Mayawati ditches SP Alliance, announces no more ties with Akhilesh Yadav !

Mayawati ditches Akhliesh Yadav, and clears her intention, will contest alone in all elections.

Mayawati clears her intentions, Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati on Monday announced to go solo in all elections, completely breaking ties with the Samajwadi Party.

In a tweet Mayawati said,”The Samajwadi Party’s behaviour after Lok Sabha polls forced us to think if it would be possible to defeat BJP by continuing the alliance. We came to a conclusion that it was not possible. Therefore, in the interest of the party and the movement, BSP will now fight all the small and big elections all alone”.

The alliance failed in the recent lok sabha elections, with SP securing only 5 seats and BSP securing 10 seats. Altough the alliance did help BSP as it didn’t win a single seat in the 2014 selections. But now seeing the situation BSP chief Mayawati has decided to ditch Akhilesh Yadav’s SP.

Mayawati after two-hour-long national convention of the BSP on Sunday, accused Samajwadi Party patriarch Mulayam Singh Yadav to frame her in Taj corridor case. She also attacked former ally Akhilesh of working against non-Yadav and backward communities, resulting in the alliance’s poor performance in Lok Sabha poll.

Maya’s Brother Takes Over as BSP VP, Nephew Gets Post Too !

Bahujan Samaj Party  has elected  Ex-JDS  Danish Ali as its  leader  in Lok Sabha, while Mayawati’s brother Anand Kumar was appointed vice president of the party. BSP chief’s 24-year-old nephew Akash Anand and former party VP Ramji Gautam were chosen as BSP’s national coordinators.

These major restructuring comes ahead of the bypolls on 12 assembly seats in Uttar Pradesh, with the party attempting to revive its cadre along with attracting the youth, as the party will be contesting alone in these bypolls.

The decision was taken at the National Convention of the BSP at party headquarters in Lucknow. All newly-elected MPs, MLAs and key post holders from all across the country attended the convention.

For those who don’t know Ali, A close aide of Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy and former PM Deve Gowda, is considered instrumental in stitching the BSP-JDS alliance for the assembly polls. Ahead of Lok Sabha elections, he joined BSP.

Mayawati’s nephew’s increasing responsibilities in party is being considered crucial as it is speculated that he would be the front-runners to take over the party after the BSP chief. An MBA graduate from London, Akash made his first public appearance in 2016 when he accompanied Mayawati to Saharanpur.

Since then Akash has been actively participating in Party working and decisions along with Mayawati, nephew’s induction to the party was a part of Mayawati’s larger policy of attracting young voters towards the BSP this time.


Before the election, the BSP in the BSP … Mayawati’s Brahmin leader imposed sensational charges on her..

On one hand Uttar Pradesh’s former Chief Minister and Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati is making all out efforts of the alliance for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, and there itself has started revolt in the party itself. BSP’s former MLC and Kadawar Brahmin leader Mukul Upadhyay have made sensational allegations against BSP chief Mayawati, after which there has been a stir in the BSP.

Let me tell you that Mukul Upadhyay has been expelled from the BSP by accusing him of joining anti-party activities. Mukul Upadhyay is the younger brother of former energy minister Rambir Upadhyaya. After expulsion from BSP, Mukul Upadhyaya has attacked the BSP chief Mayawati and has accused him of demanding money for tickets.

Mukul Upadhyay alleges that from the Aligarh Lok Sabha constituency, he wanted to contest the BSP ticket, in return, BSP chief Mayawati sought Rs 5 crore from him, when he refused to give Rs 5 crore, then he was fired from the BSP. . He has said that BSP supremo does not see anything except money. Former MLC Mukul Upadhyay has alleged that he had sought Rs 5 crore from BSP’s coordinator Ranvir Singh Kashyap.

Talking to reporters here, he said that BSP supremo Naseemuddin Siddiqui, Swami Prasad Maurya, Brajesh Pathak and several other big leaders have been saying this by press conference that BSP supremo Mayawati demands rupees. Nasimuddin Siddiqui has also presented the recording, there is no need to provide greater proof than this.


Bhagat, Bismil, Chandrasekhar’s soul distinguished BSP leader’s statement … A wave of resentment across the country .

The state of Uttar Pradesh’s former chief minister and Bahujan Masaj Party chief Mayawati has not forgotten that statement in which he described the great freedom fighter, Amar Balidani Chandrashekhar Azad as a terrorist. Now the Chief Minister of Mayawati and the BSP leader has once again made a statement that the divisiveness of the freedom fighter Bhagat, Subhash, Azad, Savarkar, Bismil, Mangal Pandey etc. would have distinguished the soul of their mother and wealth from the British. Dedicated to free from the chains of slavery.

Mayawati’s special and BSP leader Dharmaveer Singh Ashok said that British should have ruled India for 100 years. If that was the case, the condition of the SC, ST and OBC classes was much better. He said that if the British had ruled India for 100 years, then all those backward classes are not so oppressed. Dharmveer Singh Ashok said that during the British rule, Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar got a chance to study.

If the British did not come to India, then there is no school here and Baba Saheb is not enrolled in any school. In an election rally in Rajasthan, BSP’s in-charge Dharmveer Singh Ashok said that due to British, education system in the country had improved, due to which Baba Saheb went to school and he did better studies. He worked for backward, oppressed, crushed and exploited. That is the reason why this class has some relief today.The BSP leader said that if the British had not read Baba Saheb then he could not work for the people of the backward classes in the country.


Mayawati – “Atrocities on Brahmins” Police abuse in racism politics

Talking about religion or religion, suddenly there are allegations of communalism and religious fanaticism, but what kind of politics is it in which the open talk of casteism is considered to be democracy? Sometimes the name of Dalits is taken directly to the excuse of SC ST and they are said to be exploited by the upper caste, so when suddenly there is a police in front, then the names of Brahmins are taken directly and they are called sufferers.

It is known that in the hands of the police constable Prashant, who was with Apple’s employee Vivek Tiwari in the capital, Uttar Pradesh, for some time now, BSP Chief Mayawati attacked the Yogi Government. Suddenly, this case has started becoming a casteist, in which Mayawati has now accused Yogi Adityanath for exploiting Brahmins.

Not only this, Mayawati, while presenting a press conference on Monday, said that “the law and order system has collapsed in the state and the government is suppressing the issue, especially the exploitation of the people of the Brahmin community. Harassment is happening. ” Not only this, Mayawati has now played a Brahmin card for airing the Dalit movement for some time now. According to them, the rule of the goons is under the rule of the present Yogi, especially in the uniform of the police due to racist and biased attitude.

Because of which the people of every class and religion are being victimized at large scale. In this case, people of upper caste society, especially Brahmin society, are now being subjected to more exploitation and harassment.

Dictatorship sought in the name of Dawood Ibrahim as well as the party’s MLA who raised voice against the human rights of the criminals killed in the encounter and police.

Mayawati has been considered extremely specially the Bahujan Samaj Party’s legislator.

In the name of Dawood Ibrahim, he was asked for the name of Dawood Ibrahim, for the Bahujan Samaj Party MLA who surrounded all the issues of Modi and Yogi Sarkar, who had raised voice in favor of the ill-fated criminals being killed in the encounter. Ransom and not threatened to kill them directly.

With this phone call, MLAs of Bahujan Samaj Party have become very upset and have complained directly to the police. This is the party which in many cases raised the question of the bravery of Uttar Pradesh that the police had proved by sweating, blood and sacrifice.

It is known that in Uttar Pradesh, on the one hand where after the Yogi government came, where criminals were killed in one encounter after the other, the Congress, along with the Bahujan Samaj Party and the Samajwadi Party, also accused many of the fake encounters against the police and the government. The time has raised the controversy and put the police in the dock.

The misery that is going on in the way of the lawmakers trying to bring the law and order in the way of the day is increasing. This is a sadness. This has led to the introduction of threats to the legislators. The MLA who had raised the perpetrators of human rights for criminals If the MLA checked the number sending the message on the mobile phone, then the name of Dawood Ibrahim on it. After this the legislator contacted the police officers. Then lodged an FIR in Gomti Nagar Kotwali.

Inspector D.P. Tiwari said that a case has been filed for demanding dancer in this regard. The whole matter is being investigated. The manner in which there is no religion of terror, in the same way, crime and criminal are also not of anybody; It proved at a time when MLA Umashankar Singh, from Rasra assembly constituency in Balia district of Uttar Pradesh, threatened phone, demanded one crore rupees. is. Its report has been lodged in Gomti Nagar police station.

According to the police, BSP MLA Uma Shankar Singh was threatened on phone by Rasra assembly seat in Ballia, then the demand for one crore rupees from the phone and email was sought. The one who has asked for darshan has described himself as Dawood Ibrahim. David’s photograph was also posted on his email. The MLA has lodged an FIR in Gomti Nagar police station.

Legislator Umashankar said in Tahrir, “On August 6, a message came on his mobile, in which he was asked to check the e-mail. He did not pay much attention to this message. Again, again on August 8 the message came. There was a threat to kill him if he did not give one crore rupees. 

Mayavati fired by insulting the leader who swore to live the life of the BSP for the BSP’s propaganda. The reason was, why was it removed from the party, Jay Prakash

Something like this happened with Jai Prakash who had dedicated their life to the Bahujan Samaj Party and Mayavati

He vowed to work for the Bahujan Samaj Party throughout his life. He had not understood his marriage as right, for the propaganda and propaganda of BSP, but ultimately politics is something which probably does not mean any emotion or history.
Something like this happened with Jai Prakash who had dedicated their life to the Bahujan Samaj Party and Mayavati … even for a lifetime they would have been alive. But they never thought that their dedication, sacrifice and passion This reward will be given to him by his own party and his own leader, who served him as an elder sister. The matter is being talked about by the deposed national vice president of Bahujan Samaj Party. Even though Mayawati has also attacked Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party many times in the election, but today the practice of targeting only Modi and targeting Modi against closure of each other in the name of MahaGirbandhan has given Jai Prakash Has made the character of punishment. 
It may be noted that Bahujan Samaj Party chief and former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati has removed BSP’s national vice president Jai Prakash from the post as Jai Prakash spoke against Congress national president Rahul Gandhi, who he did not like. 
Jai Prakash spoke Rahul Gandhi as foreign, due to which the Congress had registered a huge protest. Not only this, there was a threat to the possible alliance for the upcoming 2019 elections, which had taken a strong decision to sort out. Mayawati has given the information about this expulsion by press conference. Jaya Prakash, who was removed from the BSP, had decided not to marry a full age. 
He had said that his whole life is devoted to the party. This dedicated leader of BSP, Jai Prakash, was born in Gautam Buddha Nagar in Uttar Pradesh in 1985. His father was an official teacher, while the brother is a lawyer and the other brother has a medical store. Jai Prakash has studied LL.M. 
Jai Prakash left his house in 2009 for BSP. The family did not like Jai Prakash to come to politics. So leaving the parents and leaving the room, they started living. There was no obstruction in his work, so he has not married till date. During the Jai Prakash studies, MP was influenced by Veer Singh and was associated with BSP Parta. In the Khoda Colony of Ghaziabad, MP Veer Singh was impressed by listening to the meeting. 
In the Khoda Colony of Ghaziabad, MP Veer Singh was impressed by listening to the meeting. Since then, we have tried to join the party. Being inspired by MP Veer Singh, Bahujan Samaj was involved in the movement of the party.