The Congress came in violent form right before the election. The BJP worker was publicly slapped by the Congress MLA.

Rampant public and hot politics The Congress MLA’s condemnation of this act is condemned everywhere.

The Congress came in violent form right before the election. The BJP worker was publicly slapped by the Congress MLA.

Rampant public and hot politics The Congress MLA’s condemnation of this act is condemned everywhere. In the politics of Madhya Pradesh, there was a clear difference in the story of the Congress that did the Gandhian ideology and in doing so, when suddenly one of her MLAs became violent and she slapped a worker directly to the Bharatiya Janata Party.

As much as the enthusiasm in the Bharatiya Janata Party is that in the Congress, in the most intimate Congress, due to Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s Janarashirvad Yatra visit. As a result, it is being done that the message going from public to this place is negative. In the meantime, Congress MLAs have become violent. .

It is to be known that on the previous Friday, before Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s Jan Bharat Yatra, Pinky’s death was first attempted to directly connect Shivraj Singh Chauhan, but when neither these politicians accepted nor did the masses So slowly the Congress leaders took violent form

After this incident, on the third day today, the mercury of politics in Dhar is hot in the district. This violent leader is named Umang Singhar who is presently a Congress MLA. The BJP workers demanded the arrest of the legislator by handing over the memorandum to the BJP worker by chasing the same BJP leader.

Bharatiya Janata Party leaders say that the Congress is being politicized by the Congress for the removal of public attention from all these matters and disperse the issue as Congress workers filed a murder case against Shivraj Singh Chauhan on this issue. To give a compensation of government jobs and one crore rupees to the families of the deceased and Pinky, a memorandum has been submitted.

In view of the demand for the arrest of the Congress legislator, the BJP has submitted a memorandum to the administration in connection with the misuse of its workers and MPs. On the reaction of the general public, it was told that the Congress Legislative Assembly, Umang Singhar, who had seen his act on the Bharatiya Janata Party worker, seems to be disappointed in the Congress even before the election. It is the special thing that is demanding justice for Pinky. The Congress also simultaneously demanded that the case which was registered on Umang Singhar

That episode should be withdrawn and not only this, castism has been adopted in this case and demand has been made that the BJP leaders who filed Umesh Singhar as caste word, have filed a case in SC ST. At present, the Bharatiya Janata Party workers are rejecting all these allegations directly and indirectly. 

Congress is going to answer Durga Vahini’s women branch of Vishwa Hindu Parishad now in this fashion

Know what the Congress has discovered this time this time

Where on one side, in the last elections, Rahul Gandhi had jumped a lot to the voting of the Bharatiya Janata Party, and now this time to defeat Shivraj Singh Chauhan as an experiment in the forthcoming elections of Madhya Pradesh, Congress The party is keen to break women’s votes, which bring abundance to the Bharatiya Janata Party.

In this order, the Congress has done a new experiment to challenge the Durga Vahini of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad. Even before this, the organization’s student wing has made its organization NSUI at the student level to challenge ABVP. It is known that the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, is the reason behind the deep penetration of BJP among the women of the state, there are some organizations like Durga Vahini. Also, in this infiltration made on the feelings of famous relations named Mama, The Congress has started preparing for now.

With the same preparation, Madhya Pradesh Congress has now decided to stand on the lines of NSUI in the middle of Madhya Pradesh as a laboratory, and now it has decided to set up a woman’s Big. The lady brigade of Congress, which is considered in response to Durga Vahini, has been named Priyadarshini of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

It is being told that this new preparation has been approved by party president Rahul Gandhi, after which its work is being done fast.

The only difference between the Congress student organization NSUI and Priyadarshini Birgad is that the NSUI is the organization of students studying at the University of World School. However, in the Priyadshorni Brigade, professional and working women will also be linked with the girl students of the university. According to the senior office bearer of Congress, the women’s cell has started looking for such students in the universities of the state under the scheme,

Who believes in the ideology of Congress These women who work in Universities and Private Reputation will be selected by making them the CEO of Bigred. Women will also be appointed as Chairperson, Upadhyaksha, General Secretary, Secretary and members in this biggid. Every bride and woman between the ages of 18 to 30, who believe in the ideology of the Congress in this brigade, will get a representative. Can join