Slogans of “Pakistan Zindabad” in Lucknow instead of slogans of Jay Shriram resonant in Ayodhya … 

Whereas at this time in a devotional environment, Hindus in India have the jai bhasha of God Shriram, called the soul of India’s culture, while some frenzied have challenged the Hindus in their anti-trafficking and spoken to India’s biggest enemy Pakistan Zindabad After which the atmosphere has become hot and heavy force has been sent on the spot. Here the character of praise is Lucknow Police, who has the situation immediately Handled the situation with Nbala and overwhelming force.

Legal proceedings have been started by marking the culprits and the CCTV footage is being removed. The incident is being reported in Rajajipuram area of ​​Lucknow, where some religious fanatics gathered and made slogans of Pakistan Zindabad. This terrible anti-trafficking work The police teams have been formed in the Taalkota police station and the police teams have been formed to look for the culprits. The MLAs of the Bharatiya Janata Party Has expressed fury over the incident with Thkon and convicts demanded immediate arrest

Heavy tension prevails in the area. Yogiraj is directly considered as a challenge to this miserable event. Where some so-called secular class is raising the question of the presence of saints who are accustomed to Ayodhya, while some frenzied people are completely silent on such anti-trappings. .

Why are the people of Lucknow captain Kalanidhi Nathani being victimized for propaganda? While the graph of data and the public’s point of view says something else.

His career has been untested, he has always tried to be the rule of law at the top wherever he lives. Everyone below him, whether the leader, the actor, the bureaucrat or any other .. How could the people who broke the law could come to this point .. initially thought that it is new, will manage it .. But when all efforts fail After all, he started a reverse turn and took the aim of the officer whose police career was not only but his personal life is also immaculate.

Yes, this is going on, the current senior superintendent of Lucknow, Shri Kalanidhi Nathani, should be in every class of the society, while speaking about the crime of attacking the police. Only change. For the past few years, he is being targeted by the group of media under the thoughtful strategy. In this case even if someone has a word but pain is a sign of someone else. Those paints are hiss, whose black adventures have stopped, That pain belongs to him whose illegal business has been stalled.

Those sufferings are those who do not understand themselves above the law. After all, he adopted the rule of offense is best defence and took some of his loyalists along with the attackers to Kalanidhi Nathani.

If only the rising crime, if the SSP of Lucknow was being circumvented on the statute of law, it would have seemed to be somewhere ideological and logical, but when the words of protest were “special of the yogi” or “rule of governance” Words such as “grace” can be added, it is enough to understand itself that all words are inspired by politics that can not bear the pressure of the bureaucracy .

Even a regime wants that the law system in its governed area is maintained and the atmosphere of peace prevails, the officer applying this will not only own the government but also the public will be dear to him, what is bad in it and The government has to estimate the purpose of making this good achievement a bad statement. Now the matter is related to the crime which is related to the crime. In Lucknow, under the leadership of Kalanidhi Nathani 2 incidents were mainly made national news.

The first soldier was robbed by the Pacific by shooting Apple’s manager and killing another Axis bank guard. Both these incidents were properly disclosed and proper action was taken along with the arrest of the culprits at the right time. The party was satisfied with the proceedings of the police, but the non-appeasement of dissent was dissatisfied and she continued her protest. Besides, if seen then Lucknow The trader and the general public continued to breathe in relief and no big crime was allowed to go on.

Yes, many of the big culprits were buried in the meantime, which was not mentioned, perhaps deliberately …

The biggest achievement is taking communal tension in old Lucknow. During the tenure of most of the police captains, there was ever Shia-Sunni tension in old Lucknow, and sometimes Hindu-Muslim clashes. But during the tenure of Shri Kalanidhi Nathani, old Lucknow was relatively quiet and Being cordial, for sure, Kalanidhi ji is eligible for Saharan and hope that these figures will also be watching the rule

The businessman of Lucknow is doing his business today, and he is doing his business today, and besides the government tax, there has been no end to the practice of ‘goultax’ etc. For this, governance and administration is worthy of praise … In many districts of the state, policemen were attacked and the credibility of the police Giri did not allow such a tight administration in Lucknow.

Often many police officers have been seen breaking and tilting under the pressure of a big so-called leader, but the leader of the opposition party, the Opposition in the Lucknow capital, SSP Mr. Kalanidhi ji made all these cases in harmony and his skillful work style. is . It is hoped that they will not be victimized by the trial of a particular class of media and by observing their actions and crime figures, the government and the people will reach any conclusion …

Regardless of the motive behind all these discussions, however, literal and political attacks on the morale of the police fighting together with terror and crime can not be said in terms of security and peace of any country or region.


# Assistant Editor – Rahul Pandey

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Dictatorship sought in the name of Dawood Ibrahim as well as the party’s MLA who raised voice against the human rights of the criminals killed in the encounter and police.

Mayawati has been considered extremely specially the Bahujan Samaj Party’s legislator.

In the name of Dawood Ibrahim, he was asked for the name of Dawood Ibrahim, for the Bahujan Samaj Party MLA who surrounded all the issues of Modi and Yogi Sarkar, who had raised voice in favor of the ill-fated criminals being killed in the encounter. Ransom and not threatened to kill them directly.

With this phone call, MLAs of Bahujan Samaj Party have become very upset and have complained directly to the police. This is the party which in many cases raised the question of the bravery of Uttar Pradesh that the police had proved by sweating, blood and sacrifice.

It is known that in Uttar Pradesh, on the one hand where after the Yogi government came, where criminals were killed in one encounter after the other, the Congress, along with the Bahujan Samaj Party and the Samajwadi Party, also accused many of the fake encounters against the police and the government. The time has raised the controversy and put the police in the dock.

The misery that is going on in the way of the lawmakers trying to bring the law and order in the way of the day is increasing. This is a sadness. This has led to the introduction of threats to the legislators. The MLA who had raised the perpetrators of human rights for criminals If the MLA checked the number sending the message on the mobile phone, then the name of Dawood Ibrahim on it. After this the legislator contacted the police officers. Then lodged an FIR in Gomti Nagar Kotwali.

Inspector D.P. Tiwari said that a case has been filed for demanding dancer in this regard. The whole matter is being investigated. The manner in which there is no religion of terror, in the same way, crime and criminal are also not of anybody; It proved at a time when MLA Umashankar Singh, from Rasra assembly constituency in Balia district of Uttar Pradesh, threatened phone, demanded one crore rupees. is. Its report has been lodged in Gomti Nagar police station.

According to the police, BSP MLA Uma Shankar Singh was threatened on phone by Rasra assembly seat in Ballia, then the demand for one crore rupees from the phone and email was sought. The one who has asked for darshan has described himself as Dawood Ibrahim. David’s photograph was also posted on his email. The MLA has lodged an FIR in Gomti Nagar police station.

Legislator Umashankar said in Tahrir, “On August 6, a message came on his mobile, in which he was asked to check the e-mail. He did not pay much attention to this message. Again, again on August 8 the message came. There was a threat to kill him if he did not give one crore rupees. 

Two years later, She cried and said to the Hindu organizations – “You were right, brother, Shamshad ruined me”Know where is this incident?

The saffron organization is the enemy of the organization society and must be avoided.

He used to say that these Hindu organizations are doing Hindu Muslims in vain and keep spreading hatred in society. In this world, there is nothing Hindu Hindus, etc. and all humans are there. Tilak on the forehead, put saffron in the neck and joined the Hindu organization, started spreading hatred 

According to him, the saffron organization is the enemy of the organization society and must be avoided. Perhaps today’s pseudo-secularism was in their blood. But then came the time when these saffron people lost their lives and their every thing seemed to be proven to be true. Now she screamed and started to say that if I had spoken to you, I would not have seen this day. Please forgive me brother and do something that no other girl has to see this.

The case is linked to the capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow. According to the news, the youth of the Muslim community, Shamshad changed the religion and name and implicated the Hindu woman in the net and then made a connection with her for two years, by announcing the marriage.

When the young woman got to know the reality, the youth fled the mobile and escaped. The victim came to her house in search of the young man. This act has been executed by a young man in a local area of Karanlalanganj. By changing his name, trapping the other woman’s girl in her love affair, she continued to abuse her for more than two years. A young man resident of Karanlanganj’s Mohalla works in a private company of Lucknow.

A young woman from the Hindu community was also working in the same company. The young man started to engage with the young woman. By talking about getting married, you started to have a physical relationship. This cycle continued for two years. A few days ago, when the young woman got to know the young man’s conversation with the second woman, then she pressurized the marriage and began to insist on showing her home before marriage and meeting the family.

On Sunday late evening, the young woman came to the house of the young man in Karanlanganj with her family members, then her senses got swollen. She was living with her for three years as a life partner, she turned out to be a Muslim community. The woman filed a suit against the youth on Sunday evening by throwing a tehro on the city police checkpoint. But according to the girl’s statement, being in Lucknow, the police advised the young woman to file a report in Lucknow. Chawki incharge Brijanand Singh said that the information given by the girl has been given.

Lucknow police has been informed to help him. The young woman has gone back in Lucknow by referring to lodging the report and the accused is being sought. 

If police wanted to wipe out the robbers of Lucknow there … but the fear was that the human rights which are doing investigation in Saharanpur What is the whole incident of Lucknow?

When Uttar Pradesh Police started cracking down on criminals and started the demolition killer

When Uttar Pradesh Police started cracking down on criminals and started the demolition killer, a bigger criminal started begging for Raham and he was vowing not to commit a crime. After that, what happened has happened. If the police do not act on the criminals then the question of the police and if the police impedes the criminals then even the police question it. When the culprits were seeking the begging of the police headquarters and reached the headquarters of the police, then human rights organizations questioned the police encounter and told the police to be the culprit. 
The result was compromised police. What is the result of throwing a fist after giving the gun to the police? The result was seen in the capital, Lucknow, when a bunker, riding a bike on Monday outside the Raj Bhavan, robbed 6.44 lakh rupees from a day-long cash van and killed the guards. If the police wanted the robbers to be encroached then the human rights organization would come back. According to the news, Criminals also shot the cash van driver and custodian. 
According to SSP Kalanidhi Nathani, the scoundrel in the CCTV footage found in Axis Bank is being marked. Some suspects are being questioned in custody. Special Secretary, Cement van guard, Indramohan, Lucknow resident driver Ramsevak and custodian Umesh Chandra, parked near Law House of Brijesh Pathak outside the Raj Bhavan at around 4 pm, from SIPL (Securities India Private Limited) company located in Gomtisnagar. 
Custodian went to deposit Rs 44 lakh in Axis Bank. In the meantime, the white color TVS sports bike biks and reached a bad cash van.He dropped the mirror on the pretext of asking the guard sitting next to the driver and shot him. Gunner died after shooting two shoots . Meanwhile, the custodian deposited the cash and reached the cash van. The driver screamed and ran away with a bag full of 24 lakh rupees. 
Criminal raised a bag full of 6.44 lakh rupees in the cash van in the rear seat and ran the first custodian and then shot the driver. The driver entered the bank in some way carrying a bag full of 24 lakh rupees. 
After that, the scoundrel escaped with a bag of 6.44 lakh rupees from the bike. A pistol and seven cartridge kiosks were found at the site of the incident. A live carcass is also found on the spot. Criminal’s bike number UP 32 GK 7022 has been traced, which is a white colored Apache bike.
 The officers have announced a reward of 50 thousand rupees to the crooks catching. At present the police team is engaged in the attempt of the arrest of robbers. 

The big strength is behind the fake passport Anas Siddiqui .. Passport officer transferred in the first 1 day and now ….

According to reports coming from media reports, there is a new turn now in the passport case of Tanvi Anas

 He threatened the passport officer Vikas Mishra – “You do not know who we are, we reach our very top .. Your chair will shake your chair all the time”. Vikas Mishra used to come two days with such threats, It will be taken lightly 
And taking them lightly got them heavier when their transfer order came only on a tweet of their mistake and hanged them up to the sword of departmental proceedings. 
There was much more to it before, when many media institutions that did not look at Kashmiri Hindus for decades, all the cameras turned towards him and began to declare him a hard Hindus and anti-Muslim mindset. 
Then suddenly the people standing in front of power and the demands of justice started to begin to complain. Even after the general public’s resentment, even for a while, the power softened its stand and waited for the right time. 
Whether justice is done with Vikas Mishra or not, Tanvi Seth alias Sadia and her husband Anas Siddiqui do not have any courage to take legal action against them. The case was to be waited cold. 
Meanwhile, it started coming out and new things. According to reports coming from media reports, there is a new turn now in the passport case of Tanvi Anas.
According to the sources, according to the reports, Regional Passport Officer Piyush Verma has cleared the passports of Tanvi and Anas, bypassing all the rules and regulations. After this, neither passport will be canceled nor any action will be taken. Piyush Verma has issued a passport while surrendering the report of the police, and the LIU 
Former officials of the department are also surprised by the decision and they say that this is the first time that a passport has been issued in such a way. The question is, why no notice was issued even after nearly a week after the investigation report of the Leu was released. While in the Verification Report of the Liyu and Lucknow police it was revealed that Tanvi Seth had not been living on a given basis for a year. 
According to the rules, the notice of LYU has to be issued immediately after the arrival of the report, but notice has not been issued even after the days of the arrival of the report. Also, when a person applies for passport under Tatkal Scheme, then his passport is made first and after that his check is done. 
But Tanvi Seth had applied passport in the general category. Then the question arises that how the passport was made without investigation.
In this whole case, the case of fraud was coming directly straight away, but even then there was no courage in anybody that Tanvi Seth alias Saadia and his dealer Anas Siddiqui filed a lawsuit and advised further proceedings. 
It is clear from all these circumstances that there is some kind of big power that is behind these two people who are not allowing their hair to be deaf or otherwise, after removing a fake note in the bank, taking the person in custody Police interrogation with the inquiry is handed over 
The question is, who is still saving them after so much heinous crime. What is the power of the people, the state police and the passport department are unable to raise their duties to take any legal action against them.