1 minor child was going on for two years continuously rape .. rapists were 20 in which a leftist leader and father of the girl himself also. 

A sensational news of gang rape was reported in Kannur district of Kerala with a minor girl who will be ashamed of shame as you hear it. According to the news, in Kannur, Kerala, a 16-year-old minor was raped by 20 people for a period of two years. In the rape of the minor himself, the minor and the Communist leader were involved. In this case, 12 people, including a local DYFI leader, have been arrested by the police

A police official said that the arrested persons include the father of the girl. The Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) is the youth unit of the ruling CPI (M) in Kerala. Kannur Superintendent of Police Shiv Vikram told PTI that 16 FIRs have been registered in five different police stations and more than 20 accused.

We are interrogating more people. The incident came to light in the first week of December when an accused called the victim’s brother and threatening him demanding Rs 50,000 that he has some objectionable pictures of the girl whom he would post on social media. According to the police, the victim allegedly beaten up the victim’s brother in Palakkad.

The police said that the accused came in contact with class 10th student from the social media and created a fake profile of a woman. On November 19, she took her to a lodge in Parsinikaduv, district, and there were four persons who sexually abused her. Police told that the manager of the Lodge has been arrested for not informing the police about the crime. According to the police, according to the allegations, many other people were raping his father besides the victim girl studying in class 10th.

The girl’s sexual abuse was going on for the last two years. Police said that only 4 new people raped him in the month of November. On behalf of the victim girl, her mother has filed a complaint in police. The mother came to know about this matter through the victim’s brother. According to media reports, the brother says that a video of his sister was being blackmailed by showing it. In the statement given to the police, the girl has told other girls to be sexually exploited. Police say that further investigations are underway in the case.

The deepest conspiracy of the fundamentalists to bring down the image of India in the world. The French connection of the French terrorist attack, the French police arrived in the southern province of Kerala ruled in Jail in connection with Haza Moidin..

While on one hand India has been trying to improve its image abroad and increase its credentials with all its diplomacy, at the same time, some fundamentalist elements of India are becoming a stigma against India. For some time, with the intention of joining ISIS, some religious fanatics who had fled abroad had done India’s roles around the world and were killed in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan.

But now the connection of terrorist attacks to Europe has begun to connect with India, including the attacks in France that have fought terror, which shook the world and forced such individuals as Donald Trump to speak in this matter.It is worth noting that after all the efforts of the Government of India, India’s relations with France were not only normal but also mellow; the efforts to squeeze into it were politically done through the Rafael Deal, but now more serious A connection has come from Kerala to the terrorist attack in Paris, France’s capital.

According to the news agency organiser.org, a team of French investigators has reached Kochi in Kerala where he will interrogate two terrorists close to Jail, Jasim and Haza Moeedeen, whom they can get some important clues in the Paris terror attack. This team of French investigators has come to India from a special aircraft where they will submit evidence of Paris’s ISIS attacker investigating the connections of both the terrorists locked in the same ideology of India. In the Paris terror attack in the year 2015, 130 are absolved People were killed

Both of these terrorists were arrested by the NIA in India while their triple connections were found by the terrorists Osman Ghani, a terrorist from the Lashkar-e-Toiba. These terrorists were also operating a terrorist camp in Kanakmal, Kerala, ruled by the Left, There was no news about the administration. Not only that, some of the locals were also opposed to the arrest of their jawans, whereas on one side in Kerala, a Hindu leader A. had been killed Kkin is scheduled Viur both inquiries Kerala in prison ..court  has also given permission for interrogation of these two questions which will be done in the presence of NIA. Right now, for this very important question, permission has been given for 3 days. Currently, in this case, leftists and intellectuals have kept quiet silence.


Necked sand and corpses were laid to Iraq. Nasidul Hamzafar of Kerala … even if caught, he did not even tell that he is an Indian. Imagine the level of hatred

Nasheed al-Hamzar, who lived in Kerala, was killed on the basis of religious belief, killing people and trying to kill him, he fled from Iraq to Iraq and became involved in the worst terrorist Islamic organization ISIS. Now he has been arrested and brought to Kerala. It is learned that in his laptop in 2013, his friend copied some speeches. These were the same speeches that inspired him to join the Islmil State Khorasan Province (ISKP). He was questioned after being arrested, in which he opened many of the Islamic State secrets.

Let us tell you that Hamzafar (26) became the first Indian in September this year to be exiled from Afghanistan. He was admitted here illegally. Here he is associated with ISKP. His friend Shihas is among the 21 men, women and children who went to Afghanistan without leaving Kerala. These people left Kerala in 2016 and went to the place controlled by the IS in Afghanistan.

Hamzafar said that Shihas works in ASKP’s media team and another friend is in charge of Ashfaq Hejra (Migration). A news agency report says that Hamzafar was first taken to Isafahan in Iran after reaching Tehran in October 2017, where he was kept in the expatriation camp by an unknown person. In exchange for this, $ 450 was taken in return. Hamzaffar said- ‘The long line was started in the camp. He told the officials that he is Afghani, so he should be left in Afghanistan.

There he was interviewed and taken biometrics. He was put in the vehicle to Pakistan forcibly to understand Pakistan. After which he said that he was an Afghan, he was taken to Afghan camp. “He told that he was sent to Nimruz of Afghanistan. Where he contacted his friend Ashfaq. After which he sent the unknown person Abu Ali to there. As soon as Ali took it, the Afghan Security Force came and took him into custody.

He lied many times that he is an Afghan but the force knows that he is an Indian. The security personnel showed him pictures of Ashfaq and Shihas, he said that he is his friend.

After this he was sent to Afghan Intelligence Jail, where he remained in custody for 3 months. After this he was sent to the American jail Bagram, where his biometrics were taken and kept in custody for 3 months. After which he was sent to India. He was impressed with Zakir Naik speeches and asked his family not to watch TV.

He also told his mother and sister that he should cover himself completely. After which, his father also reprimanded him. He was taken out of college and in college he met with a quandary. Which was so much of alcohol and ganja. He said that many changes were started in his friend Shihha, he kept on increasing the beard, he began to do religious things. Hamzafar was also involved in the fundid program with his friends by Jaakir Naik.

He said that the program was told about Islam and Christian religion. After which his friend, Basin Vincent, adopted Islam. Vincent and his wife Mary also left for Afghanistan in 2016. He further said that his friend Shihas had created WhatsApp group named Message to Kerala. In which he used to send the message and said that 99 percent of media reports are wrong. All right there. After this she also sent a PDF file of 110 page to her. After which he was attracted to the Islamic State.

November 11 – Today, against the British under the leadership of the Hindu Emperor king of Kerala, the announcement of the bloodshed “Kundra Rebellion”, in which sacrifices were countless warriors..

Kundra Rebellion? Surely, you will not hear this name and if you will hear it too little because with the sermon of this war, the voice of the drummer of a group of fictitious artists and lovers, historians, would have reduced the voice of the drum in which it gave the credit of freedom to the shield and the sword They will be thrown out of such true history, forcibly written the words of those books which they have written in Swamishakhi on somebody’s behalf. guilt Kedar whose accounts they own land Azad made the rest were revolutionary inexplicably ..

Independent contractors have hidden a lot of things that if the people of India are told the true truth, then their faces will become black in public and new confidence will be communicated with new confidence in the public, which they will get from anywhere with injustice and tyranny Will give the power to fight. But in the left-hand history of Kerala, not only honoring the heroes in the history written by the Left can not be a mistake, but this is the conspiracy that is designed to remove India from world,

And somewhere they are successful even if not in the short-term form. Be aware that like the oppressive and oppressive European countries, the British East India Company also reached the goal of business. In 1664, the company established the business center in Kozhikkod. In 1684, he took the part of Tiruvitanankur, which was known as Anchutengu, from the Atingal queen. In 1695 there was a fort built there. At the same time he also made his coin in Thalassery.

In April 1723, there was a treaty between the British East India Company and Tiruvitanankur. Under the Shrirangapattanam Pact in 1792, the British received the title of Tippu. In 1791, the company also made a treaty with Kochi. According to this, Kochi King was a feudal lord of the British by paying annual tax to the British. From 1800, Kochi became subject to the British Government of Madras. According to the Treaty of 1795 Tiruvathankur also accepted British rule. So, while staying in a British resident Thiruvananthapuram, inspect the rule.

The British used to give eight lakh rupees per year to Tiruvindankur tax form. According to the treaty in 1805, if there was any domestic divide or ruckus in Tiruvitanankur, then the British got the right to intervene. Thus the whole of Kerala came under the control of the British. It was natural to oppose the British rule against those who were proud of their country. Kerala Verma King Raja, Velutampi Dalva and Paliyattakshan raised weapons against the British.

Although his rebellion was unsuccessful, he was able to raise public opinion in the public about anti-British and nationalism. The King of Kottayam Dynasty armed armed revolt against the British tax system which had run in Malabar. The British collected taxes from the King-Rajvadas. The King used to collect tax from the public directly. The British had given the right to tax collection in Kottayam, not to the king, but to his ruler, Kurumbra principality.

In 1795, the King, after opposing this, stopped all the tax collections. In the year 1793 – 1797, 1800 – 1805, the soldiers of the King of Persia were encountering with British soldiers. King Raja entered the forests of Wayanad and started fighting. But on November 30, 1805, the British guns blew them away. The wall that he had built against the British, he broke down, broke it.

By rendering unnecessary interference in Thiruvinathankur’s home affairs, Resident McCale was eligible for the opposition of Velutampi Dalva. This protest resulted in open battle. Velutambi attacked the British army with the Prime Minister Palikattakhan of Kochi. Velutampi, on November 11, 1809, called for the people to revolt against British occupation, called an ‘Kundra Declaration’. Even then, the British army subdued the power fortresses of the Thiruvathankur army one by one.

Seeing himself defeated, Welutam committed suicide.In 1812, the Kurichar of Vayendu and tribal classes named Kurumper raised weapons against the British, however the rebellion was suppressed. Today, all those known and unknown heroic sacrifices on this valiant day Repeat Naman and Vandana. And the Sudarshan family’s determination to keep their glorious history forever immortalized. Also, the question of the hypocrites was also hidden from the nation.

1400 Hindus arrested for saving the honor of Sabarimala … 440 lawsuits filed by Leftist regimes .

Even after the Supreme Court verdict and after all the efforts of the Government of Kerala, the Hindus of Kerala kept the purity of Sabarimala temple and saved the respect of the temple. But now the leftist government of Kerala is falling apart as a havoc on the Hindus who save the honor of Sabarimala Temple. The Kerala Police has launched aggressive action against the people of Hindu society who are protesting to save the honor of Sabarimala temple. The Kerala Police has arrested more than 1,400 people in two days.

According to the news, Kerala Police has issued a notice notice to about 210 people and has registered cases against nearly 2000 people. On Wednesday and Thursday, people were arrested from Ernakulam Rural, Triunitura Kozhikode, Palakkad, Thrissur, Kottayam and Alappuzha areas. Police say that more arrests will be done now. The police has registered 440 cases in this case.

After the Supreme Court order on the entry of women of ‘Rajswala’ age group in Sabarimala temple on 17th October, people of Hindu society performed for keeping the sanctity of temple clean. The temple of the Supreme Court order was closed for one month on Monday after being open for five days but due to protests from people of Hindu society, no single woman could enter the temple.

On this, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan termed the protests as ‘planned’ and ‘deliberately’ an attempt to create an atmosphere of tension in Kerala. He blamed the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh for this violence. The Kerala government has made it clear to the Supreme Court that it will implement this decision.


The allegation of the struggle of Sabarimala on the Sangh … a lot says the Chief Minister’s statement.

The voice which was raised by Sudarshan News prominently and opposed the court laws in the Divine Laws, now the Congress and the leftists have started to emerge against that voice and have started to say the struggle of the Hindus directly to the Sangh’s struggle. . However, in this case, now the Hindu society is ready to go against any court order, but it is not taking seriously the matter of any political party.

Right now, the matter has come in the statement of the Chief Minister of Kerala in which he has directly blamed the Sangh, the Union. It is known that now the issue of existence and prestige for Hindus has begun in the case of Sabarimala, politics and now it has come to this issue. The very strange statement of Kerala Chief Minister P. Vijayan. He has told the National Self RSS Association RSS behind the protest against the entry of women in Sabarimala temple which has become a highly controversial issue

On Tuesday, Chief Minister Vijayan said that the Kerala government and the police tried to implement the order of the Supreme Court but the RSS has made the Sabarimala Temple a war zone. He said that the RSS spoiled the atmosphere so much that there were things like killing women, attacking police and stone pelting on trains of women journalists who had never been in Kerala. In Sabirimala temple, women from ten to fifty years old were not allowed to go.

The Supreme Court dismissed the ban on the entry of women by believing it was a mistake. After the court order, the doors of the temple were opened last week for five-day worship. However, when some women tried to enter the temple after opening the temple, some organizations and people of the temple protested strongly against it and did not let any women go in for visas.

The Congress has also tried to support this statement of Vijayan somewhere and in Kerala, Congress and other opposition parties say that this decision is not correct and the customs of the temple should not be changed. The RSS people are also protesting against the entry of women in the temple. They also say that the Kerala government will appeal against the court verdict. At the same time the government says that if the Supreme Court has allowed women to enter, then it is the duty of the government to follow that order.

However, because of open interference in the matters of Shriram’s birthplace Ayodhya to the Padmanabhan temple, why not make such decisions in case of any other opinion or religion, Sudarshan News has raised this issue prominently in Bindas Bol and Jansansad  and motivate audience for answer.

Sabrimala opening: Tension prevails as police evict protesters

Tension prevailed Wednesday morning in Kerala’s Nilackal, the main gateway to Sabarimala, after the police used force to disperse devotees opposing the entry of girls and women of menstrual age into the hill shrine.Acting tough, the police, deployed in large numbers in Nilackal, some 20 kms away from the Sabarimala hilltop, also removed a makeshift shelter erected by a protesting group Sabarimala Achara Samrakshana Samiti. The protesting group of devotees had been staging a sit-in chanting Ayyappa mantra in the shelter in protest against the Supreme Court order permitting women of all age groups to enter the shrine.

The protesting people, who were fewer in numbers, ran from the spot when the police initiated action in the early hours Wednesday when they tried to block the buses from the key entry point to the temple.Hours ahead of opening of the hill shrine for the monthly prayer, the police said they would not let anyone to block the movement of the people.Taking the full control of Nilackal, Police also warned against those who create hurdles in the ways of pilgrims to the hill shrine.

The police took strong action against the protesters after some of them checked the vehicles heading to Pamba and prevented the women in the age group of 10 and 50 from entering the hill shrine.A couple from Tamil Nadu, aged 45 and 40, on their way to Pamba, were forced to get down from the KSRTC bus Monday night allegedly by some activists of the Sabarimala Achara Samrakshana Samiti.Although the couple had said that they would go only up to Pamba and not climb Sabarimala, the activists prevented them.

The police later took them to safety.Some activists of the Sabarimala Achara Samrakshana Samiti, who had stayed back at Nilackal, also allegedly prevented the media persons from carrying out their professional duty. Crew of various TV news channels were asked to leave the place. They could return the spot after more policemen were deployed in the area.Around 500 police personnel, including women, have been deployed in Nilackal to ensure a safe passage to the pilgrims to the Lord Ayyappa temple.

Meanwhile, another group of devotees said they would stage a Gandhian style peaceful protest in Pamba.The shrine located on the mountain ranges of the ecologically fragile Western Ghats opens later in the evening for the first time after the recent Supreme Court.Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has said no one would be allowed to block devotees from proceeding to Sabarimala.

Groups of women devotees including senior citizens, clad in traditional sarees, had stopped each and every vehicle at Nilackal Tuesday.Besides private vehicles, devotees even stopped and inspected Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) buses and asked young women to get out of them Tuesday.Very few police personnel were present when the incidents happened.

Protesting women had said no women belonging to the banned age group of 10-50 will be allowed to travel further from Nilackal and offer worship at the shrine.The temple would be closed on October 22 after the five-day monthly prayer during the Malayalam month of Thulam.

IMD warns of heavy rains over weekend in Kerala and Tamil Nadu; states say they are prepared to handle any situation

The Kerala and Tamil Nadu governments have put state machinery on alert in view of the possibility that heavy rainfall may continue over the weekend due to the deepening of a low-pressure area over the southeast Arabian Sea.According to an India Meteorological Department (IMD) bulletin, the low pressure is very likely to become more marked during the next 12 hours and concentrate into a depression. It is likely to intensify into a cyclonic storm and move towards Oman’s coast thereafter. The IMD has also issued a red alert for Kerala’s Idukki and Malappuram districts on 7 October.

Meanwhile, rains continued to lash parts of Tamil Nadu and neighbouring Puducherry for the second day on Friday, prompting officials to declare a holiday for educational institutions in Tamil Nadu. Following forecast of extremely heavy rain on Sunday, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister K Palaniswami held a review meeting at Chennai on Friday and issued a series of instructions to officials. These included asking collectors of coastal districts to take steps for the early return of fishermen who have ventured into the sea, an official release said.

In addition to medical assistance, officials were also instructed to keep ready adequate stocks of food and clothes that might be required in the event of people being evacuated to relief camps, the release said. Reservoirs with over 70 percent storage should be monitored, it .

Some parts of Kerala, including Kochi, Thrissur and Malappuram, received rains Friday.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said five teams of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) have arrived in the state and they would be deployed in Wayanad, Palakkad, Idukki, Pathanamthitta and Kozhikode. The Indian Navy too has been asked to stay on standby to take up relief and rescue operations, if need be.

The shutters of the Neyyar and Aruvikara dams and Malampuzha dam in Palakkad were lifted Friday to release water in view of the forecast of heavy rains in the coming days. The state has ordered its officials to monitor water levels in all reservoir that hold water above 70 percent of their capacity.Officials also said shutters of the Idukki-Cheruthoni dam, Pamba, Moozhiar and Kakki dams in Pathanamthitta, Banasurasagar dam in Wayanad, Sholayar, Peechi and Chimini dams in Thrissur district would be opened, if necessary, after monitoring the water inflow.

The government has also issued a warning to people living on the banks of rivers including the Pamba and Periyar. Fishermen have been asked not to venture into the sea for the next few days. Tourists have been advised not to travel to hill stations, especially Munnar in Idukki and Nelliyampathy in Palakkad districts respectively.  Meanwhile, Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala said the government took the right decision in opening shutters of some dams in view of the low pressure hovering over the southeast Arabian Sea. Chennithala said if the government had taken such a step in August when the state witnessed a deluge, destruction and loss of life could have been avoided.

Kerala had witnessed the fury of the southwest monsoon in August, the worst in the last 100 years, which claimed 493 lives and left a trail of destruction in several districts.Fishermen association sources said about 1,000 fishermen, who had ventured into the sea from Kanyakumari, have not returned. The sources said authorities had issued a red alert, but they were not sure if the red alert message had reached the fishermen.

They had been asked to return before 5 October, but they have not, the sources said. The message would now be sent through the navy to the fishermen, they added.

Following sharp spells of rains in Chennai, Kancheepuram, Tiruvallur, Tirunelveli and Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu, educational institutions were closed, officials said.Meanwhile, Puducherry received heavy rains and an official said the union territory recorded 9.5 centimetre rainfall in the last 24 hours ending 8.30 am.Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi said the government machinery was geared up to tackle the situation. Puducherry Chief Minister V Narayansamy said educational institutions will remain closed in view of the rains.

Residential areas in Oulgaret and neighbouring municipal segments were waterlogged, throwing normal life out of gear.Government machinery was geared up to meet any exigency, official sources said.Farmlands were waterlogged and a farmer said the paddy he had raised on a large extent of land was flooded.




Kerala floods: Before and after images from NASA show level of inundation

NASA Has Released Images Showing The Extent Of Kerala Floods,

The recent floods in Kerala have had a devastating effect on the region with major loss of life and property. The people in the regions affected are suffering because of lack of food, medicines and basic amenities.

While we know that the crisis at hand is major, these new images from National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) show a clear view of the floods and it is truly scary to even think that people in Kerala are going through such a great calamity.

The two before and after images of the area surrounding the Vembanad lake, including areas in Alappuzha, Kottayam, Changanassery and Thiruvalla.

The first image taken on February 6 captures the area before the floods took place and the second image taken on August 22 show the extent of flooding in the region.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on Sunday released an interactive graphic which shows the extent of flooding in parts of Kerala.

The graphic contains two satellite images of the area surrounding the Vembanad lake, including areas in Alappuzha, Kottayam, Changanassery and Thiruvalla. 

Heavy rains and landslides claimed 22 lives in Kerala on Thursday forcing authorities to open shutters of

22 dams, including the Idukki reservoir, Asia’s biggest arch dam, after 26 years.

Four units of army were deployed in worst-affected Idukki, Wayanad, Kozhikode and Malappuram districts and navy and air force units are on standby as weathermen predicted heavy downpour for another day.

“Flood situation is really serious. We are forced to open 22 dams in the state due to incessant rains. Such a situation never arose in the recent past. We have sought the army, navy and air force’s help and control rooms will be opened in six worst-affected districts,” said chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan after an emergency cabinet meet.He said the state was facing a disaster of unprecedented magnitude and sought everyone’s help to tide over it.

A red alert was sounded as water level in the Idukki dam crossed 2400 feet.A revenue official said Idukki bore the maximum brunt with 11 deaths, followed by six in Malappuram, three in Wayanad and rest in other districts.Besides 22 deaths, eight others were missing. At least 3,000 people were shifted to safer areas and the authorities had opened 130 temporary shelters.Incidentally, the second spell of flood occurred at a time when a central team was visiting the state to assess the damage caused in central Kerala last month.

In Idukki, of the five shutters of the Cheruthoni dam, only one was partially opened to release 50,000 litres of water per second from the swollen reservoir. The shutter will be closed after monitoring the water flow downstream.”Catchment area is still getting heavy rains. We are monitoring the situation and we will open more shutters of Idukki if needed,” said state power minister M M Mani who is camping in the area.

The 45-year-old Idukki dam had not filled to such levels in the past 26 years. Idukki reservoir has three dams — the main dam on Periyar that holds the maximum water has no shutters as it is situated between two imposing granite hills locally known as Kuravan and Kurathi hills.

The other two are Cheruthoni and Kulamavu dams. The partial opening of a shutter on Cheruthoni means all other dams downstream will have to be opened to ease the pressure of water. There are 14 dams in the district.The Cochin International Airport was partially closed for a couple of hours, but later a spokesman of CIAL said normalcy was restored.Train services were also disrupted on the busy Palakkad-Coimbatore section for many hours due to landslips.

Northern Kerala’s Wayanad district was completely cut off by landslides and army personnel were pressed into service to restore road network in the hill district.Educational institutions were closed in six districts and people have been advised to avoid travel in hilly areas of the state. The CM also requested people not to crowd dam areas and take selfies.

Last month, Alappuzha and Kottayam districts in central Kerala were flooded, killing 40 people. A central team led by Union ministers Kiran Rijiju and K J Alpohns visited the areas and announced an initial relief of Rs 80 crore. A second team comprising senior officials is visiting the state to assess damage.