The 6-year-old child was went  to give  water to 80 years old Jamaluddin in the holy place,  … but the purity was in the child’s heart only.

80-year-old Jamaluddin asked water from that innocent person, then he went to give it water at the sacred place but did not return after that. In fact, Jamaluddin summoned the innocent to demand water, and then rape him with cruelty in a ruthless way, Crushed under the feet of Here the question arises that after all what is the thinking which women understand as a means of eradicating the hunger of their lust and cross all the limits of poverty in order to fulfill their lust?

After all, what kind of thinking is that which is a victim of a bad humanity who is a victim of a mad mentality, where women of your mother’s age are also made, even then there are even innocent young girls? Do people like Jamaluddin deserve to be called human, who has made a living with a 6-year-old girl and crushed her childhood? The matter is of Atta Kothra village of Mewat in Haryana. Police said that the child was playing outside the house with other children in the village. During this time a man asked him to bring a glass of water.

Because the child used to remain near the accused’s house, she knew him. According to the neighbors, the accused often used to share toffee and sweets in children. Police informed that on the day the girl’s parents went to the relatives of Faridabad. During this, the accused was also alone in his house. With the help of the old man, she reached the water, but she did not return. The family returned home at six o’clock in the evening, the child was not in the house. They started searching for the baby in the neighborhood.

During the research, the child in the neighborhood heard the voice of the mother crying and crying for help. The mother reached the accused’s house after listening to her crying voice. Forcibly opened the door and allegedly caught the criminals with their hands. In the case, the victim’s father said, “The wife and I had relatives in the morning. The child was alone in the house. The accused called her from the house and took her home. Raped her. ‘Inspector Sanjay Kumar said that the case has been registered against the accused under section 452, 506 and Poxo Act of IPC. He has confessed his crime, after which he was sent to judicial custody for 15 days.

1 minor child was going on for two years continuously rape .. rapists were 20 in which a leftist leader and father of the girl himself also. 

A sensational news of gang rape was reported in Kannur district of Kerala with a minor girl who will be ashamed of shame as you hear it. According to the news, in Kannur, Kerala, a 16-year-old minor was raped by 20 people for a period of two years. In the rape of the minor himself, the minor and the Communist leader were involved. In this case, 12 people, including a local DYFI leader, have been arrested by the police

A police official said that the arrested persons include the father of the girl. The Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) is the youth unit of the ruling CPI (M) in Kerala. Kannur Superintendent of Police Shiv Vikram told PTI that 16 FIRs have been registered in five different police stations and more than 20 accused.

We are interrogating more people. The incident came to light in the first week of December when an accused called the victim’s brother and threatening him demanding Rs 50,000 that he has some objectionable pictures of the girl whom he would post on social media. According to the police, the victim allegedly beaten up the victim’s brother in Palakkad.

The police said that the accused came in contact with class 10th student from the social media and created a fake profile of a woman. On November 19, she took her to a lodge in Parsinikaduv, district, and there were four persons who sexually abused her. Police told that the manager of the Lodge has been arrested for not informing the police about the crime. According to the police, according to the allegations, many other people were raping his father besides the victim girl studying in class 10th.

The girl’s sexual abuse was going on for the last two years. Police said that only 4 new people raped him in the month of November. On behalf of the victim girl, her mother has filed a complaint in police. The mother came to know about this matter through the victim’s brother. According to media reports, the brother says that a video of his sister was being blackmailed by showing it. In the statement given to the police, the girl has told other girls to be sexually exploited. Police say that further investigations are underway in the case.

Criminal Javed brutually raped 3-year-old child  … all the famous names of Bollywood are intellectuals and silent

what is the thinking that every woman understands as a means of eradicating the hunger’s hunger? After all, what is the thinking that crosses all the limits of poverty in order to fulfill its lust? What kind of thinking is that which is the victim of an ill-gullible mentality, where the mother of your mother’s age is also made, even then there are even innocent young girls?

Are such people worthy of being called human, who cries with a 3 year old child, crush their childhood? The victim was a victim of a three-year-old girl of Purnea in Bihar, who had been raped by a poor girl named Javed Alam. According to the information, on Friday, the victim was playing near her house. Meanwhile, the youth of the village Javed Alam passed away. The girl was seduced and caught up to the house and made her a victim of her lust.

Upon hearing the screaming of the girl, her mother, who was making a meal in the kitchen, ran to the house and the accused saw the young man running away. Until the family could take any legal action, the accused party sat panchayat. It was told that the child’s father has gone abroad for the wages, so there was a lot of pressure from the accused side in the Panchayat. The victim was also offered a grant of Rs 20 thousand but the victim was obstructing the demand for action on the accused. Finally, on Saturday evening, the victim’s family reached Biosi police station.

And disclosed the incident before the police. Even in front of the police, the victim was helpless in pain. He was taken for medical examination. Biosi police station Subhash Baidyanathan said that police team including SI Vijay Kumar and ASI Abdul Mannan have been involved in the raid to catch the accused. SP Vishal Sharma told that police action has been started to arrest the accused. It will be investigated that there was no pressure on the relatives after the late arrival.

Again, minor rape in the madrasa The rapist Mohammad Qasim said – “If you open mouth, then cut zombies will get in the river”

This is a terrible incident of Uttar Pradesh.

The minor was hoping for justice for all those who suddenly went to the road to ask for justice for all the cases in Shelter House, but all the voices have become silent and hidden.

All the so-called human rights defenders and all the respected women who had vowed to fight against injustice to any girl and were ready to fight for her. It is known that in Mau district of Uttar Pradesh, another minor girl is made in a madrassa. This is a victim of fierce hatred. As soon as the name of Mohammed Qasim came in the wake of this disclosure,

A sensational case of rape has emerged in a hostel of Madarsa Shamsul Uloom Nisbah, located in the famous and prestigious local town, here. No one is accused of misbehaving, but the madrasa manager’s brother. Since the incident in the female hostel after the Deoria incident in the state, there has been a stir in the whole town after such incident has emerged. The victim’s mother reached Kotwali late on Sunday evening and filed a lawsuit.

The mother of the resident of Padraona of Kushinagar district has reported that her daughter is a student in Madarsa Shamsul Uloom Niswah, who lives in the madrassa’s hostel and receives the education of Arabic-Urdu. Her daughter told that on the night of August 4, the hostel’s midwife called her to go to the bathroom and took her to the kitchen and stopped. There, the manager’s brother Mohammad Qasim raped her with force.

When he started making noise, he started threatening, and said that if you make noise, there are four out of five people who will kill you with life. In the morning, the victim gave this information to her sister living in the same hostel. It has been learned that on August 5, all the hostels of the hostel started asking for Babu’s arrest, due to which there was a lot of ruckus. The police reached the spot and took cognizance of the matter, but the manager broke the case and broke it.

Threatening the girl said that if you and your sister did not tell this thing to anyone then I would refuse the fee. Otherwise, you will cut the two sisters and give them a finger in the river Ghaghra. Thereby, both the minor siblings became very scared. On Sunday, when the mother came to meet her daughters, she came to know about this, she has lodged a case against the manager’s brother, manager, hostel’s midwife and some others after reaching Kotwali late in the evening. 

Anis, who took 7 years old innocent from the procession, screams in the field. Pray for innocent Innovation that is admitted in hospital #HangAnis

Once again an innocent target of the poor

Once again, the life of an innocent person was crushed and then broken by a belief of a barbarian. It was the time when the marriage was more than half the people looking at the groom’s bride, and all the happily happy new couple to be happy While blessing, then at the same time, Anis was searching for Anees, a victim of a lazy look and a 7-year-old innocent girl who got her to eradicate her life. 
In this case, the family of the victim did not come in the statements of so-called secularists and intellectuals as being Hindu. Surprisingly, the so-called Bollywood star in this case is also silent. Although tolerant Hindu society has also introduced its patience and has full faith in the law, Anees has demanded the execution. 
Be aware that this incident is Tuesday 11th July. The place is located in Bulandshahr of Uttar Pradesh’s Shikarpur Police Station. In a procession in the Tehsil premises, a family came from the status of a guest in a procession with his 7 year old niece. Vehicle number UP 13 AP 2735 in this procession came from Moradpur Police Station, Ahmadgarh, as a driver in the village of Bulandshahr. The name of Abishu of Anees is sagir, which is considered as his own son in his area. 
इस ड्राइवर पर काफी विश्वास करते थे बाराती और ये उनकी नजर में एक शरीफ और नेक इंसान था लेकिन इन्हें नहीं पता था कि ये आगे क्या करने की सोच रहा है .अनीस ने उसी बारात में आई एक 7 साल की बच्ची को अपनी हवस का शिकार बनाने की ठान ली थी . जैसे भी भीड़ में बच्ची अलग हुई वैसे ही अनीस उसको उठा कर अपने साथ ले गया .
the people believed this driver very much, and he was a Sharif and a righteous man in his eyes but he did not know what he was thinking to do next. Anees, a 7-year-old girl who came in the same procession, lost her lust. Had decided to make As soon as the baby got separated in the crowd, Anees picked it up and took it with him.
बच्ची को रास्ते में ले जाते कुछ ने देखा भी लेकिन किसी को शक इसलिए नहीं हुआ क्योकि अनीस को सब उनके साथ का मान रहे थे . बाद में अनीस बच्ची को खेतों में ले गया जहाँ उसके साथ कुकर्म किया . बच्ची चीख न सके इसके लिए उसने बच्ची का मुह दबा दिया था . बाद में अनीस भाग गया . लहुलुहान हालत में बच्ची को अस्पताल में भर्ती करवाया गया है जहाँ उसका इलाज़ चल रहा है . आरोपी अनीस पर पुलिस ने मामला दर्ज कर लिया है
Some were seen taking the baby on the road but nobody doubted because Anees was considered to be with him all. Later, Anis took the girl to the fields, where she committed adultery with him. For the child could not scream, she pressed the child’s face. Later Anis ran away. In the Lahuluhan condition, the child has been admitted to the hospital where he is undergoing treatment. Police have registered case against accused Anees

Another Hindu minor kidnapped in Bangladesh, who is accused Mehandi Hasan.

It is said that the so-called secularism ,Once again, secularism has lost its lives outside India’s borders.

It is said that the so-called secularism ,Once again, secularism has lost its lives outside India’s borders. Once again, Silence is the so-called secular people who raise voice for only one class. 
An innocent kidnapping happened which was a Hindu and the abusers of whom the so-called people who fall in danger when speaking against them are the principles of secularism. Just 16 years old, this innocent child was picked up while going to school and after that till now nothing is known. 
This incident of abduction is in Narayanganj Kotwali of Narayanganj district. Even after a long time, a single kidnapper has not been arrested till date. This girl was kidnapped from Chasra Women’s College which falls in Narayanganj. The victim’s family is a resident of village Indrakati, a resident of Post Ruia district, Binasal who pleaded the rate to get his daughter back, but till now no voice in the whole of Bangladesh was raised for them. They do not even know if their daughter is alive or not 
The abduction of this girl took place at two o’clock in the day. After the kidnapping, a message was sent to her family members demanding money. The threat of going to the police was said to be slaughtered but after that till now their daughter is not known anywhere. So far, in this case, Bangladesh’s information officer Abul Kalam has not been able to move forward one step further and threatens the inverse family only.
In this entire case, so far Mehdi Hassan and Bajoo have been lodged against 2 other unknowns who have not yet been arrested by the police. Human rights, intellectuals and so-called stars are still silent on this issue and the victims of the victim’s family It’s bad to cry. Only a few Hindus wanted to raise this issue up to the police officers of Bangladesh but they were forcibly suppressed. 

Another madrassa, another rape. For two years, the minor was raping the Madarsa director Adil

A minor girl accused of being raped for two years is accused of continuous rape.

Again, an audacious incident has challenged the patience of the society, the humanity and the law too. A madrasa who was being run to teach the poor Muslim children, the madarsa was actually created Was the rape of the rape and there was being a devastating life of a minor for the last 2 years .. 
When the family members of this case got involved, they saw the real demonic face of the madrasa operators and they filed a lawsuit against them. It is known that the matter is in Sitapur district of Uttar Pradesh where a madrassa teacher is next to the madrasa A minor girl accused of being raped for two years is accused of continuous rape. 
 When the girl’s brother went to tell her house, the accused and her family members threatened to end the life of the teenager’s family. After losing the tired, the families of the victim went to the police, after which the police took action in this extremely disgusting and heinous case and filed a case under the POPO Act of Rape and started investigations. 
This incident belongs to Talgaon Kotwali, which falls under Sitapur district. A resident of a village in this Kotwali area is a teacher in a madrasa in Adil village. In the neighborhood of a madrassa, a teenager lives with her grandmother. His parents have died and his brother works out to sell clothes while living out. 
It is reported that Adil raped a minor who was staying in the neighborhood and being raped by threatening it, the rape lasted for nearly two years. When the water passed through the head, the teenager told his brother brother. Brother talked of getting married, but the dreaded accused and his family threatened him. The youth has given Tahrir against Adil, his father and two brothers in Kotwali. 
In the case Thana Talgaon Police has registered a case under Section 313 of the IPC and Poxo Act. In-charge Kotwal said that the matter is under investigation. After the matter is brought to the fore, what is being taught in the Madarsa of such an evil madarsa operator can be easily judged. It is still unclear whether the madarsa operated by the rapist was registered or illegally The rules of Uttar Pradesh were being ignored by ignoring the rules. 

Pray to God for 3 years of the Goddess hospitalized in the hospital who is ruthlessly absconding after rape

the law of punishing the Central Government’s rapists is ahead of POSCO

Pray to God for 3 years of the Goddess hospitalized in the hospital who is ruthlessly absconding after rape
What has happened to those who hold the same kind of thinking and mindset? Every day somewhere, no aggression is coming out that which is directly challenging, the law of punishing the Central Government’s rapists is ahead of POSCO. Is this a direct challenge directly to the power or to a distorted and abominable mentality from which they are unable to come out and are now directly attacking innocent people who can not even tell their names properly. 
A few days ago in Chandauli, a man with a misdeed, then the same thing in Mandsaur, then a misdeed in Muzaffarnagar and now another humiliation in Farrukhabad. It should be known that suddenly there was a sudden flood of those who had the same thinking and the same mentality. is . On their targets, they are innocents, who worship in Navaratri in the form of a Hindu society goddess. 
But with all these theories, the new law is being directly challenged by the POSCO. Through Akrantho .. Now the new case is that the new case is in Farrukhabad district of Uttar Pradesh, where a resident has become a victim of dowry, a 3 year old innocent This goddess Swaroop took innocent excuses to get 30-year-old Darinda Tofi in her neighborhood, after misbehaving with them, raped her. 
According to the information, the case belongs to the Shamshabad police station. While the three-year-old mother was playing outside her home with her cousin, then the jabbar who was living in the neighborhood took her to a deserted place by taking her to the lap of excuses. There, she misbehaved with the girl. At the same time, the young man ran away and ran away. When the girl did not return for a long time, her sister searched for four. 
When he did not get the information, he informed the family about the whole incident. The family started searching for him after hearing about the disappearance of the victim. While searching, the families got crying in the innocent street. After that, her mother’s condition worsened after seeing the child’s absurd condition. Because of which the mother had to be admitted to the hospital. Where he has been sent home after treatment. 
The father of the victim has given Tahrir against the accused in the police station. The police filed a lawsuit against the accused under the Poxo Act and sent the community health center to the medical examination. Where three hours of tests were conducted by the doctors. The police filed a lawsuit against Jabbar and started searching for him. While giving information about this incident, the SS said that the medical examination of the child has been done by registering the case. The raiding is in search of the accused.