13-year-old  girl was implicated in love jihad, Girl was killed

A sensational case of love jihad has emerged from the state of Assam in the North-East of Assam between the incidents of ever increasing love jihad, where Sajid promised to marry a minor Hindu girl and then killed her if she did not eat beef. According to reports from media sources, Sajid implicated the minor in the bluff of love. The minor’s dead came in his words but now in Guwahati, there is a corpse of a minor girl in suspicious circumstances.

At first it was believed that the matter is suicide, but as soon as the investigations were carried out, the matter of murder was revealed. On October 14, the body of the 13-year-old girl was recovered from Deepboal coast. Deepor Bail is located in the southwest of Guwahati City and is only a few kilometers away from the house of the boyfriend of the girl. There were deep marks of injury on the body of the girl. Initially it was believed that the girl has probably committed suicide, but as the investigation of the case progressed, the role of her boyfriend came to light. It is said that the girl was Hindu.She was in a relationship with a girl named Sajid Khan. He was troubling her for a long time.

It has been reported that Sajid forced the girl to eat beef. He wanted the girl to convert to Islam after accepting Islam but the girl did not eat beef, then Sajid raped her earlier and later murdered him. People say that Sajid and his family made plans and killed him and made a form of suicide.


After the death of the victim girl of Meerut Love Jihad … being attacked by police after attacking several houses

Khalid was poisoned by poison To deny the arrival of Love Jihadi Khalid in Jhansi village of Auranganagar in Sardhana of Meerut of Uttar Pradesh,

 It became heavy for the Tanu and Khalid forcibly forced Tanu from whom Tanu died. However, when Khalid was surrounded by the family of Tanu, Khalid had also become frightened and Khalid ate the poison and later he died.

But by the way Khalid poisoned Tanu and took his life, the tension is still spreading in the area and the police force is deployed on the rocks of the village. Even though the police force was deployed in the area but after the death of Tanu, the people’s anger was on the verge, and the angry crowd shouted slogans in the streets of the village and pelted stones at a religious place and demolished the clinics and the house. The police officers and the people in the queue held things in some way. Additional police forces and PAC have to be deployed due to the stressful situation.

People angry with Tanu’s death were shouting People of dignitaries and people of the four quarters were trying to figure out the situation and take the situation. Many times, incidents of stone pelting and sabotage occurred. Some people in the crowd alleged that Kamal, the private physician of the village, had sent the youth of his community to the hospital for treatment. While deliberately refusing to tell a teen student to the family that he did not eat poison. When the condition deteriorated, the family reached the hospital after the teenager, the teenager died on the way.

The crowd came to the sloganeering after being accused of not treating the doctor. People say that the doctor was deliberately negligent because he was related to love jihadi Khalid. Till the night, at around nine o’clock, SP countrymen reached the village with the force of Rajesh Kumar, the people of the rage tried to fire many times before that. The crowd pelted stones at a religious place. In addition to Dr Kamal’s clinic, Shamshad’s house was demolished.

On the information of communal tension, SSP Akhilesh Kumar reached the village with police force and PAC and in control of the situation. Late night Vinod Manager Radhana, the department coordinator of Bajrang Dal reached Milan Som village and barely calm the crowd. Till the late night there was an atmosphere of tension in the village. In addition to Daula, Jani, Sarpurpur, Kharkhoda, Bhavnpur, Phalavada, besides police of several police stations in the district, PAC was posted in the village. 

A brave woman who herself believes that her husband is love jihadi

Many women who are devastating Girls in many states trapped in love jihadis …

A brave woman who herself believes that her husband is love jihadi and roams many women who are devastating Girls in many states trapped in love jihadis …

The transition of love jihad is spreading rapidly in Hindustan and Hindu society and religious fanatic is constantly exploiting non-religious women by trapping them in the mohaspash and exploiting them. One such case has emerged from the Kamrup district of Assam, where the wife of Jihadi Rehmat Ali’s wife is screaming and screaming that her husband is love jihadi and he has exploited many girls in his love trap and still Has been doing. Please tell that the woman himself has been a victim of love jihad.

Love is Jihadi Rehmat Ali Kathmishthi and the adventures of its colorful mood and love jihad have been the subject of discussion in Nagarbeda of Kamrup district. Rahmat Ali, a resident of Nagarbeda sub-city Vidyanagar area, used to go to other states other than neighboring state Meghalaya for work. But the special thing is that wherever he goes, his home comes and settles. It means that they are married to the naive girls in the trap of their love and they are married.

So, in this connection, a woman from Meghalaya, who was pregnant after falling in love with Rahmat, found her and reached Nagarbeda. After that, we know about the adventures of Rahmat. In fact, on Saturday night, a woman from an area named Adogiri in south Garo Hills district of Meghalaya reached her husband Rahmat, seeking a visit to Nagarbeda.

However, before the arrival of the woman, Rahmat ran away from the village. After this the Mahla went to the Nagarbeda police station and informed about the incident. Police assured the women of all possible assistance. Please tell that the woman told that Rahmat has married many women and even married them by trapping them in a love affair.

The locals have also assured the police to make every possible collaboration in catching this love jihadist Mistry Rehmat Ali. The woman says that she too married Rahamat Ali in a love trap and married him. 

Ashraf, who took away the girl, was put to death by both eyes … and much more so that the trembling terrain Know where is this incident ?

The situation is going to be very frightening

Hindu society passing through the case of love jihad is now seen to be provoked. Perhaps the Hindu society has started to feel that if the situation is not defended by the case of love jihad, then the situation is going to be very frightening

This hall was found in Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh, when the Jihadi youth of Ashok, who took away a Hindu woman, was beaten up by the family members of the young woman and thrown her eyes and threw her on the side of the road. Ashraf’s relatives admitted him to the district hospital for treatment, where the condition was referred to Lucknow when the condition was serious. The case is in Kachhuna Kotwali area of Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh.

According to the news, Ashraf, a resident of the Islam city of Kachhuna Kotwali area, had lured a Hindu youth of the city into love jihad and nearly two months before Ashraf took away the young woman with him.

However, both were back after 15 days. It has been reported that on Thursday night, once again Ashraf came to his house to meet the stolen young woman, and the family members of the young woman saw Ashraf entering the house. After which, the family members of the young woman started beating Ashraf, who was seriously injured.

After this, he blew both eyes of Ashraf with an iron rod and threw him out on the road outside the neighborhood. Someone saw him lying on the side of the road and gave information to the family. The family reached the spot and gave the UP 100 to the police. Police reached the spot and admitted the injured to CHC, from which they were referred to the district hospital. Doctors in the hospital referenced Lucknow.

Kachhuna Kotwali in-charge Jitendra Mohan Saroj said that the family members of the young woman had entered the house forcibly and accused of committing misbehavior. There is no tehroor on behalf of the young man’s family.

Action will be taken after investigating the matter. In this connection, SP Alok Priyadarshi said that the police is conducting investigation while taking the matter seriously. Strict action will be taken against those who will be found guilty in the investigation. But the question is that when will the love Jihad transition stop?

When women came back and stopped meeting with Ashraf, then what was she thinking that Ashraf was forced to enter the house of the young woman for the night? 

Mohammed Ibrahim Siddiqui, who was a woman of the army, was married to Major Anjali.

He was married but after that whatever happened he could not even think Know everything that happened in this true event.

Mohammed Ibrahim Siddiqui, who was a woman of the army, was married to Major Anjali. He was married but after that whatever happened he could not even think Know everything that happened in this true event.

He was lying behind a woman Major of the Indian Army for a long time. He used to make every effort to marry the woman Major in any form, but perhaps the woman major knew everything that many other girls did not know and went away in that endless period of torture from where she got out It is almost impossible to come back .. As a result, the woman’s Majesty had kept a watchful one step.

Be aware that this incident is Raipur in Chhattisgarh region. Here a Muslim youth had spent a long time following the name of Anjali Jain, a woman named Major, but the woman Major, thinking her intentions at the right time, laid the condition of adopting Hindutva cleanly.

For a long time, Mohammed Ibrahim Siddiqui, after being in prostitution, gave the opportunity to become a Hindu by reducing the likelihood of the occasion and the loss of his own profit, and kept his name Mohammed Ibrahim Siddiqui with Aryan Arya and in the Arya Samaj temple. He had adopted Hindu religion by purifying it.

At that time, the woman, Major Anjali married her, but after marriage, she has decided to go with her family, leaving the Hindus made up of Hindus, Aryan aka Mohammed Ibrahim Siddiqui. Aryan Arya had accepted Hindutva in Raipur on February 23, 2018. Even till this matter went to the court, but after the marriage, Anjali appeared before Chief Justice Deepak Mishra, Justice AM Khanvilkar and DC Chandrachud’s bench and said that he was his mother – wants to be with the father.

Given the desire of Anjali, the court granted him permission. In the last hearing, the court had directed Dattatreya’s DSP to present Anjali’s parents to the court. After the decision of the Chhattisgarh court, Aryan Arya had approached the Supreme Court, where once again he had to eat his mouth. 

Direct message of BJP legislator for love jihadis …If you take 10 of us and we ll bring 20 from there

Love jihad is spreading like Cancer infection

Hindu nationalist organizations are already mobilized against the transition of fast spreading jihad in the country and are making every effort to save Hindu girls from this cancer. But the fastest vocal Hindus against love jihad have got support from the nationalist people, who has declared that a person of the Bharatiya Janata Party has said that for love jihad, love jihad will also be run on behalf of Hindus and if he is going to marry our 10 daughters We will bring their 20 daughters to us.

The name of the BJP legislator, who has declared war against love jihad, is the name of Gyanadeo Ahuja, who is MLA from Rajasthan’s Ramgarh assembly constituency. While speaking against love jihad, the BJP MLA said that love jihad was intentionally being run under a conspiracy to shield the Hindu culture.

Gyanadeo Ahuja cautioned love jihadis, “Our girls have gone, love has taken Jihad for the sake of jihad, will give time for it, or bring them, if not then 10 are 20, and if 20 is gone So if 40 and 40 are gone, then 80, then your daughters will not be safe because you have mis-converted the religion. “

BJP legislator Ahuja further said that if it does not happen then the required conflict will also be done. The example in this context Unhonine said, ‘God Shri Ram dignity, Krishnr God has many limitations breaking crusade and Sthaapana religion. How will Jirasand die, Duryodhan will die. It will have to do trick, proxy and even struggle. The BJP MLA said that love jihad will be launched to stop the conversion of religion. 

Two years later, She cried and said to the Hindu organizations – “You were right, brother, Shamshad ruined me”Know where is this incident?

The saffron organization is the enemy of the organization society and must be avoided.

He used to say that these Hindu organizations are doing Hindu Muslims in vain and keep spreading hatred in society. In this world, there is nothing Hindu Hindus, etc. and all humans are there. Tilak on the forehead, put saffron in the neck and joined the Hindu organization, started spreading hatred 

According to him, the saffron organization is the enemy of the organization society and must be avoided. Perhaps today’s pseudo-secularism was in their blood. But then came the time when these saffron people lost their lives and their every thing seemed to be proven to be true. Now she screamed and started to say that if I had spoken to you, I would not have seen this day. Please forgive me brother and do something that no other girl has to see this.

The case is linked to the capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow. According to the news, the youth of the Muslim community, Shamshad changed the religion and name and implicated the Hindu woman in the net and then made a connection with her for two years, by announcing the marriage.

When the young woman got to know the reality, the youth fled the mobile and escaped. The victim came to her house in search of the young man. This act has been executed by a young man in a local area of Karanlalanganj. By changing his name, trapping the other woman’s girl in her love affair, she continued to abuse her for more than two years. A young man resident of Karanlanganj’s Mohalla works in a private company of Lucknow.

A young woman from the Hindu community was also working in the same company. The young man started to engage with the young woman. By talking about getting married, you started to have a physical relationship. This cycle continued for two years. A few days ago, when the young woman got to know the young man’s conversation with the second woman, then she pressurized the marriage and began to insist on showing her home before marriage and meeting the family.

On Sunday late evening, the young woman came to the house of the young man in Karanlanganj with her family members, then her senses got swollen. She was living with her for three years as a life partner, she turned out to be a Muslim community. The woman filed a suit against the youth on Sunday evening by throwing a tehro on the city police checkpoint. But according to the girl’s statement, being in Lucknow, the police advised the young woman to file a report in Lucknow. Chawki incharge Brijanand Singh said that the information given by the girl has been given.

Lucknow police has been informed to help him. The young woman has gone back in Lucknow by referring to lodging the report and the accused is being sought. 

When a holy boy came with a Hindu girl in a hotel built in the lap of the Himalayas, the Muslim boy lost the crowd, the patience

A big conspiracy called Love Jihad and it is now found in Tehri area of Uttarakhand. It is to be known that in the Tehri district in Uttrakhand

That place is called Devabhoomi of Hindu. Many Gods and Hindus reside there because of which the place is considered as a center of worship of Hindus, but it was happening there, the work which is going on at the national level is opposed and which remains for the country’s sister daughters is a major problem .. 
This thing is happening, a big conspiracy called Love Jihad and it is now found in Tehri area of Uttarakhand. It is to be known that in the Tehri district of Uttarakhand, in the hotel room with the Hindu girl, the crowd met a love jihadi Muslim Fierce beaten .. It is being told that the local people had shown kindness to this young man and once opened the shaving and haircutting shop in his area, but he had his sister daughter 
People initially explained to him, but after some time he started showing the audacity and threatened in the answer to which some of the people there were getting angry. Here the audacious person continued his characterlessness. Your sister daughters The people started worrying about this and finally it was found in a hotel on Monday with a local girl. Angry by this, the crowd of the love jihadist mindset living in Bijnore of UP, who worked as a hairdresser, got beaten up by the crowd. 
Not only this, the crowd worried about the anxiety of sister daughters, cast a shoe on her neck and turned her into the area. Not only this, the crowd threw shoes on the young man’s neck and turned it around the area. According to information received from the local sources, its shop has also been closed. After the incident, all the shops in the area were shut down and heavy police force was deployed on the spot. 
Sources said that this incident happened in the morning, when some people saw the young man in a hotel room with a girl. Police intervened and rescued the young man and then took him to the police station. DIG Ajay Routela said, “The case has been registered against the youth. Police will also investigate violence. If any person is found guilty of taking law, he will not be spared. 

“You will make me a Muslim by making a lady, or a corpse.” That lady was not made, then made zombies. Sacrificed by Shubhalogna Sultan Ali

This is an audacious act, Mamata Banerjee’s biggest symbol of secularism.

Perhaps there was no other state, so far had been lost due to the Kohram and the tragedy, the whole country would have been distressed but as soon as it was heard that the victim was a Hindu and the accused Muslim then came to an endless silence, even after hearing the screams Round 
A woman who rejected the love jihadi till the end time, now she has been sacrificed because she had two ways, first becoming her Bibi and becoming a Muslim and becoming another corpse. This is an audacious act, Mamata Banerjee’s biggest symbol of secularism. The state of West Bengal, which has become a victim of imbalance of the population due to the Bangladeshis. 
 This woman was Shubhalogna Chakrabarti, 35, who was murdered by 38-year-old Sultan Ali, only after her parents, because she refused to accept Sultan Ali’s Bibi and refused to accept Islam. This incident of Mamta-ruled Bengal Farsi of the district belongs to mercury area. The killer was the neighbor of Sultan Ali Shubhalogna, who had long lived this woman’s life. 
The police has arrested Sultan, but so far no so-called woman lover, human rights activist or film personality has opened up their mouth on this matter. Shubhalogna was the daughter of a retired engineer Tusshar, who was highly educated. At 8am, he entered the house of Sultan Shublagna and started firing after taking his revolver forward to his parents. 
The silence on the death of Shubhalogna is questioning whether any incident in Mamta Raj is a sign of peace, or is the killer giving away the so-called secularism of Sultan Ali’s sin? 

“These people who lie in love also love, love is precious, no one can buy it.” Later in the same 40,000 rupees, the hands of Farooq

Later the is sold in the same 40,000 rupees, the hands of Farooq

According to him, it would be all as it was, but in reality it was his misconception that he was devastated by his life. mother-father . By rejecting the talk of society and many others, he chose Farooq, who gave him complete faith that his mind is pure and clean. He also told that people who love the religion of love and religion speak lies and that he is right. All the people are wrong .. And he believed in Farooq after all other disbelief.
It should be known that six months ago, a young man abducted a 22-year-old girl by hanging her in a love jaw and six months ago in Mahoba district of Uttar Pradesh, after sexual abuse of her for five months, she was sold for forty thousand rupees and sold for prostitute Tried to push in. Police have arrested one of the accused in the Murenipur town of Jhansi district. 
In this case, all the claims of easily looting girls and stamping their lives are being stamped on many occasions before that Sudarshan News has proven many reports before this. Mohabba Superintendent of Police N. Cola said that six months ago, the victim’s family had filed a case against Farooq under section 363 (kidnapping) of IPC. Now the girl has been recovered, the facts will be revealed, the same will be done on the same basis. ” 
In this highly sensational case, Mahoba’s Deputy Superintendent of Police Mr. Jitendra Dubey said on Friday: “A 22-year-old girl from Mehbooba district headquarters was beaten by a youth named Farooq in her love affair and abducted her six months ago by flagging marriage. Together with his partner, he kept abusing him for four days by placing him hostage in the Baratala town of Kulapahad Kotwali area. 
It is being told that after several misdeeds she told that after Farooq sold a young man to Sonapur village of Mouranipur police station area for 40 thousand rupees. Farooq and his companions were trying to push the young woman trapped in their trap by pushing the girl into the business of Jismophoshi. The main accused, Farooq and his accomplice are absconding. On Saturday, after the girl’s statement was lodged in the court under Section -164 of the CrPC, further action will be taken. ”