Lalu’s party’s MLA’s house recovered the arms of illegal weapons

Seized up to the carbine. Suspicions of Naxalites Honorable people of the country are going to increase this ideology.

In the meantime, Rabshi also had a lot of problems with the action taken against the government’s Naxalites. They have misjudged him and have not left any chance to tell Modi a dictator. But there was no such thing behind all these things which is coming out now.

Suddenly, in another action that has come out, it is enough to make anyone’s hair grow. This is a sensational issue in Bihar’s Gaya district. Once again, a coalition of politics and crime came out of the public, when a case of purchase and sale of illegal weapons was found in the house of RJD legislator Kunti Devi in Bihar’s Gaya.

In this case, Bihar Police and STF have also arrested a smuggler including two Desi carbines, 9 mm pistol and 6 live cartridges, during the joint operation. While two accused escaped from the spot. In the initial investigation of the police, in the vicinity of Gaya District, there is a possibility of selling more than 150 weapons so far.

According to the information from unconfirmed sources, it is being told that the racquets can be linked to the Naxalites and this network of weapons can be found connected there. At present, the police and security agencies of entire India are engaged in anti-Naxal operations and taking any matter related to it are taking immediate cognition.

Police and STF have raided the information about the purchase and sale of weapons at the residence of AP Dilli in Kunti Devi, RJD legislator of the Atari assembly constituency of Bihar’s Naxal affected district. In the raid, the police arrested Jackie Kumar, a smuggler with illegal weapons from the legislator’s house. Salam of the MLA’s son Pankaj Yadav and W. Yadav were successful in the escape.

In connection with the arrest of the arrested Jackie Yadav, it was revealed that he was working with Pankaj Yadav, the son of the MLA’s son, for the last one year, he was buying and selling arms. On the involvement of the MLA, GSP’s SSP Rajiv Mishra said that legal action will be taken against the facts which are being investigated. An FIR has been lodged in this case in Rampur police station.

Although in this case the Naxalites are concerned or with criminal gang it will be confirmed after the full investigation of the police, but whatever has come out, has become a big question for itself to be active on Twitter. 

Shamefully shocked humanity by seeing such a stupid face of Lalu’s closest leader … Pretended to be 2 minor

RJD leader and his supporters in Nawada, Bihar, with a minor boy.

Laloo’s raj is called Jangaraj in Bihar, its lunatic lalu Yadav’s party Rashtriya Janata Dal activists have once again appeared. According to the news, a case of inhuman behavior has been brought out by RJD leader and his supporters in Nawada, Bihar, with a minor boy.

The 10th student of Hissua and one of his companions was tortured after making a 16-hour mortgage charge for theft of a vehicle. Along with beating, the boy’s body has also been burned to cigarettes in many places. Hissua RJD is accused of blocking a minor boy on the block president Umesh Yadav and some of his colleagues. It has been told that the RJD leader has caught a child of 10 years and one of his companions on charges of bull roko and then crossed the limits of harmony with him.

On charges of bolero burglary, Kheria resident Kripanandan Sav’s 16 year old son Jigar was mortgaged for 16 hours after torturing and the accused handed it over to Narhat police station. The Narahat police left the minor after research. After leaving the station, Hissua reached PHC to treat the victim, where she told the media workers their predecessors. After treatment, the victim and his family reached the Hissua Police Station and complained of torture to the police.

The victim student has lodged a complaint against the 14 -15 people, including the District President of the RJD and the Gurukhi resident Umesh Yadav, Mithilesh Kumar Yadav, Pappu Yadav, Pankaj Kumar. The victim said that the victim and his companion were brutally assaulted by the belt He was beatified and not falsely charged with cigarette. The victim’s mother told that her child is going to read and is over-excited with it.

In this case Hissua police say that the victim has received written application in the police station. The entire matter will be investigated and the people found guilty in the investigation will be subjected to action. 


Mulayam had ever said – “There are children, it becomes a mistake” … Now the rowdy leader of RJD for the tampering like this is the same statement

RJD leader rapped on allegations of flirting on raging highspeaker …

Regarding the rape, the Samajwadi Party’s patron and former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav had said that there is no need to rape such rape as there is a mistake of children.

This statement of Mulayam Singh Yadav was quite fierce and he was greatly criticized. But now Lalu Prasad Yadav’s party Rashtriya Janata Dal’s RJD leader, Shivanand Tiwari has made remarks in the style of Mulayam, who has tampered with and has said that there is no need to be attacked on the flirting because this is an age like this. When anyone does flirting

It is astonishing that the son of RJD chief Lalu Yadav and former Bihar Chief Minister T.Chakshi Yadav, when he has opened a front against Nitish Kumar’s government in the defense of the honor of Bihar’s daughters and is destroying them, at that time the RJD This statement of Kadapa leader is defining the RJD’s thinking. RJD Vice President Shivanand Tiwari said that who is such a young man who does not see girls at a particular age and does not cheat.

There is no such thing as a ruckus. Shivanand Tiwari is actually saying this in the defense of Lalu’s Lal Tej Pratap and Stavki, who are accused of flirting. In fact, Sushil Modi had a tweet on July 30. Sushil Modi had written that on January 1, 2008, during the New Year celebrations in Delhi, unknown people attacked the two sons of Lalu due to tightening and molesting girls.

In this incident, injured Prateep and Rashavid had to undergo treatment in the hospital. At that time, the service revolver of the Private Security Officer who had defended the two brothers had vanished. He further wrote to them that after 9 years, the family party assumed the leader as the leader and senior leaders hid them. Now, whose names came in the event of sedition, they are gimmicky about the sympathy of the girls.

After the statement of Shivanand Tiwari, it is clear that stunning and brilliant propaganda had tampered with the girls and they were beaten up, as Sushil Modi has alleged, then Shivanand Tiwari declared the flirting as valid because the fluffy The allegation is on Laloo’s sons. 

Shankar Charan Tripathi had sacrificed a lot for Lalu’s party … but what a word has said, Rahul Gandhi came on the streets

Recently, Mayawati had expelled Jayaprakash for speaking against Rahul.

Shankar Charan Tripathi, who devoted his entire life to strengthen Laloo Prasad Yadav and his party. Laloo Yadav’s party felt the night before strengthening the Rashtriya Janata Dal. Whenever Laloo had any problems, Shankar Charan appeared with Lalu Yadav as Tripathi Shayya. Shankar Charan Tripathi has not even thought in this dream that the same party will throw him away from the milk as a fly and one day. 
Let us tell you that Rashtriya Janata Dal’s national spokesman Shankar Charan Tripathi has been expelled from the party for criticizing Rahul Gandhi. Shankar Charan Tripathi had criticized Rahul Gandhi in the Parliament after receiving the throat of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and after his glance 
RJD spokesman Shankar Charan Tripathi had said that Rahul Gandhi has been a Member of Parliament for the last 15 years. After this, such a big leader like him can not be expected to wink in the House like this. Tripathi had said that there are many cameras in the house and there are people’s eyes. He also said that Rahul Gandhi’s act was childish and unexpected, even when he considered himself a prime ministerial candidate in 2019. 
RJD has not received criticism from Rahul Gandhi through his spokesperson and he has been expelled from the party. Perhaps it was the mistake of Shankar Charan Tripathi that he had criticized Rahul Gandhi on the issue on which the whole nation was criticizing Rahul. If Tripathi justified Rahul’s gaze, then he might not be expelled from RJD. 

After Mulayam’s family broke down politically, another politician Yadav’s family broke up.

the family of Pratap’s family is going to be the same situation which was once Mulayam Singh Yadav’s family?

Recently the country saw Akhilesh Yadav Ram Gopal Yadav, Mulayam Singh Yadav and Shivpal Yadav, among others to the mutual intimidation.
It was shaken by the arrogance that it had broken the country further to the extent that the family had maintained its sole state in Uttar Pradesh and had kept its identity as a pivot of the central politics. 
After all, the defeat of both the Center and the state has put the family on the political assumption that it has not yet recovered. Now, almost the same way has gone on. Another family, considered to be the firebrand family in Bihar. 
The news of the split in Lalu Yadav’s family came in the past. After the post of Taj Pratap’s Facebook post, Tejashwi Yadav and Rabri Devi had to contradict this by appearing before the media. Once again, Tej Pratap Yadav has expressed his pain on Facebook. 
Tej Pratap Yadav has often said it openly that his party is being neglected within his party and his talk is not being listened to. In the latest case, Tej Pratap Yadav wrote a Facebook post and said that two RJD leaders are blurring their image in their assembly constituency. 
At the same time he also repeated that if such a situation prevails in the party, then he will retire from politics. Before that, Tej Pratap has already told him to go to Dwarka by handing him the throne to Facebook. 
Tej Pratap wrote in his post that he had gone to his Vidhan Sabha constituency, Mahua where he met some people. Those people were complaining that ‘Om Prakash Yadav alias Bhuttu’ and MLC ‘Subodh Rai’ want to spoil their image. 
Tej, expressing his pain in his post, has written that he complained about this matter to his mother, Rabri Devi, but there is nothing special about his talk. Rabri Devi only scolds them. He wrote that if the situation is the same then I can leave the diplomat. However, after the dispute grew, Pratap removed the post, but by then his grievances had become viral. 
Right now, the common man has started questioning whether the family of Pratap’s family is going to be the same situation which was once Mulayam Singh Yadav’s family?