National Investigation Agency Bill Got Approval in Lok Sabha

Giving more power to the National Investigation Agency, today in Lok Sabha National Investigation Agency Bill was approved to tackle the terror cases in India as well as abroad.

this would allow NIA not only to probe cyber crimes and human trafficking but also will allow the NIA to designate an individual suspected to have terror links as a terrorist under the amendment to schedule 4 of the UAPA, before which the only organisations were designated as ‘terrorist organisations’.

After the Mumbai terror attack that killed around 66 lives the NIA was founded in 2009, but due to the lack of certain powers were unable to function properly or independently, until 2017 when the Union Home Ministry have been  considering the two laws to give more power to the NIA to interact with raw challenges,

While presenting the bill Amit Shah in the Lok Sabha addressed that the Modi Government would not misuse this law at any cost neither would use to target other religion, he also ensure that the terrorism will be finished irrespective to the religion of the accused. He also accused the Congress-led UPA government for repealing the anti-terror act POTA as to allegedly misuse and save its vote bank.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will spend his Member of Parliament area development funds on Rae Bareli, a move being seen as an attempt by the BJP to breach the Gandhi family’s stronghold in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. “Almost a month back, Jaitley had chosen Rae Bareli district as a Rajya Sabha MP from Uttar Pradesh. The backwardness of the district despite being represented by a prominent political family and the various demands which have been emanating from the district, prompted Jaitley ji to choose this,” Uttar Pradesh BJP spokesperson Hero Bajpai said.

Under the Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme or MPLADS, every parliamentarian has the choice to suggest to the district collector for works to the tune of Rs.5 crore a year to be taken up in his or her constituency.A Rajya Sabha MP can recommend works in one or more districts in the state from where the parliamentarian has been elected.”The union finance minister may tour Rae Bareli in the first or second week of November,” Mr Bajpai said.

However, Mr Bajpai ruled out any possibility of an epic battle in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections between UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Arun Jaitley. “He (Jaitley) will not contest the Lok Sabha elections, but will strengthen the BJP in the Congress bastion,” Mr Jaitley’s representative said.The people in Rae Bareli have been demanding a stadium, a university, solar lights and solar energy-operated pumps in remote villages of the district, Mr Bajpai said. Efforts would be made to fulfil all the incomplete works in the district, he added.

He said Rs. 2.5 crore has already reached the chief development officer of Rae Bareli.Rae Bareli is currently represented by Sonia Gandhi in the Lok Sabha, while the neighbouring parliamentary constituency of Amethi is represented by Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

Not only the country but the rupees also jumped as soon as Modi got the confidence vote … With a two-third majority, Modi has won confidence vote.

All claims of all Opposition leaders including Sonia proved to be wind and the Modi government secured the confidence vote of two-thirds majority.

Tomorrow, when a motion of no confidence was raised against the Modi government in the Lok Sabha, then the politicians, the general public and the public sector 2 also had the eyes of this. A day before the no confidence motion, when Congress leader Smt. Sonia Gandhi had said, who says that we do not have a number, then once it was felt that Soniaji is telling this message with confidence, Modi government can be in danger. 
However, all claims of all Opposition leaders including Sonia proved to be wind and the Modi government secured the confidence vote of two-thirds majority. While winning the trust vote of the Modi Government, where the celebration was celebrated all over the country, the bliss of Harsha was also spread in the industry. 
In the interbanking currency market, the rupee rose above the all-time low of all time and with the strengthening of 21 paise, the Reserve Bank of India, with the intention of reinforcing the upheaval in the currency market, gained the confidence vote. Closed at Rs 68.84 per dollar. Let’s say that before the confidence vote, the rupee continued to sell in the initial trading and it fell to a record low of 69.13 per dollar to the lowest level. 
It is suspected that the Reserve Bank intervened in the market through public banks and some foreign banks sold a little bit of the dollar. This helped to recover the rupee. Dollar dropped from the highest level of one year after US President Donald Trump criticized the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike and raised concerns over strong dollar. In the major currencies basket, the dollar index fell by 0.66 percent to 94.53. The dollar has been stronger than five percent in the last three months. 
Since the creation of Trump’s President, the Fed Reserve has increased the interest rate five times so far. Dealers said that due to the worsening macroeconomic factors at the domestic level and due to global uncertainty, the pressure remained on the near term for the near term. The rupee opened lower at 69.01 against the previous day’s level of 69.05 against the dollar. 
However, it quickly slipped to an all-time low of Rs 69.13 per dollar. With the intervention of the Reserve Bank, this improved and reached the highest level of 68.82 per dollar day. Finally, it closed 21 paise, which is 0.30 percent, at 68.84 rupees per dollar.