6th December – Today was the only structure that some had given the name of “Babri” .. Shabirabihini tribute to all departed Shriram devotees..

This day has changed history and changed it. Before knowing how many rulers sacrificed their lives for this, the common people who love Lord Shriram can not be counted. Some Babar lovers had given Babri the name of the structure which was standing on the birthplace of Lord Shriram.

Even Babar lover can be seen fighting for him till today, when Prabhu Shriram was a laxman Purushottam and if there was a search, many of them were the devotees of Shriram Bhakta who for some reasons later gave their thoughts, thoughts, life, worship Change the system etc. and become together and join all together, the enemy of God Shriram fought from injustice to life

By order of Babar, Shriram Mandir, his commander Mir Baher, was reduced to 1528 AD and made a mosque there. Since then, Hindu society has not remained silent for a day. He constantly struggled to get this place. On 23rd December, 1949, the Hindus started establishing idol of Ramlala and started worshiping Kumbh and Akhand Kirtan. 76 Hindus did the Hindus till the matter was taken by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad; In which more than three lakh male slaves were sacrificed from every part of the country; But he never got complete success.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad organized the Ram Janakhi Rath Yatra in 1984 by forming Shriram Janmabhoomi Mukti Yagya Samiti for democratically publishing the public, which started from Sitamarhi and reached Ayodhya. After this, Hindu leaders asked the government to open an illegal lock on the Ram Janmabhoomi Temple. The lock was opened on February 1, 1986 by the order of the court.

After this, to build a magnificent temple there, in 1989, Shriram Shilas from across the country were worshiped and brought to Ayodhya and on 9th November, 1989, the temple of Shri Ram Mandir was laid. Before the public pressure, the state and the central government had to bow down. But the construction of the temple was not possible until there was no end to the statue. Hindu leaders said that if Muslims are fascinated by this structure, then they should be transferred to the scientific method; But the government was bound by the greed of Muslim votes.

He kept praying to the court every time. The VHP argued that the court can not decide the matter of faith. Seeing the motive of governance, Hindu society has agitated and intensified. It was decided in 1990 that there was a car service. Then there was Mulayam Singh’s government in Uttar Pradesh. They declared that a parinda can not be killed in the Babri campus; But Hindu youth showed bravery and hoisted saffron on the dome on October 29.

On November 2, Mulayam Singh shot him dead, in which hundreds , including two brothers-in-law Rama and Sharad Kothari, were sacrificed. After that the BJP government was formed in the state. Once again, on December 6, 1992 the date of service was fixed. The VHP’s plan was to make pressure on the Central Government; But the young man got upset. They knocked on the pillars of the wire fencing there and dropped the three domes of the Babri structure. After this, there was a legacy that Shri Ramlalla was duly legalized there.

It was astonishing that it continued to show reverence for Babur who had come to kill and kill India indiscriminately. The radical change in the life and tradition of some is also a sign of Babar’s invasion. Some have sacrificed themselves by fighting and some have fear before the swords. They changed everything .. Today, fear of them has ended, and they have stood against the adoration of their own ancestors. As Babur came to India, he was making a favor to his ancestors.

There is no true assessment of the number of deceased Shriram devotees in this battle, because anyone had self-proclaimed fake colonists and so-called historians were filling food in their ink and in their stomach with the praise of Babar only. The time is giving them a warning. Today, all the known unknown heroes, repeated tributes to the sacrifices, who sacrificed their lives forever in the name of religion, Shriram, and found place for eternity at the feet of Shri Ram.The Sudarshan family resolves to keep the glory of all Shri Ram devotees forever immortal .. Jai Shri Ram ..

Not only the Haryana, the connection of many mosques came from terrorists … transition spread across India.

After the disclosure of the matter of making a mosque in Palwal of Haryana with the money of the Islamic terrorist group Lashkar, the ears of security agencies have stood. Security agencies are suspecting that in many parts of the country, the local network is being used on this pattern by using money from terrorist organizations. After disclosing the money received from Hafiz Saeed in Palwal Masjid, the NIA is considering increasing the scope of its investigation.

According to NIA sources, the matter of making a mosque from a terrorist fund is not limited to Palwal of Haryana. Some districts of western Uttar Pradesh have now come under the purview of the agency’s investigation, as arrests have already been done in respect of terrorist funding. The Salman links to the people of western Uttar Pradesh, accused of constructing a mosque from Terrorist Fund in Palwal.

Officials of the NIA feared that besides the western Uttar Pradesh, the contact of terrorists can be done in Bihar, Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir as well as arrests have already taken place at these places. Indeed, intrusion has become difficult due to strict surveillance on the border. Therefore, terrorist organizations have brought out a new way to create a tire module in the country. Now they are in the midst of money to set up a terror network inside the country.

For this, money is being brought in the country through hawala and it is building stately buildings. For the past few years, many parts of the country have suddenly seen large large mosque buildings or madarsas standing up. It is not necessary that every such building belongs to the terrorist organizations, but suddenly the abundance of such buildings creates suspicion, so the intelligence department has gathered in the investigation of funding deposited for such buildings.

Apart from this, another sensational news is also that efforts are being made to spread fanaticism through social media so that ground cadres of terror organizations can be prepared. For this, funding is being done through hawala.

The teen talaaq the father of the victim, abducted from the mosque … … said, “You have committed your daughter” Know the whole case …

The Muslim woman did declare war against the three divorces and the marriage of Halala,

The Muslim woman did declare war against the three divorces and the marriage of Halala, religious fanatics got scared. The situation became such that before issuing a fatwa against that woman, it was rejected by Islam, and after that when he went to read the prayer in his abbu mosque, he did not pray namaz in the mosque and removed him from the mosque.

We are talking about the former daughter-in-law of Bareli’s elder sister, Hazrat Khan and three divorced victims Nida Khan. Islam’s father, Nida Khan’s father, who was dismissed from Islam, did not read prayers and left the mosque outside the mosque. According to the news, Mursar, father of Nida Khan, resident of Baradari area of Bareli, went to Jumaye Namaz in the mosque located at Shahdana Vali Dargah. At 1:55 pm, as soon as they reached the mosque and started listening to Sunni, the Namajis referred to fatwa from Imam.

It has been reported that a Namajee had questioned the Imam whether the person who was rejected from Islam was allowed to pray in the mosque, then the main Namajee refused. The matter got caught and the commotion started. At the same time, the radicals got furious and started sloganeering against Nida Khan’s father and he did not read prayers in the mosque and did it out of the mosque.

Nida’s father told that Imam has provoked Namazis against me. They also tried to attack me. On receiving the information of the incident, Nida reached the spot with her mother, Yasmeen and Gunner. In the meanwhile, a crowd of hundreds of people who arrived at Namajee and Dargah Shahina Vali came together. On receiving the information of the incident, many police stations and cheetahs mobile also reached the spot. The crowd surrounded Nida and her family.

The police took them out of their way. Nida said that in the case SSP has been given Tahrir. Mufti and Masjid who declared fatwas have demanded legal action against Imam. 

Where there was a renowned mosque, there will now be an idol of Lord Sankar ji … in the kingdom of Lucknow Yogi towards the Vedic period

the idol of lord Sri Laxman ji is about to be found.

From the day the Yogi Adityanath ji headed the government of Bharatiya Janata Party, the state government is moving forward on the path of development. Yogi Adityanath ji, who is known for his own Hinduism, is acting as the Chief Minister after doing his own work. 
Now, a decision that will be taken in Uttar Pradesh, led by Yogi, will know that Hindu society will be happy. Let us tell you that the history of Uttar Pradesh’s capital Lucknow is going to change and in Lucknow where there was a renowned mosque, the idol of lord Sri Laxman ji is about to be found.
According to the news, the Lucknow municipal corporation’s proposal was proposed to impose a statue of Laxmanji in front of the mound of Lucknow’s mausoleum. These proposals addressed to Mayor of Lucknow Municipal Corporation, Sanukat Bhatia, were presented by two BJP councilors on June 27.
These proposals addressed to Mayor of Lucknow Municipal Corporation, Sanukat Bhatia, were presented by two BJP councilors on June 27. The proposal submitted by Rajesh Gupta, the Chief Whip of BJP Councilor Ramkrishna Yadav and Councilor Dal, has said that the history of Lucknow is linked to Lord Laxman
According to Ramkrishna Yadav, the deputy leader of the BJP Parishad Dal, the name of the mound has been named Lakshmana Molan, in view of the public sentiment, in view of the public sentiments.
Therefore, at this place a statue of Lakshman ji should be installed. Earlier, senior BJP leader Lalji Tandon had claimed in his book that the ancient Laxman Tola was built on the mound of the mound. 
After this proposal of the municipal corporation, it has started protesting on behalf of Muslim organizations and religious teachers. According to the Muslim Personal Law Board, BJP wants to create this controversy for political gains. After the dispute increases, this matter can be discussed in the next meeting of the Municipal Corporation Board.
On this controversy, BJP Spokesperson Shalabh Mani Tripathi said that if any land belongs to the Municipal Corporation, then it can do anything there. There is no point in opposing this. If this proposal is passed then the idol will be installed there.
Whatever will happen will be according to the rule and the constitution. If anybody opposes it then strict action will be taken against them and it is also true that the mound of the mound was Lakshman Tila, which was later renamed and the Municipal Corporation will once again give its glory back to Lucknow.