Goddess Durga’s disrespect in Bengal ruled by female minister  … and declared muslim minister as God.

Today, the Muslim appeasement of Indian politics and the greatest politician of the storytelling secularism will be given to anyone, surely it will be Trinamool Congress chief and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Suppression of Hindu faith and humiliation of Hindu Goddess Deities once again appeared in Mamta-ruled Bengal, when Durga statue of Mamta Banerjee was established in Durga Puja Pandal and a statue of a god of Muslim minister of Mamta Government was also installed.

According to the news, statue made by the 74 Palli Puja Committee in Khidirpur area of ​​Kolkata has been made in the statue of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and urban development minister Firhad Hakim, alongside Mother Durga and other goddesses. Khidirpur is a Muslim-dominated area, therefore there is the dominance of Firhad. She is also the most dreaded minority face in Mamta Banerjee’s cabinet. The puja pandal was inaugurated by Chief Minister and Firhad Hakim jointly.

In the same way, in Nadia district, the statue of Fiber was also made of Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee as well as her nephew Abhishek Banerjee and Trinamool Supervisor Partha Chatterjee of Nadia district in Durga Puja Pandal, organized at KVM in the east of Chakdah railway station. . The special thing is that people arriving here were being motivated to take selfies with these statues and it has been asked to post it on a Facebook page in a big way.

It was also tempted to choose 30 people who posted this post and to be honored by the Puja Committee. On this issue, BJP’s National Secretary Rahul Sinha said on Wednesday that the leader of the Trinamool Congress and other Ministers considers himself to be a bigger mother than Durga, therefore, he is also worshiping the mother along with her. He said that these Hindu goddesses are an insult to goddesses.

Raquibul has inserted such a photograph of the woman that two villages come face to face

Police in the midst of the bloodshed of two villages in Mamta-ruled Bengal.

Raquibul has inserted such a photograph of the woman that two villages come face to face .. Police in the midst of the bloodshed of two villages in Mamta-ruled Bengal.

Know what is the whole matter?

Raquibul, who was burnt in the hunger, was lying behind the woman for a long time, but the lady was not giving her a sense of money. But Raquibul, who is burning in the hunger’s hunger now, created a conspiracy and took photographs of the woman with deception and tampered with those photographs and uploaded them to social media.

The matter is of Mamta Banerjee-ruled West Bengal, after a man’s photograph was tampered with and viralized in social media, there was a clash between the people of Purve Gulpada and Dengapur, in which at least 25 people were injured. Apart from the Eastern Vardhman of West Bengal, Additional Superintendent of Police (Rural) Raj Narayan Mukherjee said that in connection with this incident on Wednesday, 29 people have been arrested and the two villages are being arrested.

According to the information, residents of Dangapur village suspected Sheikh Rakibul of neighboring East Gulpada village to tamper with the picture of the woman on social networking site on Tuesday. This doubt was only made by the woman and she had said that Raqibul has been following him and tampered for a long time. According to the woman, Raqibul also threatened to defame her if she did not listen to her

Sheikh Rakibul’s brother Shaikh Hezbulla, who was compromising the picture of the woman and then uploading it to social media, claimed that the case was settled in a meeting held in Madanghat police station on Tuesday, but police said that such a person in the police station The meeting was not there. A local police officer said that on Wednesday some people supporting Sheikh Raqibul clashed with the villagers of Daungapur and both groups attacked each other with rods, stones and sharp weapons.

They said that 16 people have been admitted to Kala Sub Divisional Hospital and the rest have been taken to the nearby post office. 

In the NRC case itself, the statement of Mulayam Singh’s daughter-in-law, nationalist and shocked Akhilesh

Assam is busy with NRC Political gossip

After the release of the National Citizen’s Registrar (NRC) in Assam, the politics of the country has been heated and the opposition is fully attacking the central government with this matter. Somebody is telling the conspiracy of the BJP government against Muslims, then the Chief Minister like Mamata Banerjee is threatening the murder of the civil war, civil war. Meanwhile, the SP’s patron and former UP Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav’s daughter-in-law has made a statement about the NRC, which has surprised the Samajwadi Party’s national president Akhilesh Yadav,

Meanwhile, the NCP public applauded the statement of Mulayam’s daughter-in-law. Among the political assaults on the NRC, daughter-in-law of Mulayam Singh Yadav and SP leader Aparna Yadav, while giving a statement on the NRC, said that those who are legally living in the country There are no problems with them. But, those who are living in India incorrectly, they have all the problems.

Aparna Yadav said that Mamata Banerjee should not support the immigrants living in the country illegally in relation to Mamata Banerjee and her party TMC protesting against it.

They should consider this matter as this matter is not related to politics, but it is a matter related to the security of the country. Aparna Yadav said that all politicians including Mamata should think that politics can not be bigger than the country.

Humanity is its place but the security, unity and integrity of the country is in its place and illegal intruders are a big problem for the country. Let us tell you that Aparna’s statement is different from the statement of party chief Akhilesh Yadav. Akhilesh Yadav tweeted yesterday about the NRC case, in which he had said, “The spirit of accepting everyone, the tolerance and the Vasudhaiva family are the basic values of our culture.

That is why we should make a decision after understanding the human aspect on the issue of citizenship, but neither should it be a compromise with national security nor any narrow political thinking or trivial goal. “With this statement, where Akhilesh Yadav opposes the NRC Aparna Yadav showed Akhilesh Yadav a mirror by giving statement in support of the NRC. 

All the so-called secular parties remained silent on the threat of Mamata Banerjee’s civil war .. Only then Amit Shah and this reply

Bangladeshi infiltrators love to fight civil war in India: Mamta

After the release of NRC draft of Assam, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has been frustrated. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee lost consciousness in the National Register of Citizen (NRC) in Assam and did not name the names of about 40 lakh people, she lost consciousness in the attack on the BJP government and threatened civil war. Mamata Banerjee said that ‘BJP is trying to divide people. It can not be tolerated. If the BJP implemented the NRC, it would become a civil war in the country, there would be bloodshed, gruesome bloodshed

After threatening Mamta Banerjee to blame Bharatmata’s zenith, after the threat of Civil War, where the whole country is questioning Mamta Banerjee, but not a single political party in the country did not have the courage to take it to Mamta Banerjee’s explanation, to a question After all, how can he talk about pushing the country into a civil war? When all the parties were giving silent support to Mamata Banerjee’s threat of bloodshed in the country, at that time she came face to face with Mamta, which often comes.

We are talking about the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Following the threat of Mamata Banerjee of the civil war in India, BJP President Amit Shah has given a reproof to Mamta Banerjee. On the civil war, Mamata Banerjee, National President of Bharatiya Janata Party, Amit Shah, expressed her heartfelt condolences and said that Hindustan is seeing the real face of Mamta Banerjee in which she is threatening to loot the holy Bharat due to the Bangladeshi infiltrators are there.

The BJP President said that Hindustan pieces have already been done in the name of religion and once again Mamata Banerjee is threatening the same. Amit Shah said that the nefarious plans of Mamta Banerjee will never be successful. 

The lawsuit has been registered against Radhey Shyam. Police say that the accused will be arrested soon.

the Christian missionary institution charged with smuggling of children is the organization of Teresa (Mother).

After the children’s smuggling of children on the Charity of Missionaries who have been charged with bogus charges and these allegations have been proven, after this the full opposition of the whole has come to the support of the organization which smuggled children in the guise of humanity. Tell you that the Christian missionary institution charged with smuggling of children is the organization of Teresa (Mother). 
When Teresa’s Charity of the Charities of the Missionaries, as soon as there was legal scandal, there was a stir in Indian politics too. Political parties have condemned the action taken on the missionary institution. With all the opposition leaders, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has planted a hatchery of the missionary institution on BJP. Mamta Banerjee says that the BJP is working under the Hindu-backed agenda. After Mamta Banerjee, the Left has also come in support of the Christian missionary institution. 
CPI (M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury has said that the action taken on the missionary institution has been done with the Sangh ideology. Sitaram Yechury said that Missionaries of Charity is a respected and prestigious institution. The CPI (M) has a long and well-established connection with them. Recently, serious allegations have been made to the said institute. If there are serious facts about the allegations, then they should be investigated, otherwise it is not right to harass such a prestigious institution.