Dam Breach In Maharasthra’s Ratnagiri ! 6 killed,20 missing

Heavy rainfall in maharashta has resulted in a very sad incident, Tiware dam in Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri gave up to intense rainfall. Due to which twelve houses near the dam washed away resulting in the loss of 6 life’s and 20 still missing. 

Heavy rainfall in maharashta has resulted in a very sad incident, Tiware dam in Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri gave up to intense rainfall. Due to which twelve houses near the dam washed away resulting in the loss of 6 life’s and 20 still missing.

The rescue operations are being carried out by the Civil administration, police and volunteers. According to the locals  the breach of the dam occurred around 10 pm on Tuesday. The breach happened due to the heavy rains over the last two days.

Officials fear the number of people missing could increase. Ratnagiri police informed, that the Tiware dam on a rivulet in Chiplun had started developing cracks after Tuesday evening. Before villagers downstream could be alerted, the dam developed a rupture flooding the villages and hamlets within minutes.

Soon the authorities called in the NDRF teams stationed in the neighbouring Sindhudurg district and those from the Pune headquarters of 5th Battalion of the NDRF, to run the rescue operation. According to ANI 6 bodies have been recovered till now.

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Arun Jaitley to Opposition -‘Crude oil price rise cannot be controlled by television bytes, tweets’:

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley attacked Congress president Rahul Gandhi and his “reluctant allies” for their commitment to fight fuel price rise in the country. The challenges posed by the rise in international price of crude oil cannot be countered with tweets or television bytes, Jaitley wrote in a Facebook post titled ‘The Oil Prices and the Hypocrisy of the Opposition’.

Attacking the Opposition for making maximum of the situation, Jaitley said, government’s critics rejoiced the political consequences of such as price rise, “which is evident from their comments,” he said. The Finance Minister was critical of media for not highlighting fuel price cuts and accused the Opposition of doing a “volte face” and dubbing the move as bad economics.

Rahul Gandhi urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to bring fuel under the ambit of Goods and Service Tax (GST). Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal accused the government of defrauding the people by slashing excise duty by Rs 2.50-per-litre after increasing the same by Rs 10-per-litre.

Former Finance Minister and Congress leader tweeted “an oil revenue-dependent government has belatedly realised the unbearable burden on the people and indulged in tokenism.”

Even Gandhi, whose party “inflicted double-digit inflation during the past five years of UPA-II” gave television bytes and tweeted “advocating price reduction,” Jaitley said.

The Central government shaved Rs 2.50 off Value Added Tax (VAT) on petrol and diesel on Friday and urged the states to follow suit in order to give substantial relief to the consumers. Most of the BJP-ruled states complied with Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Tripura, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh announcing cuts ranging from Rs 1.50 to 2.50, after which the effective price in the states came down upto Rs 5-per-litre.

States not ruled by BJP such as Karnataka, Kerala and West Bengal, refused to affect a price cut, provoking sharp criticism from several BJP leaders and the  Jaitley. “The States benefit from higher oil prices. The Centre’s collection remains the same. Thus, the capacity of the States to give a Rs.2.5 benefit is within their capacity,” FM said, adding that a number of non-BJP non-NDA states have refused to cut the prices.

Jaitley lamented that the price of crude oil in international markets increased due to several factors one of which was oil producing nations capping the their production leading to demand supply mismatch. Furthermore, the crises in Venezuela and Libya along with US sanctions on Iran have aggravated the problem, Jaitley added.

Jaitley accused the Opposition of mere lip-service and optics on issues by giving news bytes and releasing tweets and looking the other way when it comes to performance.

This big politician fell to the last level for the votes. Devbhoomi told India to be a terrorist country like Pakistan. Resentment across India

The courage that the United Nations, China and America could not do was finally done by a leader from India.

India had recently described Pakistan as a terrorist country in the United Nations, and recently the US has also banned Pakistan from helping it as a terror country, but at the same time, when India’s power is to Pakistan While making every effort to prove the world as a terrorist country, then at the same time, India has been described as Pakistan, from which the nation Kros has become rampant. 
NCP leader Sharad Pawar, who regards these words as someone who is considered a big leader of the Marathas, and is well-versed in the politics of Maharashtra, is not talking about anyone else but the politics of voting for him by making some special people happy. Sharad Pawar, in a program in Pune, Maharashtra, on the day of Jumma of Muslims, on Friday, compared to Devbhoomi India, to the panic factory Pakistan. 
Surprisingly, neither he nor any of the leaders sitting in his party also became amazed when their leaders played applause on this extremely objectionable statement. Addressing a program in the city, Sharad Pawar said, see your neighbor Pakistan. Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been sentenced to ten years’ imprisonment today. 
There are similar situations in India today too. He said that if anyone has power in the hands of someone, then he has to see how to maintain goodwill and how others develop. He said that today it is lacking. We are seeing people being attacked, never on Muslims, or even Christians. Pawar said that a section of people is presenting themselves in such a way that it is their right to attack others.