrest, it can be assumed that the entire family of Salahuddin is in custody at this time because before this, the investigating agency had arrested Sayed Shahid earlier in the year in the money laundering case of Salahuddin.

He is currently lodged in Tihar Jail of Delhi. Salah Shakeel Ahmed, son of Salahuddin, who was arrested on Thursday, has been working as a lab technician from SKIMS Ashbatala for 30 years

It is being told that the investigating agency had called Syed Shakeel Ahmed for questioning at least three times in the 2011 Terror Funding case, but he did not appear before the agency.